Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Stanley Drucker

i was just now, am still; Listening to a piece on NPR*,
Which is now completely controlled by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
As they Announce every 5 minutes how wonderful they are...

But i digress.

There's this Piece on Stanley Drucker, Who is soon retiring,
On June 27th, from The NY Philharmonic Orchestra.
Stanley has been with the Orchestra for 60 years as a Clarinetist.

Whenever i hear a story about someone that has been doing something
Since before i was born...
It sort of Freaks me out...
My Visceral Reaction is that i am still VERY Young;
And it might still be possible for me to drop everything that i'm doing,
And just start over.

- - -
* i also have another ( Much more Heretical & Conspiratorial ) Belief about NPR
And that is; That All Their Guests are The Same Guy.
i base this on The Apparent Fact that they All Sound The Same...
And by The Same; i don't mean accents or tonal frequency...
But their Patterns of Word use are The Same... Such that i Speculate that This One Guy is using an Electronic Device to Change The Sound of His Voice, So that he sounds like someone from England or India, Russia or Louisiana, New Mexico or Japan.
Despite the many differences in the voices,
Underneath that; They All Stutter, Laugh, Pause and use The Same Idioms as Everyone Else...

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William James Tychonievich said...

Interesting theory about the NPR "guests." Can you think of any specific idioms or mannerisms that they all use?