Friday, July 31, 2009

More Trouble & A New Gematria Idea

i got in trouble at the library the other day
And it got me to reflect on how i am always getting into
The most amount of trouble for the least offensive behaviour,
And the least amount of trouble for my most egregious behaviour.

There was this one time in Hawai'i after i had gotten into this very, very mischievous behaviour; That i suspect may have driven this one lady clinically insane...
That resulted; Ultimately, in No Trouble at all...
( Minus The Grievous Intermediate Nonsense )

What happened was this;
Some time after The Undisclosed Mischief;
i was walking along one of the streets in Honolulu and this lady cop in a little scooter calls me over to talk to me...
And she apparently got on the radio, reporting that she had =found= me...
Because there were soon a dozen more police scotters and police cars surrounding me...!!!

Then The Severe Craziness Starts...

The lady cop that originally stops me begins to engage me in light conversation.

It might also be noted that i have Asperger's
And possibly as a consequent of that;
i just never lie.
i may tell crazy stories from time to time, but i never lie.
i just don't.

So this lady cop; Who is very nice, Is talking to me,
And all these other police cars are parking all over the streets near by,
And pulling up on the lawns and so on...
But no one else is approaching...
It's just me standing there, talking with this nice lady cop.
And it absolutely clear to me What she has stopped to talk to me about,
But she keeps dancing around it...???
And i am very friendly too,
And answer all her questions with absolutely candid honesty...

All she has to do is just Ask Me: Blah Blah Blah...?

And i would answer honestly...
But She Doesn't...!!!


As am as mystified as anyone.
And it is clear from all my answers
That She Must Know that i am As Guilty as Hannibal Lector for The Unspecified Mischief,
But she is loath to breach the subject...???

What is going on here...???

It is very mysterious.

So after about 20 minutes; She tells me to be good and lets me go...!

- -
That is at one extreme.

At the other Extreme;
i once got fired from a job that i hated for joking with a fellow employee.
We were talking about everything under the sun at the coffee break one afternoon and i looked up at the clock and noticed that it was time to go to work---
i stood up and said; "Well, If we're not going to talk about your sex life, i'm leaving." And i left.

i got fired for that.

The other day at the library;
i got read the riot act by a library administrator,
That brought The Library Security Guard* with him;
Because i was alleged to have harassed a librarian janitor that was emptying waste baskets.

What did i do to her?

By the account that the administrator provided to me,
i was sitting at the table, fooling around on my computer,
Looking at Flickr Images;
While this librarian assistant was behind me,
With my back turned to her---
i was alleged to have moved my computer screen in a suggestive manner.

She thought that image i was looking at was Pornographic**,
And i had moved my screen so that she would be forced against her will to see it.

i hate getting yelled at.

- - -
Slight Digressions:
* This Security Guard is very short, and if you ever try to ask him something,
he will just turn and walk away.
** Pornography has a lot in Common with Democracy & Intelligence... In that none of these terms mean anything. Alternately; They can mean whatever you want them to mean. When you use them in A Specific Carefully Shaped Context;
You are inviting your listeners to Interpret what you are saying with their most favorable ( to your cause ) Understanding... ( ? )
- - -

It seems that the ratio for Mischief = Trouble -vs- Benign = Indifference
is very close to Zero While The Opposite is Very Close to 100%.

Two other times that i got yelled at for NOT doing something that the person yelling at me was sure that i was doing, and then discovering that i wasn't doing it, or hadn't done it at all...
Proceeded to yell at me anyways.

gawd i hate that.

i can't think of a single occasion when i got in trouble for doing something really bad...

But it's always the case that i get in The Most Trouble for The Most Benign Behaviour.
Of course; There are plenty of occasions when i Don't get into Trouble of Benign Behaviour.
It requires a special set of circumstances, So that Benign + Some Kooky Peripheral Circumstances will evoke unprovoked trouble...


- - -
The New Gematria Idea

i was reading some of Wm Jaz' posts the other day and he is on this weird kick of relating popular songs and media material to 911, suggesting that they somehow were precognicent of that event...???
And my complaint was that if it is Now Thoroughly Established that The Great Cabbage, Troll Queen or Braman were somehow, ingeniously inserting all these secret messages into all of our media source materials...
Then it should be possible by some simply & elegant manner to extract them...
Before The Event that they are describing-- Happens...!

What might this process be?

If the message were simply sitting on The Surface of The Material;
Then all you would have to do, is piece it together by seeing the relationships between the allegorical references & their plain English Citations...!

The Method by way of The Gematria...
Would require that The Key be easily Accessible;
The Reference Target Sums would be Equally Obvious;
And The Manner by Which The Sums could be Derived be Obvious.
The Whole Point of The Extraction of The Message Must Be that It is Simple & Elegant...
As we are no doubt familiar with Over Wrought Number Games that are able to Connect The Most Improbable & Suspicious Conclusions from Data that has been cooked to mush.

The Method by Which True Messages & Revelations are Derived
Must be Easy to Use, and The Same Method must Prove itself again & again without deviating from It's Original Form.
Fudging & The Smallest Corrections must Never Be Allowed.
No Subjective Interpretations will be Needed.

From What Little work i've done with The Gematria...
i think i have A Method which Yield Consistent & Remarkable Results...

As soon as i learn how to use Chipmunk Basic.

Chipmunk Basic is a nice enough programming language,
But working with strings has confused me terribly...!!!

The Core Idea is This:
Take a Poem, News Story, Short Novelette, Encyclopedia Entry or Correspondence letter...
And count up all the A's.
That sum in the value of A.
Repeat with The B's & b's , C's & c's and so on...
This Letter to Quantity List is your Key.
Now Examine The Text Block for Reference Numbers or Choose a Date; Year, Month & Day and These Numbers are your Targets.
You may also find Target Sums by Adding all The Characters from Each Line of Text.
Or Find Allegorical References in The Way of Some Value, as they relate to some character in The Text or A Desired Celebrity whose Future Life Event is Desired...???

Then Simply Apply The Key to The Block of Text; Looking for Phrases, Works &/or Anagrams that Match The Target Values.

i would fully expect the result will be amazement...
As This Method has Never Failed me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Origin of Consciousness ( ± )

The Rule of Thumb Theory.

Wm Jaz was telling me a few days ago how one theory of how consciousness developed after early sapiens began talking, and the brain began listening in on what others were saying,
And the brain was also began listening in on what their own brain's were generating.
That is; brains at that time were generating speech as a complex behavioral function, but was not connected to higher order thinking or sentience in any way.
It was a purely reactive behaviour to various stimuli, And then the brain was able to listen in to this speech that it was itself creating and consciousness somehow developed out of that...

This Theory/Model however requires that consciousness didn't develop until humanimals began speaking, which denies any animals prior to this invention to have self awareness, consciousness or dreaming ( ? ) ... which is in direct conflict with the observed & believed behaviour of non-humanimal automatons.

An Alternative Model is The Rule of Thumb, Or Attentive Trail & Error Conjecture;
Which suggests that A Very Primitive form of Consciousness may have begun with Amoebae.
It still requires a PreMagickal Step of The Amoebae Developing The -Need- or -Desire- to Accomplish Something, which may have taken the form of -Hunger- - But this is Still a Big Step for A Preconscious Robot to take on it's own.
A Wind Up Toy should ( expectantly ) just sit there.
The Suggestion that it do anything for it's own benefit requires a huge leap of Self Motivation.

Of course; This is what Evolution is all About. These Wind Up Toys that are able to wind themselves up, Survive and Reproduce,
While those that don't, are discarded.
At some point in The Development of Wind Up Toys that are able to Wind themselves up in a chaotic &/or haphazard manner—
They take the radical step of Evolving;
A Desire to Wind Themselves Up,
And a Method by Which They Recognize Which Random Behaviours Satisfy This Desire in a Piecemeal Manner.
Some given Behaviour may not satisfy the desire itself, But this Near Miss Evolutionary Development recognizes that they are acting in a manner which is approaching the goal.
This may not be so difficult to imagine. If The Desired Objective ( Still a huge leap ) is accompanied by a set of sensory responses, The Wind Up Toy merely has to Quantify These Stimulations and Recognize that if The Goal to Winding Ones Self Up is =10=,
Any Random Behaviour that Results in a Sensory Stimulation of -8- is Better than -6-.

This Thesis of Early Conscious, Claims that this Ability to Write their Own Programs by Attentive Trail & Error was able to Work Around The Problem of any given organism having an absurdly gigantic library of programming behaviours to deal with the impossibly infinite possible situations that they may be exposed to.

This Rule of Thumb Development allowed The Early Wind Up Toys to include only the barest prewritten behaviours, while improvising nearly all other behaviours, with the agenda of merely accomplishing something.

The Toy needn't even be aware of what they are trying to accomplish, But merely have Sensory Sets that are Activated when (-x-) is Activated.
[ e.g.; The Toy's sugar level drops to a critical level, which causes an enzyme, which is suppressed when sugar levels are high, to become more plentiful, which releases a Sensory Set to The Behaviour Activation Units...
Which Then Picks off a Best Guess Behaviour which has been previously associated with The Given Sensor Set.
Then It acts SemiRandomly, Based on The Best Guess Template, Using The Attentive Trail & Error Routines to Close in On The Desired Goal,
Which is Never Explicitly Stated.

In Higher Order Animals that have yet to attach Linguistic Tags to their own Behaviours,
This would mean that a Fish or Hamster, Seeks Food & Eats, to Satisfy an Active Enzyme Imbalance, Without Ever Experiencing Anything Like Hunger.
This behaviour may appear very complex, even Solve Original Intermediate Problems, without having any desire to solve a known goal.

While this description may seem to Directly Contradict The Consciousness Model,
It does seem to me to accurately Describe The Behaviour of Many Observed Human Activities.
- -

This; In turn, seems to support my developing postulation that Real Consciousness, Sentience &/or Self Awareness— May not be present in all Higher Order Animals that are Behaving in Pretty Much the Same Way as Animals that Do have Real Sentience.
And Furthermore; The Animals with Real Self Awareness may be distributed throughout the Animal Kingdom, While Those WithOut, may be equally apportioned.
It has long been my opinion that many humans are Not Genuinely Conscious,
While many Cats, Marmots, Crows & Fish Are Conscious.
Small Digression:
Isn't it extremely remarkable that while there are numerous anecdotes of small mammals, fish & even protozoae acting in presumably intelligent or cooperative manners, There are few, if any, Such anecdotes involving reptiles & fewer yet for amphibians...???
- -
But how does this Answer The Question of How Consciousness first appeared?
It doesn't.
Despite these speculations; i remain a believer in epiphenomenalism,
Which states that consciousness is a passive phenomena, in which these beings are able to watch what their robot shells are doing, but completely unable to control their own vehicles.
Such Control requires a mechanism for which no testable subsystem presently exists.
- - -
It also occurred to me while thinking about this ( some more ) that i am coming closer and closer to the absolutely abhorrent philosophy of René Descartes, when he insisted the squealing of pigs at the slaughterhouse, was merely the sounds of machinery breaking.

At least i have the good sense to suggest that while the evidence and authoritative reasoning suggest that this may in fact be true, it applies with the same validity to humanimals as well.
The screaming is coming from machinery breaking, and the tiny homoculii inside is experiencing that terror as if it were something more profound,
But of course; It is merely being seduced by a clever misapplication of faux-logic.

Hate Crimes

i was listening to the radio this morning and heard that Hate Crimes were in the news again.
Apparently The Republican's hate the idea of a special category of crimes pertaining to, or being measured by the motivation of the crime.

Which i agree with.
What strikes me as very odd about Hate Crimes is that they'll enact some legislation protecting Catholics or Southern Baptists, or Short People... But they will go far out of their way to make sure that the new laws are specifically inclusive to That One Group... And Gawd forbid that they write the law in such a way that it would somehow be interpreted to protect any class of citizenry who was attacked for some needle point identity feature.

It's as if they were under all this annoying pressure to protect the rights of a special group, such as one legged albinos, But they would just loath it if the laws were somehow abused to protect fat people that wear plaid shirts.

i think that the solution should be to Treat all cases of Violence as a Crime of -x- Severity,
While Specifically Excluding certain kinds of crimes which are committed with the mitigating circumstances of accompanying Violence...
That were deemed to be reasonable & constitutionally protected acts of Violence.

It should certainly be protected Violence to commit a street corner stick up,
Especially if the victim resists your robbery, or if you reasonably suspect that they are about to resist your robbery.

Approaching this from the other end, i suspect, will make it much easier to prosecutors to make a reasonable case for reasonable violence and determine when unreasonable violence is being perpetrated.

Time Jump...???

A few years ago, i had a subscription to Reader's Digest.
The issues would come somewhat sporadically and i got one issue that i quickly read through and then discarded.
It was somewhat unusual for me to discard the issue, as i typically keep piles of junk around my room, for months, long after it should have been thrown out.
Curiouser; About 2 weeks later, i got another issue of Reader's Digest,
And this new issue was The Same Issue... Almost.
It had a few new Articles and left out a few Articles, But most of them were the same...!


It just drove me crazy that i'd thrown out the first issue.
i emailed everyone i knew asking about this phantom issue of Reader's Digest, and while several people also had subscriptions, none reported receiving this weird duplicate issue.
So i looked for it at the library, and found after considerable searching, the second issue, but not the first...!!!
i looked on The Internet for Any References on The Reader's Digest Web Site to Any of The Articles that Disappeared from The Second Issue, That i very distinctly recalled from The First one... But i could nothing referring to them...!!!

- - -
Then; Just the other day— It happened Again.
Only this time it was with The TV Show Eureka...
i just got The Two Disks from Netflix for Season 3.0, which i'm pretty sure were just released very recently...
And i very distinctly recall seeing the first 4 episodes on The First Disk...
But they were subtly different from The Way i Remember them...!!!
At the end of Season 2, i distinctly recall that Henry is sent off to prison and that's where i left it...
At the beginning of Season Three; Henry is still in prison, but the episodes are the same as the ones i've seen, except that they somehow integrate the Missing Henry...!!! And there's the New Character The Fixer who i don't recall at all...!
i very much remember seeing those episodes and recall how they ended, But they are also slightly different...

Granted; The Actual episode were aired months ago; But i don't have cable and i can't image under what circumstances i would have seen them...? i could only have seen them on DVD, and even if that were true, why did i see the first 4 episodes, but not the next 4 four...???

Thursday, July 09, 2009

99.97% of The CENSORED Fiasco

This Issue seemed clear enough to me at one point,
Then became terribly Ambiguous,
Then my beliefs Clarified a Bit...
Then Became Confused Again...
And Now: ( ? )
i am content that i Understand The Spirit of
The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement.
So This Rant tends to Wander Aimlessly,
Particularly Where i'm Commenting...!
When i start Typing, i just keep Typing—
Whether i have Clarity of Intent or Not... ( ! )


For some time now;
i have very much enjoyed taking other people's pictures from Flickr
And Reworked them into Something A Little Different—
As Collages,
[ A Repository of Them May be Found Here, Here or Here ]
And Usually; The Response is Favorable,
Or Benignly Indifferent—
Until Just Recently.


What a Nuisance & Distraction this has been for me.

Plus: It came to A Head at the beginning of The Independence Day Weekend;
And since i don't have an InterWeb Connection at Home ( ??? ! )
i had to wait until Monday until i could follow up on what was happening!

)) ugh. ((

On Monday;
Rather by Accident— i discovered The PunchLine to This Fiasco,
And i am torn between just telling you what this is,
Or letting you Figure It Out on your Own.
But since there isn't an accumulation of Clues that lead up to it,
Just The Contingency of One Improbable Discovery that Revealed it...
i will tell it to you now.

It turns out—
That it wasn't a small number of people that was causing all this trouble—

It was Just One person with several Flickr Accounts ( ! )

This one person was Unambiguously Harassing me,
And Since— Because of This Harassment;
i have learned more & more about
The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement—

i had never really given much consideration
To The CC Agreements before this;
And i Now Know that i was Standing on Very Firm Legal Ground
If i had Only taken The Position
Of just ignoring these Lunatics from The Very Beginning ( !! )

When you put a Attribution Creative Commons Licensing Agreement
On One of Your Pictures...
You Completely Lose Control of What May Become of it...
With The Very Thin Exception(s That;
If The Derivation that is Produced,
Actually Breaks The Law;
By meeting The Regional Standards of Pornography— ( et. al. )
Or Secondly: --( Maybe )--
...If you could Show That The Image; or Other Work,
Were to So Severely A Breach of The Public Standards of Common Decency
That you could Seek Legal Redress...

The Rules as Defined by The People that Created The Idea of
The Creative Commons Licensing Agreements,
Clearly Intended to Make a Delineation Between Derivations
That were Simply Disagreeable to The Creator of The Original Source Material,
And Derivations that were Illegal or Represented
A Derogatory/Slanderous/Harmful Treatment of The Licensor's Work.
My Dictionary describes Derogatory as Meaning Everything from Disparaging or Unflattering, Insulting, Offensive, Rude or Hurtful to Slanderous &/or Libelous...!!!
This would seem to Cover The Entire Spectrum
of Any Form of Displeasure with The Derivative Work...

Except That ( ... )
This Provision of The Creative Commons Definition on Moral Rights,
Also Suggests that if The Original Licensor were Unhappy with The Derived Work,
Their First Tier of Redressing that, Would be To Request that
The Maker of The Derived Image or Work,
Remove Any References of The Name of The Originator.
Clearly; ( ??? ) If The Original Licensor were so Dissatisfied with The Derived Work that they Would Want it Known that They Had nothing to Do with The Derived Work...
If They Could; They would simply Repress it in it's Entirety.

It May Be that in such A Situation;
That The Derived Work has so little in Common with The Original Work
That Suppressing this Original Work,
That was Merely Inspired by The Original Work;
Would be Inappropriate.

So in The Real World;
What might Derogatory Treatment Mean?

At The Extremium of Unambiguous Suppression;
Taking someone's photographs of their family and turning them into Explicit Sexual or Violent Situations would be Applicable...

But what would be The Extremium at The Other End...?
How might a Derivative Work be So Mildly Offensive to The Original Licensor,
That they would like to Suppress it,
But that The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement would Protect
The Original Work of The Artist Creating The Derivative Image...?

The Definitions in The Creative Commons Documents
Seems to leave this So Fuzzy & Ambivalent,
That It is Just Designed to Provoke Endlessly Pointless Arguments...

As A Derivative Artist that loves to Use The Naive & Guileless Snapshots
of Unprofessional Photographs,
That Occasionally— By Some UnIntended Fluke;
Accidentally Captures a Wonderfully Powerful Snapshot,
That is Both Very Strong is Some Respect,
And Very Weak in Others...
Such as featuring A Confusing &/or Muddled Background,
Or Containing Peripheral Elements that Distract The Viewer from The Good Bits.
A Little Bit of Constrained Collaging,
Can Really Bring Out A Much More Purposeful & Artistic Image.

- - (
It should be Noted though,
That i need more help with -The Constraining- part of this formula...
( ! ? )
) - -

That; i believe—
Is The Clear Intension of The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement.

If you Attach An "Attribution Creative Commons" Tag on your Work,
Then you have to Accept that your Work will be Transformed in
A Wide Variety of Ways that you Could Not Anticipate.
As Such: The Original Licensor should Only Take Action Against
The Derivative Artists Under The Most Egregious Circumstances,
And Not— When They Simply Don't Like It.

In Addition:
There are a few other exceptions that pertain to other considerations,
But none of these even remotely apply to this situation.


One PreDigression &/or Major Spoiler...!!!
This bit was added after i've been working on assembling
This Documentation Rant all Day and After much Reflection,
It all Boils down to One Consideration...

- - +
Did MlcTucker(Photography) Really Believe that The Collages i made from her Photographs Constitute;
In The Terminology of The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement Language: = Derogatory Treatment = ?

Well— Probably...

But was she Being Reasonable in This Evaluation?


Why did she think this...?

Who knows.

Should i have Removed The Images?

-- Sigh --
My view on this is that When she put
The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement Designation
On Her Pictures;
She gave them over to The Devil ( ! )

That's how The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement Works.
If she'd wanted to have a trusted confidant Fix Her Pics,
Then she should have Attached a Perfectly Normal CopyRight to The Photographs,
Then found someone whose work she trusted
And asked that person to Make The Changes that she Wanted.

Attaching A Creative Commons Licensing Agreement to Them,
And Then Posting them to An Open Forum;
Such as Any of The Fix My Pic Groups...
Was EXACTLY What She Should NOT have Done...!
That was Exactly 180 Degrees of What She Should have Done.
It was an Exercise in Amazingly Poor Judgment
For Someone whose Hysterical Desire was to Preserve
The Dignity of Her Precious Photographs,
Should have done.
- - +

Should i have been Understanding & Removed the Pictures?

i was; and i did.

- - - (
It might be noted though...
That i removed the pictures because i was afraid of getting in trouble,
Rather than because i believed i was doing the right thing.
i consider This one of my most abhorrent personality flaws.
A vastly superior motivation for ones actions,
Would be to always do what you believed to be The Right Thing...
But i openly concede that i have no idea what The Right Thing is.
Ethics completely baffle me.
The Core of this confusion,
Is that i Strongly Believe that since we can Never know
How some Action or InAction that we Engage in, or Not Engage in—
Will Play Out...
Either 5 Minutes, or 5 Days, or 5 Years from now...

It might very well be that Stopping a Woman from Being Mugged,
Or Aborting a Defenseless Fetus,
Will; By The Wonderful Chain of Circumstances
That we fondly & blithely refer to as Cause & Effect;
Will— 20 Years from Now,
As a Direct Consequence of That well intended action,
Or Any Simple Act you May have Performed,
Will Cause The Last War of The Human Species,
Or Cause, by Circumstances Unimaginable;
The Universe to Evaporate.

Any Act; Either Good or Bad, Beneficial or Injurious to yourself,
May or May Not Cause Events to Occur that You Now Believe to Be The Most Appalling Things that Could Ever Possibly Occur.
) - - -

- - +

But Deleting The Images just wasn't good enough for One Person,
Who; Curiously, Had No Vested Interest in any of this...
Except to Make Endless Mischief.

)+.*.+( - )+.*.+( - )+.*.+( - )+.*.+( - )+.*.+( - )+.*.+( - )+.*.+( - )+.*.+(

i Love Digressions;
And/Or/But this is The Only One Featured in The Documentation Rant ( ! )

Something Tangential
That Happened At About this Same Time On Flickr:
i Sent out an Invitation to Various Flickr Members who had posted Snapshots of Their Wives or Girl Friends, in Various Conditions of UnDressedness,
To Repost them to My "Please Ruin My Pic" Group...!
Which is Both The AntiTheses & Equivalent of The Fix My Pix Groups ( ! )

Many of These Snapshots that i Invited were Delightfully Onerous in Their Crudity & Unabashed Fervent Potency.
From one of these Invitations; i Received this Query:
- - - :

Thanks for inviting me to post my two preggo pics on you site.
I actually like your work very much.
[ But ] The female bodies in your pieces are not given the respect that some might think they deserve, but I'm a big fan of that type of graphic humiliation.
Do I want to have my own body displayed as a fat piece of meat in some avante-garde surreal collage?
Actually, I find the idea to pretty intriguing ( and somewhat erotic).
I'll think about it for a day or an hour or so.
I may have other pics of myself that you would find easier to work with.
Full figure, naked, various degrees of exposure,
I'll get back to you.
Thanks for the invite.

[ from : Fun Sex Pics ( Pat Growler ) ]

- - - :
i found it fascinating that Even My Beloved Smut Crowd
Found my Images too Radical for Their Tastes...!

- - - :
My Response:
i'm somewhat conflicted by your response,
But i would like to believe that what i'm doing is paying homage to the original images...!
Many of The Images seem very strong to me,
But need a little help to make them into Really Artistic Compositions...

- - - : :

End of Digression

-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-.' / .-

Although i just said that The Digression Mentioned Previously
Would be The Only Digression...
This is Just One more...
This will be The Last ( Major ) One...!!!

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The Flickreenos

- - - :

End of The Second Digression

( - * - ) . ( - * - ) . ( - * - ) . ( - * - ) . ( - * - ) . ( - * - ) . ( - * - ) . ( - * - )

Although this was all very annoying for me...
There were actually only a very few hamsters & parakeets involved with it...
They are:
Me: chrstphre campbell
The Maker of The Allegedly Offending Collages

The Creative Commons Licensor of The Source Material Photographs

GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines/And Others!
The Administrator for "Fix My Pic Please"
A Group within Flickr,
Which is An Eggregious RipOff of The Original Group;
"Please Fix My Pic" ( ! )
And Actually shouldn't even be involved in This Fiasco,
Since i Never Posted The Collages to her Group—
But it Turned out That She was the Sole Provacetour in This Own Mess.
She ( He? ) Has also used Multiple Accounts to Appear to be Several Parakeets that All Held her Position...
The Other Accounts ( ? ) +
U.S. Marines

Flickr Administrator that Summarily Deleted My CENSORED Image;
Noting that This Expression of Benign Protest to The UnWarranted Harassment that i was Receiving from GrfixDziner was:
Posting it as you've done is abusive and could be considered as harassment.
I'm not surprised that people are upset. ( ! )

Ellis Nadler
The Voice of UnBiased Reason

Wm Jaz
A Curious ByStander

Another Voice of Pure Reason in An Age of Vacuous Intolerant Kookiness

Kenneth Moyle
An Informative & Well Read Scholar


( = Finally! = )

Here is What Happened?

A few Weeks ago; In June 2009,
i found; Either on The Flickr Group; “Fix My Pic Please”
Or The Original Group of This Same Genré; “Please Fix My Pic!”
Two Pictures that i thought had a lot of potential
For making Interesting Collages with...

The Two Original Images were From
MlcTuckerPhotography's PhotoStream
And Both Were both Flagged/Tagged with
The Attribution Creative Common’s License.

The Couple by The Mirror & The Couple Facing The Camera

From These; i Created Two Collages

When i posted them to Flickr,
i Linked Both Collages to Their Source Images
And Attached The Source Image to My Collages.
And gave Credit to All The Elements that i used in Each Collage
( Where i could recall where they came from! )

Shortly Thereafter:

Apparently; MlcTuckerPhotography was so annoyed with my renditions
( particularly the later image with the balloons )
That she posted this warning to all other members of The Fix My Pix Please Group...

There is someone named chrstphre that is taking our photos and turning them inappropriate. I know that we share our photos on here to have people work on them, but I am appaled at what he did to the pictures of my family members.

Then One of The Administrators for That Group got involved and Sent me this Missive...
I had member let me know they were quite upset with the editi you did of their wedding shot:
[ Removed by Flickr ]

While I am all up for a laugh at times, others are not, in particular this member.
Could you please remove your work.
[ Decapitation ] would fall under the realm of untasteful.


By they way I work very hard on my groups and stuff at flickr.
I have dedicated the last several years of my life.... [ every ] non-working waking moment on a foundation for a dear friend that was strangled at 17.
This really rubs me the wrong way.
Thanks for understanding


What i find particularly fascinating is that she has interpreted
The transcendental enlightenment of the male figure
As an act of violent decapitation...???

Irregardless of this;
Since i always chose the path of least resistance;
i did the right thing;
by my standards,
and removed the offending image...
By covering them with Censored Blocks


In The Earliest Hours of This Fiasco,
i was Banned from The Fix My Pic Please Group...


Various Comments:

[ Comment By Trevor Dennis ]
To be fair, you do have excellent photoshop skills...
.... for a five year old!

[ Comment By Zetetics ]
Wow....what maturity. Keep up the good work despite what others say.

[ Comment By Zetetics ]
I think Trevor has some nice portraits that you might want to use in some of your work. Maybe even Trevor's head. And here I thought those dudes from New Zealand were pretty hip. NOT!

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
A reminder:
This is the polite email from GrfxDziner:
FlickrMail / Sent
chrstphre campbell
Subject: Fix my pic stuff...
I had member let me know they were quite upset with the [ editing ] you did of their wedding shot:
While I am all up for a laugh at times, others are not, in particular this member. Could you please remove your work. Decapatation would fall under the realm of untasteful. Thanks.
By they way I work very hard on my groups and stuff at flickr. I have dedicated the last several years of my life....evry non-working waking moment on a foundation for a dear friend that was
strangled at 17. This really rubs me the wrong way. Thanks for understanding
- -
You of course can lie all you want, but you have the email, and so does flickr staff. It is their site remember, not yours. That is why you have guidelines to follow. Being polite is number one.
And GrfxDziner is always polite. You should give it a shot too.
- . - . -

It was later determined that GrfxDziner & Gwennie2006
Are the Same Person ( ! )

/ . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \ * / . \

Along with The Primary Collage that Seemed to Receive The Bulk of The Attention...
There were 3 Additional Pictures that i Attached a CENSORED Block to.
Two of These were Unfortunately Innocent Bystanders,
But The Original Photographers haven't weighed in on Any of This,
So i have left them = As Is = With The Black Boxes Over Them...???

= . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . =

Title : The Hand of Love

My Comment Under The Collage :
Special Thnax to All Those— Whose Wandering Ba & Ka's Did Knowing & Willingly Contributed A Background &/or Mysterious Allegorical Elementals To This Collage!
Partial Accreditation for : A Hand of Love
Couple : M1TuckerPhotography
Blue Alien : pureEVA
Nude : Translucent Amoebae

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
Assaulted & Belittled from :

[ Source Image Went Here ]

Note reconstruction of The Fireplace...!!!

[ Comment By MlcTuckerPhotography ]

This is Highly Inappropriate!

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
i assume that there are several tiers above 'highly'
As this easily could have much worse... ( ??? )

[ Comment By Ellis Nadler ]
Take me to The Kittens.

- - - - : :

New Title : This Picture didn't quite receive the same quantity of wrath as a few of my other recent collages... But just to be safe, i thought that i should 'withdraw' it...!
Some people just don't want to have their pictures toyed with...!

This Picture didn't quite receive the same quantity of wrath as a few of my other recent collages... But just to be safe, i thought that i should 'withdraw' it...! Some people just don't want to have their pictures toyed with...!

= . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . =

This was a Very Badly Done Collage of An Old Water Damaged Image of A Girl That i Ostensibly Turned into A Mermaid of Sorts... i thought it turned out badly, and Actually Welcomed the Opportunity to Cover It Up and make it into A Political Statement about Nothing In Particular.

Title : The Mermaid

TheMermaid / Reposted for Documentation

Special Thanx to All Those—
Whose Wandering Ba & Ka's Did Knowing
& Willingly Contributed A Background
&/or Mysterious Allegorical Elementals
To This Collage!
Partial Accreditation for : The Mermaid
The Mermaid : RickMape
Mobius Ants : MC Escher
Angel : From Kit / Abby Glenn

Additional Comments :

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
Ripped off from :
The Original Image by RickManpe

[ Comment By GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines ]
Um, we do not rip things off. Let's get that straight okay!

- - - - : :

New Title :
For Those Artists that like to fix Other People's Pictures from such Venues as; " Fix My Pic Please!". It doesn't give you the right to fix it anyway you want...! You have to fix it in Exactly The Way that the Person Posting it wanted you to Fix it... Or Else...!

For Those Artists that like to fix Other People's Pictures from such Venues as; " Fix My Pic Please!". It doesn't give you the right to fix it anyway you want...! You have to fix it in Exactly The Way that the Person Posting it wanted you to Fix it... Or

= . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . =

This was another badly done collage of a small child running amok in an imaginary town of geometrical blocks...???

{ Somehow Misplaced The Original Collage ! }

{ i Also Misplaced The Comments...
Which was something from Gwen ( et. al ) that was something like;
"We do not steal pictures... ?"

New Title : i Strongly Advise Everyone to Stay The Heck Away from The Fix My Pic Groups...!!!

i Strongly Advise Everyone to Stay The Heck Away from The Fix My Pic Groups...!!!

= . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . = . ' . )*( . ' . =

- * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * - * . * -

The First Posting Of The Primary Collage
With The CENSORED Block Covering It.

Apparently when you take a photo from "Please Fix My Pic!" it doesn't give you full allowances to Fix it anyway you want...! You have to Fix it in EXACTLY The way that the Person posting it, Wanted you to fix it... by you.

i may have just been kidding around, But this picture, Really, Really was Censored by Flickr...!!!

Special Thanx to All Those—
Whose Wandering Ba & Ka's Did Knowing
& Willingly Contributed A Background
&/or Mysterious Allegorical Elementals
To This Collage!
Partial Accreditation for : 1 + 1 = 1
Couple : MlcTuckerPhotography
Vn's Hand & Seven : Wm Jaz
Hearts : iPhoto

Various Comments:

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
Derived from :
[ The Original Image by MlcTuckerPhotography ]

[ Comment By GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines ]
This is the one I mean. This is not appropriate

[ Comment By Trevor Dennis ]
Not cool

[ Comment By GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines ]
chrstphre, you need to remove this today. Read your flickr mail. Remebr when you work on someone else's photo, you do not ever own the rights to it...they do. If they do not like your edit, you must remove it. Freedom of expression will only apply to your own work, not someone elses.

Read my other comments regarding the terminology of your linking. If you have some problem with human kind, find an alternative way, and group, to deal with yourself.

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
Since The Dillweed; ( GrfxDniner ), has blocked me from sending her emails...
i will have to respond here...
As a result of this fiasco, i have decided to mend my evil ways to some degree and invite any pictures that i would like to severely modify to my alternative group: Please Ruin My Pic!
i think that this will work out for the best, for all concerned parties.

Although it does take some of the surprise out of it.

[ Comment By Wm Jas ]
You sure get a lot of mileage out of that sugar glider photo!

What's covered up by that "censored" sticker that got everyone so huffy? Is his head exploding or something?

[ Comment By GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines ]
I am a he by the way. Please remove your most distatseful edit. Thank you

Read the email again. It is very selfexplainatory. You were obscene with your work. And you did not handle it well at all.

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
( For Wm Jaz ) : Yes... i really like that picture, and i have so few of hands holding things...! As i mentioned before, A hand coming in from The Edge, Should be interpreted as The Hand, or Will, of Gawd, Either Taking or Inserting A Soul Into The Image Plane...???

( For GrfxDzier ) : i think that i may have confused your gender with MlcTuckerPhotography whose profile i looked up... ( Oops! )
As for This Picture & It's Content
And The Documentation of This Fiasco...
It Stays!

Stop trying to MicroManage The Universe...!

i am also incensed by people that use a word like "Obscene" Carelessly,
In situations where it clearly does not apply.

You have henceforth lost all credibility with me.

Bug Off.

[ Comment By GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines ]
Read the rules, and the email one more time. Really.

[ Comment By Trevor Dennis ]
Hey the picture was not cool, but your jerking knee is worse by far.
Get over yourself.

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
You've become so scary ( deeply psycho ) about this
That although i hate to involve the innocent children that run Flickr,
i'm going to have to ask their advice concerning this...
i've taken down the pictures,
Apologized for my careless behavior and mended my ways,
But you just won't let up...!

i'm going to have to report you as a pest!

- - - :

This is The Report that i sent to Flickr Abuse Reporting...

- - - :
I'm reporting abuse on the following page:

( slight error in this section due to my inexperience with reporting abuse... ! )

The picture that seems to be the principle focus of the trouble is: ddedcomment=...

i found the picture of the couple on Fix My Pic Please
And changed it in a manner that the original poster found unsatisfactory.
One of the Administrators also got involved in this ( GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines )
And insisted that i remove the picture.

Within a day or two of posting my collage; i removed it
( by coving it up with a CENSORED Block ( ! )
And Then apologized for my careless use of the original image, and mentioned, as well, that i would henceforth only be using pictures from my own group;
Please Ruin My Pic.

It might also be noted that i've been transforming images in this manner for a couple of years now, and the response has routinely been glee & delight, or passive benign indifference..!

These Steps were insufficient for GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines, who continues to harass me about this...???

One very troubling and mysterious element of this is that the way that i changed the image was to add a bunch of valentine hearts coming away of the woman's head, while i transformed the man's head into a group of balloons, floating way...
GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines somehow interpretted this as a violent act of decapitation, While it was substantially more akin to an allegorical representation of spiritual transcendence...???

i am deeply troubled by all this attention and would like some guidance from Flickr about this.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely; Chrstphre

How Flickr Responded:

FlickrMail / Inbox
From: Flickr Customer Care
Subject: [Flickr Case 1245331] Re: Report Abuse: Other Concerns

Hello, chrstphre!

This is an automatically generated copy of a help case reply:
I've removed "Apparenlty when you take a photo from "Fix My Pic Please " it doesn't give you full allowances to Fix it anyway you want...! You have to Fix it in EXACTLY The way that the Person posting it, Wanted you to fix it..."
from your photostream.
Posting it as you've done is abusive and could be considered as harassment.
I'm not surprised that people are upset.


If you'd like to respond, please send the email to
To ensure a timely response.

Peripheral Notes & Mail

[ Flickr Mail from : r8r ]
Writes :
Subject: the censored picture
Your picture edit didn't seem all that untasteful to me. I
don't understand the picture-owner taking offense.
It's not a "decapatation" (sic) at all; it's a cartoon. It
doesn't seem mean-spirited to me, and I think they
But since they DID take offense, I suppose you have to
apologize and play nice.
All the best to you!
- -
My Reply:
Thank you very much for your very reasonable and restrained support...!
i always try to be polite, but as i pointed out to Zetetics,
The person whose pictures were the source material for the two pictures that i made collages from, Never actually asked me to remove them...!
i'm going to ask her exactly what she would like me to do and i will acquiesce to whatever she would like...!

Thanx Again...!!!

[ Flickr Mail from : Zetetics Tim Blackburn ]
Writes :
Subject: Right wing nazi's

Well, since I commented on your ongoing battle with these morons they decided to start sending me emails. They resorted to name calling and negativity. Of course that one lady who said stuff blocked me so now I have blocked her and so much for freedom of expression in the US of A.

I don't think you did anything wrong and they singled you out and tried to make an example of you. Keep up the good work and don't let these idiots bother you. We went through eight years of personal rights being eaten away by the conservative right and don't even get me started about the acts of aggression these "righteous" people have done. There is no point in trying to argue with someone who thinks that god is backing them up on their shallow minds.

Do you ever do postal mail these days? I will like very much to send you some prints. I know you don't want to get back into the whole mail art thing and I totally respect that. Just let me know.


The Second Posting Of The Primary Collage
With The CENSORED Block Covering It.
- - - :
i may have just been kidding around,
But this picture, Really, Really was Censored by Flickr...!!!

i may have just been kidding around, But this picture, Really, Really was Censored by Flickr...!!!

Comments by Me Attached to The Image:
Original CC Image by MlcTuckerPhotography.

That is: This is a RePosting of A Picture just like it,
( With That Big CENSORED Block...!!! )
That was Deleted by Flickr Staff member : Heather
i have also Blocked both parties that were so offended by it,
So that ( ? ) they won't even be aware now ( ? ) that it's still here...???

The manner by which Flickr became aware of it,
Apparently; Was that i went to them to ask for clarification about how i should respond to the harassment by GrfxDziner/Gwennie2006/U.S. Marines.
Although i had conceded to all her demands regarding the removal of this image,
She continued to pester me about it...
But i'm even more concerned and troubled that Flickr would remove a picture that doesn't depict anything...!
It is Only a Political Statement.
What is this saying about Flickr...???

. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'. '*'.

Additional Comments:

In The Spirit of Full Disclosure... ( ! )
i have made some very Slight Editing Changes to My Own Posts,
To Correct Minor Spelling Errors, Punctuation Improvements,
And Contextual Stylization Refinements... ( ! )
The Meaning, Intent & Emotional Flavor of All Posts
Have remained Completely Intact ( ! )

[ Comment By Chrstphre ]
Since The Original Image that was really at the center of all this controversy has been mysteriously ( Mysterious to Me! ) removed by Flickr...
i've been forced to move all The Documentation of This Fiasco to My Blog...

Most of What Happened...

[ Comment By Brandon Haney ]
It's a shame people can be that closed minded with no sense of humor. You made their embarrassingly ordinary photos a lot more interesting and fun. If their photos are that sacred to them maybe they shouldn't show them to anyone if they have such brittle feelings.

[ Comment By Zetetics ]
I think the whole thing is amusing and sad at the same time. Some people don't have anything better than to get all into the business of others. I am sure if they had their way your account would be removed, your internet connection, your computer itself, maybe surgical methods would be demanded as well. I think it is pretty much a sign of the times.

Keep up the good work and f*$% them if they can't take a joke.

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
You should not have put the original edit on your blog. That is wrong, and you continue to violate the guidelines of flickr. You did NOT have permission to use that person's photo, let alone post it again.

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
This is the supposed harrassing email:

FlickrMail / Sent
chrstphre campbell

Subject: Fix my pic stuff...
I had member let me know they were quite upset with the editi you did of their wedding shot: /set-7215760...

While I am all up for a laugh at times, others are not, in particular this member. Could you please remove your work. Decapatation would fall under the realm of untasteful. Thanks.

By they way I work very hard on my groups and stuff at flickr. I have dedicated the last several years of my life....evry non-working waking moment on a foundation for a dear friend that was strangled at 17. This really rubs me the wrong way. Thanks for understanding

Or, return to your sent mail.

You of course can lie all you want, but you have the email, and so does flickr staff. It is their site remember, not yours. That is why you have guidelines to follow. Being polite is number one. And GrfxDziner is always polite. You should give it a shot too.

[ Comment By KennethMoyle ]
I like you treatment of that photo - you took a nice but bland snapshot with harsh shadows and made whimsical art out of it.

As for the gwennies claim that "You did NOT have permission to use that person's photo, let alone post it again." - well, according to the CC license on that photo, we are all given the right to remix the photo ... so you had every right. Especially given that the photo was posted to "fix my pic."

And given what you've done to some other photos, well, I dare say the happy married couple got off easy :)

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
Kenneth read the Moral Rights portion in the link you gave. Our group is a friendly group. we try to help folks. We do NOT offend people. You do have many rights with a CC license. It is not the derivatives property. Read through it again if you must.

That is so often the case, people don't read things, even when they think it is proving their point. Your link proves chrstphr does not have the right to post the edit. Probably why it was removed once already by flickr. They actually understant the rights of a CC license

[ Comment By Zetetics ]
Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines sent me a flickr mail about all of this. Why? I sent a reply and in there I asked for her not to send me any more flickr mail. So...what did Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines do? She sent me one last flickr mail before she "blocked" me. Here is her mail to me:

"you're pathetic. get a real life will ya"

Sad Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines. Very sad. Like I said before, you need to take a look in the mirror.

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
I do, and why don't you post what you sent? You don't have any idea of the situation, just like you put in your email.

Like I said in the origianl, you shouldn't threaten to steal peoples pics.

I would recommend others block you too, so you can't take theirs.

[ Comment By Zetetics ]
Just to clear the air. I have not stolen anyone's photos. You have a group that you promote which desires for photos to be modified. If they are not modified the way you want them then you decide to take up a cause and create a problem. Here is the mail that I sent to you in reply to your original mail to me:

"Hi Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines. Actually for you to be sending me flickr mail backs up his point quite a bit. I don't steal people's images but I know many, many, many artists that use other images in an art form called collage. While I don't know all that went on here in this whole process I would have to say you sending me an email went over the line. Please do NOT send me any more flickr mails.

Time for you to stop this nonsense and go take a look in the mirror."

That you have taken to calling me names and then blocking me and now accusing me of stealing photos and asking others to block me says a lot about you as a person. I never did anything to you or called you any names. You sent me mail when I had nothing to do with any of this. I asked you to leave me alone.

My comments to chrstphre's photos are for him in support of his work as an artist. I still stand behind that. I don't know why you continue to hover around his photos and send emails out to people. You are the offensive one. Please leave us all alone.

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
Great, now chrstphr needs to remove the image. One because flickr already did, and two because that is the way it works. Thanks for the further explanation mr Zetetics.....and be sure you do not steal other peoples photos, that is wrong. We are in agreement on that, right?

I am not at all the offensive one. chrstphre offended a member of my group, you offended a member of my group too, and under you own admission, you have not the knowledge of the situation. Please read the cc rules. When they are not adhered to, it is simple, the image must be reomoved. chrstpre just needs to remove it, and you need to stop saying that your are going to use other peoples heads. You people are very strange, and offend people....even when you don't know what you are talking about. just read more of the details.

[ Comment By KennethMoyle ]

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
Yes, Kenneth I am aware my work sucks, I never claimed otherwise. The thing is chrstphr just needs to follow the rules. That would have this whole thing non-existent. As an admin you are supposed to stand up for members when they have been wronged. I assume you would do that too. Hopefully after the holiday flickr will remove it once again, as it does violate posting rules. It is really that simple.

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
First of All: i find it very annoying that all of the principle complaints in this issue have blocked me,
So that i can't send them private correspondence.

Many thanks to those few of you that have responded in support of free speech & the concept of Creative Commons.
If some people are really so fragile that they can't tolerate artists mucking with they precious photographs,
Then they shouldn't attach a CC Licensing agreement to them,
And they should surely not post them to groups which invite artists to do just that.
That; To my way of thinking, Is Entrapment.

Another point that i find amazingly odd...
This picture ( above ) doesn't depict anything,
Why is there a continued effort to have IT removed...???

And Then:
Under perfectly Ordinary Copyright Laws,
i have every right ( legally ) to have created the said collages
Under The Fair Use Provision
By making Parodies of The Original Images.
I did not Steal the Original Images,
i was mocking them.

But in All Honesty; i was not.
This is what is truly making me completely Crazy...

Is why they are being interpreted to be so violent and offensive...???
In one;
The woman is giving her hand in love,
The little hearts above her head show this.
The pumpkins over the mans head
Are showing that while he is taking her hand,
His own feelings are not necessarily malicious,
But more complicated.

In the Other image,
The woman is clearly in a state of loving ecstasy,
While the man is experiencing transcendental illumination,
His spirit has transcended his physical body
And is now in a state of pure bliss.

How anyone could every see either of these pictures
As acts of violence completely baffles me.


i would very much like someone that is not currently being blocked
By MlcTuckerPhotography to contact her
And ask her to post to this tread.

What would SHE like me to do with The Original Images?
Curiously; She initially expressed some real irritation with The Collages,
But after i covered them up with The CENSORED Blocks,
She was apparently satisfied and left the discussion.

These images of The CENSORED Blocks
Are a completely different issue
And i would very much like them to Stay!

What would YOU like me to do with The Collages?
Anything you want will be made true.

Thanx to EVERYONE for Supporting YOUR RIGHT to Speak Out...
( But not everyone elses...!!! )

[ Comment By Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines ]
free speech applies to your own work chrstphre, not tohers. Make all the collages you desire, and in any fashion you desire with your own work. That is what artists do. When you use someone elses work, you have rules, and your freedoms are considerably restricted, because it is not just your, but someone else's too.

Read the CC license one more time, and again after that if you must. Or, how about shooting your own wedding shot, with your family members. Then you can create any collage you desire. Cut their heads, cut their hands off (which happens to very offensive to some cultures). With your own photos, you are in complete freedom. Whit someone elses you are not. Just read the rules.

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
A Small Superfluous Point:

i just now discovered something which seems odd to me...
( A Tiny Digression for a moment... )

As i was pulling up The Personal Icon for Gwennie2006
i discovered that The Link Property Address is None Other than Grfxdziner...!!!
How can that be...???
Unless they're the same person...???
Which is especially interesting because the Fix My Pic Please Group
Has Two Chief Administrators; Gwennie2006 & Grfxdziner...
But if they're the same person...???
So it turns out that
MlcTuckerPhotography's Link Property Address is Stmpson17...?
But Mine; Chrstphre is Chrstphre
Zetetics' is Zetetics
KennethMoyle is a little Different, it's Moylek
Where do these Link Property Address Come from...
And if Gwennie2006 & GrfxDziner are the same person...
Then it's Not A Few Hamsters that are causing all this trouble...
It's just ONE Sick Parakeet ( ! )
Even MlcTuckerPhotography is no longer interested in this fiasco...!!!

- - - - -

Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines Posted this a little Earlier...

( This takes on a completely different tack if Gwen & Grfx are The Same Person...!!! )

- - - - -

This is the supposed harrassing [ harassing ] email:

FlickrMail / Sent
chrstphre campbell

Subject: Fix my pic stuff...
I had member let me know they were quite upset with the editi you did of their wedding shot: /set-7215760...

While I am all up for a laugh at times, others are not, in particular this member. Could you please remove your work. Decapatation [ Decapitation ] would fall under the realm of untasteful. [ distasteful ] Thanks.

By they way I work very hard on my groups and stuff at flickr. I have dedicated the last several years of my life....evry [ every ] non-working waking moment on a foundation for a dear friend that was strangled at 17. This really rubs me the wrong way. Thanks for understanding

Or, return to your sent mail.

You of course can lie all you want, but you have the email, and so does flickr staff. It is their site remember, not yours. That is why you have guidelines to follow. Being polite is number one. And GrfxDziner is always polite. You should give it a shot too.

- - - - :

This was Not the Harassing biddles...
The Harassing biddles came after this,
After i'd covered up the allegedly offending Collage
with The CENSORED Block.
Sadly; That Original Image and all the subsequent comments were Deleted by The Flickr Staff ( Heather ) ( ! )

Also; What is The Lying Part...???

[ Comment By U.S. Marines ( of The Gwen Continuum ) ]
That is true, you are not allowed to use portions of someone's photo, if they do not like your work. It only makes sense, it is not yours to begin with. While the original photographer trusted you to help them with their image, you did a job they didn't like. That is thier right not yours. Believe me, I fought for freedom. Create something original, and then I will support you as well. Until that time you must follow the rules, and abide by the license.

It is explained in the post from Kenneth. Just read it. You may send me a flickrMail if you wish to discuss it futher. Good day.

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
Well; The Link Property Address for U.S. Marines is usmarines...

But Every Picture in his/her The Photo Streams
Is Plagiarized from other ( public domain ) sources...
There isn't a single personally taken picture,
Except for perhaps a Screen shot...???

Also: This PhotoStream is suspiciously equivalent to Gwen's
projects | DC Memorial Foundation
projects | DC Memorial...

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
Here is The Kind of Creative Commons Licensing Agreements...



The pictures in Question were given The First Classification: ( By: )
Which i adhered to scrupulously...

Could you ( Gwen ( et. al. ) ) please provide a link to where all these exceptions to these rules are mentioned...! ( ? )


[ Comment By U.S. Marines ( Another Persona of Gwennie2006 ]
Yes, it is Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines's photo.
Wasn't that nice of him to let us use it. I found it most gerous of him. Obviously you didn't look at gwennie's profile, because you would see he is a male.

And no the vet ad is made by Gwennie2006/GrfxDziner/U.S. Marines, the screen cap has permission as do the Library of congress. Like I said, you just need permission.

[ Comment By U.S. Marines ( Not a real person ) ]
Here chrstphr:

This is the link Kenneth put in above. Read the Moral Rights part, it will explain it to you. I commented to you over the weekend. I will help you with your coding stuff. I like doing that, as well as your work. You do really nice things. Let's just get along, okay. Thanks

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
i have taken the liberty of posting the Moral Rights Part here...

Moral Rights

Moral Rights for Creative Commons

What is your ( since i'm convinced you're all one person )
Interpretation of this...?

My view is:

Moral Rights; This is good...
This seems to say that if i create a Collage from Someone's Creative Commons Attribution Licensed Work...
And they are unhappy with the result...
They can Request that i REMOVE THEIR NAME from my Collage...
But NOT Request that i Remove The Collage itself...!!!

Of course... They can Request that...
And i might even remove it,
But that's Not Included in The Creative Commons Licensing Agreement Rules.

Then: ( This is The Very Fuzzy Part )
If The Original Creator Believed that the work was Truly offensive,
or has broken other laws,
They they can seek redress from The Offending Derived Image...

But of course;
My own position is that While MlcTuckerPhotography doesn't like my collages,
They are in No Manner, Offensive to A Reasonably Prudent Viewer.

[ Comment By U.S. Marines ]
chrstphr, I have to head out for awhile. Send me a flickrmail if you like.
I commented in one of your groups. Honestly I forget the name now, but you were looking for help with codes. Let me know if you need that.

I am sure if we can work this one image out, you will be welcomed into the Fix My Pic Please group again. Alot of hardwork goes into a group as you know....and no one has anything against you at all. You are a great artist....and to be completely honest I love the staircasr stuff you ar working on. Really fascinating. Good Luck my friend. And your Columbus and Wizard edits you did for gwennie are stellar in every way. Keep up the great work.

[ Comment By U.S. Marines ]
Sorry, I posted as you did, so my comment came after. I look through it again too. Like I said I have to head out for a bit. Thanks.

[ Comment By chrstphre ]
Well... That was the craziest posting yet...???
It was almost an apology for everything
posted prior to this...???

( !!! ) ???

Unfortunately; He won't be responding,
As i have Blocked Everyone concerned with this...!

Fortunately; i saved everything and will
Repost EVERYTHING concerning this Fiasco
On my Blog...!

MlcTuckerPhotography is Still UnBlocked
& i would like to hear from her...!

|. + .| =
|. + .| = |. + .| = |. + .| = |. + .| = |. + .| = |. + .| = |. + .| = |. + .| = |. + .|

The Last Little Bits...

Today: Thursday, July 9th '09
i received two more notes attached to The Blocked Balloon Image from a Whoville,
That seemed to be apologizing to some degree for Gwen's behavior and offering various excuses...
Unfortunately; i discarded these before i saved them...
But i do have a appended version of both... ( ! )

Whoville said:
The genuine offer for help, and all the other comments suspicously disappeared chrstphr, because you blocked them. That's what happens. Yes, gwennie and Grfx are the same. Grfx was gwennie's friend that the book was being written for.

gwennie2006 | the Power of Introduction - Yahoo!™ Image Search

But, the admins in the original fix my pic group got banned them, because of a post to their si ...

- - -
And :

Whoville said:
This is really fascinating. Do you study MC Escher. He was a genious. Do you know how to create three point perspective by hand? Do you know how to alter the vanishing points? Do you know about the Droste Effect....not the computer rendered ones, but the real ones?

Do you ever see patterns and stuff, visually I in front of your eyes, and moving? I am not at all being a pest or wise guy or anything, I am very serious, and curious. You work is awesome chrstphr, really.

- - - - - - - - - : :

i later demonstrated to my own satisfaction that this was merely another Gwen Continuum Persona...!!!
It would appear that This Gwen ( Sex Indeterminate ) doesn't have any real friends to come to ( its ) defense, Only Fragments of it's own broken personality spectrum.


i hope that this is over with now.