Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Jump...???

A few years ago, i had a subscription to Reader's Digest.
The issues would come somewhat sporadically and i got one issue that i quickly read through and then discarded.
It was somewhat unusual for me to discard the issue, as i typically keep piles of junk around my room, for months, long after it should have been thrown out.
Curiouser; About 2 weeks later, i got another issue of Reader's Digest,
And this new issue was The Same Issue... Almost.
It had a few new Articles and left out a few Articles, But most of them were the same...!


It just drove me crazy that i'd thrown out the first issue.
i emailed everyone i knew asking about this phantom issue of Reader's Digest, and while several people also had subscriptions, none reported receiving this weird duplicate issue.
So i looked for it at the library, and found after considerable searching, the second issue, but not the first...!!!
i looked on The Internet for Any References on The Reader's Digest Web Site to Any of The Articles that Disappeared from The Second Issue, That i very distinctly recalled from The First one... But i could nothing referring to them...!!!

- - -
Then; Just the other day— It happened Again.
Only this time it was with The TV Show Eureka...
i just got The Two Disks from Netflix for Season 3.0, which i'm pretty sure were just released very recently...
And i very distinctly recall seeing the first 4 episodes on The First Disk...
But they were subtly different from The Way i Remember them...!!!
At the end of Season 2, i distinctly recall that Henry is sent off to prison and that's where i left it...
At the beginning of Season Three; Henry is still in prison, but the episodes are the same as the ones i've seen, except that they somehow integrate the Missing Henry...!!! And there's the New Character The Fixer who i don't recall at all...!
i very much remember seeing those episodes and recall how they ended, But they are also slightly different...

Granted; The Actual episode were aired months ago; But i don't have cable and i can't image under what circumstances i would have seen them...? i could only have seen them on DVD, and even if that were true, why did i see the first 4 episodes, but not the next 4 four...???

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