Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Category of Accessible Crap...!!!

i have a new Category of Stuff that has it's own little area.
It is a Repository of .pdf's.
These are Documents that allow text & images to be arranged
In a much fancy way than mere html blogs...
Or at least; Creating them is much easier...!

You can find this Listing of The .pdf's by clicking on The Link in The Side Bar
Or by Clicking Right Here...!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Document Request [ Flying Saucers! ]

This File / Document,
Which is annoyingly short given all my opinions and theroies regarding Flying Saucers,
Was requested by PK from Rotterdamn

And rather than simply post it here;
i will provide a link to it's .pdf form...
As Google now allows me to do this...!

i just love .pdf's...!!!

Click Here for Flying Saucers! Thoughts

This may or may not appear much better
( looks like crap ??? )
If you download it...???
Be sure and leave a comment as to whether
the typewriter font that this document uses
can be read on your machine,
&/or if downloading it helps...!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Flickr Account...!

Due to a Recent Fiasco with Flickr...
Which; Fortunately, Came to Nothing...
It Nevertheless got me to worrying that if i should misbehave in a manner that would get all my photos deleted...
It would sabotage my --Original-- Purpose for starting my Flickr Account,
And that was: To Create a Repository of Family Photos...!!!

So i just recently started a New & Improved Flickr Account
that is NOTHING BUT Family Pictures.

It is Called Harvey&Marie and is ostensibly intended to include pictures
Of anyone & everyone that extended outward from my Maternal Grandparents.
This Criteria is Administered quite Leniently;
And anyone that extends outward from anyone in The Primary Group
Will also be considered Inclusive...!!!

( Which just about covers anyone...! ( ? ) ]

If you'd like to Add Pictures or Sets or Folders ( et. al )
Simply log into Yahoo with the Eepmail Name SanbornAlbum@yahoo.com
Or Simply : SanbornAlbum

And use Harvey & Marie's Regional Phone Number as The PassWord...!!!
The format for that would be : aa#####

Accessing Fancier Documents...!

Google has this thinger that allows you to make and store documents much fancier than they are presented in this blog... And they may now ( ??? ) have added the tools to link the two formats into a presentation structure that is almost painless...

The Remaining painful part is that you have to Click Here

To view my Interesting Words Collection.