Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Flickr Account...!

Due to a Recent Fiasco with Flickr...
Which; Fortunately, Came to Nothing...
It Nevertheless got me to worrying that if i should misbehave in a manner that would get all my photos deleted...
It would sabotage my --Original-- Purpose for starting my Flickr Account,
And that was: To Create a Repository of Family Photos...!!!

So i just recently started a New & Improved Flickr Account
that is NOTHING BUT Family Pictures.

It is Called Harvey&Marie and is ostensibly intended to include pictures
Of anyone & everyone that extended outward from my Maternal Grandparents.
This Criteria is Administered quite Leniently;
And anyone that extends outward from anyone in The Primary Group
Will also be considered Inclusive...!!!

( Which just about covers anyone...! ( ? ) ]

If you'd like to Add Pictures or Sets or Folders ( et. al )
Simply log into Yahoo with the Eepmail Name
Or Simply : SanbornAlbum

And use Harvey & Marie's Regional Phone Number as The PassWord...!!!
The format for that would be : aa#####

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