Monday, November 16, 2009

New .pdfs...!!!

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The New ones are :
A Revised Obvious Untruths
Cinematic Ideas
Invention Ideas
A History of M$

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What a Nuisance!

My Stupid Tracfone / Motorola C261 : Broke about a week ago.

It displayed The Message : Emergency Only
Over the Date and wouldn't allow me to make any calls except to 911.
i first thought the network was overloaded and that it would spontaneously clear up,
But it did Not!
Then i suspected that the local towers had fallen over,
But it wouldn't work anywhere in town...!
So then i tried The Master Reset,
Which erased all my Directory Classifications,
But did not allow me to make calls.

So i finally sent a request for help to Tracfone,
And they sent me on a wild goose chase through their website,
Finally telling me to First Turn the phone off and then on,
So that Any Relevant Error Messages would Come up...

But it turned out that just turning it off and back on Fixed It...!!!

i had completely forgotten the first rule of Fixing Any Electronic Device...
Turn it off and back on...!!!