Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Life

There's been a lot of Newslettes lately concerning the failed relationships of various celebrities...
Especially very wealthy Celebrities...!
This i can not understand.

If i was very wealthy...

( Very Raw Idea / Needs lots of Development... ??? )

Home Life / Block House
There has been a lot of news lately about dysfunctional couples and finding & choosing ones perfect mate...
If i was extremely wealthy i would find a nice town, then buy up all the houses on a block, then connect them together to make one big house, so that from the street(s, it would still look like a perfectly ordinary block.
Then i would populate it with several women that fit specific profiles, and avoid women with contrary specific profiles.

Good Types:
The types that i would most like to have, are women that get along with each other, because they all know that they are not competing with each other for me or the community resources. They all have their own little projects to work on, and are not dependent to me for telling them what to do.
It may be necessary to have a core group of drones that actually get things done. This class of worker bees would simply allow everyone else to do their own things or nothing. i would suppose that one of the biggest problems would be the busy bees that would have a sense of un-fairness in that while they work, the house cats do nothing. It is very important for everyone to realize that it takes many different ingredients to make a good soup. If someone isn't happy with what their assignment or self designated role is; Then they need to find a new role for themselves, rather than change the community to meet their expectations.

The Self Starter / Plays well with others, A Natural “Big Man”
The Independent Achiever / Loves to Make Very High Quality Crafts, Ceramics, etceteras
The House Cat / Just like a Cat, Lays around all day, loves to be petted
The Bi-Sexual Friendly Organizer / The Passive-Invisible Supervisor
The Universal Mother / That wants to take care of everyone

Bad Types:
There are obviously many types of obviously bad Companion Types... So that this list considers only the types that many men marry for all the wrong reasons.
Curiously; These same men would Not pick the types that are on my favorable list...!!!

The Idyll Wife / Different from The House Cat in that this one hates being petted.
The Dependent Wife / Can't do anything, unless told to
The Baby Maker / Once Pregnant, Loses all interest in Companionship
The Gold Digger / that has no ambitions other than to accumulate wealth
The Faithful Wife / The Monogamist / You own me, I own you!
The Controller / Needs to micromanage the behaviour of everyone around them

Additional Considerations:
Overview of Other Attributes of The Block Community
Everyone would be Free of All Communicable Diseases.
Homeless people would be recruited and given minimal housing cubes to be our slaves.
Everyone would run around naked.
Hugs would be strongly encouraged.
Mutual Masturbation & Back Tickling would strongly encouraged.
Personal Space would be strongly discouraged...
Although everyone would have a Private Cubical Nest/Room to retreat to.
There would be one house that would be the house where you could go to get a good meal & be especially sociable.
Everyone would get full Medical & Dental Care.
A Concierge(s would be available to get everything done.
There may be a Secret Entrance to The Block via a Larger Building or Parking Garage Several blocks away.
Everyone would be trained in a variety of self defense techniques and body guard driving skills.

There is Good Old and Bad Old;
If a Community Member becomes Bad Old; There should be a Care Facility where they will be embedded into a Robot Control Unit where the robot would roam around, taking care of things, keeping an eye on things, or doing serious science, such as observing big foot or insect colonies.

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