Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleaning Out The Blog File

i Started this Blog File awhile ago, so that i could write blogs while i wasn't connected to the interweb... But it turns out that i can't write unless i'm connected to the interweb...
( Sort of... )

Bits & Pieces...

Concerning the recent bombings in Iraq,
Who Benefits from This?
It seems crazy to me that these bombings would be perpetrated by factions populated by Iraqis that want to take over The Iraqi Government, After U.S. Forces leave.
These Bombings are only keeping U.S. Troops IN IRAQ.
The Bombings are working against all the best interests of All Political Factions, for All local Religious Factions & All Iraqi Ethnic & Cultural Sects.
The Only Group that benefits from The Bombings are The U.S. Government Cabals that want to maintain a Standing Army in Iraq forever.
It may well be that This U.S. Government Cabal has been sprinkling itching power throughout Europe, Japan, Korea & many other countries for the last 50 years, Purely to keep U.S. Standing Army Bases in These Countries... To Perpetuate Their Agenda of Allowing The U.S. Government as The De facto World Government.


With all these bombing going on in Iraq & Europe, Why are there NO bombings or Other Terrorist Activities in The Continental U.S.?
A ) Such Bombings in Iraq & Europe are intended to Keep U.S. Standing Armies in Those Countries.
B ) Considering that The 911 Events were so sloppily constructed; And nearly fell apart ( Even amoung the most hardened Right Wing Nut Cases ), This U.S. Government Cabal that is The Actual force behind Al Qæda, may be reasonably concerned that any additional bombings that would be investigated by U.S. Citizens may finally unravel their scheme.
- -
The -Paradox- of This Crazy Interpretation is that it apparently disallows for any -Real- Al Qæda Gladiators.
i certainly believe that there are many disgruntled nationals from The Middle East & Other Regions that have severe grievances with The United States, and That many of these people are very smart... So why aren't these -Real- Disaffected Peons causing real mischief in The United States?
This is such a crazy mystery that the solution may require really excruciatingly withering thinking outside the box.
What if The Reason that The War on Terror wasn't coming Back to The United States, Is Because there is No War on Terror.
What if there weren't armies in Afghanistan & Iraq? What if The Local Nonsense in Palestine & Israel stayed Local?
Another solution would involve Time Machines.
Or that This is A Fractional Reality...
But if this were a Fractional Reality, Wouldn't it be more reasonable that Things would be Much, Much Crazier...?
What solution would mute out superfluous & Gratuitous Craziness for certain locations, but not others...???


HayStack / A Censorship Subverting program that allows people in countries whose government filters a substantial portion of their interweb content, To view this Censored Content by hiding this forbidden information is inocculous data packages which these Censoring Filters allow through.
This is a perfect model for why SETI is doomed to fail. The Aliens that planted us here don't want us listening in on the communications of other civilizations. This sort of intergalactic Free Speech Effectively destroys Each Participating Culture, and Blending them into one culture, with the dominant cultures influencing the least or vulnerable cultures the most, and not in any good way. The dominant cultures never really succeed in morphing the vulnerable cultures into their culture, they end up only distorting them into very dysfunctional cultures without any principle ethical or social foundation.
This sort of Censorship is actually a very good thing, in that it allows each civilization to develop a unique culture, developing it one step at a time, while clearly understanding each step as it moves ahead.
On Earth; Technologically backwards cultures are often bombarded with iPods & HDTVs without having gone through the development period that allows their social foundations to survive the onslaught of countercultural influences. It could be convincingly argued that even in the cultures where this transitional period did take place, it effectively tore the social foundations apart without replacing them with a viable moral standard that considers multiculturalism as a new repository of ideas & ethical ideas.

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