Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If North Korea Didn't Sink The SK Ship, Who Did?

i personally suspect that much of the bombing in Iraq & Afghanistan,
Were perpetrated by some faction within the US of the A's.
It's tempting to say— The CIA or somesuch,
But we probably don't know the name of this really secret organization,
or it might not even be a subset of the government proper...

The details are a little fuzzy.

But Who Gains from these Attacks?
The Iraqis want us out of Iraq,
But the bombing keep us there.
We have made that very clear,
We say we want to leave,
but we're not going to if these countries fall into anarchy if we do.
So Why would Iraqis ( & Afghan's ) that want us out,
keep doing things to keep us there?

The North Koreans may indeed be crazy,
But Who really gains from An Attack on a South Korean Warship...?
Especially; When The North Koreans are adamant that they didn't do it...

This looks very much like The History of The US & Japan—
Just prior to us goading them into a attacking us.
And now We are doing Exactly the Same thing with Ship Blockades & other punitive measures... Just to Force them into -- What?

i wouldn't be a bit surprised if they suddenly came into possession of a few nukes,
Or a few went off on The Korean Peninsula...
And who would get blamed for that?

But for what purpose is all this?

Who the heck knows...?

There is another story in there somewheres...???

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