Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent Rants...

Heard on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me that AlQæda is going to start using a strategy that i though up months ago.
Fake Bombs.
Simply plant dozens of Fake looking bombs, Much cheaper than real bombs and potentially less criminal than planting real bombs if you're caught,
But why risk even that;
Get young hoodlums to plant them around town.
Keep your identity a secret from these children,
and pay them a pittance for their trouble.

My Other Extremely Evil & Brilliant Idea for Destroying Western Civilization
is NOT Blowing up Airplanes,
But Rather—
Making it clear that you are Now Blowing up Airline Security Checkpoints...!!!
How can we possible check people for explosives, If their intention is to Blow up the Checkpoints...!
It would Bring Air Travel to End, Without any means of Countermanding it.

The Only Possible Solution is to simply revert to The Way Air-Travel was conducted 30 years ago, When we accepted that a certain number of Airplanes was going to be high-jacked from time to time, But treated everyone, most of the time, like good law abiding citizens.


Whenever Unfortunate Things happen to me,
i think; Gawd! This is so Unfortunate!

But i also think; i deserve this.

Or; i might think;
( And this is the one that seems most logically sound )
This is a Tiny Unfortunate Thing...
( Even if someone else might think its A Big Unfortunate Thing... )

- - -
Just how much Unfortunateness is a reasonable amount of Unfortunateness?
Given the amount of suffering that many people are enduring throughout the world, Day in & Day Out, What is The Baseline for Unfortunateness?
How much Unfortunateness should i just shrug off?

Another aspect of this is;
While many people are experiencing Great Unfortunateness in One or More Ways;
They may also be Experiencing Great Fortunateness that i Envy!
When you Balance out any given person's Fortunateness -vs- Their UnFortunateness,
Does that yield a Fulcrum of Fortunateness,
And from that; Determine who is really Suffering Great Unfortunateness & Great Fortunateness?

- -
From this Perspective;
i have often considered that my own Fulcrum of Fortunateness is Balanced At a Much Greater Amount of Fortunateness than Most People in the World, and if you consider All The People that have ever lived; Then my own Fortunateness would be in The Top 2%.

This takes into consideration many episodes of Great Unfortunateness in my own life,
But Balanced against all The Great Fortunateness that is Mindlessly Inflicted upon me every day,
i think; Every Little Unfortunateness that happens to me, Is so Insignificant, and Detracts in such a miniscule degree from my Greater Fortunateness, That i am quite a heel for wanting to detract from The Fortunes of the World to fix my tiny problems.

- -
i am also thinking;
Am i just an Insufferable Optimist?
Am i really so Fortunate?
Am i being reasonable to complain to people when some Unfortunateness inflicts itself upon me?

- -
i have also noticed something which i call; Wiggliness.
Wiggliness is when something Unfortunate Happens to me, But after a time, These Circumstance lead directly to Fortunateness.
Then after a time, after that; Unfortunateness will come from that, And then become Fortunate Again.
The Circumstances that form this Thread may alternate again & again, before settling towards a baseline of general Fortunateness or Unfortunateness, Without taking the Extremiums that spiked in its early manifestations.

- -
Given all that.
When something Unfortunate happens to me;
i still think:


June 16th 2010
There was just a story on the Telly this morning about a guy that attempted, but failed,
To cut his own arm off,
after somehow snagging it in his basement furnace. At the end of the story; The Family of this guy was asking for donations to pay for a prosthetic arm.
It's my understanding that these prosthetic arms, even the lame ones, are VERY Expensive.
The reason for this is somewhat legitimate, In that they're not the sort of thing that can be mass produced, as each one has to be fitted specifically for the user, and they typically require materials that need to be strong enough to endure daily use, which includes lots of bending, bumps & abuse.
Plus; Shaping the stump receptacle requires a genuine level of specialized craftspersonship to form the cup so that it's very comfortable for the wearer.
But- - -
It seems to me that all this could be codified, with detailed instructions, And comparatively inexpensive materials could be found to build it from; Then A Local High-School Shop Class could not only make these limbs, and experiment with improvements to the basic open-source design, that really wouldn't be available at any smaller number of specialized shops that make them.
Are the engineers that are currently making these appliances going to go along with this idea?
They are going to insist that, especially with leg faux limbs, They need to be made to the highest standards to protect the safety of the users and insurance companies that would be bankrupt after paying thousands of claims when the incorrectly made artificial limbs would inevitably fail.
But the instructions for how to make the limbs would include all the specifics for how strong & mechanically durable the limbs have to be.
The Instructions would include all the protocols for making them to their full safety potential.
Plus; Being serious business, The units would be made by students with only the most serious intentions in a special class that would make all sorts of things for the community.
- -
( As a side note; It has always seemed crazy to me that the resources of all the high school shop classes are squandered, while they could be serving their local communities. / And this goes for prisons as well. )
- -
Who would pay for it?
The students would work for free, or be paid a trifling, And The Materials would be paid by The User or Their Insurance Company.


Monday, June 07, 2010

How to Deal With Rush Limbaugh

How to Deal with Rush Limbaugh

If you believe that Rush Limbaugh is A Complete & Very Dangerous Idiot, and not merely an amusingly Baffoonish Blowhard;
Then you may want to consider this strategy to help the dumbest Americans come to understand that Rush will say anything, Irregardless of what the consequences of that position may be for the real world.

i would like to believe that Rush Limbaugh is primarily an Entertainer of Sorts, And doesn't really believe all the crazy things that he says on the Radio.
No One can really be that Stupid.
Certainly not someone as well educated, well read & Articulate as Rush Limbaugh.
He's not really an Anarchist bent on Actively destroying the world--
But rather; Someone that believes, perhaps very wrongly-- That most of his listeners don't take him as seriously as most of his vitriolic critics.
Rush Believes that he & his listeners,
And Fox News, are =Putting On= The Liberals.

There is a very fuzzy, very Fine Line that is separating what Fox News, Bill Riley, Rush Limbaugh & Sarah Palin are telling you,
And what serious conservatives, That are fearful of UnNecessary, Gratuitous Social Change & Government Oversight; Really Believe.

Rush Limbaugh is not a serious Conservative that loves America.
Rush Limbaugh is a Radio Personality that likes to say crazy things that simply outrage his listeners & critics, because he knows that people like to hear things like this--
For pretty much the same reasons that children like to ride roller coasters.
It is Thrilling to come close to Death & Serious Personal Injury, While knowing all along that the chances of this actually occurring are reasonably impossible.

- -

What is This Strategy to Help The Dumbest Americans that are taking Rush Limbaugh and his ilk a little too seriously,
To see them for what they really are--
Media Whores.

Turn on your Radio, Or Alternative Digital Device,
And Listen to Rush Limbaugh's Radio Program.
Come to understand whatever he is proposing on any given day,
Then Call up The Show and mirror that position, with a little more enthusiasm, and a little more UnReasonable InSanity.

i believe that what really killed The McCain/Palin Ticket to The Presidency; Was when Gail Quinnell so ridiculously attacked Barrack Obama with what may, or may not, have been racial slurs, That McCain had to Defend Obama!

i would like to see is this same approach being used against Rush Limbaugh.
Call him up during his Radio Program and Simply Reflect what he is already saying,
Only a little bit crazier.
Take The Disposition of someone that believes what they're saying, Be Articulate, Be Well Spoken, And little Schizophrenic.

Rush will be into the position of Either Agreeing with you, or Reprimanding you for being UnReasonable; Essentially Renouncing what he just asserted a moment before.

If Rush Agrees with you,
It will The Responsibility of The Next Caller to Take it up another Notch.

This is also The Methodology of The Friendly BullSh*ter.
The Friendly BSer doesn't actually want to lie to you, or lead you to believe false things, but merely entertain you with Silly NonSense.
The Success of The Friendly BSer lies in that They need to tell their stories convincingly, With complete Seriousness, All the While believing that Their Listeners, Their Audience -- Understands that they are pulling the legs of their listeners.

The Awkwardness of this Game is Attained when The Friendly BSer Becomes Aware that their listener, or Listeners, are actually believing them.
This is Not their Intention.

Believing these False Assertions may come around to Harming them in a Variety of Ways.
The Friendly BSer does not want this.
The Friendly BSer is your Friend and does not want you to come to harm in any way by believing their lies.

So The Friendly BSer is put in the impossible position of suddenly denying that everything they just said was a lie...
Which is; Logistically, Very UnDesirable.

...Or Take their Crazy Story to A New, Crazier Level with Circumstances & Occurrences that their most Gullible Listeners eventually find Completely Untenable.

Seriously Gullible people have the potential of Becoming very unpleasant at this point.
After several new tiers of Insanity have been Introduced
--And They finally Become aware that The Friendly BSer is lying to them, They become very confused.

Dumb, Confused people will often do Unpredictable Things.

At this Point; The Seriously Gullible Listener will become hysterical and Very Angry that you've been Lying to them,
While At the same time, hanging on to a thread of their own previous beliefs that you have been truthful with them for the last 20 minutes.

They are Confused & don't know what to believe.
This may make them a little dangerous.

This is why it is important to only BS, Use Sarcasm &/or Irony with An Audience that you Are Confident
Will Understand what you are Actually Asserting.


The Problem with being a Media Whore, that Uses the Schtick of Rush Limbaugh, Is that he can't really know who is listening.
He Can't really know how seriously his Audience is taking him.
He may be amused that his listeners are taking him more seriously than they should be...

And that is the real danger.

Rush Limbaugh is NOT The Friendly BSer.

Rush Limbaugh is A Clinically Obese, Callous & Indifferent Drug Addict, that Doesn't care that he is a Divisive Provocateur that is making the lives of every American & The Citizens of Other Nations, A little More Unbearable.


As a semi-unrelated Digression...

The best way to argue a position or belief that you have, & wish to convince others of,
especially when these others are slightly dumb people...
It Is to Argue The Opposite of What You Believe...
But Argue Your Faux Point badly.
So Badly that your slightly dumb listeners will -Figure it Out- On their Own,
That this Argument is Wrong,
Leading them to take The Position that you -Really- Want them to Believe.

Is This Unethical?

There is a part of me that believes that this is what Fox News & Rush Limbaugh are doing.
They are arguing For Republican Conservatism so badly, So absurdly, That their audience is pushed towards a More Liberalist Position...


Friday, June 04, 2010

Finally got around to seeing Avatar...!

About the Only Review that i read concerning Avatar
Was This One by Wm Jaz;
And i thought after seeing Avatar on DVD that we'd watched two completely different films...???

Immediately after getting to The Smurf Sequences,
i thought that the animation was much cruder than i had been led to believe.
It really wasn't Really Hand Springs & A Unicycle Act over previous CGI Films.

The Most Obvious flaw that i quickly noticed was that the shadows seemed wrong,
And after flipping back & forth between The Smurf Sequences and what were Presumably Live Action, i decided that The CGI was just -Timid-.
The Same problem, But too a much lesser degree—
Than the washed out Gleep Monkey in Lost In Space [ 1998 ].
If they had just brought up the highlights a little and darkened the shadows,
It would have been much harder to see that there weren't the tiers of shadows and highlights from real life.
( that is; Shadows caused by reflections & Highlights.
Granted; This is very subtle stuff, but after our eyes become more & more accustomed to what reality -should- look like, i for one, become a harsher critic.

Also: As a life long Television Watcher, i am fascinated by the stylization of various programs that we, as television watchers, come to accept as -What is Real-.
Most people are aware that what we've come to expect an Explosion to look like, looks nothing like a real Explosion. We've been acclimated to all sorts of things like this, and as styles & Television Production Values change; What we accept as Real changes dramatically, So that a TV program that we grew up thinking was so very realistic—
Now is Intolerably Slipshod & Cheap looking.

This Effect is Greatly Magnified when it comes to CGI.
CGI films that blew us away just a few years ago,
Are now Unbearably Pong Looking.

Another thing; Was the 6 Legged Mammals ( ? ).
If The Smurfs followed the same evolutionary path as the other large mammals on this world,
Why don't they have 6 Appendages...?

Given that there may have been two major evolutionary branches on this tiny world,
With a Gravity less than Earth; What would have been the advantage of 6 Legs?
And What was even far more annoying ( derived from one stepping through the DVD )
Was that The Front Pairs of Legs were either simply mirroring the other pair,
Or moving in a gait that used the second pair as their hind legs...
As Opposed to Walking with a Genuine 6 Legged Gait,
Such as that of Ants or Beetles.
Cameron Added more -Kewl Looking Legs- but didn't take the time to figure out how a large animal like that would use them...??? !

Evolutionarily; Extra Legs have to demonstrate a specific Advantage,
While Reducing Disadvantages.
An Extra Pair of Legs on a Planet with little gravity is just dumb.
Jebus would not have made animals like this!

Another point that Wm Jaz and other reviewers made when the film first came out in theaters,
And makes me believe that i was watching a completely ReEdited Version...
Was that When Jake decided to Switch Sides,
The lead up to this: Made it Completely Obvious & Inevitable.
How could he Not have...?

Only A Complete Monster would have Followed General Ratchethead.

What annoyed me a little was that When Jake ( The ( Chosen One ) Hero ) lead all The Smurfs into battle without A Clever Plan to defeat The Sky Ghouls.
He was just taking The Blue Cat People to the slaughterhouse!

Small Points;
i would have liked to know what the Impossibilium metal that they were extracting was actually good for.
This name is rather derivative of the name Improbabilium,
used for the metal in The Film The Core.
Speaking of Recycling Ideas; i thought it was kind of odd that Signourney Weaver was in this film, given that 90% of The Heavy Machinery was taken from Aliens.
And While The Machines were Rendered more convincingly than The Smurfs,
They were still less than perfect.
Missing Surface dents, scratches, & peripheral shadows & second tier highlights being the most readily observed flaws.
They were at par with The Machines in The Last StarFighter [ 1984! ]

It seemed to me that many of the animals used were lifted straight out of
Barlow's Guide to Extraterrestrials.

Another Point:
While it makes the Humanimals The Bad Guys;
It's not really an AntiWar Film.
It's not even An Environmentalist Film.

It would have been perfectly reasonable for The Earthlings to come to this far off world and ignore all the asteroids & Ort Cloud of this Solar System and pick the one world with Intelligent life on it; Which is not really revealed as being extremely rare or not...
That is; In this Universe; Is it filled with planets with life, and intelligent life...???

Anyways... It would have been perfectly reasonable;
If they'd just kept to their little compounds, mined this rare metal, and left.
But no.
The Entire Point of The Film seems to be that Military Generals just want to Destroy Everything, And most Soldiers are of The Same MindSet.

This may in fact be entirely reasonable, And True.
But it makes for a kind of dumb movie.

Kind of like the Billy Jack films in which The Police were all Insane Killers.
Which also may be entirely reasonable, And True.
But i don't like watching films like that, because they're very depressing.

One final small point:
The Major Twist ( ? ) of the film seems to have been that the entire planet was one big brain.
Curiously; This idea is only briefly mentioned, and when it becomes a principle mechanism to beating The Earth Soldiers; The Viewer to left to piece all that together on their own.
While the film bashes you over the head with everything else; This one genuinely interesting idea is horribly undermined.
It would have been much more interesting if the film examined a little what it was like for a planet to think, or how the Signourney Character experienced this...?

Kind of like; In Equilibrium or Spider Man or in Futurama when Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee, and we get to see what Enlightenment is like.
i Always wanted The Star Wars films to show what it was like to experience the holistic universe of a Jedi Knight... But George never did share that with us.

That's pretty much it.
i don't expect this film to be favorably considered 2 years from now.
It will be forgotten, lacking the qualities that make even Godzilla memorable.