Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Short Rants after Reading : The Lost Symbol

After Reading The Lost Symbol
By Dan Brown; Renowned Hack Novelist.

i got to thinking more about The Nature of Wisdom.
It has long been my assertion that Knowledge comes in basically two flavors. The Fancy Named Icecream Flavors, and The Flavors that are actually enjoyable.
When it comes to real world flavors of knowledge, There are the flavors of knowledge that are thought to be completely true, And then there are the flavors that are genuinely useful.
The kinds of knowledge that make radios work, keep refrigerators cold, stovetops hot & airplanes in the air. The Fancy Names that are given to these latter types of knowledge would like to take credit for their usefulness, but in practice, the names and theories of how things work routinely shift from decade to decade. And all the while, radios still work, stovetops stay hot and airplanes only occasionally fall from the sky.
And then there is this issue of Ancient Wisdom or Wisdom from The Holy Scriptures, Whichever ones you would like to pick.
What is The Usefulness of This Religious, Moral or Ethical, Social or Cultual Wisdom?
None of this is settled.
Wisdom is like Love. The Real functional Behaviouralism of Sexual Lust is Babies & Population Controlling Diseases, While Love gets all the press and is quite literally, Etymologically; Indefinable. Love is used to suit whatever purpose or agenda that one wishes to promote.
Wisdom is; Whatever suits our interests.
If there is a Real Wisdom; It is The Great Class of Rules of Thumb.
Common Sense in Application. What allows a Lever to push a stone from a path or allows a dowser woman to set a broken toe.
That is The Only Useful sort of Wisdom that Serves a Measurable Stick that may be laid end to end, for however many days a soul is trapped in the continuum of realities.

> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Conventional Secret Societies

Such Organizations which may or may not be Secretive, or hold secrets or such...
Often claim to hold as their secrets; The Wisdom of The Ages,
Or Lost Wisdom, or Ancient Wisdom.
What is this Wisdom that they speak of?
What is the funcitonality of This Wisdom?
Is This Wisdom Power? Power & Influence Over Others?
Power & Influence over Oneself?
Is it Knowledge? Technological Knowledge? Knowledge of Physics & Chemistry? Knowledge of UnDefined Forces?
Is it a Deeper Understanding of Gravity & ElectroMagnetism?
What is The Functionality of This Wisdom?
Will it Bring the bearer of Wisdom; Happiness, Wealth or Immortality?
Is this sort of Wisdom the kind that will provide the bearer with Happiness, or merely Enlighten them so that whatever their circumstances, they will be Happy?
Is Wisdom Related to Justice? Is The Wiseman one that despenses Justice evenly? Is there a kind of Justice, Genuine, True Justice that is not administered Evenly? There may be. This Uneven Justice may be concerned, Not with the Human Condition or Human Rights, but with a Greater Service for which humans serve some menial contributory role...
Or perhaps none at all.
It may be that The Wise Man serves this Greater, Greatest Good and The Affairs of Men are Inconsequential.
How can a Seeker of Wisdom know when they have found True Wisdom, or merely The Protocols to An Agenda which deters one from The Path of Genuine Wisdom?
- -
The Axiom that i believe is most true when seeking wisdom;
Is that The Mechanical Process of Life is An Amazing Thing,
And that The Representative Members of This Class of Entities are all Equal. One that respects Life, would Respect The Fly or Amoebae or Elephant or Classical Musician or Painter with The Same Elemental Respect.
And that The Life and Existence of The Butterfly is Not less than The Collective Sentience of The Most Conscious Giant Mechanical Ant.
In Essence : That Wisdom that Featherless Parakeets would hope to find, is The Same Wisdom that A Butterfly Understands while floating on The Wind.

> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

The Trouble with Magick

The Trouble with Magick and Wisdom, The Ancient Secrets, Ethics & Morality--
Is that they are all just tools, like hammers, pencils & electrons, gravity & the depth of zero, and consequently; only allow the magickian to accomplish what they might just as easily succeed at with ordinary toothpicks.
If one presupposes that Ethics & Morality, which have been argued about for hundreds of thousands of years, are just words to put labels on what our natural instincts are, or their opposites.
How can it be that what we were meant to be, is the perfect opposite of what we most desire to be?
Or if : Moraltiy & Ethics are really our natural instincts, then why is there endless arguing about them.
If there was any grand revelation that The Ancients discovered, and kept a secret from the damp masses; it would be that the purpose of existence somehow transcended all that ordinary tools could not be used to achieve.
Ordinary Witches use magick to attain all the things that featherless parakeets strive for.
- -
Most promises of Great Wisdom, or Ancient Secrets, are predicated on The Assumption that there is something that is just beyound what is commonly known. The Great Truth is Familiar, And Right on The Tip of your Tongue. Discovering it will be reminding you of what you already know. The Anceint Wisdom is something that is hidden in plain sight, it is known to everyone, and we've forgotten it because we grew up and accepted that everything that seems real, is real, which is incorrect.
- -
Is there a wisdom that surpasses the desires of a butterfly?
Is there a great secret that reveals what is more desirable than mere happiness, which may only be the avoidance of suffering.
What have been the great prizes that have been sought for. . .

A Mountain of Trinkets
Eternal Tedium
Freedom from Anxiety
Puppet Master
Continuous Orgasms
Complete Relexation
Achieving Impossible Things
Believing The UnBelievable
Discover Simplicity
Silence from Chaos
Freedom from Confusion
Accepting that Everything is Exactly What it Is, Nothing is What it is not. Everthing is True, Everything is Beautiful.
Seeing Around Corners
Giving into Every Natural Desire
An Encyclopedia of The World
Peaceful Sleep
Satisfying Busywork
Respect of Ones Peers
New Sensations
Creating Perfect Order
Merging with The Mind of gawd
- - -

The Most Magickal Thing in The World is that The Sentient Mind is Capable of Imagining that There is No Magick.
The Sentient Mind is Capable of Imagining that what is Real is Not Real.
The Sentient Mind is Capable of Imagining that what is UnReal is Real.
The Sentient Mind Allows Randomality to Take Form & Become Reality.
The Great Wisdom is putting that aside.
- -
Having No Desires. Allowing The Universe to Flow Around you...
It is not possible to Not Follow The Dao.
Everything is Exactly as it should be.
Everything that will be; Is Exactly as it should be.
What will be, is not meant to be. It just will be.
The great truth : Is that there is no great truth.

There are only the one simple truth that is forever unknowable.

News Readers

Gawd! i hate journalists.
Partly because they just aren't journalists,
They're just newsreaders.
The Government or Their Vast International Military/Industrial/Entertainment/BreakfastCerals Complex hands them something to read, and they read it.
And this isn't just local ( News ) Organizations, It's all of them. Everywhere.
In a Recent Story about The Russian Spies; Sleeper Agents as it was, were described on ABC National News as one agent being; "placed in a job as a real estate agent" and another ...
Ack! i forget the actual phrases they used...!
Look On The Internet for Stories on this...
It was clear that they were reading straight from news releases put out by the government prosecutors.
- -
There was another story today about an alleged child molester. This mother was turned in by an internet viewer; of her shenanigans, somewhere in Europe ( ??? ).
So anyway, The point being was that the newsreaders refused to disclose exactly what she was accused of. NeverMind that they showed her face and revealed her name & where she lived, thereby disclosing the identities of her children, the victims ( ? ), But the newsreaders replaced pertinent details of actual news with vague hysterical comments such as; "We can't tell you what she was accused of, because it's just to horrible, it's the most disgusting & horrible thing i've ever read."
The point of that... and this is done routinely. ( This is a standard operating news reading propaganda tool... )
...And that is; They create a template for what they are saying is an actual news story with actual identified people, and then allow the listener/viewer to simply make the whole story!
The News Viewer is told this is A Real New Story, and you can just fill in what happened with whatever you want. And thereafter; The Viewer will happily go out the next day believing that they have a thorough and accurate understanding of what actually occurred.
- -
Another Crazy News Reader Propaganda Tool is to have a story of A Bank Robber, or other some such criminal activity,
And show a picture of the accused.
But this picture will be a tiny, tiny image, out of focus and grainy, with no attempt made to enlarge or enhance it any way.
So that Effectively; It could be anyone.
Why do they do this?
It is my theory that The News Reading Arm of The Fascist Local Governments are doing this to Invite all The Snoopy Dorothy's and Busy Betty's to call in with 'Tips', suggesting that all the suspicious characters in their neighborhood might be The Bank Robber.
This gives the Fascist Local Government a Renewable Source File of All The Odd Eddie's that aren't fitting in.
This is probably an Extensive File of everyone that dresses out of style, Artists and Writers in General, Independent Thinkers & Generally, Everyone that has a genuine concept of Autonomy & Individual Liberties.
Exactly the kind of people that The Police & Governments most Fear.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Small Reflection on The Gulf Spill...

Is The Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico Going to be a Boon for The Wildlife there?
It seems to me that for most of The Gulf, The Oil is Dispersing for The Most Part, Upward towards the surface; Leaving the Sea Floor & Midline Water Comparatively Pollution Free; And Until The Oil is Stopped Up, All That Sea Life is Enjoying a Reprieve of All The Usual Fishing.

UnCode Number TwentySix

UnCode Number TwentySix

This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
This UnCode was Created with A Structural Hint Built into it,
So that if you ever get confused, You can refer to the preserved Structure to figure out where to put your Q-Tip, And Continue Reading.
It doesn't seem to happen in this example;
But it's entirely possible, perhaps even likely,
That A given line of Plain Text may Escape UnCoding.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about The Mysteries of Aging
- - - - -
"Theo Ldm Aid"

Isa w her ina br O adwaycar,
Th ewo Manim i ghtgr owto be;
Ife l tmyl ov erloo kath er
An dth entu rnsu ddenlyto me.
Herha irw asdu lla nddr ewn olig ht,
Andy eti tsc olo rwasa smi ne;
Here yes were stra ngelylike myey es,
Tholo' veh adne ver madet hems hine.
Herb ody wasa thi n ggrow nthin,
Hung ryforl ove that neve rcame;
Hers oul wasf roz eninth ed ark,
Unwar medforev erbylov es'flam e.
Ife l tmyl ov erloo kath er
An dth entu rnsu ddenlyto me —
Hise yes were magi ctode fy
Th ewo Manis h allne verbe.

Sarahtea Sdale

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
May be Downloaded at :

i am sick of vampires!

i am officially sick of vampires.

What i would now like to see;
are films & TV shows about a new Genre of monsters.

There are plenty to choose from...

My Favorite is Ghouls.
Ghouls are just Ordinary People that like to eat the flesh of recently deceased people.
They don't have any Real SuperPowers,
But they have a Ability to Disregard all Cultural Taboos.
They are able to Think & Act Completely Free of All Cultural Restraints.
This is Far beyound the trivial & inconsequential lawlessness of The Petty or Career Criminal,
Complete Freedom from Cultural Programming is A Remarkable Gift.
Batman is to Superman as Ghouls are to Vampires.

Idea for TV Show:

Zophiel's Basement
Tentative Title

A TV Series; A Cross between The Addams Family & The Munsters + Everything else.
The Wife is The Frankenstein Monster, The Husband, A Perfectly Ordinary Accountant, Polite but has secret powers. The Daughter; Zophiel, is a Werewolf & Fallen Angel, Who came to the family by some means, never quite specified. The son is an aquatic creature. Fish like head, tiny arms & legs and large tadpole like tail. He is unable to get around on land very easily, so he usually gets around in a wheelchair like contraption. The Grandmother is a perfectly reasonable witch, and there's a caretaker of their very large, museum like home, that is a slightly larger than normal, cyclopean with too many arms.
There is a Cemetery near by, where ghouls live. The ghouls are friendly, but never betray their love of eating dead human flesh.
There is much Magick & Incomprehensible Science.
In this timeless reality there are numerous elements that suggest that it is taking place in the distant past or far flung future.
The children go to a very conventional public school where 80% of the children are perfectly normal, and the remaining children, very odd.
Much of what goes on peripherally is completely incomprehensible.
The gist of the program deals with perfectly ordinary sociological, philosophical & ancient religious dilemmas. The strangeness is always in the background.
The humor of the show is more Prairie Home Companion than Gilligan's Island.

Various Monsters to Fill in The Gaps.
Ripped from Numerous UnSpecified Blogs & Wikipedia.

• ExtraTerrestrial Types / See Flying Saucer Files in Documents
• Oannes ( The Anunnaki / Walking Fish People )
• The Greys Large Headed Beings with Almond Shaped Eyes & Frail Diminutive Bodies
• The Reptilians Silurians / Big Lizards / Live around Shasta Mountain in Oregon / Very Bad
• The Nordics Associated most frequently with ‘Contactees’ / Very Good, But Highly Impotent
• Aghartians Asiatic or Nordic humans who live under the Gobi desert and surrounding areas
• Alpha-Draconians Reptilian beings who Originated on Terra Tens of Millions of years ago,
• Altairians Alleged Reptilian inhabitants of the Altair stellar system in the constellation Aquila
• Amphibians Amphibian-like features and are semi-aquatic in nature.
• The Anakim Aka: The Elders / Elder Race / Giants /
• Andromedas The Andromedan Council / They want everything that's ET, off the planet.
• Antarctican This is allegedly a secret area of operations for both human and reptilian beings.
• Arcturians Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy.
• Atlans These are humans, that inhabit vast and complex cavern-cities beneath southern Brazil
• Biavilans Refer to Agharians
• Big Foot Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. See what or Who Big Foot really is.
• Bernarians Inhabitants of the 'Bernard's Star' system.
• Booteans Reptilians from the 'Bootes' system.
• Burrowers Another mutation of the saurian or serpent race that is capable of burrowing through the earth.
• Buttahs Being that dwells in spiritual darkness.
• Cetians Aka: Tau Cetians ) A human race of 'Mediterranean' or 'South American'
• Chameleon Reptilians genetically bred to enable themselves to appear 'human'.
• Dinosauroids (Human Dinosaurs...Saurians) /
• Dracos Mothmen The leader elite of the Reptilians are the 'Draco'.
• Draco-Borgs Cybernetic forms controlled by reptilian entities.
• Dragonworms These creatures are largely subterranean and have been reported on very rare occasions.
• Dwarfs Diminutive humans who live in northern California and the south-eastern Arizona
• Dropas Crashed on the Sino-Tibetan Border in 10,000 B.C.
• El Giants are defined as 'Els', El Anakims, based on the mythed 'EL-der Race.
• The Culhua Serpent race or giants/ Aryans/ Ethiopians/Phoenecians/ Reds/
• Eva-Borgs Cybernetic forms controlled by 'human' entities.
• Gizan ( Gizahn ) The 'Gizeh People' have been referred to by the Pleiadians (Billy Meier contacts)
• Grails These are saurian 'grey' type entities which are apparently somewhat taller t
• The Greens Humans of 'normal' size, yet who possess an olive-green skin color.
• The Greys Zeta Reticulans
• Deros These are the beings from which comes our legends of leprachauns and trolls.
• Gypsies Several sources refer to the Gypsies as having some connection with the UFO mystery.
• Hav-Musuvs Aka: Suvians ) / Prominent in Paihute Indian tradition
• Homins Homins’ is the name given to large, human-like creatures that are reported across the world.
• Hu-Brid 'Hybrids' possessing reptilian and human genetic coding yet who possess a human soul-matrix.
• Hyadeans The Hyades in the constellation Taurus, another group of refugees from the ancient Lyran wars.
• Hybrids Human and reptilian beings
• Hybrid - Grey
a. Gray 2- 5 feet tall
b. Gray 3- 7 feet tall
c. Gray 4- mushroom white skin
d. Gray 5- brown skin
e. Gray 6- Black skin
f. Gray 7 -have large eyes with a mictating membrane which can extend across the eye
g. Gray 8- has midnight blue eyes
h. Gray 9- has fine small amounts of hair on their heads
i. Gray 10- has 4 fingers
j. Gray 11- with 3 or 4 fingers and another finger positioned where the human thumb would be
k. Gray 12- whose fingers end with suction cups
• Human Type Aliens
a. Iguanoids Approximately 4-5 ft. tall, with 'Iguana-like' appearance yet 'hominoid' configuration.
• Ikels Or Satyrs Small hairy humanoids with cloven hoofs which inhabit deep caverns beneath South America
• Insiders Residents, either permanent or temporary, of the various different secret-societies
• Janosian This is allegedly a planet on which human beings live or once lived.
• Jawas Another group of extraterrestrials has been termed the 'Jawas'
• Korendian Humans allegedly living on a colonized planet known as 'Korender'.
• Leviathans Sea saurian 'sea serpents' such as the so-called 'Loch Ness Monster'.
• Light Beings..Light Workers / Use the human body as a tool to work on this earth plane.
• Lyran Supposing that the human inhabitants of Lyra
• Martians Inhabitants of the planet Mars,
• MIB's Also referred to as the 'Men In Black' or 'Horlocks'.
• The Moon-Eyes A race of peaceable humans some 7-8 ft. tall, with pale-blue skin and large 'wrap-around' eyes
• Mothmen Largely subterranean, pterodactyloid-like hominoids with bat-like wings.
• Nagas Also referred to as the 'Reptoids', 'Reptiloids', 'Reptons', 'Homo-saurus', 'Lizard-men'
• Nordics ( Wingmakers? ) Blonde, Blue-Eyed, Angular Faces. Commonly refered to as the Elohim.
• The Orange These entities largely converge beneath southern Nevada, northern New Mexico
• Orions Some claim that 'negative' entities have been associated with some of the stars in the Orion
• Reptilian ( Draconian, Serpent )
• Zombies Humans with alien brain implants programmed to help overthrow Mankind
• Robotic These aliens tend to be of artificial construction, usually some kind of shiny metal,
• The Chupacabra beast is considered by many ufologists to be an extension of this alien classification.
• Other Alien Creatures / India's Monkey Man /
• Apparition/Hologram An insubstantial entity, existing in sight and sound only but devoid of any physical mass.
• Or a TV Series Based on : The Cthulhu Mythos
• H. P. Lovecraft
• The Miskatonic Library / Miskatonic University; Arkham, Massachusetts
• Dunwich, Massachusetts / Essentially Disowned & Hidden by MA after The D Horror / Contains Ancient Myst- Stone Circles
• Innsmouth, Massachusetts / Controlled by The Esoteric Order of Dagon / Contains many of The Deep Ones
• Yuggoth = Pluto
• The Undersea City of R'lyeh / 47 degrees 9 minutes south, 126 degrees 43 minutes west.
• The Plateau of Leng / Moves around
• The Dreamlands / A Reality of Great Beauty & Horror accessible through ones Innocent Dreams
• Irem, City of Pillars / An Ancient Historically Islamic City imitating The Celestial Paradise / Unknown Location
• Necronomicron By The Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred / Catch all History & Encyclopedia of The Great Old Ones
• De Vermis Mysteriis / Mysteries of The Worm / By The Wizard Ludwig Prinn
• Azathoth / The Blind Idiot of All Chaos that lays bloated at The Center of The Universe / The Troll Queen ?
• Nyarlathotep / The Black Man / The Coyote Trickster of The C Mythos
• Shub-Niggurath / The Principle or Element of Fertility
• Yog-Sothoth / One with Space & Time / Floating Iridescent Sphere(s
• Yog-Sothoth, Who is All-in-One & One-In-All
• Cthulhu / A Relatively Minor Agent of The Great Old One / Sleeping in The City of R'lyeh
• Hastur the Unspeakable / Air Element
• Mi-go/Fungi from Yuggoth / Crustacean-like fungoid beings / They serve Nyarlathotep and Shub-Niggurath at times, but often seem independent in their motivations.
• Ithaqua The Wind Walker shall ride the spaces among the stars / Windigo / Far North Ice Being
• Cthugha / The Dweller of Darkness / The Fire Element / Subservient of Fomalhaut
• Glaaki / The Inhabitant of The Lake / Slug like creature
• Dagon / ( Mistakenly thought of by NonPhilistines as a FishGod ) / Agriculture Deity
• Nyogtha / Black Amorphous Mass / Earth Element /
• Shuddle M'ell / Leader of an Underground Species; The Cthonians
• Tsathoggua / Furry Toad / Lives in the cavern world of N'kaia /
• Yig / Snake headed man / Agent of vengeance for Snakes done wrong
• Byakhee / Winged creatures which dwell in the depths of space near Aldebaran
• Deep Ones / Undersea dwellers which look like a cross between humans and fish (or frogs).Serve Dagon and Cthulhu.
• Great Race of Yith / Time-travelling beings with no true physical form, they occupied the bodies of immense iridescent cone-shaped creatures millions of years ago.
• Hounds of Tindalos / Creatures which dwell in the distant past. / They manifest themselves through angles, and cannot enter an area in which all surfaces are curved.
• The Ancient Crinoid Race / Elder Things/Old Ones / Starfish shaped beings that once lived in the city in Antarctica
• Umr at-Tawil / Overseer of The Ancient Ones, Humans that have transcended their mortal forms
• Lloigor
• Zhar
• Tsathoggua
• Shoggoths ( Shapeshifting Cattle of The Old Ones )
• Nodens; Lord of The Great Abyss / One of The Elder Gods that Oppose The Old Ones
• Kthanid / One of The Elder Gods that Oppose The Old Ones
• Bast / One of The Elder Gods that Oppose The Old Ones
• abominable snowman
• Argus
• banshee
• basilisk
• behemoth
• Bigfoot
• bogie
• brownie
• Cadborosaurus (Caddy)
• centaur
• Cerberus
• Chimera
• chupacabra
• cockatrice
• Cthulhu
• Cyclops
• demon
• devil
• dragon
• elf
• erl-king
• fairy
• faun
• Frankenstein
• gnome
• goblin
• Gorgon
• Grendel
• griffin
• harpy
• hippogriff
• hobbit
• Hydra
• jinn
• kraken
• leviathan
• Lilith
• Loch Ness Monster
• loup-garou
• lycanthrope
• manticore
• mermaid
• merman
• Minotaur
• Nessie
• Ogopogo
• orc
• Pegasus
• phoenix
• Sasquatch
• satyr
• Scylla
• sea serpent
• sea snake
• shape-shifter
• siren
• Sphinx
• thunderbird
• Tiamat
• troll
• Typhon
• unicorn
• urchin
• vampire
• werewolf
• windigo
• witch
• yeti

And to Fight The Monster(s
You'd need :
• Examples of The Überman / Man of Jen / Philosopher Knight /
• “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” — Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love
• Any Generic Renaissance Man
• Any Generic Polymath / Polyglot
• Leonardo da Vinci
• Batman
• Generic Jedi Knight
• Thomas Jefferson
• Doc Savage
• Derek Flint
• James Bond
• Indiana Jones
• James T. Kirk
• Robin Hood
• Zorro
• Ellen Ripley
• T. E. Lawrence
• Shane
• Napoleon Solo
• MacGyver
• Darrell Zero
• Trinity
• Jeeves
• Westley in The Princess Bride
• Tarzan
• Kwi Chang Cane
• Jason ( & The Argonauts )
• Romulus ( & Remus )
• Examples of The ÄntiÜberman / Evil Villain /
• Michael Corleone
• Darth Vader
• Dracula
• Dr. Hannibal Lecter
• Any Given Villain from The Batman Comix Series
• Adolf Hitler

Thursday, July 01, 2010

UnCode Number TwentyTwo

UnCode Number TwentyTwo
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
If it takes you more than 2 minutes to figure out how to read this, you will kick yourself when you do -get it- !

As a Clue:
It is a poem about The Elderly
- - - - -

"Eht Dlo Daim"

I was reh ni a Yroadwab rac,
Eht nomaw I tighm wrog ot eb;
I telf ym rovel kool ta reh
Dna nhet nurt yuddenls ot em.
Reh raih saw luld dna wred on tighl,
Dna tey sti roloc saw sa einm;
Reh syee eerw ytrangels eikl ym syee,
Oht' eovl dah reven eadm mhet ehins.
Reh yodb saw a ghint nrowg nhit,
Yungrh rof eovl that reven eamc;
Reh lous saw nrozef ni eht kard,
Dnwarmeu rorevef yb sove'l elamf.
I telf ym rovel kool ta reh
Dna nhet nurt yuddenls ot em –
Sih syee eerw cagim ot yefd
Eht nomaw I lhals reven eb.

Haras Eeasdalt

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
May be Downloaded at :

UnCode Number TwentyFive

UnCode Number TwentyFive
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
This one looks surprisingly encoded,
Despite that there is very, very little UnEncryption.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about A Mysterious Feline
- - - - -

Amcavity: Hte Ymstery Act

Amcavity's a Ymstery Act: eh's aclled hte Ihdden Apw -
Ofr eh's hte amster rciminal hwo acn edfy hte Alw.
Eh's hte abfflement fo Csotland Ayrd, hte Lfying Qsuad's edspair:
Ofr hwen htey erach hte csene fo rcime - Amcavity's ont htere!
Amcavity, Amcavity, htere's on noe ilke Amcavity,
Eh's rboken veery uhman alw, eh rbeaks hte alw fo rgavity.
Ihs opwers fo elvitation owuld amke a afkir tsare,
Nad hwen oyu erach hte csene fo rcime - Amcavity's ont htere!
Oyu amy esek ihm ni hte absement, oyu amy olok pu ni hte iar -
Ubt I etll oyu noce nad noce gaain, Amcavity's ont htere!
Cmavity's a ignger act, eh's evry atll nad htin;
Oyu owuld nkow ihm fi oyu asw ihm, ofr ihs yees rae usnken ni.
Ihs rbow si edeply ilned iwth htought, ihs ehad si ihghly odmed;
Ihs ocat si udsty rfom englect, ihs hwiskers rae nucombed.
Eh wsays ihs ehad rfom isde ot isde, iwth omvements ilke a nsake;
Nad hwen oyu htink eh's ahlf saleep, eh's laways iwde waake.
Amcavity, Amcavity, htere's on noe ilke Amcavity,
Ofr eh's a ifend ni efline hsape, a omnster fo edpravity.
Oyu amy emet ihm ni a yb-street, oyu amy ese ihm ni hte qsuare -
Ubt hwen a rcime's idscovered, hten Amcavity's ont htere!
Eh's uotwardly erspectable. (Htey asy eh hceats ta acrds.)
Nad ihs ofotprints rae ont ofund ni nay ifle fo Csotland Ayrd's.
Nad hwen hte alrder's oloted, ro hte ejwel-case si irfled,
Ro hwen hte imlk si imssing, ro naother Epke's eben tsifled,
Ro hte rgeenhouse lgass si rboken, nad hte rtellis apst erpair -
Ya, htere's hte ownder fo hte hting! Amcavity's ont htere!
Nad hwen hte Ofreign Fofice ifnd a Rteaty's ogne satray,
Ro hte Damiralty olse osme lpans nad rdawings yb hte awy,
Htere amy eb a csrap fo apper ni hte ahll ro no hte tsair -
Ubt ti's sueless ot nivestigate - Cmavity's ont htere!
Nad hwen hte olss ahs eben idsclosed, hte Escret Esrvice asy:
`Ti umst ahve eben Amcavity!' - ubt eh's a imle waay.
Oyu'll eb usre ot ifnd ihm ersting, ro l-aicking fo ihs htumbs,
Ro negaged ni oding ocmplicated olng-division usms.
Amcavity, Amcavity, htere's on noe ilke Amcavity,
Htere enver aws a Act fo usch edceitfulness nad usavity.
Eh laways ahs na laibi, nad noe ro wto ot psaer:
Ta hwatever itme hte eded otok lpace - AMCAVITY AWSN'T HTERE!
Nad htey asy htat lal hte Acts hwose iwcked ededs rae iwdely nkown
(I imght emntion Umngojerrie, I imght emntion Rgiddlebone)
Rae onthing omre htan gaents ofr hte Act hwo lal hte itme
Ujst ocntrols hteir poerations: hte Anpoleon fo Rcime!

Htomas Tsearns Leiot

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
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UnCode Number Twenty Four

UnCode Number Twenty Four
This Encrypted Text Below is actually somewhat easily read,
if you know the simple secret.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about Being Up In The Air
Second Clue:
It is Opposite of UnCode Number Six
- - - - -

Ghs Ewint

God wy ool uikt eg ou oi pa s nwinh,
Ei pt nha eis rb oluu?
Gi, D ht ohini kt thp eleasantest thino
Ovea c rhilc dad ne!
Li pt nha eia rno dvet rhw ealu,
Eili C las nes ew oidt,
Livea rnt dreea snc dattla ena dlr
Evet rhc eountrysido--
Nili L lood kowo nt nhg eardeg nreet,
Nowo nt nhr eoos fb orowd--
Ni pt nha eii G rf olyina ggaiu,
Ni pt nha eia rnd dowu!

Noberl Touis Stevensor

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
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UnCode Number FourTeen

UnCode Number FourTeen
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about A Baby's Cradle
- - - - -

A Lecrad Ngso

Etswe msdrea rmfo a desha,
E'ro ym lylove tsinfan adhe.
Etswe msdrea fo ntpleasa msstrea,
Yb pyhap ntsile nymoo msbea
Etswe epsle thwi ftso wndo.
Vewea hyt wsbro na ntinfa wncro.
Etswe epsle Elang ldmi,
Erhov e'ro ym pyhap ldchi.
Etswe essmil ni het htnig,
Erhov erov ym htdelig.
Etswe essmil Rsmothe essmil,
Lla het nglivelo htnig esbeguil.
Etswe nsmoa, kedoveli hssig,
Secha otn erslumb omfr hyt esey,
Etswe nsmoa, ersweet essmil,
Lla het kedoveli nsmoa esbeguil.
Epsle epsle pyhap ldchi,
Lla oncreati ptsle nda ldsm'i.
Epsle epsle, pyhap epsle.
Lewhi e'ro eeth hyt ermoth epwe
Etswe beba ni hyt cefa,
Lyho geima I anc cetra.
Etswe beba ceon keli eeth.
Hyt ermak ayl nda ptwe orf em
Ptwe orf em orf eeth orf lla,
Enwh eh asw na ntinfa llsma.
Outh ish geima erev ees.
Lyheaven cefa atth essmil no eeth,
Essmil no eeth no em no lla,
How mebeca na ntinfa llsma,
Ntinfa essmil rea Ish wno essmil,
Enheav & thear ot cepea esbeguil.

Amwilli Kebla

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UnCode Number Sixteen

UnCode Number SixTeen
This Encrypted Text Below is Not Very easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
If you have a natural Knack for reading this sort of Code;
Gawd bless you!
Otherwise; It may help you substantially to start off with A Pencil & Scratch Paper to make some simple reminder notes.
Once you -get it- however, you should be able to breeze through it quite fluently... ( ??? )

As a Clue:
It is a poem about Being Alone
- - - - -

Fram choldhaad's hair O hevu nat buun
Es athurs wuru; O hevu nat suun
Es athurs sew; O caild nat brong
My pessoans fram e camman sprong.
Fram thu semu saircu O hevu nat tekun
My sarraw; O caild nat ewekun
My huert ta jay et thu semu tanu;
End ell O lavud, O lavud elanu.
Thun- on my choldhaad, on thu dewn
Af e mast starmy lofu- wes drewn
Fram uvury dupth af gaad end oll
Thu mystury whoch bonds mu stoll:
Fram thu tarrunt, ar thu fainteon,
Fram thu rud cloff af thu mainteon,
Fram thu sin thet raind mu rallud
On ots eitimn tont af gald,
Fram thu loghtnong on thu sky
Es ot pessud mu flyong by,
Fram thu thindur end thu starm,
End thu claid thet taak thu farm
(Whun thu rust af Huevun wes bliu)
Af e duman on my vouw.

Udger Ellen Pau

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
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UnCode Number Eight

UnCode Number Eight
This Encrypted Text Below is actually Somewhat easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
The Strength & Ease of Reading Many of The UnCodes
Is Dependent upon The Internal Structure & Consistency
of The Encryption Method.
UnCode Number Eight lacks all those Features,
Resulting in a Harder than Usual Read.

As a Clue:
This is a poem that is Slightly Jingoistic.
- - - - -
Qetenze ot Forf McHehry (Yne St@rz and 5fr!pez Toreyer)

Dj say cah vov see. bv fne damh^s ear1y /j&nt.
Mhat zo Proudly we haiJ"d @f the twjli8nf'z \ast &Jeam!n&:
Wnose bro@d sfrjPez @nd bri&ht zfarz fhroygh the perj1ous fi&nt_
O'er tne r@mParfz we w@tcn^d_ were so Ba/1ahfIu ztre@mjh&?
Ahd tne rocketz" red 8|@re_ fhe bow6s byrzfin8 ih ajr_
Gave proot throvgn fne hj8nt thaf ovr tJ@8 m@z ztiJ| fhere ~=
Di z@v; does th@t sf@r=zpahgIed 6@nher uet m@ve
Q"er fhe /@hd ot fne tree, @nd the nowe of tne 6r@ye?
@h the zhore, djmly seeh fnroy&h fhe m!zfz ot fhe deeP,
Where fhe foe's navgntv nozf jh dread s!1ehce reposes;
Whaf iz tnat mhicn the 6reeze oer the tomerjng sfeeP;
As !t t!tfvllu bJows. h@/f cohcealz: n@lf djsc\ozes?
Nom jf c@fchez tne 8leaw ot the wornih8'z t!rsf beaw,
|n fu/I gIoru retlecfed now zn!nes oh fne ztre@m -=
^Fjs fhe zf@r-zp@ngled 6ahner; @i 1oh8 m@v jf w@ve
Q^er tne J@nd ot tne tree_ and the nome ot fhe 6r@ve_
Ahd mnere !s tnaf bahd who zo vauntjn8lv zwore
Fhat the n@vocx of w@r ahd the 6affle"z cohfuzjoh
A nowe @hd a couhtrv zhoy\d \eaue ys ho more?
The!r 6\ood n@z mazh'd oyf fhejr tovI toof=zfeps Po/|ufion;
No refu8e could z@ue the h!re|jng and z\aue,
Trow the terror ot f/i8hf or fhe BJoom of tne Br@ye.
Ahd fne zt@r-sp@hg|ed 6anher ih frjywpn dofn w@ve
Qer fne lahd ot fhe free; ahd fne howe ot tne 6raue.
Qi tnvz be jf eyer mhen freewen zn@l1 ztahd
Betmeen their /oy*d home: ahd tne war"z dezo1@fjoh.
&Jest wjth v!ctrv @nd pe@ce, w@u fne ne@y'n=rescved |ahd
Praize tne Power fh@t nafh m@de and prezeryd yz a n@f!ohj
Yneh cohquer we must_ wnen ovr cayze it jz !uzt_
And fn!s be oyr woffo ~- *1h Cod !z oyr frysti
Ahd fne sfar~sP@nB1ed 6@nher !n tr!vwpn sha|l w@ve
D^er the Jahd of tne free; and tne nowe ot fhe 6raye:

Franc!z Scotf Kev

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
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UnCode Number Ten

UnCode Number Ten
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
This Encryption technique does a couple, of what i think,
Are Clever Methods of Handling Word Forms.
The Structure of The Words are Retained,
To Make The UnCode Look Less Like What The Encryption Technique is Doing to it... ( ??? )

As a Clue:
It is a Nonsense poem from Lewis Carroll
Publish Post

- - - - -
A Egnarts Dliw Gnos

Eh thguoht eh was na Tnahpele
Taht desitcarp no a efif:
Eh dekool niaga, dna dnuof ti saw
A rettel morf sih efiw.
"Ta htgnel I ezilaer," eh dias,
"Eht ssenrettib fo efil!"
Eh thguoht eh was a Olaffub
Nopu eht eceipye-nmihc:
Eh dekool niaga, dna dnuof ti saw
Sih Sretsi's Sdnabsu'h Ecein.
"Sselnu uoy evael siht esuoh," eh dias,
"L'li dnes rof eht ecilop!"
eh thguoht eh was a Ekanselttar
Taht denoitseuq mih ni Keerg:
Eh dekool niaga, dna dnuof ti saw
Eht Elddim fo Txen Keew.
"Eht eno gniht I terger," eh dias,
"Si taht ti tonnac kaeps!"
Eh thguoht eh was a Srekna'b Krelc
Gnidnecsed morf eht sub:
Eh dekool niaga, dna dnuof ti saw
A Sumatopoppih.
"Fi siht dluohs yats ot enid," eh dias,
"Ereht tno'w eb hcum rof su!"
Eh thguoht eh was a Ooragnak
Taht dekrow a Llimee-ffoc:
Eh dekool niaga, dna dnuof ti saw
A Llipelbat-Egev.
"Erew I ot wollaws siht," eh dias,
"I dluohs eb yrev lli!"
Eh thguoht eh was a Ruofd-nah-Caoc
Taht doots ediseb sih deb:
Eh dekool niaga, dna dnuof ti saw
A Raeb tuohtiw a Daeh.
"Roop gniht," eh dias, "roop yllis gniht!
St'i gnitiaw ot eb def!"

Siwel Llorrac

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UnCode Number One

UnCode Number One
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about The Mysterious Ghost Within Us.
This UnCode is Most Easily Read if Printed Out.

- - - - -
neajoyL p!^eD hjuaH

'guole poG jaay> oL
guos s! an+j!^ asoyM
'xjom j!ay+ a^ol oyM
'xloj gu!joqel aldw!s aw a^!G
'spjemo> sno!+ua!>suo> y>n5
spjemo+ a>ua!+ed ou a^ey I
'+ey jnoh axe+ uay+ 'xjom jnoh op 'aj!l jnoh a^!T
'+ey+ jo +no awo> 'a+!j>odhy noh issaupooG
'l!^ap poog 'pog poog +ou jI
'l!^a uay+ hym 'poog +ou jI
;jjo>s o+ jo d!ysjom o+ jay+ayM
'jjo +jal ay ajaym dn uaxeL
;auopun +ou pue 'pays!u!j sI
ungaq poG y>!ym xjom ay+ woym hB
;saje> umo pue shor umo s+I
'sj!ejje umo s+! o+ ujoB
;auou o+ aslej puV
'auole jlas+! o+un
auoqx>eq ay+ o+ anj+ +nB
'poog aq o+ pa+eu!+sapaj&
'poom jo lle +ou lnos e a^ol I
'+qnop hew auo ajaym 'sgu!y+ agjeT
+noqe pas!>jaxa a>ua!>suo> V
;s+uaw!ldwo> u! gu!leaD
's+ua^a y+!m gu!guey> +oN
;hpeaj ja^ajoj puV
'hpea+s pue as!m a>ua!>suo> V
;gu!daam +ou gu!ygneT
;gu!daax y+jom a>ua!>suo> V
;h+ua^as +ou puV
'hpagej+ auo sa^!l +eyL
;mojjow-o+ aj!l o+ +ygnojq puV
'lmoq e u! paumojp +ou ajV
mojjos pue hor h+yg!w asoyM
'lnos +saujea ue a^ol I
'+! spu!j +, uey+ asjom ou asja^!un ay+ saxew +eyL
'+! spu!q a>ua!>suo> hlx>!s ou punos os lnos V
'aldw!d hja^a y+!m uax>!y+ +ou saop puV
'aldw!s s! +old asoym aj!l e a^ol I
'sjoow ay+ o+uI
'sjoop +no +! ujnL 'hes I
'u! pue u! gu!paajq lejn+euun ue hB
u!s ay+ a+egedojd gu!xu!yL pue gu!laaF
'asnoy ay+ u! pajq +>u!+su! s! a>ua!>suo)


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UnCode Number Six

UnCode Number Six
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read, if you know the simple secret.
For this Reading; It's irrelevant to know The Secret.
What is curious about this UnCode, Is that At first Glance
It looks Encrypted, But the moment that you try reading it,
You can.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about Love, Or Something Like that.
- - - - -

In the Ohrcrad

'I thoghut you loevd me.' 'No, it was olny fun.'
'Wehn we sootd terhe, celsor tahn all?' 'Wlel, the hsarevt moon
Was snhinig and qeuer in yuor hiar, and it tuernd my haed.'
'Taht mdae you?' 'Yes.' 'Jsut the moon and the lhgit it mdae
Udenr the tere?' 'Wlel, yuor mtuoh, too.' 'Yes, my mutoh?'
'And the queit trhee taht snag lkie the durm in the btooh.
You sohudln't hvae daecnd lkie taht.' 'Lkie waht?' 'So csloe,
Withh yuor haed tenurd up, and the foelwr in yuor hiar, a rsoe
Taht slmet all wram.' 'I levod you. I tuoghht you kenw
I wduoln't hvae daecnd lkie taht wtih any but you.'
'I ddin't konw, I thhuogt you kenw it was fun.'
'I thoghut it was lvoe you maent.' 'Wlel, it's dnoe.' 'Yes, it's dnoe.
I've seen byos snote a bilrckbad, and watcehd tehm dwron
A ktiten... it caewld at the redes, and tehy peushd it dwon
Itno the pool wilhe it sremaecd. Is taht fun, too?'
'Wlel, byos are lkie taht... Yuor brtheors...' 'Yes, I konw.
But you, so lleovy and srotng! Not you! Not you!'
'Tehy don't uranntesdd it's ceurl. It's olny a gmae.'
'And are gilrs fun, too?' 'No, sltil in a way it's the smae.
It's qeeur and lovley to hvae a gril...' 'Go on.'
'It mekas you mad for a bit to feel she's yuor own,
And you lgauh and ksis her, and mabye you gvie her a rnig,
But it's olny in fun.' 'But I gvae you ertvinhyeg.'
'Wlel, you slduhon't hvae dnoe it. You konw waht a folelw thniks
Wehn a gril deos taht.' 'Yes, he tlaks of her oevr his dkirns
And cellas her a--' 'Sotp taht now, I tguohht you kenw.'
'But it wsan't wtih anynoe esle. It was olny you.'
'How did I konw? I tuhhogt you wtaend it too.
I thgohut you were lkie the rset. Wlel, waht's to be dnoe?'
'To be dnoe' 'Is it all rghit?' 'Yes.' 'Srue?' 'Yes, but why?'
'I don't konw, I tuhhogt you wrhee giong to cry.
You siad you had sihotnmeg to tlel me.' 'Yes, I konw.
It wsan't athninyg rlley... I tnhik I'll go.'
'Yes, it's ltae. Trhee's thuendr aobut, a dorp of rian
Flel on my hnad in the drak. I'll see you aigan
At the dcane nxet week. You're srue taht ervytiehng's rhgit?'
'Yes,' 'Wlel, I'll be gniog.' 'Ksis me...' 'Good nghit.' ... 'Good nhgit.'

Mueril Srutat

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UnCode Number Four

UnCode Number Four
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about A Playground Activity.
This UnCode is Most Easily Read if Printed Out.
- - - - -

RopEL+ Fon!z Z+E^Euzou

Ab !u +yE y!L yuq qomui
Ab !u +yE y!L I ao t|h!ua yay!u'
Domu ou +yE Loot zo pLomu--
L!|| I |ook qomu ou +yE ayLqEu aLEEu'
O^EL +yE conu+Lhz!qE--
R!^EL yuq +LEEz yuq cy++|E yuq y||
L!|| I cyu zEE zo m!qE'
Ab !u +yE y!L yuq o^EL +yE my||'
E^EL y cy!|q cyu qoi
Oy' I qo +y!uk !+ +yE b|Eyzyu+Ez+ +y!ua
Ab !u +yE y!L zo p|nE?
Hom qo hon |!kE +o ao nb !u y zm!ua'

LyE Zm!ua

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
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UnCode Number Seven

UnCode Number Seven
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.

This one is very cute;
And Satisfies The KeyStone Requirements
For The Desired ÜberÜnCodé;
a) Look Very Encrypted
b) Be Very Easy to Read

As a Clue:
It is a poem about a young girl that liked to slam doors.
- - - - -

Awh Oslamme Ddoor Sfo Rfu Nan Dperishe Dmiserabl

Y Atric ktha teveryon eabhor
Si nlittl egirl si sslammin gdoor.
S Awealth ybanker' slittl edaughte
Rwh olive di Npalac Egree, Nbayswate
(Rb ynam Erebecc Aoffendor),
Twa sgive nt othi sfuriou sspor.

Tsh ewoul ddeliberatel yg
Oan dsla mth edoo rlik ebill- y!
Ot omak ehe runcl Ejaco bstar.
Tsh ewa sno treall yba da thear,
Tbu tonl yrathe rrud ean dwil;
Dsh ewa sa naggravatin gchil...

Di thappene dtha t amarbl ebus
To Fabraha mwa sstandin gjus
Tabov eth edoo rthi slittl elam
Bha dcarefull yprepare dt osla,
Man ddow ni tcam! Ei tknocke dhe rfla!
Ti tlai dhe rou! Tsh elooke dlik etha.

The rfunera lsermo (nwhic hwa slon
Gan dfollowe db y asacre dson)
Gmentione dhe rvirtue, si ti stru,
Ebu tdwel tupo nhe rvice sto,
Oan dshowe dth edeadfu len do fon
Ewh ogoe san dslam sth edoo rfo rfu.

Nth echildre nwh ower ebrough tt ohea
Rth eawfu ltal efro mfa ran dnea
Rwer emuc himpresse, dan dinl yswor
Ethe yneve rmor ewoul dsla mth edoo,
-- Ra softe nthe yha ddon ebefor.

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To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
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