Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News Readers

Gawd! i hate journalists.
Partly because they just aren't journalists,
They're just newsreaders.
The Government or Their Vast International Military/Industrial/Entertainment/BreakfastCerals Complex hands them something to read, and they read it.
And this isn't just local ( News ) Organizations, It's all of them. Everywhere.
In a Recent Story about The Russian Spies; Sleeper Agents as it was, were described on ABC National News as one agent being; "placed in a job as a real estate agent" and another ...
Ack! i forget the actual phrases they used...!
Look On The Internet for Stories on this...
It was clear that they were reading straight from news releases put out by the government prosecutors.
- -
There was another story today about an alleged child molester. This mother was turned in by an internet viewer; of her shenanigans, somewhere in Europe ( ??? ).
So anyway, The point being was that the newsreaders refused to disclose exactly what she was accused of. NeverMind that they showed her face and revealed her name & where she lived, thereby disclosing the identities of her children, the victims ( ? ), But the newsreaders replaced pertinent details of actual news with vague hysterical comments such as; "We can't tell you what she was accused of, because it's just to horrible, it's the most disgusting & horrible thing i've ever read."
The point of that... and this is done routinely. ( This is a standard operating news reading propaganda tool... )
...And that is; They create a template for what they are saying is an actual news story with actual identified people, and then allow the listener/viewer to simply make the whole story!
The News Viewer is told this is A Real New Story, and you can just fill in what happened with whatever you want. And thereafter; The Viewer will happily go out the next day believing that they have a thorough and accurate understanding of what actually occurred.
- -
Another Crazy News Reader Propaganda Tool is to have a story of A Bank Robber, or other some such criminal activity,
And show a picture of the accused.
But this picture will be a tiny, tiny image, out of focus and grainy, with no attempt made to enlarge or enhance it any way.
So that Effectively; It could be anyone.
Why do they do this?
It is my theory that The News Reading Arm of The Fascist Local Governments are doing this to Invite all The Snoopy Dorothy's and Busy Betty's to call in with 'Tips', suggesting that all the suspicious characters in their neighborhood might be The Bank Robber.
This gives the Fascist Local Government a Renewable Source File of All The Odd Eddie's that aren't fitting in.
This is probably an Extensive File of everyone that dresses out of style, Artists and Writers in General, Independent Thinkers & Generally, Everyone that has a genuine concept of Autonomy & Individual Liberties.
Exactly the kind of people that The Police & Governments most Fear.

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