Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Short Rants after Reading : The Lost Symbol

After Reading The Lost Symbol
By Dan Brown; Renowned Hack Novelist.

i got to thinking more about The Nature of Wisdom.
It has long been my assertion that Knowledge comes in basically two flavors. The Fancy Named Icecream Flavors, and The Flavors that are actually enjoyable.
When it comes to real world flavors of knowledge, There are the flavors of knowledge that are thought to be completely true, And then there are the flavors that are genuinely useful.
The kinds of knowledge that make radios work, keep refrigerators cold, stovetops hot & airplanes in the air. The Fancy Names that are given to these latter types of knowledge would like to take credit for their usefulness, but in practice, the names and theories of how things work routinely shift from decade to decade. And all the while, radios still work, stovetops stay hot and airplanes only occasionally fall from the sky.
And then there is this issue of Ancient Wisdom or Wisdom from The Holy Scriptures, Whichever ones you would like to pick.
What is The Usefulness of This Religious, Moral or Ethical, Social or Cultual Wisdom?
None of this is settled.
Wisdom is like Love. The Real functional Behaviouralism of Sexual Lust is Babies & Population Controlling Diseases, While Love gets all the press and is quite literally, Etymologically; Indefinable. Love is used to suit whatever purpose or agenda that one wishes to promote.
Wisdom is; Whatever suits our interests.
If there is a Real Wisdom; It is The Great Class of Rules of Thumb.
Common Sense in Application. What allows a Lever to push a stone from a path or allows a dowser woman to set a broken toe.
That is The Only Useful sort of Wisdom that Serves a Measurable Stick that may be laid end to end, for however many days a soul is trapped in the continuum of realities.

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Conventional Secret Societies

Such Organizations which may or may not be Secretive, or hold secrets or such...
Often claim to hold as their secrets; The Wisdom of The Ages,
Or Lost Wisdom, or Ancient Wisdom.
What is this Wisdom that they speak of?
What is the funcitonality of This Wisdom?
Is This Wisdom Power? Power & Influence Over Others?
Power & Influence over Oneself?
Is it Knowledge? Technological Knowledge? Knowledge of Physics & Chemistry? Knowledge of UnDefined Forces?
Is it a Deeper Understanding of Gravity & ElectroMagnetism?
What is The Functionality of This Wisdom?
Will it Bring the bearer of Wisdom; Happiness, Wealth or Immortality?
Is this sort of Wisdom the kind that will provide the bearer with Happiness, or merely Enlighten them so that whatever their circumstances, they will be Happy?
Is Wisdom Related to Justice? Is The Wiseman one that despenses Justice evenly? Is there a kind of Justice, Genuine, True Justice that is not administered Evenly? There may be. This Uneven Justice may be concerned, Not with the Human Condition or Human Rights, but with a Greater Service for which humans serve some menial contributory role...
Or perhaps none at all.
It may be that The Wise Man serves this Greater, Greatest Good and The Affairs of Men are Inconsequential.
How can a Seeker of Wisdom know when they have found True Wisdom, or merely The Protocols to An Agenda which deters one from The Path of Genuine Wisdom?
- -
The Axiom that i believe is most true when seeking wisdom;
Is that The Mechanical Process of Life is An Amazing Thing,
And that The Representative Members of This Class of Entities are all Equal. One that respects Life, would Respect The Fly or Amoebae or Elephant or Classical Musician or Painter with The Same Elemental Respect.
And that The Life and Existence of The Butterfly is Not less than The Collective Sentience of The Most Conscious Giant Mechanical Ant.
In Essence : That Wisdom that Featherless Parakeets would hope to find, is The Same Wisdom that A Butterfly Understands while floating on The Wind.

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The Trouble with Magick

The Trouble with Magick and Wisdom, The Ancient Secrets, Ethics & Morality--
Is that they are all just tools, like hammers, pencils & electrons, gravity & the depth of zero, and consequently; only allow the magickian to accomplish what they might just as easily succeed at with ordinary toothpicks.
If one presupposes that Ethics & Morality, which have been argued about for hundreds of thousands of years, are just words to put labels on what our natural instincts are, or their opposites.
How can it be that what we were meant to be, is the perfect opposite of what we most desire to be?
Or if : Moraltiy & Ethics are really our natural instincts, then why is there endless arguing about them.
If there was any grand revelation that The Ancients discovered, and kept a secret from the damp masses; it would be that the purpose of existence somehow transcended all that ordinary tools could not be used to achieve.
Ordinary Witches use magick to attain all the things that featherless parakeets strive for.
- -
Most promises of Great Wisdom, or Ancient Secrets, are predicated on The Assumption that there is something that is just beyound what is commonly known. The Great Truth is Familiar, And Right on The Tip of your Tongue. Discovering it will be reminding you of what you already know. The Anceint Wisdom is something that is hidden in plain sight, it is known to everyone, and we've forgotten it because we grew up and accepted that everything that seems real, is real, which is incorrect.
- -
Is there a wisdom that surpasses the desires of a butterfly?
Is there a great secret that reveals what is more desirable than mere happiness, which may only be the avoidance of suffering.
What have been the great prizes that have been sought for. . .

A Mountain of Trinkets
Eternal Tedium
Freedom from Anxiety
Puppet Master
Continuous Orgasms
Complete Relexation
Achieving Impossible Things
Believing The UnBelievable
Discover Simplicity
Silence from Chaos
Freedom from Confusion
Accepting that Everything is Exactly What it Is, Nothing is What it is not. Everthing is True, Everything is Beautiful.
Seeing Around Corners
Giving into Every Natural Desire
An Encyclopedia of The World
Peaceful Sleep
Satisfying Busywork
Respect of Ones Peers
New Sensations
Creating Perfect Order
Merging with The Mind of gawd
- - -

The Most Magickal Thing in The World is that The Sentient Mind is Capable of Imagining that There is No Magick.
The Sentient Mind is Capable of Imagining that what is Real is Not Real.
The Sentient Mind is Capable of Imagining that what is UnReal is Real.
The Sentient Mind Allows Randomality to Take Form & Become Reality.
The Great Wisdom is putting that aside.
- -
Having No Desires. Allowing The Universe to Flow Around you...
It is not possible to Not Follow The Dao.
Everything is Exactly as it should be.
Everything that will be; Is Exactly as it should be.
What will be, is not meant to be. It just will be.
The great truth : Is that there is no great truth.

There are only the one simple truth that is forever unknowable.

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