Thursday, July 01, 2010

UnCode Number Eight

UnCode Number Eight
This Encrypted Text Below is actually Somewhat easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
The Strength & Ease of Reading Many of The UnCodes
Is Dependent upon The Internal Structure & Consistency
of The Encryption Method.
UnCode Number Eight lacks all those Features,
Resulting in a Harder than Usual Read.

As a Clue:
This is a poem that is Slightly Jingoistic.
- - - - -
Qetenze ot Forf McHehry (Yne St@rz and 5fr!pez Toreyer)

Dj say cah vov see. bv fne damh^s ear1y /j&nt.
Mhat zo Proudly we haiJ"d @f the twjli8nf'z \ast &Jeam!n&:
Wnose bro@d sfrjPez @nd bri&ht zfarz fhroygh the perj1ous fi&nt_
O'er tne r@mParfz we w@tcn^d_ were so Ba/1ahfIu ztre@mjh&?
Ahd tne rocketz" red 8|@re_ fhe bow6s byrzfin8 ih ajr_
Gave proot throvgn fne hj8nt thaf ovr tJ@8 m@z ztiJ| fhere ~=
Di z@v; does th@t sf@r=zpahgIed 6@nher uet m@ve
Q"er fhe /@hd ot fne tree, @nd the nowe of tne 6r@ye?
@h the zhore, djmly seeh fnroy&h fhe m!zfz ot fhe deeP,
Where fhe foe's navgntv nozf jh dread s!1ehce reposes;
Whaf iz tnat mhicn the 6reeze oer the tomerjng sfeeP;
As !t t!tfvllu bJows. h@/f cohcealz: n@lf djsc\ozes?
Nom jf c@fchez tne 8leaw ot the wornih8'z t!rsf beaw,
|n fu/I gIoru retlecfed now zn!nes oh fne ztre@m -=
^Fjs fhe zf@r-zp@ngled 6ahner; @i 1oh8 m@v jf w@ve
Q^er tne J@nd ot tne tree_ and the nome ot fhe 6r@ve_
Ahd mnere !s tnaf bahd who zo vauntjn8lv zwore
Fhat the n@vocx of w@r ahd the 6affle"z cohfuzjoh
A nowe @hd a couhtrv zhoy\d \eaue ys ho more?
The!r 6\ood n@z mazh'd oyf fhejr tovI toof=zfeps Po/|ufion;
No refu8e could z@ue the h!re|jng and z\aue,
Trow the terror ot f/i8hf or fhe BJoom of tne Br@ye.
Ahd fne zt@r-sp@hg|ed 6anher ih frjywpn dofn w@ve
Qer fne lahd ot fhe free; ahd fne howe ot tne 6raue.
Qi tnvz be jf eyer mhen freewen zn@l1 ztahd
Betmeen their /oy*d home: ahd tne war"z dezo1@fjoh.
&Jest wjth v!ctrv @nd pe@ce, w@u fne ne@y'n=rescved |ahd
Praize tne Power fh@t nafh m@de and prezeryd yz a n@f!ohj
Yneh cohquer we must_ wnen ovr cayze it jz !uzt_
And fn!s be oyr woffo ~- *1h Cod !z oyr frysti
Ahd fne sfar~sP@nB1ed 6@nher !n tr!vwpn sha|l w@ve
D^er the Jahd of tne free; and tne nowe ot fhe 6raye:

Franc!z Scotf Kev

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
May be Downloaded at :

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