Thursday, July 01, 2010

UnCode Number One

UnCode Number One
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about The Mysterious Ghost Within Us.
This UnCode is Most Easily Read if Printed Out.

- - - - -
neajoyL p!^eD hjuaH

'guole poG jaay> oL
guos s! an+j!^ asoyM
'xjom j!ay+ a^ol oyM
'xloj gu!joqel aldw!s aw a^!G
'spjemo> sno!+ua!>suo> y>n5
spjemo+ a>ua!+ed ou a^ey I
'+ey jnoh axe+ uay+ 'xjom jnoh op 'aj!l jnoh a^!T
'+ey+ jo +no awo> 'a+!j>odhy noh issaupooG
'l!^ap poog 'pog poog +ou jI
'l!^a uay+ hym 'poog +ou jI
;jjo>s o+ jo d!ysjom o+ jay+ayM
'jjo +jal ay ajaym dn uaxeL
;auopun +ou pue 'pays!u!j sI
ungaq poG y>!ym xjom ay+ woym hB
;saje> umo pue shor umo s+I
'sj!ejje umo s+! o+ ujoB
;auou o+ aslej puV
'auole jlas+! o+un
auoqx>eq ay+ o+ anj+ +nB
'poog aq o+ pa+eu!+sapaj&
'poom jo lle +ou lnos e a^ol I
'+qnop hew auo ajaym 'sgu!y+ agjeT
+noqe pas!>jaxa a>ua!>suo> V
;s+uaw!ldwo> u! gu!leaD
's+ua^a y+!m gu!guey> +oN
;hpeaj ja^ajoj puV
'hpea+s pue as!m a>ua!>suo> V
;gu!daam +ou gu!ygneT
;gu!daax y+jom a>ua!>suo> V
;h+ua^as +ou puV
'hpagej+ auo sa^!l +eyL
;mojjow-o+ aj!l o+ +ygnojq puV
'lmoq e u! paumojp +ou ajV
mojjos pue hor h+yg!w asoyM
'lnos +saujea ue a^ol I
'+! spu!j +, uey+ asjom ou asja^!un ay+ saxew +eyL
'+! spu!q a>ua!>suo> hlx>!s ou punos os lnos V
'aldw!d hja^a y+!m uax>!y+ +ou saop puV
'aldw!s s! +old asoym aj!l e a^ol I
'sjoow ay+ o+uI
'sjoop +no +! ujnL 'hes I
'u! pue u! gu!paajq lejn+euun ue hB
u!s ay+ a+egedojd gu!xu!yL pue gu!laaF
'asnoy ay+ u! pajq +>u!+su! s! a>ua!>suo)


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