Thursday, July 01, 2010

UnCode Number Six

UnCode Number Six
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read, if you know the simple secret.
For this Reading; It's irrelevant to know The Secret.
What is curious about this UnCode, Is that At first Glance
It looks Encrypted, But the moment that you try reading it,
You can.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about Love, Or Something Like that.
- - - - -

In the Ohrcrad

'I thoghut you loevd me.' 'No, it was olny fun.'
'Wehn we sootd terhe, celsor tahn all?' 'Wlel, the hsarevt moon
Was snhinig and qeuer in yuor hiar, and it tuernd my haed.'
'Taht mdae you?' 'Yes.' 'Jsut the moon and the lhgit it mdae
Udenr the tere?' 'Wlel, yuor mtuoh, too.' 'Yes, my mutoh?'
'And the queit trhee taht snag lkie the durm in the btooh.
You sohudln't hvae daecnd lkie taht.' 'Lkie waht?' 'So csloe,
Withh yuor haed tenurd up, and the foelwr in yuor hiar, a rsoe
Taht slmet all wram.' 'I levod you. I tuoghht you kenw
I wduoln't hvae daecnd lkie taht wtih any but you.'
'I ddin't konw, I thhuogt you kenw it was fun.'
'I thoghut it was lvoe you maent.' 'Wlel, it's dnoe.' 'Yes, it's dnoe.
I've seen byos snote a bilrckbad, and watcehd tehm dwron
A ktiten... it caewld at the redes, and tehy peushd it dwon
Itno the pool wilhe it sremaecd. Is taht fun, too?'
'Wlel, byos are lkie taht... Yuor brtheors...' 'Yes, I konw.
But you, so lleovy and srotng! Not you! Not you!'
'Tehy don't uranntesdd it's ceurl. It's olny a gmae.'
'And are gilrs fun, too?' 'No, sltil in a way it's the smae.
It's qeeur and lovley to hvae a gril...' 'Go on.'
'It mekas you mad for a bit to feel she's yuor own,
And you lgauh and ksis her, and mabye you gvie her a rnig,
But it's olny in fun.' 'But I gvae you ertvinhyeg.'
'Wlel, you slduhon't hvae dnoe it. You konw waht a folelw thniks
Wehn a gril deos taht.' 'Yes, he tlaks of her oevr his dkirns
And cellas her a--' 'Sotp taht now, I tguohht you kenw.'
'But it wsan't wtih anynoe esle. It was olny you.'
'How did I konw? I tuhhogt you wtaend it too.
I thgohut you were lkie the rset. Wlel, waht's to be dnoe?'
'To be dnoe' 'Is it all rghit?' 'Yes.' 'Srue?' 'Yes, but why?'
'I don't konw, I tuhhogt you wrhee giong to cry.
You siad you had sihotnmeg to tlel me.' 'Yes, I konw.
It wsan't athninyg rlley... I tnhik I'll go.'
'Yes, it's ltae. Trhee's thuendr aobut, a dorp of rian
Flel on my hnad in the drak. I'll see you aigan
At the dcane nxet week. You're srue taht ervytiehng's rhgit?'
'Yes,' 'Wlel, I'll be gniog.' 'Ksis me...' 'Good nghit.' ... 'Good nhgit.'

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