Thursday, July 01, 2010

UnCode Number Sixteen

UnCode Number SixTeen
This Encrypted Text Below is Not Very easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
If you have a natural Knack for reading this sort of Code;
Gawd bless you!
Otherwise; It may help you substantially to start off with A Pencil & Scratch Paper to make some simple reminder notes.
Once you -get it- however, you should be able to breeze through it quite fluently... ( ??? )

As a Clue:
It is a poem about Being Alone
- - - - -

Fram choldhaad's hair O hevu nat buun
Es athurs wuru; O hevu nat suun
Es athurs sew; O caild nat brong
My pessoans fram e camman sprong.
Fram thu semu saircu O hevu nat tekun
My sarraw; O caild nat ewekun
My huert ta jay et thu semu tanu;
End ell O lavud, O lavud elanu.
Thun- on my choldhaad, on thu dewn
Af e mast starmy lofu- wes drewn
Fram uvury dupth af gaad end oll
Thu mystury whoch bonds mu stoll:
Fram thu tarrunt, ar thu fainteon,
Fram thu rud cloff af thu mainteon,
Fram thu sin thet raind mu rallud
On ots eitimn tont af gald,
Fram thu loghtnong on thu sky
Es ot pessud mu flyong by,
Fram thu thindur end thu starm,
End thu claid thet taak thu farm
(Whun thu rust af Huevun wes bliu)
Af e duman on my vouw.

Udger Ellen Pau

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
May be Downloaded at :

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