Thursday, July 01, 2010

UnCode Number TwentyFive

UnCode Number TwentyFive
This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
This one looks surprisingly encoded,
Despite that there is very, very little UnEncryption.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about A Mysterious Feline
- - - - -

Amcavity: Hte Ymstery Act

Amcavity's a Ymstery Act: eh's aclled hte Ihdden Apw -
Ofr eh's hte amster rciminal hwo acn edfy hte Alw.
Eh's hte abfflement fo Csotland Ayrd, hte Lfying Qsuad's edspair:
Ofr hwen htey erach hte csene fo rcime - Amcavity's ont htere!
Amcavity, Amcavity, htere's on noe ilke Amcavity,
Eh's rboken veery uhman alw, eh rbeaks hte alw fo rgavity.
Ihs opwers fo elvitation owuld amke a afkir tsare,
Nad hwen oyu erach hte csene fo rcime - Amcavity's ont htere!
Oyu amy esek ihm ni hte absement, oyu amy olok pu ni hte iar -
Ubt I etll oyu noce nad noce gaain, Amcavity's ont htere!
Cmavity's a ignger act, eh's evry atll nad htin;
Oyu owuld nkow ihm fi oyu asw ihm, ofr ihs yees rae usnken ni.
Ihs rbow si edeply ilned iwth htought, ihs ehad si ihghly odmed;
Ihs ocat si udsty rfom englect, ihs hwiskers rae nucombed.
Eh wsays ihs ehad rfom isde ot isde, iwth omvements ilke a nsake;
Nad hwen oyu htink eh's ahlf saleep, eh's laways iwde waake.
Amcavity, Amcavity, htere's on noe ilke Amcavity,
Ofr eh's a ifend ni efline hsape, a omnster fo edpravity.
Oyu amy emet ihm ni a yb-street, oyu amy ese ihm ni hte qsuare -
Ubt hwen a rcime's idscovered, hten Amcavity's ont htere!
Eh's uotwardly erspectable. (Htey asy eh hceats ta acrds.)
Nad ihs ofotprints rae ont ofund ni nay ifle fo Csotland Ayrd's.
Nad hwen hte alrder's oloted, ro hte ejwel-case si irfled,
Ro hwen hte imlk si imssing, ro naother Epke's eben tsifled,
Ro hte rgeenhouse lgass si rboken, nad hte rtellis apst erpair -
Ya, htere's hte ownder fo hte hting! Amcavity's ont htere!
Nad hwen hte Ofreign Fofice ifnd a Rteaty's ogne satray,
Ro hte Damiralty olse osme lpans nad rdawings yb hte awy,
Htere amy eb a csrap fo apper ni hte ahll ro no hte tsair -
Ubt ti's sueless ot nivestigate - Cmavity's ont htere!
Nad hwen hte olss ahs eben idsclosed, hte Escret Esrvice asy:
`Ti umst ahve eben Amcavity!' - ubt eh's a imle waay.
Oyu'll eb usre ot ifnd ihm ersting, ro l-aicking fo ihs htumbs,
Ro negaged ni oding ocmplicated olng-division usms.
Amcavity, Amcavity, htere's on noe ilke Amcavity,
Htere enver aws a Act fo usch edceitfulness nad usavity.
Eh laways ahs na laibi, nad noe ro wto ot psaer:
Ta hwatever itme hte eded otok lpace - AMCAVITY AWSN'T HTERE!
Nad htey asy htat lal hte Acts hwose iwcked ededs rae iwdely nkown
(I imght emntion Umngojerrie, I imght emntion Rgiddlebone)
Rae onthing omre htan gaents ofr hte Act hwo lal hte itme
Ujst ocntrols hteir poerations: hte Anpoleon fo Rcime!

Htomas Tsearns Leiot

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
May be Downloaded at :

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