Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UnCode Number TwentySix

UnCode Number TwentySix

This Encrypted Text Below is actually quite easily read,
if you know the simple secret.
This UnCode was Created with A Structural Hint Built into it,
So that if you ever get confused, You can refer to the preserved Structure to figure out where to put your Q-Tip, And Continue Reading.
It doesn't seem to happen in this example;
But it's entirely possible, perhaps even likely,
That A given line of Plain Text may Escape UnCoding.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about The Mysteries of Aging
- - - - -
"Theo Ldm Aid"

Isa w her ina br O adwaycar,
Th ewo Manim i ghtgr owto be;
Ife l tmyl ov erloo kath er
An dth entu rnsu ddenlyto me.
Herha irw asdu lla nddr ewn olig ht,
Andy eti tsc olo rwasa smi ne;
Here yes were stra ngelylike myey es,
Tholo' veh adne ver madet hems hine.
Herb ody wasa thi n ggrow nthin,
Hung ryforl ove that neve rcame;
Hers oul wasf roz eninth ed ark,
Unwar medforev erbylov es'flam e.
Ife l tmyl ov erloo kath er
An dth entu rnsu ddenlyto me —
Hise yes were magi ctode fy
Th ewo Manis h allne verbe.

Sarahtea Sdale

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
May be Downloaded at : http://scratch.mit.edu/users/TinyWanda

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