Friday, September 03, 2010

After 2 weeks...

Does this look broken to you ?

on my other wrist, when i hold my hand like this,

the back of my hand is exactly level with my arm...???

it still hurts a lot, but i'm thinking, if it were broken, i wouldn't be able to type with it,

use it at all...???

i just hate going to the doctor though...

And now it's been 3 weeks, if it were broken, it as probably set up somewhat,

and they would have to re-break it to set it...!!!

i'll just wait another few weeks and see how it's coming along...!

One odd thing about this, i can't hold my walking stick anymore,

So i'm forced to walk around without it...!!!

Which i think is making my legs stronger, and i've noticed that my left ( good ) leg/and foot are no long falling asleep after i've been walking a few blocks...???