Monday, October 18, 2010

Cell Phone Batteries...???

Something New Just Happened that has me Frazzled.
A nice lady just called me to -Ask- about a Review that i had left on concerning the purchase a month or so ago, for a BC-50 Cell Phone Battery.
These Batteries seem to be going out of production, and i base this on the observation that a year or so ago, they were selling for about $50, and i just recently bought one from Batteries Plus, here in Spokane for About $50. This one from Batteries Plus was not a Certified Motorola Battery, But a Ray O’ Vac Knock Off, and it only lasted 2 months.
So i Went online and purchased 3 more of them, all with The Motorola Brand Name on Them.
The Internet Links that i examined for this phone; A Tracfone, Motorola C261: Seemed to suggest that either the BC-50 or BC-60 would work with it.
So i bought 2 BC-50’s and one BC-60.
They were all < $5.00 Each.
The BC-50’s came first and i tried one for a few days, and was very unhappy with it.
It was not holding a charge for more than a day, perhaps less.
Then the BC-60 came and changed to it.
It worked very well, and a month later, is still working well, holding a resting charge for 4 or 5 days.
- -
So this lady calls me up to Ask about The Poor Review that i posted on about the BC-50 that i tried.
She was unhappy that this review was bringing their average down.
So she offered to refund my $10 ( or so ) if i would remove the bad review!
Then i hemmed and hawed and said that i didn’t really want to do that.
The Batteries ( from my experience ) seemed to be -Past Due- or some such.
So she then suggested that what may have been The -Disagreeable- part of The Missive; Was that i mentioned Batteries Plus and Ray O’ Vac, which had nothing to do with their company.
So i agreed with that.
She also said that she would refund the $10, or so, Irregardless of whether i removed the bad review or not!
So i suppose i will rewrite it, clarifying that i only tried one of the BC-50’s and they gave me a refund for my perception that it was performing poorly.
Obviously though;
Was she trying to manipulate me into removing an honest review that reflected poorly on their company…???
- -
So today; i tried to find that review and change it,
But i couldn’t seem to do that.
It didn’t seem to be with the batteries along with all the other reviews…???
But i did manage to add an update,
But then i discovered that you are not allowed to add a second review…
So Now.
i am thinking that i actually posted this updated version to somewheres else.
i am capable of this i’m sure.
- -
oh well.
The refunded $13.84 is in the bank.

And the name of that company was BargainCells.

- - -
A Slight Update:

So i was determined to follow their instructions and change or delete the review that i left for them, But now, after receiving detailed instructions as to how to locate and modify those reviews, i have discovered that -someone- -somehow- deleted them...!!!
So that the next time you visit and look through the reviews,
It is entirely possible that some of these companies have discovered a way to remove the reviews that they don't like...!!!

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