Monday, October 18, 2010

Productivity Substantially Reduced...

A Few things have happened to me recently which has substantially reduced my normal low productivity, to even less.

i fell down in the middle of august, while taking pictures, with my hands full.
i not only broke my digital camera, but i messed up my left wrist as well.
it may be something like a compression fracture or collis fracture.
it seems to me that the bones have just been pushed aside by about a half an inch.
while it was reasonably painful for the first couple of weeks, i can now type with it, and some of the strength is coming back, but it still doesn't twist well, and i can't really lift anything more than a pound or so.

One good thing that may have come from this; is that since my hip replacement a few years ago, i have been chronically hobbling around with a walking stick.
but now that i can't hold it, i have been forced to walk without it.
amazingly; to me, it turned out to be quite easy!

Then i got a new iPod Touch, and when i got it home, i found out that i needed to upgrade my computer Operating System to What is known as Snow Leopard.
i hate Snow Leopard.
this OS is two generations ( or more if you count the incremental upgrades ) above the architecture of my computer, and it doesn't run on it very well.
the most serious problems are with iPhoto.
But there are so many other little problems that i've had to restructure many of my folders and it's been a big nuisance!
another of the most annoying features of Snow Leopard is that two of my favorite extensions will not work with it.
one was to make the windows look more friendly.
And the other made the mouse pointer look like an arrowhead.
To my astonishment, when i set the controller to make the pointer slightly larger on Snow Leopard, it simply made the graphic of the pointer bigger, so that it's now all jaggy looking...!
that is unbelievable!

i downloaded a simulator of The HP42s, which i was once very adept at programming,
but now i can't remember how to write the simplest solver equation...!!!
so i am working my way through the manuals again,
and this is very depressing too.

what else.
i also downloaded this game for the iPod called Pocket Frogs.
it is totally stupid, and not even a game.
It is like a very pretty Tomogotchi ( Tomagotchi ).
You don't even have to remember to feed the frogs, they can take care of themselves.
so what is the point?
you can watch them hop around, and create environments for them,
and find prettier ones.
i was thinking that since a big part of this game is to breed them,
it would be interesting if you got unexpected results,
But you only ever get the predesigned versions.
i'm addicted to it.
i have to check how they're doing every hour or so.

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