Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coast to Coast AM ( The Art Bell Show )

Several Years ago; Just as Art Bell was becoming a Household Media Whore,
And his program began to attract the largest Audiences in AM Radio History;
He Retired, Ostensibly due to A Back Injury.

The New Host :
George Noorey is a dim shadow of Art Bell,
And as a consequence of his inability to hold a steady train of thought,
i have had to, on many evenings, choke down my own vomit when listening to Coast to Coast.

But most recently; George Noorey has Crossed over his own lines of Disreputable hosting... ( ! )

Note to George Noorey C2C
[ i apologize for not addressing this issue sooner,
but i don't have internet access her under the porch when i live,
wrapped in a damp blanket,
filling my underwear with discarded kittens to keep warm. ]

[ i further apologize for this missive being so long,
but i've been appending snippets to it over the course of several days ]

Regarding George Norrey's continuous rants & tirades,
using the most immature language & demeanor,
concerning The Shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona
by Jared Lee Loughner ( The Lone Gunman of Tucson )
. . . .
Re: Referring to The Tucson Assassin at a Looney, Kook and so on.

Question: Are you interested in appealing to your audience's lowest common denominator,
or lifting them up to a higher standard of thinking & behaviour.
If your intent is to race ahead of Rush Limbaugh as The Principle Dimwitted Cretin of AM Radio, The gap is rapidly shrinking,
You are well on the path is achieving this illustrious Title.

Essentially : When you talk like that, You sound like a retard.

It's hard enough to listen to Coast to Coast on any given night,
And i have long admired the patience & restraint that all the hosts demonstrate with your callers,
But please present yourselves as professions in search of some greater truth,
Rather than merely Rabble Rousers.
. . . .
As a Side Digression; i believe that no one ever does anything that they think is wrong.
From your neighborhood pedophile cannibal,
to burglars or pick pockets or plain spouse murderers;
They may understand that you think what they're doing is wrong,
in the same sense that you understand that The Taliban believes that our women are dressed immodestly,
But you dismiss their irrational beliefs as the ravings of lunatics.

Everyone thinks that way.

Whenever someone goes on a murderous rampage,
they undoubtedly have very good reasons for motivating them;
Are they acting on irrational beliefs,
or is our critical analysis being mislead by a dirge of information that they are privy to?

Which side of the kook fence are you sitting on?

Although that was a rhetorical question;
The Answer is; You can never know.
You should know better than most people,
that there is never enough information available, to know,
if it's you or them that are the kooks.

Were Mischievous Angels Directing him, for some reason(s that mere mortals would find incomprehensible, or does everything happen for no reason at all?
. . . .
i was hoping that this would be old news by now; But as of Thursday, you ( George N ) are still beating this dead horse and still defending your childish naïvete.
. . . .
It is universally accepted, even by atheists, when miraculously good things happen,
The Recipient will instinctively thank their particular flavor of gawd;
But it seems that it is equally universal that humanimals fail to understand that the agendas of angels may be starkly different than what mere mortals believe to be good & desirable.
Most prominent is that what, or how, transient mortals perceive death,
is Not how angels perceive and use death as a tool to achieve their end games.
The Deaths of mortals is not appreciated by angels with the same fear & mystery as its recipients do.
Angels do more than give us what we desire,
They provide us with the circumstances & providence that we need,
even when it seems very quirky & horrifying.

Do you believe that angels are caring for us all the time,
Or only occasionally—
During their leisure time for their recreational bemusement?
. . . .

In The same way that Astronomers have conjured up Dark Matter & Dark Energy
to explain their apparently empirical observations,
Theologians & Philosophers have summoned up Daemons & Fiends to explain away the disconjunct between The Activities of an unjustifiably All Good, All Just,
Omnipotent Deity whose understanding of the universe
is as limited & unassuming as Ours.
. . . .

On still another level;
NPR ( The Antithesis of AM Talk Radio )
ran a program that has filled me in on What is going on with The Radical Far Right;
Specifically, Unambiguously calling of An Armed Insurrection to Overthrow our Current Government.
Sarah Palin & Rush Limbaugh are heard every day, calling for America to pick up their guns and kill democratic politicians.
They are not beating around the bush or speaking in metaphors,
they are telling their listeners to pick up their guns and murder the people that are trying to protect our economy & provide affordable health care for the working class that forms the backbone of western civilization.

i used to think that The Republicans represented big corporations & The Democrats represented the common people;
But The Actual Politicians, once in office are indistinguishable from one another;
Republicans are often responsible for enacting legislation to promote the issues associated with The Far Left, such as Women's Rights & The Environment,
While Democrats defend the Issues that The Far Right is Fanatical about.

It seems like The Peanut Gallery ( AM Talk Radio Personalities )
& The Damp Masses wave back & forth like tall stalks of barley & merely create a distracting & dangerous background of white noise that serves only The Snake Oil Advertisers that give these lunatics a forum to shout incoherently to whomever can't find anything inanely distracting to watch on TV.
. . . .

Coast to Coast shouldn't be contributing to this Black Vacuum of DisInformation.

Stick to just being Crazy on Topics that concern only those listeners that are living Outside The Political & Cultural Spectrum that eats properly cooked hotdogs & drive cars with well serviced airbags.
. . . .

Much of this current Debate is very reminiscent of an argument that took place many years ago when critics of cinema violence were insisting that the gratuitous gun play in the movies was a direct causal mechanism for a spate of violence in many American Cities.

At this same time ( ± ) The Vinyl Record Industry was under attack by this same class of pecans & cashews that wanted all records to feature Rating Stickers.
Many Radical Musicians; Notably, Frank Zappa,
Were sure that this was Blatant & Rampant Censorship.
At this same time; i interpreted this movement as Truth in Advertising & Information Helps Make Accurate Decisions.
As much as i love Frank Zappa, He was overreacting on this issue.

But the point is : In both of these cases; The Musicians & Film Makers wanted The Damp Masses to Believe that their work was Both Relevant to The Creation of Western Civilization,
And Simultaneously, It was having No Effect on The Behaviour of Featherless Parakeets & Ill Suited, Shaved Hamsters.

As Dick Cavett noted ( ± ) from left field;
The movies are filled with Witty Comedians; Yet do we find the streets filled with Comedians?

i don't know what his point was; But while imitating Oscar Wilde requires a Substantial Intellect & Quick Mind, It takes considerably less Natural Talent to pick up a gun and shoot someone.

This Same Situation is Being Readdressed Now;
Many Media Pundits are Insisting that they have A Constitutional Right to Broadcast their Incendiary & Subversive Ideas, They further insist that These Comments would only be interpreted by only the very few Clinically Psychotic Individuals to Actually Act on Their Pronouncements.

Free Speech entails its corollary responsibility; Freedom of No Speech.

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