Monday, February 14, 2011

Inverted Flags

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Subject: Inverted Flags

Question or Comment:
i have noticed that quite a few of the drivers are sporting inverted flags
on their jackets.
While they may provide the excuse/explanation that these are 'flying in the
wind', one might expect another flag on their right shoulder patch that is
flying in the correct orientation.
But this is Never the case.
What do the inverted flags really mean?
Are they a code for an Al Qeada Sleeper Cell?
Or are they simply an expression of The Amazingly Open Racism that has
always been an important part of Spokane's Culture and Heritage?

The Inverted Flags are just wrong,
And Spokane Metro should not allow these to be displayed on their official

( ! )

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From: Robideaux, Peggy On Behalf Of STA Questions
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 11:27 AM
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Subject: RE: Inverted Flags

Dear Mr. Campbell,

Thank you for contacting Spokane Transit and sharing your opinion on the US flags on
STA uniforms. I am forwarding your email to our management team for review and

I appreciate that you have taken the time to give our staff your input on this
situation. Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.


Peggy Robideaux
Communications Specialist
Spokane Transit

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ReSponse Two :

Mr. Campbell

About two years ago, it came to our attention that the flags sewn on the right
sleeves of our uniforms were technically oriented in the wrong direction. One of
our coach operators pointed out that the flags on the uniforms of our Armed Forces
always have the 'union' (or blue field) facing forward. This caused us to research
the technically correct way to display the flag on the right sleeve of our uniforms.
It is a little known detail, and one not commonly practiced -- that is why it may
look odd. We immediately requested our uniform supplier to change the orientation
of the flags on all our future uniforms. Due to the fact that it is common for the
flag to be displayed both ways, and due the cost of replacing the flags on all
uniforms, we did not retroactively change the previous uniforms. Consequently, you
will still see a mix of both types on our uniforms.

As public servants, we at Spokane Transit are proud to display the flag as an
expression of our love of country. I appreciate the fact that you noticed and care
about this much as we do.

Steve Blaska
Director of Operations
Spokane Transit Authority
1230 W. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99201
509.325.6083 direct
509.710.9474 cell

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RePly :

i should first note that i am not a xenophobe or jingoistic ultrapatriot.
In fact i don’t even have a flag to wave.
i believe that our government routinely lies to us,
That we never went to the moon,
And that 911 was the work of a home grown group of American born millionaires,
And not that of islamic Terrorists.

i belong to the old school of believing that the flag should always be displayed with the union in the upper left hand corner,
Whether displayed horizontally or vertically.

And consequently; i will continue to believe that the inverted position is wrong.
In any other context, this would be wrong.

Just wrong.

Anyone looking at an inverted flag as those are displayed on your uniforms,
Viscerally knows that this is Not the correct depiction of the iconically presented american flag.

If you really believe that the union should face front;
Then the flags should be sewn onto the left shoulder,
Where it can be Displayed correctly.

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