Friday, February 11, 2011

Shoot 'Em Up.

i was just looking through Google for a Recent police shooting in which a woman in the passenger seat of a car was shot and killed by police.
i just heard a snippet of it on the radio or TV ( ? )
And so i thought i would find some more details on the interweb ( a few days later... )

Unfortunately; When i typed in Police Shooting,
i got about a million hits,
And when i tried to refine the search for innocent victim,
it cut the results back to only a half a million hits.


i see this over and over again;
Whenever The Police decide to use deadly force to disable a man in a wheelchair that may or may not be wielding a rock,
It invariable results in every cop in the vicinity just opening fire in the general direction of what they think, may or may not be in the correct target.

i would like to advocate a new policy for this sort of situation;
And that is;
Some of The Officers would only be allowed to use Blanks.
These are The Police Officers that can't shoot straight,
and tend to become panicky when they see a spider in the bathtub.
They would still be able to provide 'Coverfire' for The Officers that were allowed to carry live ammunition, but they would be less likely to kill innocent children or hostages.

Also: At any given location in which there was more than one Officer with Live Ammunition,
Only one would be designated as -The Shooter-.
This would be the one that could actually shoot the straightest,
And it would be well understood in any given situation, which Officer that was.

Then The other Officers with blanks would provide the necessary cover fire
To allow the Designated Shooter to safely put themselves in a good firing position,
And fire ONE or Two Appropriately placed shots to disable the suspect,
Evaluate The situation; Then fire again, If The Designated Shooter thinks that this is Necessary.

But that would take all the fun out of it,
Wouldn't it ?

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