Monday, March 21, 2011

Whole Bunch of New Google Docs !!!

i have just added a Whole Bunch of New Google Docs.
They are all in .pdf format, which means that they are much more formatted with lots of Colors & Fonts & Some Pictures...!!!
Much Nicer than Blog Postings...!!!

Crazy Ideas
Dangerous Ideas
Best &/or Kookiest Ideas
Cinematic & Story Ideas ( Too Big to Open on The Computer ??? )
Evolution/The R.I.Designer
Genealogical Stuff
Hip Owie Time Line ( Too Big to Open on The Computer ??? )
If i Were King of The World
Interesting Words
People Are About As Smart As Fish
Raw Book Ideas
ScreenSaver Universe
Curious Word Sets & Lists
Flying Saucer Thoughts
Kooky Names / Celebrities ( Flash Celebrities )
Mischievous Crazy Ideas
Obvious UnTruths
What Would Socrates Say?

Most of them are just for looking at;
But the Genealogical One is Open to allow anyone to Edit it...! ( or Not ? )
Please Only Add Stuff and Correct Mistakes.
If you find a Mistake; Please leave the Mistake and Add a Correction beside ( Below ) it !


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