Monday, April 04, 2011

FAKE !!!

Kiddie Pool Diver ( Click for Article )

i saw this guy ( Darren Taylor ( Professor Splash ) )
On the telly awhile ago,
And noted that he'd placed the pool on a foam rubber pad,
Which of course; is horrific cheating !!!

Plus, if it's a small pool, as the child's pool description suggests,
And he put out his arms and legs, they would catch along the inflated rim,
Which is what he'd actually be falling onto.
The foot of water would be nearly irrelevant.

A more honest feat of falling into shallow water,
Would be a sufficiently large enough pool so that he would miss the rims,
And this pool would be resting on a solid earth base,
With maybe a grassy middle layer of no more than 6 inches of negligently mowed lawn,
With the pool on top of that. Otherwise; He's not falling into a pool of water,
But an air mattress on a foam mattress on an unknown surface below those.

It's a very misleading & dubious Guinness Record.

It shames all The Flipper limbed Carnival Children
& Month long Riding Unicyclists.

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