Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ultimate Sacrifice ( ? )

Memorial Day

i heard the phrase ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ several dozen times today and naturally, As a Contrarian, i was thinking that it wasn’t really =The Ultimate= Sacrifice.

What would be The Ultimate Sacrifice?

One of my heretical ( deeply heretical ) ideas is that only Atheists will be going to heaven. This is based on the crazy idea that gawd wants thinking beings of genuinely courageous convictions, rather than filling an infinity of paradise with mindless sheep. Consequently; The Atheists, particularly those that actually believed that The Catholic Church was The One True, Veritable Liaison between gawd & men, Nevertheless; Chose to believe that many of The Church’s teachings & dogma were severely mistaken or misinterpreted from An Accurate Rendition of The Genuine Reality. In other words; They got it wrong, and they spoke up about it, and were burned at the stake. These are the entities that would be welcomed into heaven.
What would become of the faithful that obediently stuck their head in a bucket of water and mutilated their genitals?
They would be recycled.
( Reincarnated - As this interpretation doesn’t allow for a hades, You have to believe that you have a good chance of ending up in hell, to be considered for a nice room in the mansions of heaven, but no one really goes there. )


i find it very annoying that ‘Religious’ people think that a mortal death is a big deal. A mortal death marks a transition from leaving this ‘faux’ world to the real world.
This is another thing; Most ‘Religious’ people think that this is the real world, and heaven is a subset of that. That is exactly backwards.
Heaven is the real world, This world is a contrived testing ground within The Real World. When you die in this world, you are processed in The Real World and then something mysterious happens.
My personal model says that there is no ‘heaven’ actually. That is; A paradise which is the reward of whatever. That’s crazy.
You spend a few scant years here and are then judged to spend an eternity in paradise, or not ( ? )
That seems implausible to me.
Especially if you factor in eternal damnation.
i think that the true reality is ‘The Same Old Shit for Ever & Ever.’
You will be reincarnated again & again,
And the very sad part is; There is no real Evolution of your soul.
You just wax & wain with various qualities, but if you were steadily moving towards some grandiose perfection, then it doesn’t seem to be working.


The Ultimate Sacrifice would be something like;
Knowing ( or Believing that you Knew ) that there is a hell,
And by doing ( x ) you will be sent to hell,
But, You also very strongly believe that by doing ( x ),
You will somehow be benefiting the people still living in this world,
And possibly provide them with a greater chance of reaching heaven.
That person would be sacrificing their eternal existence in eternal damnation for others.
And if the other’s were strangers, that might even impress gawd more.

Of course; That person would go straight to heaven instead.

But - - The exact opposite is true.
All these soldiers that are fighting for Truth & Justice believe that they are going straight to heaven for being so brave, and killing muslims for our freedom, which they hate.

But whenever you do anything for the reward, you don’t get the reward.
Most ‘Religious’ People invariably think that gawd is a sucker and can easily be tricked in a wide variety of ways.

i would like to believe that gawd can see right through you,
And s/he will know why you’re really doing ( x ).

Screaming at The TV ( Again )

There was a story on Good Morning America this morning about Teens that are
( for whatever reasons )
helping the police ‘Catch’ Adults that agree to buy them Booze.
Is this Entrapment?
What is Entrapment?

One annoying aspect of this ‘Story’ was that the reporter was ‘going along with’ the police officers that were creating this sting operation. They brought up the question ( indirectly ) that this may have been considered an Entrapment operation, but then meekly accepted the lame denial that it wasn’t.
This was just another case of ‘So Called’ News Reporters/Investigators simply reading a script that the government had handed them.
Entrapment is when you trick someone into committing a crime that they would probably not ordinary commit.
The police are arguing that they are creatively catching criminals,
But what they are really doing is Creating Criminals.
Should the police be making criminals, rather than catching predeclared criminals?
Obviously in a situation like this; The teenager that asks an adult to buy them liquor is also guilty, but in a sting operation, in which the teen breaks the law to create an adult criminal, they are given a Get Out of Jail pass.
It is obviously very wrong to break the law to trick someone else into breaking the law.
In a case like this; The adult would probably not cruise through a neighborhood looking for teens with a few dollars, and then offer to buy them liquor.
This sort of ‘crime’ is always a crime of spontaneous opportunity.
But i would consider this Entrapment.
One aspect of this that the teenagers acting as ‘Pigeons’ or ‘Bait’ by the police, is at our first perusal, We would have to believe that the police are acting astonishingly irresponsibly by putting these children in situations with what they themselves are considering dangerous felons.
But aside from that; The teenagers are acting as the initial domino of a series of events which are entirely unpredictable.
One of the teens claimed that two of her friends were killed in a driving accident in which alcohol was a determining factor—
But what if the adult that she lures into buying her a six pack of beer has a warrant out for his arrest, and when confronted by the police, pulls out a gun and starts shooting. The police, bystanders, the buyer & the teen themselves may be in mortal danger, over what may reasonably be considered a minor misdemeanor.
This is why Entrapment is its most wrong. You are creating a situation in which anything crazy can happen, and there’s no way of knowing what the consequences of your game may be.
It’s a very dangerous tournament of chicanery.
- -
Obvious: It is wrong for anyone to use mind altering drugs and then participate in social engagements, such as driving cars or having sex,
But what is the more ethical solution?
The Store Owners should be cognizant of teenagers hanging around their liquor stores, and either chase them off, or report them to the authorities.
Do they have a right to just hang out anywhere?
Well, Yes; But they’d be chased off for their own good,
The alternative would be if the police arrived and waited for them to commit a crime of their own scheming.
- - - - -
Another Story that was on this morning, was that of a store owner that shot a teenager that was engaging in an armed robbery of a store of some kind. There were two perpetrators, one was shot once in the head, and the other fled. The store owner ( or clerk ? ) that shot the first robber, gave chase to the second robber, but he apparently got away.
The owner/clerk then returned to the store and shot the wounded robber 5 more times.
He was charged with 1st Degree Murder, Convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
Did he do wrong?
It seems to me that he should have pleaded temporary insanity,
As anyone that is threatened with a gun, and is witness to others of their employee or coworkers being threatened with a gun, Should, Reasonably, be in an altered state of Ethical Sanity.
My Rule of Thumb is that when someone brings a gun to a party,
They have brought with them a new set of rules that rescind all prior mores of expected ethical behaviour, And if you’re able to get their gun away from them, Then you are free to use it however you’d like. The number of bullets they brought are your’s to use at your discretion.
And this applies to The Police as well.
That is; If a police officer draws and points his gun at you, are you obligated to just let him shoot you?
Or do the same rules apply as if they were the criminal?
- -
Curiously; i am fanatically against capital punishment,
Because once you have someone in custody, and It is Necessary to hold a trial to determine their guilt, because that guilt is uncertain, then you should be discreet & measured with your solutions.
- -
But if you are standing right there when a crime is being committed by someone,
then you -Know- that they are guilty. A trial is Not necessary !
It makes all the sense in the world to resolve the situation right then & there,
When are the facts are Irrefutable & All The Participants are Present ( ! )
In a perfectly sane & magnanimous world, you would be measured & Gentle with those that have misstepped with their criminal etiquette; But in the world that we live in, Things often happen more quickly than the careful administration of morality could be considered & applied.
You of course must eventually take & assume responsibility for your actions,
But you are also obligated to act decisively to control & remedy the situation that you are immediately involved in.
Hopefully; When your trial comes due; The jury will find that you acted reasonably, given the extraordinary circumstances and your necessity of acting quickly with a minimal amount of information.

Al Qaeda ( Rough Version )

Al Qaeda

i really don’t know where to begin with this.
i should have been keeping notes since 2001 or earlier.
Mostly i just have a few dozen questions that no one else seems interested in asking or answering.

What is Al Qaeda?
How many Members does it have?
What is their Annual Operating Budget?
Is it really a world wide terrorist organization, or, if it exists at all, just a small number of vaguely motivated criminals?
What is the agenda of Al Qaeda?
Why is it the The West ( US ) doesn’t seem to ‘Get It’ that the people that are blowing themselves up as Suicide Bombers, are really upset about something?
What is This Something?
Why does our ( West / US ) Media keep telling us that they are just crazy, or That they Hate Freedom?
i find it very hard to believe that anyone, certainly anyone low enough within a political party to blow themselves up, really Hates the idea of Personal Freedom. i can perhaps sympathize with a government wanting to suppress the rights of it’s people, but even so; This imaginary government wants freedom for themselves. It has always seemed to me that These people that want the US to keep out of Northern Africa, have a much more astute understanding of Freedom than Americans do; they worship freedom in a much greater pragmatic way than american do, In that they want Freedom from The Enslavement of The UEO and The USA. What Annoys The USA Government is that They don’t know their Place in the grand scheme of things.
Was there ever a real person corresponding to the Name Osama Bin Ladin?
Was this figure always just an imaginary Boogey Man?
After the Recent “Murder of Osama Bin Ladin”, A Search of his compound revealed many “Plans” for more Terrorism against the United States, The question that has always plagued me; Why was there so few, ( if any ) attacks on the US after 911?
Doesn’t it strike you as odd that the supposed attacks were comically ridiculous?
As for The Christmas Tree Attack; The news stories of this seemed to contain two stories; One That The FBI caught A Terrorists, And Two; The stories seemed to contain enough details that made it clear that it was the FBI that recruited this man, trained him & then sent him on this mission, only to arrest him before any harm was done. ( ? )
Why are all the attacks in Afghanistan & Iraq against their own people, and not, so much against high level US Military targets?
It has always seemed to me that these attacks were perpetrated by someone or some agency that was far more interested in keeping US Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan, then kicking them out, or even allowing them to leave. ( ? )
There were certainly many, many very odd things that happened on 911, What annoys me more than simple denial of these things, is that The Gullible Skeptics are in denial that -Anything- Odd happened on 911.
i recently read that there are other like minded people in the world that assert that there really isn’t anything like ‘Al Qaeda’, in pretty much the same way that these is on ‘Mafia’. There are certainly a lot of crime families, but there’s No Overseeing Criminal Organization that unites them in a grander scheme of things. They may occasionally form temporary alliances or truces, but The very fact that there is so much violence amongst the criminal gangs, Especially in Inner Cities & Along the Mexican Boarder, that this Mafia or Whatever, does not exist.
In this same sense; There is no World Wide or even local Oversight Committees that organize all the tiny groups that may have a beef with This or That Foreign Government or even an invading army. They each have their own agenda and are completely unwilling to serve someone else’s. They have no sense of The Greater Good. There’s no Media Superstructure to Brain Wash them into uniting into a large force for (x).
Essentially; It’s completely crazy to go to war with entire nations in order to arrest, capture or assassinate a tiny number of common criminals.
The same logic applies to all Wars really.
If we’d simply sent a SEAL Team, Airborn Rangers or Army Green Berets into Germany in 1937, WWII could have been avoided.
Why did The USA Administration keep changing it’s account of what happened during the murder of Osama BL? If it was all faked, they should have had a pat story line all written before hand? And if it was real, the early reports should have been accurate. The only explanation seems to be that it was faked, but the person making up the story was never properly designated. The Various people that thought that it was their responsibility to make up the story, kept releasing their versions without checking with whoever was supposed to be supervising the operation. ( ? )
- -
Why did Barrack H. Obama take so long to release his birth certificate?
This story that The State of Hawai`i doesn’t allow anyone to view or obtain a copy of their original birth certificate seems somewhat disingenuous?
Here in Washington State, you go down to the records office or send in a request by mail, along with $3, and they’ll send you a copy of the original in a few days.
And there is also the problem of the announcement found in the newspaper, 2 weeks after he was born, ( In Hawai`i ) that wasn’t discovered until 3 years after the first suspicions of his birth place were brought up.
As a suspicious person; i would very much like to obtain a court order to see the original birth certificate in the file cabinet, and compare it, forensically, to other birth certificates of that same period.
The very fact that that’s never going to happen either, is just another layer of suspicion.
Pretty much since the beginning of this fiasco; The far left has said that it wasn’t being concealed at all, but this latest version of ‘The Complete’ Birth Certificate is very different than anything previously released. Just how many States issue a ‘Short Version’ of A Requested Birth Certificate?
- -
What is the Airport Security Screening really accomplishing?
What is that really all about?
If i was a terrorist and i wanted to blow up airplanes or get into any other of the many venues of mischief that A World Wide Terrorist Organization ‘Should be’ engaging in, i could easily accomplish these feats with a very small budget and despite the best efforts of Homeland Security.
So why isn’t this World Wide Terrorist Organization more active?
Why are they always blowing up such feeble & inconsequential targets?
- - -
Given a Population of (x); How many of them are genuine Criminals?
If we simply identified certain people, early on, of being ‘AntiSocial’ and provided them with greater supervision instead of serially incarcerating & releasing them, Would this have a greater success rate of making Society more secure.
- - -
i would like to believe that the people that are behind ‘Homeland Security’ mean well,
But their true agenda is far from what they are selling it as.
They are afraid of something; But what?
- - -
Regarding The Taliban &/or Other ‘Islamic’ Societies which have the same Sexual Dichotomy of Labor as The United States had in the 1950s and before.
Also: This idea of The Burqa covering an entire woman.
This is really any different than a suit & hat coving an entire man?
i personally find it fascinating that western civilization has made it one of its highest crimes to express your identity as a homosapien. You have to hide yourself under animal skins to demonstrate that you are not an animal. ( Or something like that ) Even diehard Secularists go along with this.
i heard a very curious story from a westerner visiting Iraq or ( ? ) sometime ago. He happened to be wandering through a residential area and came across some women working in the courtyard. The women had on something like dresses, but were not wearing their hoodies. Upon seeing the man, they immediately threw their dresses up over their faces, which exposed their genitalia & breasts. In their culture; It was more important to cover their faces than their ‘Swimsuit Areas’.
Back in the Wild and Sexually Promiscuous 60’s, Barbara Eden ( in; I Dream of Jennie ) couldn’t show her belly button on TV, and Lucille Ball couldn’t say that she was Pregnant.
These are just Crazy Cultural Taboos.
Every Culture has them. They’re intended to simply indicate that we are us, and you are them.
They have nothing to do with reason, justice or economic prosperity.
The question i have is; These people that live under the Taliban and obey these rules, What are they getting out of it?
If it was really a dysfunctional society, The People would eventually overthrow it, or evolve it into something else. But these societies have been around for centuries.
They particularly don’t want to be westernized.
The west is an amazingly decadent culture that is falling apart. They can see what we can’t. We are on our way out, they will persevere in their simple ways.
And it probably has a lot to do with Europe and The US reestablishing Israel, just to keep the Jews out of Europe and The Americas. This plan was naive at best, as not all Jews fled to Israel, and Not all Arabs were Sand Farmers, Some of them actually had aspirations of their own.
- -
Shortly after 911, when The USA began rounding up persons of Middle Eaastern ( Northern African ) Decent and shipping them off to Guantanamo on the theory that once they leave USA soil, they are no longer protected under the pretext of Our Constitutional Laws, or even any World Standards of Human Rights or The Rights Guaranteed under the Geneva Convention. This was so obviously wrong, and everyone seemed to think that it was perfectly alright.
- -
Bill Maier ( ? ) had a Late Night TV Show on sometime after 911 and this was supposed to be a deeply heretical comedy talk show format, and he made the observation/Joke (?) that the ‘Terrorists’ that flew into the world trade towers were Not ‘Cowards’ as the media was widely reporting them as, but while he didn’t go so far as to say they were Heros, It was certainly not a cowardly act to commit suicide in a manner such as this; What was, or may be considered cowardly, is our US Soldiers sitting thousands of miles from a war zone and pushing a button to annihilate a few city blocks in Iraq.
Needless to say; His show was immediately canceled.
So much for our FREEDOM of Speech. ( Especially when it’s true )
- -
i’m very much in favor of Iran, North Korea & Libya having nuclear weapons.
Maybe they will keep the US from invading them, as they are sure to do sometime soon anyways.
- -
It seems to me that ships at sea & aircraft carriers are amazingly vulnerable.
All you’d have to do is silently swim up under one of them in a whale costume, blow off their propellers and attach a series of bombs along the bottom at your convenience.
- -
Given that most days are very slow news days, i find it distressing that the local media whores are working so hard to ‘make news’.
i think that it would be much more productive to have a series of fall back stories of community service or public education programs to fill in on these days.
The other thing is that i find it very annoying that the news whores seldom, if ever, ask obvious questions. They are simply news readers in the very worst sense. The government hands them a script and they are forbidden from questioning it or doing their own investigations.
Honestly; i don’t believe a word on the news, local or national anymore.
This Country & the World really needs an independent news organization that is really interested in understanding the world.
- -
Was there ever really a ‘Cold War’?
It certainly seems to make sense that the USSR would have been very wary of Europe & The United States, that was based on a very selfish & socially destructive economic model that was essentially enslaving its working class, while communism & socialism were ostensibly based on sharing wealth & seeking the optimum economic plan through central planning. They may have been wrong about a few things, but the united states had just developed an insanely powerful weapon and Europe had just kicked it’s ass and invaded several countries that buffered it from Western Europe. At the very least, All of the European Nations did absolutely nothing while Germany invaded Eastern European Nations one after another. They were very righteously paranoid. They had very serious enemies on both coasts and over the north pole.
Was The Cold War entirely a product of The USA’s desire to export Capitalism throughout the world?
- -

Unexpected Pocket Frogs Surprise !

Sunday, May 29, 2011 11:13:32 AM
One of the games on play a lot on my iPod is Pocket Frogs.

This is not really a game, but more like a Tomagotchi Variation in which you’re allowed to breed frogs which hop around; and so on.
There’s not much to it.

One thing that i think would make it much more interesting,
is if when you breed two frogs,
the attributes of the two parents would be genuinely mixed to create a new version of frogs, So that The number of versions would approach infinity?

Instead; There are only a finite number of Frog Types
and Any Pollywogs ( which you never get to see;
As the eggs hatch directly into fully developed small frogs,
which grow into bigger frogs. )

Another fine point to that, would be if you could breed genuine mutations,
in which frogs could be created that have more than the usual number of legs or are covered with spikes.


Oh! And Objects.
You can buy and fill your ‘Habitats’ with Objects and Backgrounds.
It would be fun if the users could create their own backgrounds and objects.
Then if you made a really nice object or background,
you could load it to a central administrative depot
that would allow others to use your ‘really good’ artifacts.


Just today; i was browsing around on Pocket Frogs,
and i peeked in The Frog Mart, which i never do,
because i have all the Frogs, except ONE.

And There in The Frog Mart was The ONE Frog that i didn’t have !!!

i had come to believe, and have read on many Pocket Frog Sites,
that this Very Rare Frog was only available by certain means,
and if you missed out on one of these windows,
you’d just never get it.
Except by trading.

So a week or two ago, i tried to get one by trading,
and messed up ( Again! ) with my ‘Password’
and had to create a new account at Plus+ Whatever,
That is an Over Site Something for Pocket Frogs ( ??? )
And as a result of creating this second redundant account,
i essentially broke my first account
and the second one wouldn’t work.
And once you do something like this
( like with my Apple Mail Account )
There is no way to fix it. ( ??? ) !!!

But there in The Frog Mart this morning was a Tribus !!!
The Rarest Pocket Frog !!!
Which i could buy !!!

This Frog is So Rare though, that you can’t buy it with money!
You have to use something much more valuable than Money !!!
Potions !

Potions are very hard to get,
and you can buy them on the internet site for Pocket Frogs,
but they are outrageously Expensive !
Or you can spend hour & hours & hours on the pond looking for ‘Presents’
which may or Probably Not, contain a few potions.
You can use to Potions to hurry up the growth of a frog,
or make them happier, or give them a boost in a race
to win a frog that you don’t have.

The Tribus Frog cost 25 Potions,
which is like The Cost of a Fancy Escort Whore for 2 Nights!
But it was worth it.

Now i can finally finish The Last Award Category ( Nearly Last ) !!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frank Capra's : Why We Fight

Something very annoying happened to me recently;
And that was: i watched All 7 ( one seemed to be missing ? )
Of Frank Capra’s : Why We Fight.
These Documentaries; 7, 1 hour ± films, detailed The Events leading up to World War II and many of the other circumstances surrounding it.
- -
i should also mention that i flunked US History in High School
and had to make it up in Summer School, which was the same summer that all of The Watergate Hearings were taking place,
so that instead of learning anything about US History,
we watched TV for that hour every day.
- -
Anyways; Watching These Frank Capra Films was pretty much my first real exposure to The Historical Events of World War II.
Sure; i’d watched plenty of War films growing up, The TV Series ‘Combat’,
Hogan’s Heros, and Saving of Private Ryan,
but few, if any of these films really went into any real historical events.
- -
The ball buster was that these Frank Capra films,
although considered Fanatical Propaganda films now,
Seemed to have a genuine ring of truth to them.
i also thoroughly enjoyed that they spoke so glowingly of Both The Soviet Union & China.
With the Possible Exception of Tibet in Recent History, China has been a Remarkably Peaceful Nation. It has never invaded any other country or attempted world conquest, Much like Russia, Another Remarkably Peaceful Country,
( Disallowing for all their internal Conflicts !!! )
And Very much NOT like Most of The European Countries & The United States,
which have tried repeated to colonize the rest of the world.
- -
Both China & The USSR were our Allies in World War II and without Their Help,
we would undoubtedly be living under The Nazi Régime now.
The Frank Capra Films made this very clear.
We owe both of them both an unpayable debt of Gratitude.
- -
- -
Aside from Watching several thousands of hours of Television growing up,
My only other authoritative source of World History was A Series of Books,
Generically referred to as; The Everything that you Know, is Wrong; Books.
i love these books.
They are very heretical.
And i love the idea that everything that i’ve been taught,
or was supposed to have learned, in school, was wrong.
i knew that already, but it’s nice when an authoritative source confirm it.
- -
i have always known, for example, that Picasso was a hack, but it was nice to hear someone in an authoritative Art Video espouse this same idea in confirmation.
- -
One of the ideas that The Everything you Know, Is Wrong; books suggested;
Was that America was thoroughly forewarned of The Impending Attacks on Pearl Harbor, and had in fact manipulated Japan into attacking us, So that we would have a ‘Good Reason’ to enter World War II, which The American Populace & Most Politicians were Vehemently Opposed to.
After World War One, The World, And The United States, had gone to great lengths to Never become involved in another War, and we were Very Serious about keeping that Pledge.
But as Star Trek Taught us; Pacifism was the wrong approach to Nazism.
Even The Vulcans could figure that out.
- -
The Point being;
The Frank Capra Films, which i consider far more authoritative than the more entertaining Everything you know, is Wrong; books, Directly Contradicted This Point.
The Reason that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor was because We ( The US ) was more actively siding with China that Japan was comfortable with.
By this account, Japan seriously overreacted, and made a big mistake in forcing us into the War, But we were acting correctly in supporting China, which Japan was trying to conquer at the time.
- -
The Annoying Part is that i can no longer trust The Everything You Know, Is Wrong; Books.
Everything that i’ve been taught is Wrong, is Wrong.
Or more accurately; i just can’t trust anybody anymore.
i’m even willing to allow that The Frank Capra Films were probably tainted a little from time to time.

Supplement of : The Internet is A Hoax

Evidence That The Internet
Or Computers in General
Are A Hoax
Or Something Very Different from what They Are Being Sold As.

- - -
It has been my assertion for many years now, and This opinion is not at all changing with each new generation of computers, Operating Systems & Internet Advances.
If anything; i find rather curious that in the last 10 years ! ? there have been not ‘Noticeable’ Advances in Computer Technology, Operating System’s Ease of Use or Internet Cleverness. i base this primarily on my previous observation that in the early days of computing & internet usage, there were Very, Very Noticeable Changes every few months.
Particularly with Computer Interface Design & The Speed at which Internet Content could be Downloaded. 15 years ago, The Internet was so astonishingly slow, and nowadays, i wonder, i wonder very hard, how could it have been that slow, compared to now? It’s truly incomprehensible.
For example; 15 years ago, in 1995, at that onset of AOL, which was a precursor to Common Internet Usage; it took an hour to download One Megabyte of Content.
Now it takes, Less than a second.
i’m sure that if you weren’t there, That sounds completely ridiculous, but i assure you, this is one of the few times i am Not exaggerating.
One Hour for One Megabyte to be Transferred over Ordinary Phone Lines.
How could it have been that slow?
- -
- -
It has been my assertion for many year now, That Computers & The Internet are for Geeks & Nerds - - Only.
That is; The Ordinary Damp Masses, Can not use These Products & Services.
i base this primarily on my simple observation that everyone i know, does not use computers or the internet - - Or; If they do; They use them only in their most simplistic forms, Rarely, If ever, for Genuine Computational Services or Internet Commerce.
And Rightly So. These Services are Unavailable to them,
Because their usage is Incomprehensible to them.
- -
One of the things that i find very, very annoying is that entering the Internet is like stepping out of your home, into the most crime ridden neighborhood in your city.
It may look reasonably pleasant, There isn’t a problem with pervasive litter, broken windows, crumbling brickwork or slovenly dressed ner’er-do-wells lingering on every street corner; As is common in downtown Seattle - -
But you have to -Constantly- Be On Guard ( !!! )
i genuinely -Can Not Imagine- how A Person with an IQ of merely 100, could survive in this environment.
It is constantly trying to take advantage of you, and once you fall pry to it, It will empty your Checking Account or Deluge you in Unwanted Phone Calls or Emails.
Most of my Emails are Pure Junk, As just a few years ago, Most of my Snail Mail was Pure Junk. But This New Generation of Pure Junk is Constantly trying to Trick you into betraying you into Surrendering Confidential Information that -It Will; Everytime- Use to make your life Miserable.
One this has happened; you are never going to touch that hot stove again.
- -
Another thing;
About computers; i have routinely running into problems with my own MacBook that cause me considerable grief.
And overcoming these problems requires every bit of my stupendous, slightly above average, intellect.
i really can not imagine how a person with an IQ of merely 100 could cope with these problems.
In Such a Situation that one of The Damp Masses buys a computer and after a week or so, assuming by some -Genuine- Miracle, they get it up & running,
They will encounter one of These, before mentioned, very annoying problems;
And just stop using it.
Or They will return it again & again to the store where they bought it,
And eventually The Store will just stop helping them.
And once this has happened; How long will it be before they purchase another computer?
The answer is: Never.
It is my contention that of The Millions of Computers sold every year, 80% by weight of them, are collecting dust in a corner of some room which has developed a reputation of a Taboo Hollow. Untouchable products & appliances are put there, and It is simply avoided. This corner is never dusted or vacuumed. Raccoons may take up residence in this corner of the living room, and they are left unmolested.
- -
If The Computer isn’t completely abandoned & put in a closet, basement or attic;
Then it is used in the most benign way, Only for email, Chat rooms or Possibly to download MP3’s from.
- -
We occasionally hear of a 12 year old writing an App for The iPhone,
but we also occasionally hear of a two headed baby being born in the Philippines.
- -
i don’t believe that the Internet is what, It is being sold to us as.
Several years ago; It was commonly described as being a gigantic ocean, that was only a few inches deep at its most fathomless trenches.
i don’t think, as of 2011, this has changed at all.
What most surprises me is how much is -Missing- from The Internet.
There are these things called; Newsgroups, which are ostensibly places where like minded people can assemble and share ideas, and to be fair, i believe that these Newsgroups, that i grew up with, have been replaced with ‘something else’.
i occasionally stumble across these ‘something elses’ but i have not been able to figure them out, or use them to my advantage.
But the point being; To my way of thinking, There should be a Newsgroup for Every Imaginable Hobby & Distraction. And yet there isn’t.
This undoubtedly is the result of my previous claim that very few people actually use computers or the internet,
But still - - Even if only 2% of 8 Billion people used the Internet - -
That would allow 160 million people to represent everyone interested in the gematria. Which would be some tiny fraction of that,
This should still be Several Thousand People world wide.
And yet; There seems to be less than a dozen, separated by individual blogs, that rarely share ideas.
- -
i believe that a second Dot.Com Bust is right around the corner.
Companies like Google & Flickr & Yahoo survive by ‘invisibly’ selling advertising to people that visit the internet, and i very much believe that these companies that buy this advertising are going to wake up some morning and realize that it’s a hoax.
These sorts of ‘Scams’ are sometimes very long lived.
That is; They may be able to perpetuate themselves for many, many years by simply trading money back & forth with other ‘insiders’ that continue to believe that they are Not standing in a castle made of Ritz Crackers.
The Art Market continues to this day, Buying & Selling scraps of Paper whose images are available to everyone for free, for thousands or millions of dollars.
The Dot.com boom that started in the late 1980’s, persisted for nearly 20 years.
The Housing Market exists on a roller coaster with 20 year cycles.
The Fashion Market is Self Renewing. As long as people remain convinced that The Naked Human body is disgusting to look at, Fashion will persist.
The Automobile Market will collapse soon. What might save it is a new generation of genuinely unique designs that deviate sharply from the current trend towards blander & blander boxes with wheels.
- -
i was thinking some time ago that devices like that iPad or ‘Smart Phones’ would save the computer industry by making ‘computers’ easy to use by changing how & what they do.
Computers have always been pretty useless for everything,
Then; around 2000, they became Internet Portals,
And Now iPads & Their Ilk, are Ostensibly a Paperless Media Viewer.
The New Magazine.
Just as i had once Hoped that Linux would be The New Operating System,
But no longer do,
i am becoming a little skeptical of iPads.
‘Smart Phones’ are phones.
i don’t believe that they’re being used for anything else.
Except maybe as MP3 Players.
The Music Industry is here to stay, and The Medium for Music Storage is constantly changing, So in so much as Phones & iPads ( and such ) can act as MP3 Players, they will continue in that venue.
- -
i just think that there is something deeply remarkable about ones ability to ‘flip through’ the pages of a book.
You may be able to do very productive searches through a digital book,
But until they really emulate ‘Flipping’, The Popularity of Digital Books & Magazines will remain a novelty.
- -
Another thing about computers that i find very irritating is Speech Recognition & Simulation.
One of my Grand Fantasies is being able to call up any Company or Information Kiosk, or Use this with your home computer or iPad, And ask a detailed, Plain English Question, Or hold a Conversation with an Avatar that can answer any question &/or Follow the train of thought within several disjointed sentences.
One Kooky Application for this would something like a Sex-Line, But Lonely People could call up one of these Avatars and simply, intelligently converse for hours on end for a few dollars per hour.
This technology would mean that everyone’s home computer, smart phone or iPad would become their ‘Best Friend’.
This could possibly be; Very Bad.
Or Very Good.
The Experiment would have to be performed to really see which it is.
You would also be able to ask such an Avatar to analyze a vast amount of data within very specific parameters to ask questions like; Have Humans actually landed on the moon? Who really killed Princess Diana? What is The Most Healthy Diet?
And Connected to a Simple Digital Camera or Video Camera; What is this rash on my leg?
The Problem with this Fantasy is That Speech Recognition has been promised to us for The past 50 years ( or Substantially longer ) and It has remained amazingly elusive.
Or Suppressed.
i Think; Suppressed.
i believe that many, many technologies are being suppressed.
But how?
How could any agency or government or group suppress technologies that could easily be introduced over the internet?
If this were so; It would mean that this Agency had control over the entire Internet.
It has long been ‘Wildly’ Rumored that The NSA was listening in on EVERY phone call made within the US or The World, depending upon which account you were reading.
According to this ‘Myth’; The NSA has had the ability to use it’s computers to listen in and intelligently decypher what is being said by anyone using a telephone since the 1970s.
This seems crazy; But it does explain a lot.
- -
It was disclosed a few years ago that The FBI had a Facial Recognition Technology that they successfully used during a Rose Bowl Football Game to catch Dead-Beat Dads.
i was very skeptical of this; for the simple reason that if this were really available, private industry would get a hold of it, and we would see it being used everywhere. And this did not happen.
It is now widely understood that The FBI never did have anything like this.
- -
This same phenomena is frequently seen in ‘News Reels’ of Japanese Robots.
They are shown doing the most amazing things, which one would think would become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and it doesn’t.
Neither are we privy to actually ever seeing these robots in person.
Japan is supposedly pioneering the most robots in the world, yet during it’s recent catastrophe with it’s destroyed nuclear reactor, no robots were available to go in and perform simple repairs - - Humans had to be sacrificed to turn a valve or pull a hose into the burnt out building.
And the Robot Toys that are available to us, are the same very lame robots that were being sold to us 30 years ago.
- -
Concerning Speech Recognition;
Every 2 o 3 years a new product or series of products will come out claiming to understand ordinary human speech. And a few months later, it will fade away, and we’ll wait another 2 or 3 years for the next cycle to begin.
What is so remarkable; It that at the beginning of each cycle, for the past 20 years, the capability of this technology at the beginning of each new cycle is the same.
That is; Speech Recognition at the beginning this cycle in 1980, was the same capability as the cycle that began in 2010.
It’s not advancing. At all.
And the same applies to Speech Simulation. The best Avatars in 2010 sound only very marginally better than the ones in 1970.
- -
Is it that Technology along these venues not advancing, or is it more reasonable to presume that they’re being suppressed by some omnipotent agency that operates far outside any conventional government?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream Considerations

Prompted from Wm Jas' : Dream experiment methodology

First : i don’t for a moment believe that dreams are just random noise percolating up from our brain stems.
i have at various times believe that dreams are :
gawd’s sketch book
alternative, unused realities
the true reality, which is filled with large voids, and when we are ‘not dreaming’ in our disincarnated ‘dreaming’ form, we have wandered into these voids.
This true reality, that we visit in our dreams, also ‘explains’ why we become incarnated in the first place. In the true reality, our raw conscious selfs find it very difficult to navigate in this space, especially immature souls.
So we come here; To this faux reality, where everything is ‘nailed down’ and things happen in a comparatively sequential manner.
Using this faux reality, and visiting the true reality when we are sleeping ( it’s actually just the other way around ! ) we are eventually able to learn how to navigate & shape the true reality, and avoid the empty regions, to our benefit & comfort.
- -
Or something else.
i am also very confused that our sleeping minds ( ? ) would go to what seems like an inordinate amount of trouble to create these fully formed realities.
For what purpose?
And most disturbingly;
Why is it that i am often in a dream, Aware that i am in a dream, Aware that there are very, very odd things going on around me, Or that i am able to fly ( in a particular way ) and it -seems perfectly normal- !
- -
This particular kind of way of flying, that reoccurs from time to time, is that i’ll be running a long, then just tuck my legs up, and continue along floating off the ground. i’m unable to fly ‘up’, but this gliding is so real that upon awaking, i’m sure that i’ll be able to do this in the waking reality ! )
- -
More generally; i am aware of the other ‘reality’ in which i can’t fly; But here in the dream, it seems truly real.
People that come back from near death experiences often say that they see colors that seem more real than the colors here are.
This is what a normal dream is like; The dream is real. It is more real than the other ( waking ) reality.
- -
The other very disturbing thing is that while i am in a dream, or waking from a dream, the dream is very real, and i am experiencing this very real reality; And yet when i am fully awake; i usually forget what just happened to me.
Clearly; The Ego that is experiencing the dream, or consciousness, is a very different consciousness from the waking consciousness. The waking consciousness remembers things, the dreaming consciousness does not.
If the argument that consciousness doesn’t really do anything, holds any water, maybe it makes sense that the process of remembering things is closely related to ‘experiencing’ sensory events, and dreams do not create sensory events.
Their experiences come from somewhere else.
A real Dream Reality, or an internal fantasy reality.
Or more spiritually ( deep rationalization here ) the true consciousness that experiences dreams, is not a memory dependent conscious process.
The Raw ‘Real’ Consciousness is thought to lack many of the attributes of our Robot Consciousness in this ‘waking’ reality.
The Dream Consciousness; for example is thought to be unable to read, because reading is a Robot Activity related to our ‘physical’ bodies.
( Do you recall ever reading in your dreams ? )
This may be another reason that these Raw Conscious Entities choose to become incarnated; So that they can experience Memories and ... ( ? )
- -
Or something else.
- -
PreCognitive Dreams.
The Principle Problem with knowing/believing if a dream is or was a Precognitive dream is symbolism.
Is Dream (x) anyway related to Reality (y) ?
A very odd and troubling objection may be presented at this point,
In that; If you allow that Reality (y) may sometimes, but not always, be represented or symbolically rendered within Dream (x) as something very different . . .
Then :
When you very specifically Dream of (x) and Later Experience Reality (x),
In a 1 : 1 Contextual Structure - -
The Obvious Conclusion should be : i Dreamed (x) which was The Real (x).
If this occurred in a Precognitive Manner;
Then you would have undoubtedly : ‘Seen into The Future’.
But if we return to our original Caveat that Dreams often Symbolically Represent things; Then It makes perfect sense that When your dream of a Cat that sometimes means A Woman or Car or Toaster or Your Childhood Fears or Your College Transcripts - -
Then; How can you be sure that When you dream of A Cat, It’s A Cat?
Statistically; You might expect that Cats are Cats sometimes, but not always.
So that when you dreamed of (x) and (x) happened - -
Maybe The Dream (x) was a Symbolic dream of (y) and that the reality (x) was a crazy unexpected fluke of chance !
- -
Is that too crazy. ( ? )
- -
It seems far more reasonable, that if you suspect that you are having Precognitive Dreams; You should ask:
What is The Functionality of These Dreams?
What is The Pragmatic Usefulness of These Dreams?
- -
Some time ago; long before cell phones even existed, i was dreaming ( figuratively ) of a device that i called a CDC, A Compact Digital Companion. This idea grew out of my obsession with my HP48 Handheld Programmable Calculator, that i wanted to do much more than it did.
One of the functions of These CDCs would be to record everything that you did. It would in a mundane kind of way, keep track of your groceries and life style habits, and all this information would be available to statisticians & medical researchers, that your CDC would send to them, anonymously.
That is; The CDC would have An Artificial Sentient ‘Familiar’ within it, that would answer your phone calls, even pretending to be you from time to time.
So that when a Researcher called your CDC and requested information about your lifestyle, or what drugs your were taking, or what illness you were experiencing, your personal ‘familiar’ would send them this information, without letting them know that it pertained specifically to you, in order to protect your privacy, if you were concerned with these sorts of things.
It seems to me that if this functionality were available, It would no longer be necessary to use Placebo Text Groups for New Drugs, because you could survey huge numbers of people that are treating an ailment using hundreds or thousands of different approaches, and then statistically determine which of these diets & uses of recreational drugs was actually helping cure a given disease.
- -
These CDC’s would have lots of different functions.
- -
One Crazy Application may be of Checking for Precognitive Dreams by allowing interested parties, such as yourself, that would tell your CDC Familiar your dreams every morning, and it would then file it away, and over the next few days, weeks, months or years; Compare that dream to news events & the lives of individuals throughout the world.
Wouldn’t it be curious if several thousand recorded dreams, in real or symbolic forms ( The CDC Familiar would compare Dream structures, essentially ignoring irrelevant ‘things’ which may or may not represent ‘anything’ ) matched some substantially universally applicable ‘world event’, such as princesses diana’s car crash or 911.
- -
Another application would be comparing personal lives to those living and recently dead to find cases of reincarnation.
- -
One of my Evil ‘Mad Doctor’ Experiments that i suspect would absolutely prove ESP or Non-Linear Communications or whatever, If it hasn’t already, but should have...
Is The Phenomena of Separated Twins that are later reunited.
Wouldn’t it be fun to take some very healthy Fertilized Human Eggs and tease them apart as they’re first dividing, so as to create ‘Twins’, but do this many, many times, Creating Dozens & Dozens of this One ‘Person’.
Each would be completely autonomous, and a perfectly healthy fetus, that would then be implanted into a woman that is desirous of a child, but can’t have one in a conventional manner. Everything would be entirely on the up & up,
Except that they are getting one of these Super Twins.
It might even be arranged so that many of The Super Twins would be much older than some of the others, by freezing some of the embryos.
Then The Experiment would be terminated, all the records destroyed, and you’d just lean back and wait for a couple of these twins to discover one another by accident many years later, and then when it becomes news, more and more of the children or adults would come forward, and they would compare their lives.
The results would be very startling, or not.

MicroSoggy Prediction

re: MicroSoft's Recent Purchase of Skype for $8.56 billion in cash.

This is the best news imaginable for everyone that hates M$.
In 6 months; The technology of this company that they’ve just bought will be obsolete,
and M$ will own a 8_G$ Doorstop.

This was apparently noticed by The European Commission; As it has relaxed the requirements of the 2004 anti-trust order against Microsoft - The software megamonopoly no longer needs its behaviour watched by a full-time “monitoring trustee”
— In expectation that their efforts would soon be moot.

- -
Any other company that has something like this, would develop it to keep pace with the industrial standards, but anyone that knows how M$ works, knows that M$ is incapable of Developing anything.
They Buy Technologies and then back engineer them to their lowest conceivable form.
- -
M$ will be bankrupt in less than a year.

Newest Flash Celebrity & More Evidence of ...

i have suspected for quite a while that the internet is a hoax.

And by that i mean; The Internet is purported to be ( x ) and yet it is clearly not ( x ).
The Evidence for this is the countless times i have tried searching for some common thing,
and not found any evidence for it anywhere on the web.
The most egregious example of this is when i'm searching for an old classmate from high school and they have apparently no internet presence at all.
This may be, and probably is, the fault of the search engines, but they often turn up other obscure items that would be, should be, just as insignificant & undiscoverable.

What is more disturbing, is that while i am unable to find any references to 'Donald Robert Geng', That i went to school with—
There are No References to Any Other Donald Geng's*.

This phenomena is more acute with more common names, in which i would have expected dozens or thousands of hits.

Another explanation for this, May be that people of my generation haven't learned how to create an internet identity, but i find this hard to believe.
It is far more likely that they exist in some pseudonym form.

But returning to my latest bit of Evidence that there is something seriously wrong with the Internet;
Is that i was today, several days after the recent Arnold Schwarzenegger fiasco,
looking up some details of this to add to my list of Flash Celebrities, and discovered that while his housekeeper and their son has been revealed in pictures, the name of the son is still a secret.

i can't imagine how this could be?
There must be hundreds, if not thousands of people that know these people,
and one of them must be unscrupulous enough to come forward with this information.
i can easily see how a major new organization, may, for whatever reasons; be reluctant to reveal the name of this 14 year old child,
But in the many other venues that exist on the internet, it should have appeared by now.


- -
* !!! i have been looking for Don for Years now, and as i just Googled him again to verify that this name is sorely underrepresented;
and i think i may have found him !!!
That was certainly very weird !

There are apparently 4 Donald Geng's in the Whole US White Pages, and one of them is living in Spokane Washington.
The only Donald Geng that usually ( ? ) turns up, is some obscure baseball player !

Friday, May 20, 2011


Just checking to see if my phone camera posting dealie still worked.

i'm very insecure about these things...!

Where is The Truth ?

i have been troubled a little lately by this idea:

If i really did want to know what is going on in the world,
If i really did want to find out what is true,
Who is telling the truth? Who is lying?
How would i do that?

If we fall back for a moment to the well worn adage;
A man with one clock knows what time it is,
While a man with many clocks never knows what time it is.

The Learned Assumption here is that the man with many clocks has a better idea of ‘About’ what time it is, While the man with only only clock may be severely deluded as to what time it is.

But this begs the further two assumptions that
Concerning The man with one clock; His clock is randomly set,
While the man with many clocks, Each clock is presumably wrong, but nearly correct.

It is much more likely; ( ??? ) that all these clocks, may be either accurate or inaccurate.
And that the man with many clocks, will only be very confused as to which is more accurate than the others.

Shifting this to The News of The World;
Where -Every- News Agency has a very distinct Agenda for how they wish to shape the news to fit their own best interests, which may not at all be the best interests of their principle listeners,
The Man that listens to many radio or television newscasts will -Most Reasonably- end up being entirely confused at the end of any given day.

The people that listen to only Rush Limbaugh or NPR may Know exactly what is going on in the world, But they differ only from the man that switches channels all day, in that they’re not as aware that they are as confused as anyone else.

The Only real difference between these two classes is that while everyone is confused,
Some are more aware of being confused.

The Third Class may be those that listen to many different sources and make a very determined effort to sort it all out and decide for themselves what is true and what is substantially less true.
Are these people really any less confused?
Or are they just editing together their own Rush Limbaugh Program?

The Trouble with Information concerning Flying Saucers,
And i use this Topic because the Assertion i am about to make is made much ‘Clearer’ by It’s Extremism,
Is that The Really True Bits hidden within The Stupendous Sea of DisInformation Regarding Flying Saucers, Is =NOT= The most Reasonable or Sensible Bits,
But in all likelihood, The Most Absurd.

That’s The Nature of Flying Saucers.
They -Presumably- Represent a Technology hundreds or Thousands of Years beyound us, Created by Brains that evolved in a Completely different Environment, Having Taken Millions of Different Evolutionary Branches than our own Development of Sentience.
Some may like to believe that Physics are going to be the same everywhere in the universe,
But the more astute observer should be aware that there are many different approaches for how to make a chair or wagon, each of which is dependent upon the original shape of the user.

In the more ‘Ordinary’ World of News;
What test or criteria might reasonably be applied to ‘have a good sense of knowing’ What is True?

Just how Strange is The World?

How much to Governments lie to us?

Is there some Grandiose Truth that they are keeping from us?
And how much is this flavoring what they are telling us?

The End Point is;
If i really was interested in What is going on in The World,
Just how would i find out?

Extensive Reading is only going to confuse me more.

What is the Alternative?
To stick my head in the sand and ignore the world.

i think that’s it.

With the tiny caveat that ‘in the sand’ is interpreted to mean;
‘Stick to my own experiences’.
The world for me; Is what is happening to me.

Is crime out of control in the world?
Is crime out of control in my neighborhood?

Are Flying Saucers taking over the world?
Are Flying Saucers taking over my neighborhood?

Maybe it is sufficient, and reasonable to take on a view of the world,
As being a small world, that i have personal knowledge of,
And just ignore what the news is saying.
What the news is saying, more often than not, completely contradicts what i know, from personal experiences, to be true.

This would mean that my personal world is very, very different from The Rest of The World,
Or - - The News Agencies, And the Government & Zealots are lying to me.

Which is more reasonable?

Another aspect of this is that many ‘Gullible Skeptics’ insist that we apply ‘Occam’s Razor’ to What we are supposed to most readily accept as ’True’.
But what Occam’s Razor seems to demand; Is that we most readily accept the lies that we are already most familiar with.

The Real trouble with Heretical Truths, Is that they are Unfamiliar.
If Jebus were to appear before you and tell you something that tangentially broke from What was generally assumed to be his populist teachings,
How would you decide if what he was saying Now, Right in front of you,
Was True or Not?

Think Locally; Act Locally.
Let the World take care of itself.

Still Another aspect of this;
Is When a Politician comes to you and says that an important Vote is coming up,
And it’s important that you vote in a particular way.
Very often; The Voter has No Idea what they are voting for;
But let us assume for this example that Voter understands the Issue in all it’s details.
But The Politician wants you to Vote Against Your Own Best Interests For The Benefit of The Community.

This is Completely Wrong.

Don’t EVER do that.

That’s how Voting & ‘Democracy’ Works,
You Vote for What you Personally Believe,
And what is In Your Best Interests.

If you vote the way the politician wants you to vote;
You are casting additional votes for their best interests.

This is why many dictators love to pretend they are governing a democracy.
They know that they can get you to vote for them, and their best interests,
Not your own.

I am approached with the most opposite opinions and advice, and by men who are equally certain that they represent the divine will. I am sure that either the one or the other is mistaken in the belief, and perhaps in some respects, both. I hope it will not be irreverent of me to say that if it is probable that God would reveal his will to others on a point so connected with my duty, it might be supposed he would reveal it directly to me.
-- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Santa Claus Recently Murdered by Navy Seals.

i have believed for some time that Osama BL was no more real than The Easter Bunny, Sherlock Holmes or Socrates, So it came as something of a surprise to hear that this fictional character was recently murdered.

Curiously; The Murders are also fictional, and the body has mysteriously disappeared, like a Jedi Knight.


Why i Hate : 'Hate Crimes' !

i posted something awhile ago on ‘Hate Crimes’
And Wm Jas was saying that it was confusing.
or vague or something.
And since i have such a great respect for both Wm Jas
And have such a exasperation for The Laws Regarding ‘Hate Crimes’
i will try to tackle it again.

Hate Crimes / Or Laws that attempt to Prosecute Those that Perpetrate Hate Crimes are usually applied to People that are attacking Various Minorities, Racial or Religious Groups,
But in Theory; One would think that it should include Everyone.
Absolutely Everyone could conceivably be Targeted for A Reason that would be Inclusive to What Hate Crimes were Intended to Target.

My Problem with Hate Crimes
Is that; It doesn’t.

That is; Would it be reasonable for a County Prosecutor to Use The Hate Crime Legislation to Charge someone for Cutting in Front of someone at a Supermarket Checkout line, If the person that they were cutting in front of, Was Ugly?

Could you be charged with A Hate Crime for Persecuting Ugly People?

My contention would be; No.

And The reason for this is; Ugly People don’t have a Lobby to Fight for Their ’Special’ Rights.

It has recently come into the popular Vernacular that Gays ( Homosexuals ) are trying to obtain ‘Special’ Rights. These special rights include things like, all the rights that married people enjoy, or the right to be treated with a modicum of dignity in public situations.

There are Two Standards of Social Courtesy at Play Hers.
1) The Way Strangers Treat Strangers.
2) The Way Rude People Treat ‘Selected Groups’
This is where ‘Hate Crimes’ come into Play.
If Rude People are rude to Blacks or Jews or Women, All of which have fought long and hard for their equality to Land Owning Men, Then this rudeness is Considered Rude for =The Wrong Reasons!=.
3) The Way Rude People Treat ‘UnRepresented Groups’

This is The Subtle Point.
Rude people are allowed ( Allowed Mind You ) to Be Rude to UnRepresented Groups with Impunity. Bullies are allowed to pick on Nerds & Geeks at School and The Teachers & Other Administrators are loath ‘To Get Involved’. Everyone is Aware that Nerds & Geeks are picked on by Bullies, but for whatever reasons, They remain UnRepresented. They are Not Yet Considered ‘Protected’ by These ‘Hate Crimes’.

The Bullies like to believe that These UnRepresented Groups are going To Somehow Obtain These ‘Normalized’ Rights, of being treated ‘Normally’ ( As Strangers Treat Strangers ) And because The Bullies ( Amazingly ! ) Understand The Subtly of This, They assert that These ‘Normal Rights’ are ’Special Rights’.
That if Gays or Nerds or Geeks or Ugly People were to Obtain A Legal Venue for Being Treated Normally; That would Constitute An Advantage to them of having ‘Special Rights’.
It’s Normal for Bullies to be Rude to Ugly People, And if there Right to abuse Ugly people were taken from them, That would certainly be a Very Special Situation.
The Rude People would be Denied Their Constitutional & Socially Tacit Rights to Abuse These UnRepresented Groups.

Lets go over this one more time.
Normal People
( Sufficiently Bland & Tepid so that they draw no Attention from Anyone )
Enjoy a certain Ability to go about their daily lives without being persecuted or bothered by The Bullies.

Ugly People are routinely Bullied and No One Cares.

The Bullies take that ‘Status Quo’ and say: That’s Normal.

The Gays want The Rights ( And Invisibility ) of The Normals when out in Public.
The Bullies say that that Elevation from A State of Routine Persecution to The Sate of Invisibility ( That the Normals enjoy ) Constitute a Class of Special Rights that would have to Applied to them.

Essentially; For The Gays to be treated like the normals, they would require Special Compensation or a Exception to This Tacitly Social Rule of Allowing Bullying to Gays, To prevent them from being persecuted like Ugly People.

It’s Not that the Bullies have provided the normals with these Special Exceptions to keep them from being bullied, they just don’t want to, because there’s no particular reason to. Normals are Invisible.
Only people with easily Identified Uniqueness are subject to Bullying.

Various Groups have recognized that they are subject to Bullying by The Majority Bullies or Greater Status Holders, although the Bullies may not have been a Technical Majority.

The English in India were certainly a Minority,
Yet they held a Majority Bullying Position.

Eventually; The Indian’s stood up for their ‘Ordinary’ Human Rights and evicted the British from India.

Here in The US of The A’s,
( As a side note; It drives me crazy that this country doesn’t have a name,
only a description. )
Here in The Us of the A’s;
The Land Owners, Children, Women, Negroes, Aboriginal North Americans, The Hispanics & Gays have organized Lobbies to Fight for Their ‘Ordinary’ Rights and were Eventually, More or Less, Given these Rights.

The bit that really annoys me; Is that at every ReCalibration like this;
The Legislative Branches have Never been able to step back and say;
“You know; Maybe =Everyone= deserves these Ordinary Rights!”
But no.
Every group has to start all over from Scratch and come up from the bottom.

And This is My Point.

The Legislative Attempts to Protect Certain =Specific= Groups from Persecution
Protect those Groups, As - - So Much ALLOW The continued Persecution of Groups that HAVEN’T YET OBTAINED RECOGNITION OF THESE ORDINARY RIGHTS.

It’s still perfectly reasonable for Bullies to Persecute Fat &/or Ugly People.

And They can still pick on Dweebs, Nerds & The Meek.

That’s what the ‘Hate Crimes’ Legislation does;
It gives Permission to The Bullies to Continue Persecuting these groups that are Still UnRepresented.

- - -
There is another side to this as well.

There is a Faction within our society that is confused,
or Possibly they are the reasonable ones... ( ? )
That want everyone convicted of every little crime, to be either executed, banished or incarcerated forever.

The force opposing them are laws &/or judges that want to avoid filling up the prisons with jay walkers.

So Prosecutors; Evil Bastards that they are; Have found a way around the limitation of laws that treat minor crimes as minor.

Very often; A more serious crime is considered Serious, But not Serious Enough for Prosecutors, So they have managed to get Legislators to attack this problem from the back door by Creation a Whole Slew of ‘Crimes’ ( Like Hate Crimes ) that can easily be ‘Added On’ to Other Crimes, Like Sprinkles on IceCream.

Drug & Sex ( Personal Space ) Crimes have been targeted with these ‘Bonus’ Crimes.

Here are Some Examples of these are Perfunctory Bonus Penalties.

Some one accused of Drug Distribution may have all their property confiscated prior to a successful Prosecution.
People accused of Sexual Abuse are put onto Sex Registries that are impossible to be removed from.
Middle Easterners ( And many others ) are put on a No Fly List which has no Authority which Administers this list, so that it is impossible to question why you were put on the list, or how to be removed from it.

It is curious that the people creating & passing these laws are the ones that are often the perpetrators of these crimes. They believe ( rightly so ) that their positions will insulate them from prosecution, but every once in a while,
one of them is sacrificed to protect the others.

( The Scape Goat )

And when they are; It is rarely the case that they are subjected to the sprinkles effect that prosecutors love to use on the still unrepresented.

- - -

The News Item that just recently ‘Set Me Off’
was hearing that The MLK Parade Bomber ( Kevin Harpham ) was being charged with Hate Crimes.

The Question i have is: What is The Anti-Thesis of These Hate Crimes?
When would they Not be Applicable?

Would it be perfectly alright to blow up ‘Ordinary’ People?
The Phrase that they keep using is; “What it really was.”
Or : “It wasn’t Just left there” [ On The Parade Route ]

Their assertion is that Kevin wasn’t just trying to blow people up,
But that he was doing it for a reason.
And the reason was; Kevin had derogatory feelings for Non-Europeans.

What is Opposite of That?

They seem to be saying; If Kevin was just trying to blow people up for no particular reason; That wouldn’t be a crime at all, or perhaps a very minor crime.
Blowing people up, is usually alright.

So they have to find something else to charge Kevin with.
The Real Crime.

In this case;
The Real Crime is attacking a group that has a lobbying group.