Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frank Capra's : Why We Fight

Something very annoying happened to me recently;
And that was: i watched All 7 ( one seemed to be missing ? )
Of Frank Capra’s : Why We Fight.
These Documentaries; 7, 1 hour ± films, detailed The Events leading up to World War II and many of the other circumstances surrounding it.
- -
i should also mention that i flunked US History in High School
and had to make it up in Summer School, which was the same summer that all of The Watergate Hearings were taking place,
so that instead of learning anything about US History,
we watched TV for that hour every day.
- -
Anyways; Watching These Frank Capra Films was pretty much my first real exposure to The Historical Events of World War II.
Sure; i’d watched plenty of War films growing up, The TV Series ‘Combat’,
Hogan’s Heros, and Saving of Private Ryan,
but few, if any of these films really went into any real historical events.
- -
The ball buster was that these Frank Capra films,
although considered Fanatical Propaganda films now,
Seemed to have a genuine ring of truth to them.
i also thoroughly enjoyed that they spoke so glowingly of Both The Soviet Union & China.
With the Possible Exception of Tibet in Recent History, China has been a Remarkably Peaceful Nation. It has never invaded any other country or attempted world conquest, Much like Russia, Another Remarkably Peaceful Country,
( Disallowing for all their internal Conflicts !!! )
And Very much NOT like Most of The European Countries & The United States,
which have tried repeated to colonize the rest of the world.
- -
Both China & The USSR were our Allies in World War II and without Their Help,
we would undoubtedly be living under The Nazi Régime now.
The Frank Capra Films made this very clear.
We owe both of them both an unpayable debt of Gratitude.
- -
- -
Aside from Watching several thousands of hours of Television growing up,
My only other authoritative source of World History was A Series of Books,
Generically referred to as; The Everything that you Know, is Wrong; Books.
i love these books.
They are very heretical.
And i love the idea that everything that i’ve been taught,
or was supposed to have learned, in school, was wrong.
i knew that already, but it’s nice when an authoritative source confirm it.
- -
i have always known, for example, that Picasso was a hack, but it was nice to hear someone in an authoritative Art Video espouse this same idea in confirmation.
- -
One of the ideas that The Everything you Know, Is Wrong; books suggested;
Was that America was thoroughly forewarned of The Impending Attacks on Pearl Harbor, and had in fact manipulated Japan into attacking us, So that we would have a ‘Good Reason’ to enter World War II, which The American Populace & Most Politicians were Vehemently Opposed to.
After World War One, The World, And The United States, had gone to great lengths to Never become involved in another War, and we were Very Serious about keeping that Pledge.
But as Star Trek Taught us; Pacifism was the wrong approach to Nazism.
Even The Vulcans could figure that out.
- -
The Point being;
The Frank Capra Films, which i consider far more authoritative than the more entertaining Everything you know, is Wrong; books, Directly Contradicted This Point.
The Reason that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor was because We ( The US ) was more actively siding with China that Japan was comfortable with.
By this account, Japan seriously overreacted, and made a big mistake in forcing us into the War, But we were acting correctly in supporting China, which Japan was trying to conquer at the time.
- -
The Annoying Part is that i can no longer trust The Everything You Know, Is Wrong; Books.
Everything that i’ve been taught is Wrong, is Wrong.
Or more accurately; i just can’t trust anybody anymore.
i’m even willing to allow that The Frank Capra Films were probably tainted a little from time to time.

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