Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream Considerations

Prompted from Wm Jas' : Dream experiment methodology

First : i don’t for a moment believe that dreams are just random noise percolating up from our brain stems.
i have at various times believe that dreams are :
gawd’s sketch book
alternative, unused realities
the true reality, which is filled with large voids, and when we are ‘not dreaming’ in our disincarnated ‘dreaming’ form, we have wandered into these voids.
This true reality, that we visit in our dreams, also ‘explains’ why we become incarnated in the first place. In the true reality, our raw conscious selfs find it very difficult to navigate in this space, especially immature souls.
So we come here; To this faux reality, where everything is ‘nailed down’ and things happen in a comparatively sequential manner.
Using this faux reality, and visiting the true reality when we are sleeping ( it’s actually just the other way around ! ) we are eventually able to learn how to navigate & shape the true reality, and avoid the empty regions, to our benefit & comfort.
- -
Or something else.
i am also very confused that our sleeping minds ( ? ) would go to what seems like an inordinate amount of trouble to create these fully formed realities.
For what purpose?
And most disturbingly;
Why is it that i am often in a dream, Aware that i am in a dream, Aware that there are very, very odd things going on around me, Or that i am able to fly ( in a particular way ) and it -seems perfectly normal- !
- -
This particular kind of way of flying, that reoccurs from time to time, is that i’ll be running a long, then just tuck my legs up, and continue along floating off the ground. i’m unable to fly ‘up’, but this gliding is so real that upon awaking, i’m sure that i’ll be able to do this in the waking reality ! )
- -
More generally; i am aware of the other ‘reality’ in which i can’t fly; But here in the dream, it seems truly real.
People that come back from near death experiences often say that they see colors that seem more real than the colors here are.
This is what a normal dream is like; The dream is real. It is more real than the other ( waking ) reality.
- -
The other very disturbing thing is that while i am in a dream, or waking from a dream, the dream is very real, and i am experiencing this very real reality; And yet when i am fully awake; i usually forget what just happened to me.
Clearly; The Ego that is experiencing the dream, or consciousness, is a very different consciousness from the waking consciousness. The waking consciousness remembers things, the dreaming consciousness does not.
If the argument that consciousness doesn’t really do anything, holds any water, maybe it makes sense that the process of remembering things is closely related to ‘experiencing’ sensory events, and dreams do not create sensory events.
Their experiences come from somewhere else.
A real Dream Reality, or an internal fantasy reality.
Or more spiritually ( deep rationalization here ) the true consciousness that experiences dreams, is not a memory dependent conscious process.
The Raw ‘Real’ Consciousness is thought to lack many of the attributes of our Robot Consciousness in this ‘waking’ reality.
The Dream Consciousness; for example is thought to be unable to read, because reading is a Robot Activity related to our ‘physical’ bodies.
( Do you recall ever reading in your dreams ? )
This may be another reason that these Raw Conscious Entities choose to become incarnated; So that they can experience Memories and ... ( ? )
- -
Or something else.
- -
PreCognitive Dreams.
The Principle Problem with knowing/believing if a dream is or was a Precognitive dream is symbolism.
Is Dream (x) anyway related to Reality (y) ?
A very odd and troubling objection may be presented at this point,
In that; If you allow that Reality (y) may sometimes, but not always, be represented or symbolically rendered within Dream (x) as something very different . . .
Then :
When you very specifically Dream of (x) and Later Experience Reality (x),
In a 1 : 1 Contextual Structure - -
The Obvious Conclusion should be : i Dreamed (x) which was The Real (x).
If this occurred in a Precognitive Manner;
Then you would have undoubtedly : ‘Seen into The Future’.
But if we return to our original Caveat that Dreams often Symbolically Represent things; Then It makes perfect sense that When your dream of a Cat that sometimes means A Woman or Car or Toaster or Your Childhood Fears or Your College Transcripts - -
Then; How can you be sure that When you dream of A Cat, It’s A Cat?
Statistically; You might expect that Cats are Cats sometimes, but not always.
So that when you dreamed of (x) and (x) happened - -
Maybe The Dream (x) was a Symbolic dream of (y) and that the reality (x) was a crazy unexpected fluke of chance !
- -
Is that too crazy. ( ? )
- -
It seems far more reasonable, that if you suspect that you are having Precognitive Dreams; You should ask:
What is The Functionality of These Dreams?
What is The Pragmatic Usefulness of These Dreams?
- -
Some time ago; long before cell phones even existed, i was dreaming ( figuratively ) of a device that i called a CDC, A Compact Digital Companion. This idea grew out of my obsession with my HP48 Handheld Programmable Calculator, that i wanted to do much more than it did.
One of the functions of These CDCs would be to record everything that you did. It would in a mundane kind of way, keep track of your groceries and life style habits, and all this information would be available to statisticians & medical researchers, that your CDC would send to them, anonymously.
That is; The CDC would have An Artificial Sentient ‘Familiar’ within it, that would answer your phone calls, even pretending to be you from time to time.
So that when a Researcher called your CDC and requested information about your lifestyle, or what drugs your were taking, or what illness you were experiencing, your personal ‘familiar’ would send them this information, without letting them know that it pertained specifically to you, in order to protect your privacy, if you were concerned with these sorts of things.
It seems to me that if this functionality were available, It would no longer be necessary to use Placebo Text Groups for New Drugs, because you could survey huge numbers of people that are treating an ailment using hundreds or thousands of different approaches, and then statistically determine which of these diets & uses of recreational drugs was actually helping cure a given disease.
- -
These CDC’s would have lots of different functions.
- -
One Crazy Application may be of Checking for Precognitive Dreams by allowing interested parties, such as yourself, that would tell your CDC Familiar your dreams every morning, and it would then file it away, and over the next few days, weeks, months or years; Compare that dream to news events & the lives of individuals throughout the world.
Wouldn’t it be curious if several thousand recorded dreams, in real or symbolic forms ( The CDC Familiar would compare Dream structures, essentially ignoring irrelevant ‘things’ which may or may not represent ‘anything’ ) matched some substantially universally applicable ‘world event’, such as princesses diana’s car crash or 911.
- -
Another application would be comparing personal lives to those living and recently dead to find cases of reincarnation.
- -
One of my Evil ‘Mad Doctor’ Experiments that i suspect would absolutely prove ESP or Non-Linear Communications or whatever, If it hasn’t already, but should have...
Is The Phenomena of Separated Twins that are later reunited.
Wouldn’t it be fun to take some very healthy Fertilized Human Eggs and tease them apart as they’re first dividing, so as to create ‘Twins’, but do this many, many times, Creating Dozens & Dozens of this One ‘Person’.
Each would be completely autonomous, and a perfectly healthy fetus, that would then be implanted into a woman that is desirous of a child, but can’t have one in a conventional manner. Everything would be entirely on the up & up,
Except that they are getting one of these Super Twins.
It might even be arranged so that many of The Super Twins would be much older than some of the others, by freezing some of the embryos.
Then The Experiment would be terminated, all the records destroyed, and you’d just lean back and wait for a couple of these twins to discover one another by accident many years later, and then when it becomes news, more and more of the children or adults would come forward, and they would compare their lives.
The results would be very startling, or not.


Wm Jas said...

I also experience the same kind of flying in dreams, and upon waking it feels absolutely like a real memory of something I really physically did.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

i had thought when i first started having these 'particular' kinds of flying dreams, that they resembled The Ads for some Gas Station ( ? ) that was popular at that time, that had people driving around on their butts ! They weren't flying, but it still seemed that my dreams may have derived from these Ads.
Of course; This interpretation directly contradicts the idea of flying in an alternative reality, that is in some way just as real as this reality, But in the spirit of =Full Disclosure= i have to mention it !
( Just to Protect my Integrity )
i have also attempted to 'Rationalize' Dreams with Celebrities in them, as evidence that we are genuinely tied to these 'Famous' people in the True Reality.
- -
Another very heretical idea i have about dreams & NDEs is that the reason that i don't have dreams with various family members that you would think that i 'Should' dream about quite often, Is that they aren't real Entities !
Instead; The world in filled with numerous 'Puppets' some of which are controlled by The Reality Generator ( The Troll Queen ) or Our ( Real Entities ) Expectations.
This also explains way these 'Faux' people don't have NDEs.