Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unexpected Pocket Frogs Surprise !

Sunday, May 29, 2011 11:13:32 AM
One of the games on play a lot on my iPod is Pocket Frogs.

This is not really a game, but more like a Tomagotchi Variation in which you’re allowed to breed frogs which hop around; and so on.
There’s not much to it.

One thing that i think would make it much more interesting,
is if when you breed two frogs,
the attributes of the two parents would be genuinely mixed to create a new version of frogs, So that The number of versions would approach infinity?

Instead; There are only a finite number of Frog Types
and Any Pollywogs ( which you never get to see;
As the eggs hatch directly into fully developed small frogs,
which grow into bigger frogs. )

Another fine point to that, would be if you could breed genuine mutations,
in which frogs could be created that have more than the usual number of legs or are covered with spikes.


Oh! And Objects.
You can buy and fill your ‘Habitats’ with Objects and Backgrounds.
It would be fun if the users could create their own backgrounds and objects.
Then if you made a really nice object or background,
you could load it to a central administrative depot
that would allow others to use your ‘really good’ artifacts.


Just today; i was browsing around on Pocket Frogs,
and i peeked in The Frog Mart, which i never do,
because i have all the Frogs, except ONE.

And There in The Frog Mart was The ONE Frog that i didn’t have !!!

i had come to believe, and have read on many Pocket Frog Sites,
that this Very Rare Frog was only available by certain means,
and if you missed out on one of these windows,
you’d just never get it.
Except by trading.

So a week or two ago, i tried to get one by trading,
and messed up ( Again! ) with my ‘Password’
and had to create a new account at Plus+ Whatever,
That is an Over Site Something for Pocket Frogs ( ??? )
And as a result of creating this second redundant account,
i essentially broke my first account
and the second one wouldn’t work.
And once you do something like this
( like with my Apple Mail Account )
There is no way to fix it. ( ??? ) !!!

But there in The Frog Mart this morning was a Tribus !!!
The Rarest Pocket Frog !!!
Which i could buy !!!

This Frog is So Rare though, that you can’t buy it with money!
You have to use something much more valuable than Money !!!
Potions !

Potions are very hard to get,
and you can buy them on the internet site for Pocket Frogs,
but they are outrageously Expensive !
Or you can spend hour & hours & hours on the pond looking for ‘Presents’
which may or Probably Not, contain a few potions.
You can use to Potions to hurry up the growth of a frog,
or make them happier, or give them a boost in a race
to win a frog that you don’t have.

The Tribus Frog cost 25 Potions,
which is like The Cost of a Fancy Escort Whore for 2 Nights!
But it was worth it.

Now i can finally finish The Last Award Category ( Nearly Last ) !!!

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