Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Why i Hate : 'Hate Crimes' !

i posted something awhile ago on ‘Hate Crimes’
And Wm Jas was saying that it was confusing.
or vague or something.
And since i have such a great respect for both Wm Jas
And have such a exasperation for The Laws Regarding ‘Hate Crimes’
i will try to tackle it again.

Hate Crimes / Or Laws that attempt to Prosecute Those that Perpetrate Hate Crimes are usually applied to People that are attacking Various Minorities, Racial or Religious Groups,
But in Theory; One would think that it should include Everyone.
Absolutely Everyone could conceivably be Targeted for A Reason that would be Inclusive to What Hate Crimes were Intended to Target.

My Problem with Hate Crimes
Is that; It doesn’t.

That is; Would it be reasonable for a County Prosecutor to Use The Hate Crime Legislation to Charge someone for Cutting in Front of someone at a Supermarket Checkout line, If the person that they were cutting in front of, Was Ugly?

Could you be charged with A Hate Crime for Persecuting Ugly People?

My contention would be; No.

And The reason for this is; Ugly People don’t have a Lobby to Fight for Their ’Special’ Rights.

It has recently come into the popular Vernacular that Gays ( Homosexuals ) are trying to obtain ‘Special’ Rights. These special rights include things like, all the rights that married people enjoy, or the right to be treated with a modicum of dignity in public situations.

There are Two Standards of Social Courtesy at Play Hers.
1) The Way Strangers Treat Strangers.
2) The Way Rude People Treat ‘Selected Groups’
This is where ‘Hate Crimes’ come into Play.
If Rude People are rude to Blacks or Jews or Women, All of which have fought long and hard for their equality to Land Owning Men, Then this rudeness is Considered Rude for =The Wrong Reasons!=.
3) The Way Rude People Treat ‘UnRepresented Groups’

This is The Subtle Point.
Rude people are allowed ( Allowed Mind You ) to Be Rude to UnRepresented Groups with Impunity. Bullies are allowed to pick on Nerds & Geeks at School and The Teachers & Other Administrators are loath ‘To Get Involved’. Everyone is Aware that Nerds & Geeks are picked on by Bullies, but for whatever reasons, They remain UnRepresented. They are Not Yet Considered ‘Protected’ by These ‘Hate Crimes’.

The Bullies like to believe that These UnRepresented Groups are going To Somehow Obtain These ‘Normalized’ Rights, of being treated ‘Normally’ ( As Strangers Treat Strangers ) And because The Bullies ( Amazingly ! ) Understand The Subtly of This, They assert that These ‘Normal Rights’ are ’Special Rights’.
That if Gays or Nerds or Geeks or Ugly People were to Obtain A Legal Venue for Being Treated Normally; That would Constitute An Advantage to them of having ‘Special Rights’.
It’s Normal for Bullies to be Rude to Ugly People, And if there Right to abuse Ugly people were taken from them, That would certainly be a Very Special Situation.
The Rude People would be Denied Their Constitutional & Socially Tacit Rights to Abuse These UnRepresented Groups.

Lets go over this one more time.
Normal People
( Sufficiently Bland & Tepid so that they draw no Attention from Anyone )
Enjoy a certain Ability to go about their daily lives without being persecuted or bothered by The Bullies.

Ugly People are routinely Bullied and No One Cares.

The Bullies take that ‘Status Quo’ and say: That’s Normal.

The Gays want The Rights ( And Invisibility ) of The Normals when out in Public.
The Bullies say that that Elevation from A State of Routine Persecution to The Sate of Invisibility ( That the Normals enjoy ) Constitute a Class of Special Rights that would have to Applied to them.

Essentially; For The Gays to be treated like the normals, they would require Special Compensation or a Exception to This Tacitly Social Rule of Allowing Bullying to Gays, To prevent them from being persecuted like Ugly People.

It’s Not that the Bullies have provided the normals with these Special Exceptions to keep them from being bullied, they just don’t want to, because there’s no particular reason to. Normals are Invisible.
Only people with easily Identified Uniqueness are subject to Bullying.

Various Groups have recognized that they are subject to Bullying by The Majority Bullies or Greater Status Holders, although the Bullies may not have been a Technical Majority.

The English in India were certainly a Minority,
Yet they held a Majority Bullying Position.

Eventually; The Indian’s stood up for their ‘Ordinary’ Human Rights and evicted the British from India.

Here in The US of The A’s,
( As a side note; It drives me crazy that this country doesn’t have a name,
only a description. )
Here in The Us of the A’s;
The Land Owners, Children, Women, Negroes, Aboriginal North Americans, The Hispanics & Gays have organized Lobbies to Fight for Their ‘Ordinary’ Rights and were Eventually, More or Less, Given these Rights.

The bit that really annoys me; Is that at every ReCalibration like this;
The Legislative Branches have Never been able to step back and say;
“You know; Maybe =Everyone= deserves these Ordinary Rights!”
But no.
Every group has to start all over from Scratch and come up from the bottom.

And This is My Point.

The Legislative Attempts to Protect Certain =Specific= Groups from Persecution
Protect those Groups, As - - So Much ALLOW The continued Persecution of Groups that HAVEN’T YET OBTAINED RECOGNITION OF THESE ORDINARY RIGHTS.

It’s still perfectly reasonable for Bullies to Persecute Fat &/or Ugly People.

And They can still pick on Dweebs, Nerds & The Meek.

That’s what the ‘Hate Crimes’ Legislation does;
It gives Permission to The Bullies to Continue Persecuting these groups that are Still UnRepresented.

- - -
There is another side to this as well.

There is a Faction within our society that is confused,
or Possibly they are the reasonable ones... ( ? )
That want everyone convicted of every little crime, to be either executed, banished or incarcerated forever.

The force opposing them are laws &/or judges that want to avoid filling up the prisons with jay walkers.

So Prosecutors; Evil Bastards that they are; Have found a way around the limitation of laws that treat minor crimes as minor.

Very often; A more serious crime is considered Serious, But not Serious Enough for Prosecutors, So they have managed to get Legislators to attack this problem from the back door by Creation a Whole Slew of ‘Crimes’ ( Like Hate Crimes ) that can easily be ‘Added On’ to Other Crimes, Like Sprinkles on IceCream.

Drug & Sex ( Personal Space ) Crimes have been targeted with these ‘Bonus’ Crimes.

Here are Some Examples of these are Perfunctory Bonus Penalties.

Some one accused of Drug Distribution may have all their property confiscated prior to a successful Prosecution.
People accused of Sexual Abuse are put onto Sex Registries that are impossible to be removed from.
Middle Easterners ( And many others ) are put on a No Fly List which has no Authority which Administers this list, so that it is impossible to question why you were put on the list, or how to be removed from it.

It is curious that the people creating & passing these laws are the ones that are often the perpetrators of these crimes. They believe ( rightly so ) that their positions will insulate them from prosecution, but every once in a while,
one of them is sacrificed to protect the others.

( The Scape Goat )

And when they are; It is rarely the case that they are subjected to the sprinkles effect that prosecutors love to use on the still unrepresented.

- - -

The News Item that just recently ‘Set Me Off’
was hearing that The MLK Parade Bomber ( Kevin Harpham ) was being charged with Hate Crimes.

The Question i have is: What is The Anti-Thesis of These Hate Crimes?
When would they Not be Applicable?

Would it be perfectly alright to blow up ‘Ordinary’ People?
The Phrase that they keep using is; “What it really was.”
Or : “It wasn’t Just left there” [ On The Parade Route ]

Their assertion is that Kevin wasn’t just trying to blow people up,
But that he was doing it for a reason.
And the reason was; Kevin had derogatory feelings for Non-Europeans.

What is Opposite of That?

They seem to be saying; If Kevin was just trying to blow people up for no particular reason; That wouldn’t be a crime at all, or perhaps a very minor crime.
Blowing people up, is usually alright.

So they have to find something else to charge Kevin with.
The Real Crime.

In this case;
The Real Crime is attacking a group that has a lobbying group.


Wm Jas said...

Apropos of this, you might be interested in Mencius Moldbug's theory of the ruling underclass.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

It certainly is fun to come across someone ( Moldbug ) that really understands the concept of The Rant.