Thursday, July 21, 2011

Near Sighted People See Blurred Images

A Very Raw Observation
i just realized The Other Day that people with Near or Far Sightedness,
See Blurry Images !
This strikes me as rather odd, in that it seems to me that The Brain should take in information from The Eyes, and if The Image is Blurred, The Interpretation is Going to be Flawed, But not so much that The Correct Identification of Items in your Visual Field will be Wrong,
So The Problem that i’m having with this is; The Brain takes in all this information, in The Form of Raw Pixels, which have to be thoroughly processed to be Identified, And then Processed in some Deeply Mysterious Way to Form The Conscious Representation of The Visual Field of ‘Things We See”.
Why then; Would This Visual Representation be ‘Created’ from Items that were Properly Identified, As Blurry Objects?
It must be That we’re ‘Seeing’ The Raw Image provided by The Eyes.
This Seems to leave The Brain out at some critical step.
( ? )

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