Friday, July 15, 2011

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More nonsense about Bin Laden in The News.
Today’s News brings us again Principally Grandiose Plans That Bin Laden was Planning, But That in The 10 years since 911, None of them were Actualized.
If Bin Laden really was The Head of a Well Funded World Wide Criminal Organization with Thousands or Millions of members,
Why was it so Ineffectual?
- -
All The Supposed ‘Attempted Attacks’ with Explosive Underwear or Shoes or Christmas Trees, were all comical in their disclosed details, which invariably included all The Information that an Attentive 5th Grader should need to put it together to conclude that they were intended to be a joke, But astonishingly; Few People ‘got The joke’ ( ??? )
Just how stupid are people?
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Doesn’t it make more sense that it’s all a hoax?
That there is no Al Qaeda, That Bin Laden was just an anachronism of The Russian War with Afghanistan, And was used as a figure head by The United State’s CIA or Whoever, to Create a Boogey Man.
All those tapes & Videos, of astonishingly poor quality, that were supposed to have been of Bin Laden, always contained elements that were just ‘Wrong’. They always contained Grandiose claims made after The fact, & The Figures identified as Bin Laden never looked like Bin Laden.
It’s like 911 itself; As if The people that Created these events deliberately included elements that should ’Tip Off’ Any attentive 5th Grader that it’s a Hoax.
If these things were created by people that actually wanted to perpetrate a Believeable Hoax, they would not contain so many flaws.
It would seem to be somekind of crazy experiment to see how silly they can be, and still get 80% of The Populace to believe it.
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More news :
Balancing The Budget.
This is going to be a Massive Train Wreck somewhere down The line.
i just do not understand how The Economy Works.
i don’t understand how most small businesses survive. Most little stores that i pass by every day, never have any customers in them. And this includes most of The stores at The mall. Maybe most people shop late at night, when i’m hiding under a stack of blankets in my closet, But how can they do enough business to make a few pennies off each item sold, to pay a clerk minimum wage every day ?
This deeply mystifies me.
And while it does make a little sense to me that if i buy something on credit, i owe The bank x amount and they are willing to let it slide for any length of time, while adding a little something to it for every day that goes by.
But how does a government rack up trillions of dollars in debt?
Who is taking these loans?
If China is buying up all our debt, Where are they getting all this surplus money?
All this money that The US is borrowing, has to be paid someday, with interest.
When is this going to happen?
At what time in The future, under what circumstances, will The US Catch Up ?
- -
And something that i haven’t heard anyone discussing, and it’s something that i think is an absolute Certainty, Is that someday, Someday soon, someone is going to break The AI puzzle. And when an artificial brain or Synthetic Consciousness becomes available, It will mean that all Middle Management Positions will become obsolete overnight. Unemployment will jump form 9% to 90%.
And when you add on Robots that can Do anything, there will be almost no Jobs that humans will do better than machines.
Is anyone thinking about how an Economy will work after this comes into play?
Will it suddenly be a utopian paradise or complete anarchy.

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