Friday, August 19, 2011

A Curious Puzzle.

Do you have a favorite Masturbation Fantasy, or a Day-Dream, or BedTime Digesis that you throw yourself into as you drift off to sleep?
Do you ever find yourself desiring, more than anything else, To leave this world, and live in that Improbable Land of Nod?

The Bible Says : ‘Ask & Ye shall Receive.’
The Krishna’s believe that you can achieve any desired thing by simply reciting ’Nom Yo Ho Ren Gay Kio’ Over & Over again, Every Waking moment.
In The Matrix; Neo could do anything within The Matrix, So long as he ‘Really’ Believed that he was in The Matrix.
Ordinarily; Logically; You First Believe something, Believe it for Good Sound Reasons, And then; If it’s True, You Can Know It—
But in The Matrix; Neo & Mobius Knew they were in The Matrix,
But only Neo really believed it.

i Believe that i Know that this world is Fake.
There are things about this World, Our Reality, that are just Impossible.
There are many, many deeply suspicious things, like The Tides, or Vision, Consciousness, All sorts of things that Should Be, But Aren’t;
And The Paradox of Fundimental Particles.
But there are Other Things that are even more impossible.
Things that Prove that This World Can’t be Real.

It must have been Created by Some External Intelligence,
And while Not at all Necessary;
This Intelligence should be able to fulfill Any Desirous Thing that Residents of This World would Request.

The Question is; How?

Christians & Other Milquetoast Religions have suggested that by Doing Good, One will be suitably Rewarded. But to my way of thinking; Any Rewards that are Either Promised or Tacitly granted for Doing Good, completely defeats The Functionality or Sincerity of Goodness.
One must always do good for The Sake of Goodness & for No Other Reason.

If there is some way to Communicate to The Creator(s of this reality,
And request a change of Venue;
What is it?

i further believe that this is possible;
As there are ‘Stories’ or ‘Anecdotes’ of Saints & Unsuspecting Pedestrians that have been granted extraordinary powers, visions, visitations, artifacts or Knowledge that could only have delivered by Agents that exist at Tangental Angles to Any Line of Sight that The Pine Cones of This World are Capable of Drawing upon.

In all such stories;
The Common Denominator of Being Granted such Endowments is always;
Not Wanting It.

The Saint never wants to Levitate or Cure The Sick or Walk on Water,
They just find themselves, Watching themselves, Levitating, Curing The Sick or Walking on Water, and they routinely report that they are horrified by this turn of events.

Upon Reflection; They may concede that it is good to Cure The Sick, and Submissively request ‘Jesus’ to allow them to Cure Another Retched Soul from time to time, But each time; They are filled with Wonder & Dread at allowing such Powers to be poured through them.

This is similar to another quandary that i have long puzzled over;
How can i bring myself to Believe something that i have no good reason for Believing?
And now; This; How can i Not Want something that i very much desire?

Is This The Root of All Spiritual Knowledge?

It has been suggested that A Butterfly does not fly,
It floats on The Wind.

A Baby Bird is sure that it can’t fly,
And finds itself pushed from The Nest by it’s siblings or Mother,
Only to find, As it Flutters to The Ground in Panic, That it is flying.

No fish swims, They just exist in The Medium of Water,
Flowing along their own path of determinism.

Lao Tzu said to Follow The Dao.
But how does one, Not follow The Dao?

Many Creative People insist that they are most creative when they least desire to be Creative; While others insist that every creative work is nothing by arduous labor.

To be a really good typist, you have to forget about typing.
To Ride a Bicycle; You can’t think about riding a bicycle.

My Grandiose Wish is return to The Garden of Eden & Express every feather of Disdain for The Tree of Knowledge.
Is this what The Ancient Jewish Scholars ( Moses ) were telling us;
Knowledge will bring nothing of any value,
To be truly happy and receive everything we desire,
We must Truly Not Want It.

[ Is ] This is what The Garden of Eden is all About. ( ? )

If this Story has any Usefulness to it at all ( ! ? )
Then is its substance that Gawd -Wanted- Adam & Eve to Betray him and Eat of The Tree of Knowledge? Would Gawd have been very disappointed in Humanimals if they were content to live in The Garden of Eden forever ?
Would Gawd have shunted That world away to some corner of The Universe and Created another World with more Impudent Shaven Apes?
Which Version are We ?

- - -
It is Another of my deeply heretical beliefs that only atheists will be allowed into Heaven. This assumes that The Gawds want dynamic personalities with sufficient force of will and beliefs of fundimental notions of Goodness, to turn away from edicts that promise Eternal Damnation.

But The Garden of Eden Model Contradicts this.

How can it be Reconciled that The Ξ.6 Controllers want Vigorous, Spunky & Passionate Souls to Occupy Heaven; But are willing to Grant The Meekest Empty Minded Zen Buddhists All of Their Earthly Desires?

Raymond Smullyan in his Book _The Tao is Silent_;
Suggested that A Successful Person may become Successful, And Accomplish Great Things, By Not Wanting Them. Such a person would not strive for success, but allow success to be inflicted upon them, by simply doing all The things that they enjoyed doing, without really working on them.

Practicing is doing something over & over,
But what if you enjoyed doing something over & over,
and never considered it The Onerous burden of Practicing?

But all this still assumes that it is possible to Not Follow The Dao.
Although many things may looked terribly forced, That they happen at all must mean that The Universe meant it to happen all along.

Only Possible Things are Possible.
Everything that Happens, Could Not have Not Happened.

As easily as a Egg falls from a Chicken,
Sir Edmund Hillary Climbed to The Top of Mt. Everest.

- - -

Beyound Belief / ( TV Show on ABC ) August 17th 2011

Concerning The Million Dollar Challenge :

i was very annoyed that all The Participants agreed to conditions that they wouldn’t ordinarily operate from.
If i were confident in my Tarot/Divination Card Readings;
i would insist on these conditions.
The Tester provide me with 20 participants that:
Are Believers & Not Extruding Negative Energy.
There is No Possibility that i could have any Prior Contact with them,
Or have access to any Details about their Lives.
That is; These people would have a genuinely minimal web presence.
Each Participant would have a Question that they would like to Ask,
That they are Very Genuinely Interested in having Answered.
This Question should be of a Kind that any Attentive 3rd Grader would be able to Understand, and respond intelligently to, If they Knew The Correct Answer.
Each Participant would Not Know The Answer to Their Question,
But be Able to Verify if The Answer that i would Provide is Either Correct or InCorrect,
And Preferably; These Answers could be ‘Partially Correct’ or Correct to some degree between Zero ( Completely False ) & One ( Fully Resolved )
Each Participant would sit across from me during The Reading
i would be Allowed a Minimal Contact with The Participant at The Beginning of The Reading. ( Finger Tips Touch )
And They would answer any Questions that i put to them without hesitation & would be correct to The best of their ability.
Since The Questions that Participants would be Asking are Very Open Ended,
The Success Rate would be Measured on a Quantitative Value of 10 out of 20.
So that a .5 for Each would be 10; or A Passing Score.
- -
Psychics have been talking to The dead for a long time,
But they have never come out with definitive proof of their existence,
For some ( ? ) reason.
They are apparently very reluctant to allow their existence to be proven.
They apparently only allow communications across The Barrier of Life to reveal ‘important’ messages,
But not frivolous messages for some ulterior motive,
Such as to win a million dollars or become famous.
- -
i would be willing to concede that most psychics are fakes,
But if someone were interested in providing as proof for The Existence of good drivers, musicians or artists;
All The people that claim that they are good drivers, or good musicians, or good artists;
This Will result in disappointment, and a good counter argument that there are No good drivers, musicians or artists.
- -
My own suspicions tend to believe that all The Best, most sincere psychics operate nearly invisibly, providing help to people that they casually meet, and provide their skills without overt payment, although accepting a small unsolicited gratuity, or ‘returning a favor’ would be permissible.
- -
The machinery that allows for psychic phenomena to exist is completely unknown,
and as such; It is difficult ( impossible ) to know how to properly test for it.
Such phenomena occurs pretty much like tornados, ball lightning, slipping in The bathtub or waiting for a tune to form The basis for a new song.
You just have to allow these things to happen, and observe them as carefully as you can, to draw upon their validity when analyzing them later.
Granted; It’s very difficult to study something that you don’t have any idea what it is to begin with, but if it happens spontaneously often enough, it should be reasonable to most reasonable people that The phenomena really exists.
- -
The Other Principle problem with most psychic phenomena is that stage magicians have found ways to duplicate most such effects.
Of course; Just because something can be faked, doesn’t mean that it is.
- -
Photographic Evidence has always been suspect, and nowadays, such evidence, presented on it’s own merit, is entirely dubious.
So that now when someone does come forward with a flying saucer story, and have pictures to back it up, The pictures are worthless, and The story should be suspect, but The listener is still left with The option of evaluating The Veracity of The Reporter and if determined to be Sincere, The photograph may assumed to contain useful information, until demonstrated to be otherwise.
- -
Likewise; Any Psychic ‘Effect’ is probably worthless, despite it’s ‘Amazingness’, But The Overall phenomena, taking into consideration Any New Information Presented, Along with The absence of ‘Hokiness’, The Cost of The Service & Whether or not The Service was sought or solicited would all be taken to determine whether something genuinely interesting happened or not.

AirPort 'Security' is a Giant RipOff Super Scam !

There is something massively wrong with this world.
i’ve known this for some time now, and generally attributed it to The Incredible Stupidity of The Damp Masses, which has been thoroughly documented, but curiously left untreated.
Why do Smart People let dumb people run The World?
Every once in a while; An even more egregious example will present itself.
This morning on Good Morning America ( August 15 2011 ) There was a story about reselling ‘Lost’ or ‘Confiscated’ items at Airport during ‘Security Screenings’.
What most annoyed me was that The Two News Readers thought that this was The Funniest Thing Imaginable that all these Frazzled Travelers were being routinely fleeced by Airport ‘Security Agents’.
It has occurred to me 10 years ago that The Proper Procedure for Dealing with ‘Unacceptable’ items, would be to provide an Envelope or Tag to The Traveler, Put The Item in The Envelope; Which is Routed to The Baggage Area and Then Retrieved At The Terminus Destination. This does not seem unreasonable to me. If So; Then The Initial Baggage Check in should take steps to intercept these items during Check in.
The Other Source for These ‘Lost’ Items was that many Travelers simply ‘Forget’ that they have just removed their watches, computers, jewelry & other items during screening and walked off without them. This is Certainly The Responsibility of The Screeners to Check The Bins and Sound an Alarm and Close an Intermediate Gate when they notice that an Bin has not be emptied. How can they just look at expensive items left in a Bin and shrug it off.
That is just astonishingly evil.
Why don’t people ‘Get This’ ?
What is Wrong with The World?
Are People really no more Intelligent than fish?
Is it that most people have no ‘Sense’ of ‘What is Wrong’ ?

MegaPixel Comparison

Commentary for MegaPixel Comparison

i recently went to A Family Reunion in Wallace, Idaho and in order to take as many pictures as possible; i set my Small Nikon Camera to 5 MegaPixels, which would allow me to take about 3000 pictures, which seemed reasonable to me.
- - -
Unfortunately; i have never had The battery go dead on it, so i thought i would not need to take The charger with me, and discovered to my horror that after only 1,355 pictures, The battery went dead.
It’s equipped with a very expensive rechargeable battery, so i was just stuck.
- - -
i had my iPod Touch with me, and bought The recharger for it with me, so i was able to take a few more hundred pictures at a much lower resolution.
- - -
When i got home though, i discovered that very few of The pictures came out !
i don’t recall this happening before, even when i took a bunch of pictures at my mother’s funeral with my iPod Touch, i thought that most of them came out pretty well, and it was taking pictures at .69 Megapixels !
This was very odd.
- - -
So i decided to do some experiments with image resolution,
And discovered that The Oldie Time ‘Film’ Images are Way Better at holding on to subtle gradations of Grey Tones than The Best ( 12 Megapixel Digital Images ! )
After scanning many of The Old Pictures from my Families Albums, i had gotten used to The idea that i could bring up very dark images, or images with very dark backgrounds, or images with seriously faded colors, and bring them back to near pristine condition !
- - -
But my simple experiments that consisted of enlarging a small image against a sun lit background showed that whether The Image was taken with 12 or 8 or 5 MegaPixels,
The results of trying to recover it, were about The same.



In other words, The 12 Megapixel images were only marginally better than The 8 or 5 MegaPixel Images.
Further Graphing of The Results verified this.
While there is a big difference between a 1 to 2 Megapixel Image,
For The same improvement from 12 Megapixels, You’d have to jump to A 24 Megapixel Image !


- - -
Note : The Arc Pixels in The Graph; For this =Comparison=, Refers to The Angular Size of One Pixel’s Width & Height. This would actually vary depending on The Focal Length of The Lens; But for This Graph, They are all The Same ‘Theoretical Lens Length’. The Smaller The Angular Pixel Size, The Better is The Resolution.
- - -
Curiously; The Amount of Memory to Store These Images Remains fairly constant with a Factor of Roughly .3 of The Megapixel Volume.
That is; A 12 MegaPixel Image with Millions of Colors will be about 12 x .3 = 3.6 Megabytes.
The actual size & quality of The image is going to depend upon several factors, including The brightness of The environment & how Detailed The image is, which will factor into The .jpg Compression Algorithms.
- -
.jgp Compresses Images for The Best Image, Taking into Consideration that A Slightly Depreciated Image Quality is Acceptable for A Much Smaller File Size.
- -
.tiff Compresses Images with No Consideration for Image Depreciation, and Consequently; Have a Much Larger File Size.
- -
.gif is an older format for sharing images on The Earliest Generation of Computers & Very Slow Modems. When Computer modems got faster, The Better .jpg Algorithm superseded it.
- - -
ISO originally referred to A Film’s ‘Speed’. A Greater ISO of 400 allowed The Photographer to take pictures in Darker Environments, such as Indoors, without a Flash. The Same idea is Applied to Digital Photography, with The Same Results,
Setting your Digital ISO to a higher amount will adversely effect your image quality. Something that i should have been more aware of !
The Digital ISO tells The Camera to allow for Faster Shutter Speeds in Lower Light, Sacrificing Image Quality.
- - -
It’s best to set everything on Automatic, and if The Camera thinks that you should use The Flash, Even if you hate Flashed Images, You need to use The Flash, Or else.
Else being surprising Grainy ( Pixelated ) or Smeared Images.
- - -