Friday, August 19, 2011

AirPort 'Security' is a Giant RipOff Super Scam !

There is something massively wrong with this world.
i’ve known this for some time now, and generally attributed it to The Incredible Stupidity of The Damp Masses, which has been thoroughly documented, but curiously left untreated.
Why do Smart People let dumb people run The World?
Every once in a while; An even more egregious example will present itself.
This morning on Good Morning America ( August 15 2011 ) There was a story about reselling ‘Lost’ or ‘Confiscated’ items at Airport during ‘Security Screenings’.
What most annoyed me was that The Two News Readers thought that this was The Funniest Thing Imaginable that all these Frazzled Travelers were being routinely fleeced by Airport ‘Security Agents’.
It has occurred to me 10 years ago that The Proper Procedure for Dealing with ‘Unacceptable’ items, would be to provide an Envelope or Tag to The Traveler, Put The Item in The Envelope; Which is Routed to The Baggage Area and Then Retrieved At The Terminus Destination. This does not seem unreasonable to me. If So; Then The Initial Baggage Check in should take steps to intercept these items during Check in.
The Other Source for These ‘Lost’ Items was that many Travelers simply ‘Forget’ that they have just removed their watches, computers, jewelry & other items during screening and walked off without them. This is Certainly The Responsibility of The Screeners to Check The Bins and Sound an Alarm and Close an Intermediate Gate when they notice that an Bin has not be emptied. How can they just look at expensive items left in a Bin and shrug it off.
That is just astonishingly evil.
Why don’t people ‘Get This’ ?
What is Wrong with The World?
Are People really no more Intelligent than fish?
Is it that most people have no ‘Sense’ of ‘What is Wrong’ ?

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