Monday, September 26, 2011

Harsh Anti-Semitic Rant

This is a very Harsh Anti-Semitic Rant on Israel & The Jews,
But i would just like the reader to know that i don't obsess over this particularly,
But this is something that i've been silently ranting about for some time,
Particularly whenever The Middle East ( Northern Africa ) is in the news again.

- - -

Harsh Thoughts about Israel
Or : Maybe i’m a little AntiSemitic
( While i may also be a little Misogynist )

But if i was a little Misogynist, Let us hope that i’m AntiSemitic in The same way, as i actually prefer The Non-Sexual Company of Women more than Men.

Just tell me that this -Isn’t- True :
After WWII ( Two; Not Eleven ), The Untied States & Europe were all hepped up on Creating Israel, Because they wanted to get rid of all their Jews.

Let us be clear on a few things first.

A ) The Jews are NOT Gawds Chosen People.
i hope that there’s not too much resistance to this idea, even amoung modern Jews.

B ) Isn’t it curious that there is a ‘Race’ or ‘Ethnic Minority with Stars on Their Bellies’ that looks just like The Sneeches without Stars on Their Bellies, that is so Amazingly loathed by nearly Everyone.
Even Blacks aren’t hated ‘like this’. Because of basic cultural Biases, and that they are pigmented in such an obvious opposite way from Northern Europeans, It’s almost entirely reasonable that The Dominant Civilization would feel that these ‘Others’ are inferior, chiefly because they’ve been denied educational & Social Opportunities to Integrate into The Prevailing Culture.
Likewise; Some American ‘Settlers’ may have had personal animosities towards The Resident American Aborigines, But The principle reason for Ethnic Cleansing was that they were simply ‘In The Way’ of our Colonization Efforts. Once that had been settled, Most of ‘New Americans’ accepted The Aborigines, unless you lived near them in Montana or South Dakota.
Most everywhere else where two or more Ethnic Groups live, they get along pretty well; With The Few Exceptions where there is A Very Long History of Privilege enjoyed by one Group at The Expense of The Other(s. This Dissymmetry is made more palatable when there is a later effort to equalize These Castes. The Trodden Class generally has an elephantine recollection of ancestral crimes which must be addressed, such that they are never sufficiently defrayed.
In modern History; Gandhi tried to fix India’s Hindu-Islam Conflict by separating these two groups into different nations. This solution has been shown to be insufficient or incomplete.
The point being; What is it about The Jews that has perpetuated such a nearly global & highly idiosyncratic animosity? Is it their omnipresent snootiness, delusions of persecution which is self actualizing, or is there a antediluvian, genetically encrypted memory of crimes committed by our common ancestors?

C ) While there a lot of Very Smart Movers & Shakers that are Jews; This is a function of The Jew’s Cultural Affirmation for Education & Striving for Social Position.
The Counterpoint of this would be The Remarkable Effect Demonstrated by African Americans that assume that Success & Education are ‘Things that White People Do.’
There was a case a few months ago in ‘The South’, in which a large group of African Americans were picnicking by a River, where one of their young children fell into The River. A Couple of Adults jumped in to save The Child, but all ended up Drowning in Comparatively Calm Water, Due to The fact that none of The Adults or Children knew how to Swim, even though they’d all lived near water for Several Generations. When asked why none of them knew how to swim, one of The more Elegant Adults revealed that they’d always felt that ‘Swimming was something that White People did’ !!!
This concept is extended to many Young Blacks throughout The United States in High Schools Particularly, That feel that in order to retain their African Heritage, they mustn’t become ‘Nerds’. Being Cool is Being Dumb.

This is another of my pet peeves.
Being Cool is Not being dumb or ‘Not Caring’.
Being Cool IS being smart enough and Street Wise enough, so that few if any situations surprise or startle you, so that you are always in control of your emotions and ‘Know what to do in a Crisis.’
These Crises’ might not always be running to save someone in a burning car, But more often; Handling Social situations more adeptly than their peers.
The antithesis of Being Cool is being Hysterical.

Being dumb and not caring about anything might superficially appear behaviorally like being cool, but only until a crisis effects The ‘Cooliee’ Personally. Then they Freak out, and their cover is exposed.

A Side Issue of this ( Tangental Effect ) is when something ‘Kooky’ happens and The Faux Cooliee says; “Be Cool.”, Meaning; “That even though i just broke your $6,000 20 speed Racing bicycle, It’s only material Stuff. You can easily afford to buy a new one, Lets smoke some pot and stop talking about my responsibility in this fiasco.”

That is Not Cool.
Being Cool is Being Smart & Pragmatic and taking responsibility for your actions.

- -
Ok. that was some digression.

What would happen if The US just declared that we were leaving North Africa?

This would mean that we’d make it clear to The Other countries there that We were leaving and not coming back. You’re all adults and we expect you to straighten out your problems on your own.

The assumption has been up to this point, that The Arabs & Jews are NOT Adults and we need to hold their hands while they’re going potty.

Just What happened to Northern Africa Anyways?

They used to be SuperCivilizations!
They used to be The Cradle of Human Culture!
There may be a few explanations; Few of them having any thing to do with Islam or Mohammed.
What i suspect is The Bigger Cause is that they completely defoliated their environment. It really once was The Garden of Eden, A lush Forest Canopy & vistas of rich grass lands. But you can only exploit that sort of thing for only so long without replenishing it. Without a Prior Example of how things can go horribly wrong, they may be excused to some degree for racing towards destruction without even seeing it when they start jumping into its bottomless pit.

Another Digression.
When i was 12 years old, or so; i knew that The Explanation for Where Oil comes from was just deeply wrong. The Easy Question is; Just how does A Thick enough layer of unrecycled organic material accumulate to create an oil field with billions of barrels of crude oil? Even if there was a world wide cataclysmic event that knocked over an entire continent of thick Jungle, That would be flattened and would, under The most theoretically ideal conditions, render into one thin sheen of baby oil.
The Entire premise of Oil being created from Jungles & Dinosaurs is based on The antiquated idea that everything with Carbon in it, must be Organic.
Well. That’s crazy talk.
Where does oil come from?
There is substantial evidence that oil is made deep underground and may be virtually unlimited. And by Virtually Unlimited, This School of thought means; A lot more than The Dinosaur School of thought.

So Anyways:

The Arab Nations; Given Carte Blanc take back The area currently occupied by The Israelis and where do They go. The survivors that is.
While there are plenty of Unpopulated Regions on The Earth; One of The Least Populated areas is Northern Africa, and The Jews couldn’t make that work.

How about this idea.
We Transplant a few million Borneans from a nice Pacific atoll to A Nice UnderExploited Lake in Southern California, and move The Jews to their own Island paradise in The Pacific.

See; i'm wishing them well after all.

More Thinking about Thinking

i’m becoming very comfortable with a solution to one of The last ‘Problems’ towards explaining Consciousness.
The big gaps still exist, and i will outline some of The peripheral problems which may explain some aspects of consciousness, but actually only make The overall problem more mysterious.

The part that i’m becoming comfortable with is based on something that WmJs suggested some months ago.
He related this theory to me that some Anthropological Psychologists ( ? ) believe that humanimals became ‘Conscious’ or ‘SelfAware’ when they started Speaking and in The process of listening to themselves, and interpreting this phenomena was coming from themselves, they formed an internal model of ‘An Other’ existing inside themselves; Which became their idea of ‘Self’.

This doesn’t explain how dogs and cats are Conscious, as many people believe that they are, in their own simplistic kind of way, but leaving that on a back burner for now…

This Does explain how, According to Epiphenomenalism, The Brain Has a Sense of Self, Even though it has No Knowledge of The Conscious Self.

That is; All of your thoughts are created by The Brain without any input from The Conscious Self. How could it? All of The thoughts that you experience come from The Brain.
Any thought that you experience, are these same thoughts that you may believe are principally responsible for your decisions, were generated in The Brain !
So that when you say; “I Think; Therefore I am.’ This is usually interpreted to mean that you are aware that you are aware, But The Brain that generated this sentence— Wasn’t Aware at all ! At least not in The way that you experience Awareness !

This is a Very Odd Idea.
But essentially; This is saying; The ‘Phenomena’ that we call ‘Consciousness’ is An Awareness of ‘Thoughts’; So that there are two distinct Components of Consciousness. The Thoughts, which may exist perfectly well in The Mechanoid Silicon Wafers of a Robot, And The Ability of Featherless Parakeets to ‘See’ These Thoughts.

This ‘Seeing’ business is completely unexplained.

But The part where The Brain ‘Thinks’ that its aware is possibly explained by this model that it has of itself that it created by listening to itself talk.
This should be expounded upon a little in that The Brain may not ‘Automatically’ be ‘Aware’ of its own ‘Talking’.
i can personally vouch for this with The Observation that i frequently say things that i’m not aware of, prior to saying them. i am listening to these ‘Thoughts’ along with anyone else listening to me.

This has also led me to believe that The ‘Me’ that is aware of what is happening to me, Is not The ‘Decision Making Me’. The ‘Observer Me’ is just riding in this roller coaster train, while The ‘Decision Making Me’ is A Robot Brain that draws upon The Forces acting on The Entire Universe, Focused on This Tiny Node of My Brain. In that sense; This node was Autonomous, as The Entire Universe is Autonomous. Curiously; This means that each Node experiences The Universe from a Slightly Difference perspective, which allows everyone to be a Unique Entity.
But none of us are ‘Free’. All of our Decisions are predicated on The Machinery of The Universe.

So this Robot Brain Creates Unique & Autonomous Thoughts that are Entirely Dependent on The Causality of The Entire Universe;
And The ‘Observer Me’ watches this go on, without having any control whatsoever as to what is about to happen next.

But you say : “But I Decide what I’m going to do.”

You’re Brain Decides, And it has a Faux Model of your Conscious Mind !
This Faux Model thinks that it is The Part of you that is Conscious !
If it went away; Your Robot Body would continue to behave exactly as it always has & will act in The future.

What then; Does This ‘Self Awareness’ Do?

Are we living in a universe that is so cruel
as to allows us to be aware that we are robots?

The Solution to this; is:
The universe is very different than The way we experience it.
The real universe has somekind of feature that allows us to really have real consciousness & self awareness & free will.

The only evidence for this is that we believe that we have freewill,
And The unexplainable nature of all The physical ‘forces’,
The oddness of The moon & tides, and The chemistry of life.
And everything else.

What is The real World like?

Completely Different or just slightly tweaked.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Apps Rant !

Apple iPod Apps

i got an App awhile ago that allows me to ‘easily’ pick a Free App a Day.
Some of these have been entertaining enough, but i wonder how they are being paid for? Are they teasers for Other Apps by that programmer ?
Anyways; Some of them are more frustrating, as they are ostensibly free, but you can’t really ‘play’ them until you start buying ‘extras’ right away.
Pocket Frogs, which i love, allows The Player to buy more Potions or Stamps, but you don’t have to. i have been very conservative with my stamps & potions, and have a large surplus of both.
But i got a couple in just The last week that were pretty cute, but They both were very demanding, requiring constant supervision, nagging me with ‘Push’ prompts that would pop up on The Screen when The Game was off !!!
Pocket Frogs will do that, but you can turn that off & on, and if i ignore Pocket Frogs for any length of time, nothing bad will happen as a result of my negligence.
One of The resent games make it clear that all of my pets would die if i didn’t care for them constantly !
i once took in a real live baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest, and they have to be constantly cared for during every waking moment of The daylight hours. But that was a live bird, and it eventually grew up and flew off, but i don’t think i want to invest that much effort into a virtual pet(s.
- -
The Other Very Major Problem i had with an App just this morning was with my HP48 Emulator. It’s Cute and works pretty much like a Real HP48, but there’s no Tactile feedback for The Tiny Keys and it’s very Tedious to Key in a Long Program.
Plus; i was keying in a rather short program this morning, and debugging it was very difficult. The Arrow Keys move The Cursor Very Slowly, and after i got The First Problem solved so that it would load, There was a Second problem with A DOLIST routine. i had already SAVED The program ( Abc ) into Port Zero, but during The debugging, The App Crashed and took my program with it that took 90 minutes to key in !!!
And that was a very short program.
i had a very similar problem with my HP42 Emulator. i’d gotten my Prime Program loaded in, then it Crashed and took it with it.
A ) There needs to be a way to Input/Output from The Computer so that entering Programs and Saving them Individually is Possible. i think Apple has created The iPod & iPhone Appliances to Very Specifically DisAllow this…???
B ) There needs to be a App that works like an HP48, but is specifically written for The iPod, iPhone & iPad ( + all The others ) making use of The Full Resolution of The Screen and All The Colors and Additional Memory, And allows for Easier Data & Programming Entry.

Until some Improvements are made; These Emulators are mere Novelties.

Netflix / Once a fine company

i just found out that Netflix is Breaking itself in half for some crazy bznz reason.
i don't like it.
i like the new name even worse.

i just tried to post a comment on The Netflix Blog,
and discovered that i have to join facebook to do that.
i hate facebook.
i don't understand facebook, and it seems lame to me.
Sometime ago; Netflix decided to align itself with M$ to provide streaming video,
which is apparently the direction that it now wants to take to survive next to hulu & redsomething.

this is the post i tried to leave on their blog :
i really, really, really ( really ) hate the new name 'QuickyFilms'. 
It's very offensive in many ways, one of the more obscure perhaps is that it sounds referential to Qwest Telephone, which i hate nearly as much as M$, which Netflix has aligned itself with for Streaming. 
This may be the last straw.
- - -

i've also been having some peripheral trouble in my building that may cause me to finally drop NetFlix, or Whatever, and get my new Video's from Safeway.
The Peripheral Trouble(s is:

A ) The mailbox in my building is too small to accommodate more than 1 Video Envelope and Mail or 2 Video Envelopes and No Mail. So i stuck a big envelope below my mailbox to receive the DVD Envelopes. This has worked pretty well for several years, but now...

B ) Due to this & that; A bunch of people moved out of our building this last year, and for several months, no one moved in. We were more than half empty for a long time, and then suddenly; In late August, The Building Filled up with Refugees from Eritrea & Burma ( Myanmar ) ! The Eritreans can apparently speak English a little, But the Burmese don't speak any English at all, and neither groups understand the principle of the Envelope. They think that anything in it is community property.
So i've tried to get a hold of their 'Handlers' and explain this to them, but they're not being as cooperative as i would like !

C ) i've lost 2 DVDs a the week before last, but it's making me very jittery that i have to sit on my mailbox on the days that i'm expecting DVDs now.

These are small problems in the grand scheme of things, but maybe i'm watching too many DVDs anyways.

The Other ( Completely Unrelated ) Problem that i've been having lately, Besides trying to learn Python and not being able to figure out how to do something as simple as saving an active project—
Is that my DVD Burner has burned out !


Boo Hoo.

Saying that things could be worse; usually makes them worse.

Monday, September 12, 2011

FreeWill vs Awareness vs Self Control vs Will Power

FreeWill vs Awareness vs Self Control vs Will Power

Q : Allowing that The Brain is an ElectroChemical Machine that Generates all of our thoughts; Or if you choose to State that All of our thoughts are Generated by an Homunculi, or Spirit that fills The Entire Universe; So be it. Given this; This Thing, Artifact, Object, Machine, Amorphous Cloud or Entire Universe that Generates your Thoughts; What is The Functionality of The Self Awareness, The Mind, The Ego that becomes aware of these Thoughts?

This is to say that The part of The Id that Generates your thoughts, is Separate from The Part of The Id that becomes ’Aware’ of them.

If you choose that they are The same; or Recursively Functional, Then to Eliminating one would break The Robot which is The Humanimal.

But The first argument states that it should be very possible to do exactly that; To allow The Brain as a Machine, or a Spirit as The Author of our Thoughts to Operate The Robot without ever allowing an Ego to ‘See’ what is going on.
In this Cartoon Feature; The Robots would behave exactly like people, But there would be nothing inside to watch it all happen.

One might argue that this is impossible.
But this argument isn’t interested in your philosophical necessities that presuppose foundations for your religion,
This argument is simply stating; Defining in its initial glossary;
There is an Artifact of Unknown Construction, or if it is merely The Brain, Very Mysterious Construction, that Generates all of Our thoughts.
This is certainly true, as we introspect and experience these thoughts,
But that process of experiencing them is an artifact of observing them after having been created somewheres ( else ).

The Argument that These Experiences of Thoughts do not exist prior to our becoming aware of them is just as futile as suggesting that The Awareness of these thoughts in any way contributes to them.

i have no problem with any hypothesis that includes The pulling oneself up by your suspenders; But in doing so, One might ask; Who is doing The Pulling?

If a thought is not generated until The Id desires a thought, Who desires The Thought? Where did The Desire come from?

Reminder :
The Original Question was :
What is The Functionality of The Ego that experiences The Awareness of One’s Thoughts?

- - - -

Putting this aside for a moment.

i was also wondering about Emergent Complexity.

One of my earlier thoughts on how a highly effective Robot ( like a fly ) could effectively deal with all The Situations that they are put to task against,
i considered three scenarios :

The Designer ( or Accidental Evolution ) Writes a programming routine to effectively deal with every situation that The Robot may encounter.

The Designer ( OAE ) Creates a Small Number of Routines which are allowed to mix & match themselves by means of a master controller that implements what is known as emergent complexity. This master controller operates mostly on pseudorandomized guessing, and maybe a little error avoidance derived from previous failed attempts, But The point being; This approach is very conservative with memory & something that may be called; Thinking.

The Third Approach is to allow The Robot to be Aware of what is happening to them. This ‘Awareness’ is somehow ( Undefined Section ) able to ‘know’ what is best.

A Fourth Version is that this Awareness has A computationally Intensive ability to ‘See into The Future’.
One variation of this is to actually see into The future,
And another is to allow The Robot to project dozens or hundreds of alternative futures within its imagination, and then choose The one that is most beneficial.

i have further stipulated that this ‘Seeing into The Future’ by ‘Intelligent’ or ‘Smart’ Robots is basically The same process that ‘dumb’ Robots use, except that they examine all these alternative scenarios in The meat & potatoes world, through what is known as either trial & error; Or Attentive Trial & Error by slightly smarter Robots.

So The Real Question is :
Does this Awareness Model really offer any Better Solutions to Any Unknown Obstacle than The Emergent Complexity Model?

Is The Emergent Complexity Model Sufficient to Emulate Any ‘Intelligent’ Behaviour in Any Given Robot?

Part of this Question is really understanding to Potential of Emergent Complexity, And what are we willing to allow ‘Awareness’ to Accomplish?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Quantum Mechanics Questions : Specifically Regarding Bell's Theorm or InEquality Experiment

Every once in awhile, i’ll reignite my interest in Quantum Mechanics and Try to find a really clear Article or Book that Explains / Describes some or all of The Principle Experiments,
And Not Just ( Merely States ) The Results, Conclusions &/or Their Interpretation.

This last Round yielded what may be The Best ( But Still Deeply Flawed ) Description of Bell’s Inequality Experiment.

And it seems completely Bogus to me.
Why would All of The Worlds Physicists allow themselves to become so thoroughly confused by this Experiment?

Could you Clear a Few Things Up :

Also: If you do Offer an Explanations;
Please :
Do Not call me a Moron and Refer me to ANY Grade School Science Text Book.
Use Mathematical Formulas to Express An Idea that should be a Physical Description of Actual Particles, Not ‘Theoretical’ Particles.
- i don’t believe that Mathematics have anything to do with Physical Reality, which may be a Major Cause of much of This Confusion. Many Physicists apparently believe that there is a 1:1 Correspondence with Any, Absolutely Any, Mathematical Demonstration, Graph or Proof, with The Physical Universe.
- On The Most Elemental Level, Mathematics are A ‘Creation’ of The Human Mind, And Digitally Accurate to ( x degree ), While The Physical Universe ( If we are not living in a Matrix Construct created by Evil Robots or Spiritual Alien Daemons ) is Real, with Infinite Precision, While All Particles are Interacting with All ( ? ) Other Particles via Electromagnetic & Gravitational Fields. There is No Comparison.
-  Mathematical ‘Expressions’ may be minimally useful in determining The Capacitance of a Simple Electronic Circuit, But all Predictions or Measurements of Reality are Deeply Flawed.

i Further Believe that Any Genuine ‘Idea’ that is Clearly Understood at a Fundimental Level, 
May ( Should or Could ) be Expressed in Simple Language, 
( Compartmentalized & Hierarchically Arranged ) 
So that it may be Easily Understood by An Attentive 5th Grader.

- If you are unable to Express your ‘Understanding’ of These Concepts In this Manner,
Please Refrain from Offering Assistance here.

- - -
By What Mechanism does The Experimental Apparatus Originally Produce Two Photons ( or Electrons ( or x ) ) that The Experimenter Believes are ‘Entangled’ ?

By What Mechanism ...
( e.g. : Fully Describe The Process so That An Attentive 5th Grader 
could Recreate The Experiment if They had all The Requisite Materials )
… Could you Even Arrange this So that you could be reasonably sure that The Two Allegedly ‘Paired’ Atomic Particles would be Isolated, Routed and Then Measured, Excluding All Possibility of them Being Lost or Extraneous Particles Entering The Device and Becoming Confused with The Desired Particle(s.

It’s my understanding that when a Photon passes through any Physical Material;
Such as Air, Glass, A Mirror or Beam Splitter or Any Length of Optical Tubing; The Photon Interacts with Countless ( Literally Countless ) Electrons, Being Absorbed and Emitted in A Random Direction, Such that; Why would any Experimenter Believe that The Photon Reaching The Measuring Device, Would in Any way have any Relation to The Source Photon?

If The Experiment were Reproduced with ‘Classical’ Particles; Such as Billiard Balls, with Unambiguous & Consistent Properties from Their Creation Until Their Demise; 
How would such a Duplicate Experiment Differ from The Quantum Particle Experiment?

One Description that i was Reading a few days ago suggested that The Two Photons The are Allegedly ‘Entangled’, will each Express Some ‘Mirrored’ Property that when Eventually ‘Measured’. Such as ( x-Spin ), One being this way, and other being that way. ( ? )

First of all : What is Spin, And how is it Actually, Physically Measured?

Then: The ‘Problem’ ( The Source of The ‘Spooky Action at A Distance’ ) is That if you Measure The x-Spin ( or Polarity ) of Particle ( A ), The x-Spin of Particle ( B )will Always be The Opposite; Which Suggests Very Strongly That they Always had That Property for Each to Begin with,
But The Confusion seems to Develop from A Second Measurement of Particle ( B’s ) y-Spin, With The Question; How can The Particle ‘Know’ that you are now Measuring The y-Spin.
So what? ( ! )
The Result of The y-Spin Measurement is going to be Completely Unknown Anyway…?

Why do Physicists believe that Atomic Particles do NOT have Inherent Properties?
What is The Experiment that leads them to believe this?

Why is Heisenberg’s ‘Uncertainty’ Principle so Thoroughly & Completely Misunderstood !
It’s simply stating that if you shine a light on something, It’s going to get a tiny bit warmer, and determining what The objects original temperature was, or is, slightly confused.

Why would anyone derive from this that The Particles themselves are Confused?

i’m also very annoyed that while ‘Scientists’ routine disregard mountains of Actual Evidence presented by Thousands of Casual Observers and callously poo-poo such phenomena,
They Routinely make up all sorts of crazy things like String Theory, Dark Matter & Energy, Worm Holes & such; And Sell them As Absolute Scientific Facts, With Absolutely NO Evidence for Them at All.

It is Very Exasperating.
Science is A Religion. There is No Doubt to That.

The Most Simple & Obvious Evidence for this is that Every 50 years, or so,
Everything ( 98% ) that was Believed by ‘Scientists’ Then, is Thrown out and Replaced with New Nonsense.

Considering that there has been No Substantial Advancements in Any Understanding
( Make Believe or Observed ) of The Physical Universe for more than 50 years,
This time Scale may be slightly skewered.

10 years from Now;
People will consider Einstein The Same way we now Consider Freud.

Another thing that very much annoys me is E=MC^2.
Why would The Speed of Light be used as a Multiple here? ( !! ) !
And then Squared ( ! )
What !

If you just go through The ‘Supposed’ Atomic Process of What Uranium Atoms do during a A-Bomb Reaction; The Atoms Break Apart, New Atoms are Formed, Some Neutrons are Released, And Some Peripheral Particles are let loose.
Everything that was there at The Beginning of The Process,
Is Accounted for At The End of The Process.  
Which Matter was Converted to Energy?
Where did all The New Energy Come from?

It came from The Same Place that A Bowling Ball Hitting your Head when it Falls off a high Shelf. Everything has stored Energy in it. The Process by Which Uranium was Created tended to Store a LOT of Energy. When you Break it apart, That Energy is Released.

Is is possible to break apart Neutrons releasing their ‘Inherent’ Energy?
Yeah, Sure, Why not.

Is that Turning Matter into Energy?

Keep in mind as well that All These ‘Models’ of Atoms & Protons & Electrons & such,
Are Schematical Doodles that let Human Minds grab onto when we’re trying to understand how they interact.
These ‘Atoms’ that we describe are Not ‘Real Atoms’.

The Spoken Dao is Not The Eternal Dao. ( Lao Tzu )

The Schematical Atom is Not The Real Atom. ( Benie Einstein )

There is Tremendous Confusion Brought about when you use An Analogy or Simile to Understand some Unknown Phenomena.
There is a Incomprehensible Tendency of many otherwise bright people to believe that once you Start thinking of ( A ) to be Very much like ( B ), All The Attributes of ( A ) are represented in ( B ).

That is Crazy Talk.

One of The Craziest Bits of Crazy Talk is Thinking of Photons or Other Atomic Particles as ‘Waves’. The only kinds of ‘Waves’ that we’re Sensorily Familiar with, Are Water or Sound Waves, And they are Manifest in Two Distinct Mediums, The Volume that Envelopes A Congregate of Many, Many Tiny Particles & The Form of These Particles in Motion.
Photons & Electrons are Well Understood to be Singular Particles.
If they do Express Another Kind of ‘Very Mysterious’ Property or Effect,
It is very Confusing ( Prone to Create Confusion ) by labeling this other Property with An Effect that has no Relevant Corresponding Attributes.
This other Property has to be ( Needs to be ) Understood from Whole Cloth.

And until then; It should just be set aside.

The World is Full of Incomprehensible Things,
A True Epistemologist is Able to Just Set Things Aside for awhile;

While The Religious Scientists, Priests & Insecure Parents feel compelled to provide Authoritative Explanations for Things that they don’t even being to understand.

Stock Market Rant

i am very skeptical of The Stock Market.
- - - : o
If i were king of The World,
i would outlaw it immediately; and restructure a new mechanism for funding new businesses & such.
It makes all The Sense in The World for you to Invest in Your Neighbor’s New Idea for a Perpetual Motion Machine, but once S’he sells enough units to start turning a profit, S’he should buy back all The Stock you bought, and reinstate unambiguous control of The Company.
- - - : o
i can not understand why Huge Corporations still have stock floating around amoung The Damp Masses.
It might make sense for The Employees of The Company to Own Part of The Company,
But that should be Automatic, without going through The Motions of Choosing to Buy into The Company. Every Employee by The Fact that they are An Employee is A ’Natural’ Investor in The Company.
- - - : o
But i digress.
What most annoys me is ‘Stock Market Players’ buy & sell, sell & buy stock all day, Occasionally ‘Making’ or ‘Earning’ huge dividends.
Granted; Even amoung The Players that are any good at this,
Aren’t very good at this.
But in Theory; When A Stock Market Investor Wins The Jackpot—
What have they contributed To The Gross National Product?
What Product or Service have they Added to The Economy?
- - - : o
Obviously : Nothing.
So where does their new income come from?
It comes from The Other Poor Bastards that Thought that they were going to hit The Jackpot, but got cold feet, Panicked when their stock fluctuated, or Ran when they thought that they heard some pots & pans falling in The Apartment next door.
The Stock Market is Purely A Lottery, In which The Cool & Staid sit patiently and follow The One & Only Rule to Win in The Stock Market.
Newer Sell your Stock when it’s lower than when you bought it.
When everyone else is Selling, You Buy.
When everyone else is Buying, You Sell.
It’s quite amazing that so few ‘Investors’ understand these rules.
- - - : o
But i digress.
What really brought me to The Rant File today is An Idea for —
A Wonderfully Simple Experiment.

Feed The Business News Programs Completely Random Stock Figures.
That is; if Bell Telephone is Selling today for $42 a share,
Your Computer program creates a Random Number to it’s Value so that The Business Analysts will think it’s selling for $12 a Share.
It might just as easily been assigned $239 a Share.
My prediction is that The Analysts won’t suspect The Slightest Shenanigans are Being Poured on them, As they are well aware that The Stock Market Fluctuates Wildly from Day to Day, and Will further Rationalize how these Values are Fitting Perfectly with The Daily News.
What is more; The Winners & Losers in The Stock Market will blithely Trade on these bogus figures, buying & selling with The Same Enthusiasm & Trepidation as they Always have, and No Noticeable Effect will incur upon their general Value.
This is somewhat Counter-Predictive, As i have just suggested that The Calm will win over The Panicky, So that with Random Information Hedging their Motivations, The Results should also be Random.
But what i am also suggesting is that It’s All Random, All The Time.
The Winners are The Rich, who, After losing their Daily Allowance, are able to keep playing until they Win Again,
While The Poor are Wiped out when They Lose, Extracting them from The Game.
Prudent ‘Trading’ may give The Rich a Slight Edge,
But The Most egregiously imprudent Trafficking of ‘Securities’ will yield a Jackpot Occasionally.
- - - : o
Organizing such an Experiment would be substantially less complicated than The 911 Hoax, which makes me suspect that it’s already being performed by Some Mischievious Millionaire, and we are only left to wonder;
How long has this Experiment been running?

More 911 NonSense !

Thursday September 8th 2011

Good Morning America featured some ‘New’ Tapes from 911.
- - -
A ) These tapes are =Astonishingly= Clear, it’s like listening to The Mel Gibson Tapes in which The Parts Recorded of his Girl Friend; Oksana Grigorieva, were clearly dubbed in and Mixed with Prior Phone Conversations with Mel.
B.a) They are Smoking Gun tapes with Oodles of Valuable Information and Numerous Eye Witnesses. Why in World would they have kept these tapes a Secret until now? ( ! )
B.b) They also revealed that they are still hanging onto another Tape of The Pennsylvania Plane's last few minutes, Apparently after 10 years they are still tweaking it.
C) One of The Tapes feature that Actual Voice ( Again; Amazingly clear when compared to all other Traffic Controller & Aircraft Radio Communications ) of one of The High Jackers. This could have been voice analyzed with background sounds to determine all sorts of new evidence.
In Particular; Why was this Tape kept a secret for so long !!!
- -
Also: In Other Conspiracy News : NASA has sometime in The Past and Again Recently released some photographs of tiny indistinct blobs on The Moon that it claims are The landing craft of The Apollo Moon Missions.
So they originally spent some 243 Quadrillion Dollars faking The Moon Landings, And now they want to present photographs, that are substantially less convincing that any given UFO film on You Tube, as Proof that The Landings were Real. ( ? )
- -
Mid September Alleged Truck Bombings were ‘Proven’ by The Discovery of apparently ‘Missing’ Trucks.
A ) If you did belong to an International Terrorist Organization with Billions of Dollars in Annual Funding, Why steal a truck, Why not just buy one?
B ) In The Day to Day Commerce of National Trucking; How many Trucks are routinely stolen or high jacked for any given month for purely commercial purposes?
C ) Considering that this is Plot is fairly simple & Inexpensive, why has Al Qaeda waited 10 years to try anything at all? ( discarding any prior ‘hairbrained’ schemes that have been shown to have been mostly The Result of planning by The FBI or other Agencies )

- - -
i'm really crawling out on a limb on this last one,
As the 'expected' terrorism isn't due to happen for a few days yet !
my prediction : nada.
Of course if nothing does happen; 'They' will take credit for foiling the plot!