Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Apps Rant !

Apple iPod Apps

i got an App awhile ago that allows me to ‘easily’ pick a Free App a Day.
Some of these have been entertaining enough, but i wonder how they are being paid for? Are they teasers for Other Apps by that programmer ?
Anyways; Some of them are more frustrating, as they are ostensibly free, but you can’t really ‘play’ them until you start buying ‘extras’ right away.
Pocket Frogs, which i love, allows The Player to buy more Potions or Stamps, but you don’t have to. i have been very conservative with my stamps & potions, and have a large surplus of both.
But i got a couple in just The last week that were pretty cute, but They both were very demanding, requiring constant supervision, nagging me with ‘Push’ prompts that would pop up on The Screen when The Game was off !!!
Pocket Frogs will do that, but you can turn that off & on, and if i ignore Pocket Frogs for any length of time, nothing bad will happen as a result of my negligence.
One of The resent games make it clear that all of my pets would die if i didn’t care for them constantly !
i once took in a real live baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest, and they have to be constantly cared for during every waking moment of The daylight hours. But that was a live bird, and it eventually grew up and flew off, but i don’t think i want to invest that much effort into a virtual pet(s.
- -
The Other Very Major Problem i had with an App just this morning was with my HP48 Emulator. It’s Cute and works pretty much like a Real HP48, but there’s no Tactile feedback for The Tiny Keys and it’s very Tedious to Key in a Long Program.
Plus; i was keying in a rather short program this morning, and debugging it was very difficult. The Arrow Keys move The Cursor Very Slowly, and after i got The First Problem solved so that it would load, There was a Second problem with A DOLIST routine. i had already SAVED The program ( Abc ) into Port Zero, but during The debugging, The App Crashed and took my program with it that took 90 minutes to key in !!!
And that was a very short program.
i had a very similar problem with my HP42 Emulator. i’d gotten my Prime Program loaded in, then it Crashed and took it with it.
A ) There needs to be a way to Input/Output from The Computer so that entering Programs and Saving them Individually is Possible. i think Apple has created The iPod & iPhone Appliances to Very Specifically DisAllow this…???
B ) There needs to be a App that works like an HP48, but is specifically written for The iPod, iPhone & iPad ( + all The others ) making use of The Full Resolution of The Screen and All The Colors and Additional Memory, And allows for Easier Data & Programming Entry.

Until some Improvements are made; These Emulators are mere Novelties.

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