Monday, September 12, 2011

FreeWill vs Awareness vs Self Control vs Will Power

FreeWill vs Awareness vs Self Control vs Will Power

Q : Allowing that The Brain is an ElectroChemical Machine that Generates all of our thoughts; Or if you choose to State that All of our thoughts are Generated by an Homunculi, or Spirit that fills The Entire Universe; So be it. Given this; This Thing, Artifact, Object, Machine, Amorphous Cloud or Entire Universe that Generates your Thoughts; What is The Functionality of The Self Awareness, The Mind, The Ego that becomes aware of these Thoughts?

This is to say that The part of The Id that Generates your thoughts, is Separate from The Part of The Id that becomes ’Aware’ of them.

If you choose that they are The same; or Recursively Functional, Then to Eliminating one would break The Robot which is The Humanimal.

But The first argument states that it should be very possible to do exactly that; To allow The Brain as a Machine, or a Spirit as The Author of our Thoughts to Operate The Robot without ever allowing an Ego to ‘See’ what is going on.
In this Cartoon Feature; The Robots would behave exactly like people, But there would be nothing inside to watch it all happen.

One might argue that this is impossible.
But this argument isn’t interested in your philosophical necessities that presuppose foundations for your religion,
This argument is simply stating; Defining in its initial glossary;
There is an Artifact of Unknown Construction, or if it is merely The Brain, Very Mysterious Construction, that Generates all of Our thoughts.
This is certainly true, as we introspect and experience these thoughts,
But that process of experiencing them is an artifact of observing them after having been created somewheres ( else ).

The Argument that These Experiences of Thoughts do not exist prior to our becoming aware of them is just as futile as suggesting that The Awareness of these thoughts in any way contributes to them.

i have no problem with any hypothesis that includes The pulling oneself up by your suspenders; But in doing so, One might ask; Who is doing The Pulling?

If a thought is not generated until The Id desires a thought, Who desires The Thought? Where did The Desire come from?

Reminder :
The Original Question was :
What is The Functionality of The Ego that experiences The Awareness of One’s Thoughts?

- - - -

Putting this aside for a moment.

i was also wondering about Emergent Complexity.

One of my earlier thoughts on how a highly effective Robot ( like a fly ) could effectively deal with all The Situations that they are put to task against,
i considered three scenarios :

The Designer ( or Accidental Evolution ) Writes a programming routine to effectively deal with every situation that The Robot may encounter.

The Designer ( OAE ) Creates a Small Number of Routines which are allowed to mix & match themselves by means of a master controller that implements what is known as emergent complexity. This master controller operates mostly on pseudorandomized guessing, and maybe a little error avoidance derived from previous failed attempts, But The point being; This approach is very conservative with memory & something that may be called; Thinking.

The Third Approach is to allow The Robot to be Aware of what is happening to them. This ‘Awareness’ is somehow ( Undefined Section ) able to ‘know’ what is best.

A Fourth Version is that this Awareness has A computationally Intensive ability to ‘See into The Future’.
One variation of this is to actually see into The future,
And another is to allow The Robot to project dozens or hundreds of alternative futures within its imagination, and then choose The one that is most beneficial.

i have further stipulated that this ‘Seeing into The Future’ by ‘Intelligent’ or ‘Smart’ Robots is basically The same process that ‘dumb’ Robots use, except that they examine all these alternative scenarios in The meat & potatoes world, through what is known as either trial & error; Or Attentive Trial & Error by slightly smarter Robots.

So The Real Question is :
Does this Awareness Model really offer any Better Solutions to Any Unknown Obstacle than The Emergent Complexity Model?

Is The Emergent Complexity Model Sufficient to Emulate Any ‘Intelligent’ Behaviour in Any Given Robot?

Part of this Question is really understanding to Potential of Emergent Complexity, And what are we willing to allow ‘Awareness’ to Accomplish?

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