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Harsh Anti-Semitic Rant

This is a very Harsh Anti-Semitic Rant on Israel & The Jews,
But i would just like the reader to know that i don't obsess over this particularly,
But this is something that i've been silently ranting about for some time,
Particularly whenever The Middle East ( Northern Africa ) is in the news again.

- - -

Harsh Thoughts about Israel
Or : Maybe i’m a little AntiSemitic
( While i may also be a little Misogynist )

But if i was a little Misogynist, Let us hope that i’m AntiSemitic in The same way, as i actually prefer The Non-Sexual Company of Women more than Men.

Just tell me that this -Isn’t- True :
After WWII ( Two; Not Eleven ), The Untied States & Europe were all hepped up on Creating Israel, Because they wanted to get rid of all their Jews.

Let us be clear on a few things first.

A ) The Jews are NOT Gawds Chosen People.
i hope that there’s not too much resistance to this idea, even amoung modern Jews.

B ) Isn’t it curious that there is a ‘Race’ or ‘Ethnic Minority with Stars on Their Bellies’ that looks just like The Sneeches without Stars on Their Bellies, that is so Amazingly loathed by nearly Everyone.
Even Blacks aren’t hated ‘like this’. Because of basic cultural Biases, and that they are pigmented in such an obvious opposite way from Northern Europeans, It’s almost entirely reasonable that The Dominant Civilization would feel that these ‘Others’ are inferior, chiefly because they’ve been denied educational & Social Opportunities to Integrate into The Prevailing Culture.
Likewise; Some American ‘Settlers’ may have had personal animosities towards The Resident American Aborigines, But The principle reason for Ethnic Cleansing was that they were simply ‘In The Way’ of our Colonization Efforts. Once that had been settled, Most of ‘New Americans’ accepted The Aborigines, unless you lived near them in Montana or South Dakota.
Most everywhere else where two or more Ethnic Groups live, they get along pretty well; With The Few Exceptions where there is A Very Long History of Privilege enjoyed by one Group at The Expense of The Other(s. This Dissymmetry is made more palatable when there is a later effort to equalize These Castes. The Trodden Class generally has an elephantine recollection of ancestral crimes which must be addressed, such that they are never sufficiently defrayed.
In modern History; Gandhi tried to fix India’s Hindu-Islam Conflict by separating these two groups into different nations. This solution has been shown to be insufficient or incomplete.
The point being; What is it about The Jews that has perpetuated such a nearly global & highly idiosyncratic animosity? Is it their omnipresent snootiness, delusions of persecution which is self actualizing, or is there a antediluvian, genetically encrypted memory of crimes committed by our common ancestors?

C ) While there a lot of Very Smart Movers & Shakers that are Jews; This is a function of The Jew’s Cultural Affirmation for Education & Striving for Social Position.
The Counterpoint of this would be The Remarkable Effect Demonstrated by African Americans that assume that Success & Education are ‘Things that White People Do.’
There was a case a few months ago in ‘The South’, in which a large group of African Americans were picnicking by a River, where one of their young children fell into The River. A Couple of Adults jumped in to save The Child, but all ended up Drowning in Comparatively Calm Water, Due to The fact that none of The Adults or Children knew how to Swim, even though they’d all lived near water for Several Generations. When asked why none of them knew how to swim, one of The more Elegant Adults revealed that they’d always felt that ‘Swimming was something that White People did’ !!!
This concept is extended to many Young Blacks throughout The United States in High Schools Particularly, That feel that in order to retain their African Heritage, they mustn’t become ‘Nerds’. Being Cool is Being Dumb.

This is another of my pet peeves.
Being Cool is Not being dumb or ‘Not Caring’.
Being Cool IS being smart enough and Street Wise enough, so that few if any situations surprise or startle you, so that you are always in control of your emotions and ‘Know what to do in a Crisis.’
These Crises’ might not always be running to save someone in a burning car, But more often; Handling Social situations more adeptly than their peers.
The antithesis of Being Cool is being Hysterical.

Being dumb and not caring about anything might superficially appear behaviorally like being cool, but only until a crisis effects The ‘Cooliee’ Personally. Then they Freak out, and their cover is exposed.

A Side Issue of this ( Tangental Effect ) is when something ‘Kooky’ happens and The Faux Cooliee says; “Be Cool.”, Meaning; “That even though i just broke your $6,000 20 speed Racing bicycle, It’s only material Stuff. You can easily afford to buy a new one, Lets smoke some pot and stop talking about my responsibility in this fiasco.”

That is Not Cool.
Being Cool is Being Smart & Pragmatic and taking responsibility for your actions.

- -
Ok. that was some digression.

What would happen if The US just declared that we were leaving North Africa?

This would mean that we’d make it clear to The Other countries there that We were leaving and not coming back. You’re all adults and we expect you to straighten out your problems on your own.

The assumption has been up to this point, that The Arabs & Jews are NOT Adults and we need to hold their hands while they’re going potty.

Just What happened to Northern Africa Anyways?

They used to be SuperCivilizations!
They used to be The Cradle of Human Culture!
There may be a few explanations; Few of them having any thing to do with Islam or Mohammed.
What i suspect is The Bigger Cause is that they completely defoliated their environment. It really once was The Garden of Eden, A lush Forest Canopy & vistas of rich grass lands. But you can only exploit that sort of thing for only so long without replenishing it. Without a Prior Example of how things can go horribly wrong, they may be excused to some degree for racing towards destruction without even seeing it when they start jumping into its bottomless pit.

Another Digression.
When i was 12 years old, or so; i knew that The Explanation for Where Oil comes from was just deeply wrong. The Easy Question is; Just how does A Thick enough layer of unrecycled organic material accumulate to create an oil field with billions of barrels of crude oil? Even if there was a world wide cataclysmic event that knocked over an entire continent of thick Jungle, That would be flattened and would, under The most theoretically ideal conditions, render into one thin sheen of baby oil.
The Entire premise of Oil being created from Jungles & Dinosaurs is based on The antiquated idea that everything with Carbon in it, must be Organic.
Well. That’s crazy talk.
Where does oil come from?
There is substantial evidence that oil is made deep underground and may be virtually unlimited. And by Virtually Unlimited, This School of thought means; A lot more than The Dinosaur School of thought.

So Anyways:

The Arab Nations; Given Carte Blanc take back The area currently occupied by The Israelis and where do They go. The survivors that is.
While there are plenty of Unpopulated Regions on The Earth; One of The Least Populated areas is Northern Africa, and The Jews couldn’t make that work.

How about this idea.
We Transplant a few million Borneans from a nice Pacific atoll to A Nice UnderExploited Lake in Southern California, and move The Jews to their own Island paradise in The Pacific.

See; i'm wishing them well after all.

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