Friday, September 09, 2011

More 911 NonSense !

Thursday September 8th 2011

Good Morning America featured some ‘New’ Tapes from 911.
- - -
A ) These tapes are =Astonishingly= Clear, it’s like listening to The Mel Gibson Tapes in which The Parts Recorded of his Girl Friend; Oksana Grigorieva, were clearly dubbed in and Mixed with Prior Phone Conversations with Mel.
B.a) They are Smoking Gun tapes with Oodles of Valuable Information and Numerous Eye Witnesses. Why in World would they have kept these tapes a Secret until now? ( ! )
B.b) They also revealed that they are still hanging onto another Tape of The Pennsylvania Plane's last few minutes, Apparently after 10 years they are still tweaking it.
C) One of The Tapes feature that Actual Voice ( Again; Amazingly clear when compared to all other Traffic Controller & Aircraft Radio Communications ) of one of The High Jackers. This could have been voice analyzed with background sounds to determine all sorts of new evidence.
In Particular; Why was this Tape kept a secret for so long !!!
- -
Also: In Other Conspiracy News : NASA has sometime in The Past and Again Recently released some photographs of tiny indistinct blobs on The Moon that it claims are The landing craft of The Apollo Moon Missions.
So they originally spent some 243 Quadrillion Dollars faking The Moon Landings, And now they want to present photographs, that are substantially less convincing that any given UFO film on You Tube, as Proof that The Landings were Real. ( ? )
- -
Mid September Alleged Truck Bombings were ‘Proven’ by The Discovery of apparently ‘Missing’ Trucks.
A ) If you did belong to an International Terrorist Organization with Billions of Dollars in Annual Funding, Why steal a truck, Why not just buy one?
B ) In The Day to Day Commerce of National Trucking; How many Trucks are routinely stolen or high jacked for any given month for purely commercial purposes?
C ) Considering that this is Plot is fairly simple & Inexpensive, why has Al Qaeda waited 10 years to try anything at all? ( discarding any prior ‘hairbrained’ schemes that have been shown to have been mostly The Result of planning by The FBI or other Agencies )

- - -
i'm really crawling out on a limb on this last one,
As the 'expected' terrorism isn't due to happen for a few days yet !
my prediction : nada.
Of course if nothing does happen; 'They' will take credit for foiling the plot!

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