Monday, September 19, 2011

Netflix / Once a fine company

i just found out that Netflix is Breaking itself in half for some crazy bznz reason.
i don't like it.
i like the new name even worse.

i just tried to post a comment on The Netflix Blog,
and discovered that i have to join facebook to do that.
i hate facebook.
i don't understand facebook, and it seems lame to me.
Sometime ago; Netflix decided to align itself with M$ to provide streaming video,
which is apparently the direction that it now wants to take to survive next to hulu & redsomething.

this is the post i tried to leave on their blog :
i really, really, really ( really ) hate the new name 'QuickyFilms'. 
It's very offensive in many ways, one of the more obscure perhaps is that it sounds referential to Qwest Telephone, which i hate nearly as much as M$, which Netflix has aligned itself with for Streaming. 
This may be the last straw.
- - -

i've also been having some peripheral trouble in my building that may cause me to finally drop NetFlix, or Whatever, and get my new Video's from Safeway.
The Peripheral Trouble(s is:

A ) The mailbox in my building is too small to accommodate more than 1 Video Envelope and Mail or 2 Video Envelopes and No Mail. So i stuck a big envelope below my mailbox to receive the DVD Envelopes. This has worked pretty well for several years, but now...

B ) Due to this & that; A bunch of people moved out of our building this last year, and for several months, no one moved in. We were more than half empty for a long time, and then suddenly; In late August, The Building Filled up with Refugees from Eritrea & Burma ( Myanmar ) ! The Eritreans can apparently speak English a little, But the Burmese don't speak any English at all, and neither groups understand the principle of the Envelope. They think that anything in it is community property.
So i've tried to get a hold of their 'Handlers' and explain this to them, but they're not being as cooperative as i would like !

C ) i've lost 2 DVDs a the week before last, but it's making me very jittery that i have to sit on my mailbox on the days that i'm expecting DVDs now.

These are small problems in the grand scheme of things, but maybe i'm watching too many DVDs anyways.

The Other ( Completely Unrelated ) Problem that i've been having lately, Besides trying to learn Python and not being able to figure out how to do something as simple as saving an active project—
Is that my DVD Burner has burned out !


Boo Hoo.

Saying that things could be worse; usually makes them worse.

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