Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Be A More Successful Terrorist

Or Why The War on Terror, Terrorist Groups & Such; Are a Hoax !

This might be Read as an Instruction Manual ( Booklet or Pamphlet )
For Properly Destroying a Civilization;
But my Reasoning is:
Am i The Smartest, Most Creative Mischief Maker in The World,
Or Is The Real Reason - -That No Civilization has been successfully Attacked & Destroyed by A Small, or Large, Group of Terrorist Extremists- - Something Else.
And what this Something Else is; Is very mysterious. ( ! )

It seems so ‘Reasonable’ that it should be possible to destroy a civilization with very little effort. The USSR, Imperial Russia or France, Before & After Maoian China, Angkor Wat, The Roman Empire, Easter Island, The Incan, Mayan, & Toltec Civilizations have Shown us how Amazingly Fragile Civilizations are.

Any Civilization that has fallen, has always collapsed from within,
Due to it’s own Excesses, Incompetence &/or Environmental Factors.
Even The Incan’s, that were destroyed by a very small group of Spaniards,
Was actually The Victim of it’s own Religious Beliefs.

What would happen if =The Terrorists= began to Target Airport Screening Stations...!
That is; They would send someone in with a book bag full of explosives, and detonate it at the X-Ray Machines & Metal Detectors. If they did this only a few times, Or even only Once... What would be the Possible Reaction?
Would they set up Screening Facilities farther away from the airport,
But this would allow numerous holes to appear in the widened parameter...
Would they set up Layer upon layer of Screening Stations...?
And then; The Outer most layer would be bombed, and then what...?
Would it simply mean the end of all Air Travel.
And then when the trains are targeted...?
- - - -
It might not be necessary to blow up buildings to destroy a Civilization,
But to simply target KeyStone Security or Service Points to make them Unavailable or Unusable. Only a very small number of well distributed attacks, would be necessary, with perhaps some ‘follow up inoculations’ every few months after The Initial Attacks.
1. Airport Screening Stations
2. Gas Stations
3. Metro Bus Terminals
4. Key Bridges
5. Supermarkets / Department Stores
6. Disrupt Cell Phone Communications
7. Popular Children’s Play Areas
8. Day Care Centers ( This alone would Destroy any Modern Western Civilization ! )
9. Schools
10. Garbage Cans

These KeyStone Points may be Targeted with Both Real Bombs and Fake Bombs.
The Purpose of Fake Bombs is to Evacuate the Building and cause the local Bomb Squad to be running all over town, 24/7.
In Conjunction with The Fake Bombs that look like real bombs, but are much cheaper to make and safer to transport. It’s important that some of these bombs do blow up from time to time, or almost blow up. Almost blowing up will give the bomb squads the confidence that they are in control and are doing good, as opposed to being entirely pointless.
- -
Along with Fake Bombs or Bombs that look like Bombs, There should be an Equal or Greater number of Real Bombs that consistently Blow Up that don’t look like Bombs at all. These may look like a sack or pail lunch, A Stack of Dirty magazines, A pile of dog poop on a school yard that has to be cleaned up, A pile of leaves that invites children to leap onto it, A Book in A Library or on a park bench, A $20 bill wired to a bomb underneath it, and so on. The Obvious purpose of these is to keep people from cleaning up or touching anything in a public venue.
- -
It has already been demonstrated a few times that any slightly unusual ‘advertising’ item or device left out in the public venue has brought cities to a grinding halt. It is truly inconceivable that if there really was a real terrorist organization, such as Al Qaeda, have not exploited this to it’s logical conclusion.
- -
The correct conclusion : There is No Al Qaeda, there is nothing like Al Qaeda. There are not even any Actual, or in any way, Effective Homeland Terrorist Organizations. The few that we hear about are just small groups of ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ that like to go out in the woods and play Cowboys & Indians with Real, Often Very Illegal Guns. Have any of these groups ever gotten into Mischief that wasn’t started by The FBI or other Government Agency?
The Answer is; No.
It is indeed very surprising that there Aren’t any genuinely effective groups like this, Irregardless of how small a group we’d like to choose from.
There just aren’t any.
And Satanic Devil Worshiping Clubs that Sacrifice Real Babies or Hitchhikers,
There just aren’t any.
It certainly seems ‘reasonable’ that there should be, but there aren’t. ( ??? )
There have been some interesting cases, such as The McFarland ( ? ) DayCare Fiasco in California, And others, which included grandiose claims of devil worship, But no such investigation has ever uncovered a genuine baby sacrificing cult.
They may exist, but have so far, remained successfully secretive.
- -
There are Real Serial Killers, but they never seem to get together and form groups any larger than One.
There are Very Few Cases Where there were Two or More Members of A Serial Murdering Cabal :
John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo circa. 2002 )
Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono; The Hillside Stranglers
Igor Suprunyuck and Viktor Sayenko; Both 19, Involved in The Spree Murders that took place within a month.
The Charles Manson Group
Bonnie & Clyde Gang
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of The Columbine High School massacre
Kiyoshi Higashi; Craigslist Killer / Ringleader of 3 or 4 henchmen
And None of these are Even Remotely Connected with Anything like a Political Organization bent on The Overthrow of Anything.
Even something like the SLA, Whose fame is owed to Patty Hearst; had only local political interests.
- -
This entire War on Terror is a Myth.
It has substantially less reality attached to it than The Easter Bunny.
Santa Claus is far more real than Osama Bin Laden.
- -
Food Contamination is an old favorite, It should be reasonably easy to poison school lunches, so that children & their parents will be afraid to let them eat hot lunches,
Or such actions would precipitate draconian measures in the schools, as they already have in checking for guns, knives and such, or at airports.
7 & 8 year old children will no longer be allowed to wear shoes to school and their only lunches will be warm tap water & dry bowls of corn flakes.
- -
Any Effective or InEffective Action that causes the victims to Over React and Become their own worst enemy is The Desired Effect. When you can’s bring down a civilization from the outside, simply introduce a small amount of itching power to cause the target to scratch themselves to death.
This means that when the regional law enforcement thugs take to the streets to ensure order, all the people they will be gunning down will be innocent civilians, and everyone will know this, regardless of how often they tell you otherwise. The Terrorist Organization will become the new, best & more reliable news organization. What they say will have a far greater ring of truth to it, As it will be much more subdued, Less hysterical, And Accurate.
- -
Other Ideas
Model Airplanes with GPS Guidance Electronics to effectively make them into Cruise Missiles.
Small Toy Like Robots that are able to roll or fly into Offices or Banks and Cause Mischief.
Use A Model Airplane to drop a comparatively small number of real bombs and considerably more fake bombs over a crowded Arena or Stadium, causing a lethal stampede. The bombs should be attached to parachutes with blinking lights to make their visibility unmistakable.
- -
Infiltrate Airport Security with Agents that Abuse The Public, causing a greater loss of confidence and faith in the Security System. It is already believed by most people that these people truly enjoy groping adults and small children anyways, and it might reasonably be argued that any ‘normal’ person that has been ‘correctly’ indoctrinated into western civilization would Not Recoil at the idea of performing these duties anyways.
- -
Blow up Airplanes with small missiles that are attached to guide wires that The Airplane Wings catch on and pull the bomb onto The Wing. Such a easy scheme would require little accuracy, and if the plane comes down while taking off or landing, It will cause considerable damage to surrounding neighborhoods.
- -
If it is indeed possible to break a wine glass with sound, then what is stopping a device that broadcasts a very loud, correctly pitched amplifier from breaking thousands of windows in a large city?
- -
It has been fairly conclusively shown that spiking a water supply with LSD or some such is infeasible for a variety of reasons, but might it be considerably easier to mix aerosolized LSD, PCP or some such with Horse Liniment ( So that it would be absorbed through The Skin ) and spraying it over a crowded arena or stadium with a model airplane?
- -
Create a very life like dummy and set it on the ledges of tall buildings away from any windows, or superglue the nearest windows shut, so that this illusion would be perpetrated for as long as possible. The net effect would be to close off streets for a whole day or more, and eventually make the rescue squad look like idiots.
Do this a dozen or so times, until they no longer respond, then start throwing people out of windows.
- - -
Once The Civilization that you’re attacking begins to stop reporting your terrorist attacks, and twitter gossip & email replaces the evening news, most people will come to understand that the news is no longer reliably telling them what is going on. And this means that gossip & rumor will amplify whatever terrorism that you are actually performing. This hearsay & Tittle-tattle will reliably create all sorts of new disasters, and since no one believes any ‘official’ news outlets, the common parakeets will have no where, really no where, to turn to find out what is really happening. If any of these people have witnessed anything in the 1st or 2nd person, every new report has the weight of gold.
- - -
i’m absolutely certain that if i had a million dollars, of which i would end up spending a small pittance of, And a nationally organized group, broken up into autonomous cells, connected through a hierarchy of cells or internet points, with each cell having a unique & large one time encryption pad; i would be able to bring down american civilization in 30 days.
Why isn’t anyone doing this?
Why isn’t anyone even trying?
Why aren’t there any Super ( Artist ) Criminals?
Why aren’t there far more political assassinations? Why do we routinely hear of young teenagers murdering one another over a pair of shoes, or a 12$ drug deal gone bad, or a girl friend that didn’t want to go to the movies; Yet when a CEO or Congressman screws millions of people out of their life savings; All of our most beloved psychopaths sit on their hands?
- - - - -

The ONLY Two possible explanations that seem to make sense to me;
1) Someone has a Time Machine that is constantly repairing these ‘Large’ political & social Disruptions.
B) We’re living in a Screen Saver Reality that is occupied by a very small number of Sentient, Conscious Entities, and The User, whose computer we occupy, is simply too distracted by their everyday affairs to make their screen saver any more complicated than is absolutely necessary for their quiet & benign amusement.
- -
Possible ( ? ) Third Alternative :
The News or Media Outlets, which include our Public & Private Schools, have so thoroughly indoctrinated The Damp Masses into believing that Humanimal Nature is that of Brutes & Monsters; When we are not.
There have ( apparently ) been many Egregious Wars throughout History, But maybe each of these required a stupendous amount of very specific public propagandizing to prepare The Principle Societies for it’s execution.
Wars don’t just happen. They have to be planned far in advance & lead by especially charismatic ne’er-do-wells.
A very small group of ‘Hooligans’ have been manipulating The Damp Masses for Tens of Thousands of Years to make us believe all sorts of False things, To make it easy for them to make The World; More Amusing for their pleasure.
When left to our own resources; Featherless Parakeets & Traffic Cones are genuinely repelled by violence for any purpose other than their immediate economic or emotional gratification.
Only Genuinely Crazy Lunatics ‘Plan for’ Violence.
And of all The Genuinely Crazy Lunatics that are Available; The Vast Majority of Those have Other, Far more Benign Agendas, Such as Uncovering The Truth behind The Reptilian Royal Families in Europe, Mysterious Radio Signals that only they can hear, Compulsive Masturbating or The Vast Spectrum of Petty Mischief.

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