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The Incongruity of Strangeness

Very often traffic cones will use The Word ‘Ironic’ when they actually mean something like ‘Wry’ or ‘Odd’ or ‘Kooky’.
It’s just a problem of expressing a more ‘accurate’ meaning of (x.

The same thing occurs when featherless parakeets use The Word ‘Paradox’.
The Problem of Strangeness falls under this Confusion, or ‘Ambiguity’,
In that “The Incongruity of Strangeness” isn’t really a paradox.
It’s more like a Problem of Understanding why there is such a Dichotomy between The Amateur Parapsychologist’s Observation of The Common World, And their Apprehension, Through Voracious Reading, Of The Quirky World.
One is That The World is Very Kooky,
And The Observed World is Hardly Kooky at all.
How can these two Landscapes be Reconciled?

A) The Number of Kooky Incidences is Vastly Under Reported. It is often stated that many witnesses of Kooky or Quirky Phenomena are reluctant to report these events for fear of (x. Airline pilots ‘knew’ that there were these very odd meteorological ’Sprites’ for many, many years before they were finally reported, because they feared that they would be grounded. You would think that Camera’s would commonly available to Airline pilots, but i often get The Feeling that they are practically banned from cockpits. ( ??? )

B) Many of The Best Known ( Amoung Amateur Parapsychologists ) ‘Stories’ are highly inflated for Sensationalism.

C) Many of The Best Know ( AAP ) ‘Stories’ are simply folk or Friend of A Friend Tales that have found their way into a comparatively ‘Legitimate’ Anthology of ‘Mysterious Phenomena’ Books, and thereafter been granted a degree of Authenticity that they are Undeserving of. Once a ‘Good’ ( Desirous of Being Believed ) Story like this is ‘Accepted’ as Canon, Additional Investigation is eschewed for The Simple Reason that it may be Disproved !

D) The Administers of Conventional Knowledge very actively suppress Quirky Stories because their ‘Irregularity’ & Unwillingness to be Replicated under Laboratory Conditions, Makes them Very Difficult to Study & Understand.
It is far easier to categorically deny such phenomena as existing at all, and have even instituted edicts defining ‘The Scientific Method’ that unambiguously states that all such ‘UnReplicatable’ phenomena be ignored, Thus objectively stipulating their reluctance to study incidents that they have subjectively chosen to ignore for convenience &/or ‘Religious’ Reasons.

E) As a result of This Institutionalized Suppression of Quirkiness; The Civilian Media Outlets, which are certainly controlled by Cultural Autarchs, are loath to Report any Quirky Wonders or Kooky Episodes, Except for those whose ‘Interpretation’ is clearly fraud or chicanery. Seldom is such an Event Reported that can not be fully Explained or Discredited.
Established Orders, Political or Scientific, hold very dear to Their Absolutely Authority that Claims to Understand &/or Be in Control of Everything.

F) Applying a Common Statistical Bell Curve to All Quirky Phenomena, And Providing my own Personal Observations of Quirkiness to it; Assuming ( ? ) that my personal & First Person Accounts represent ‘Common’ Quirkiness; It should be Entirely Reasonable to Believe that Along The Extremities of The Bell Curve, In Frequency & Extremely Oddness, There should be Rarely Observed, But Entirely Real Quirky Events that Genuinely Exist. This Method of Analysis however provides us with No Quantification or Qualification of The Nature of Quirkiness that Occurs ‘Elsewhere’.

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Regarding Improbable Events & Circumstances

“One Uses Inductive Reasoning to Prove that Flying Saucers are Real,
And Deductive Reasoning to Prove that They’re Nonsense.”

Obviously; The Traditional Method for Determining if Something is Genuinely ‘Odd’ is To Assign a Quantitative Statistical Probability to The Questionable Event
And Then Arbitrarily / Subjectively Assign a Second Layer to The Equation,
By Stating that (x Amount of Statistical Improbability is Genuinely Odd.

But how would you really, with any confidence, assign The Probability or Truth Value of any Observed (x ?
This is what is Wrong with ( Fatal Weakness ) of Fractional Propositional Logic.
You can have all your subjectively precise Boolean Logic Equations;
But how true are your Initial Antecedents or Succedents ( p & q ) ?
Nothing is ever Absolute.
i usually like to say; ‘It’s as true as Elephants in Africa.’
That’s pretty true, But is it absolutely True ?

2 + 2 = 4 seems as true as true can be, but i have my doubts.
It may well be that The Physical Reality doesn’t really have anything like Integer Numbers.
Integer Numbers may only be a theoretical perfection that we use for convenience.
Like A Perfect Circle or Right Angle.

After 911 i really got to thinking on this and decided that what we need is
A Universal Index of Oddness, So that given any ‘Event’ that Exhibits a certain number of Quirky Circumstances; Is that amount of Quirkiness to be reasonably Expected?

This assumes that Quirkiness is all around us all The Time,
And differentiating The Amount of Background Quirkiness
from Unusual Quirkiness is what This Index would Expose.

The Very Idea that there is a Constant Level of Quirkiness around us all The Time, Like a comparatively low level or Radiation, is somewhat ‘counterintuitive’.
Most people become alarmed when they discover that Materials like Granite are giving off sufficient Radiation that equals a given number of x-rays per hours exposed, and as a consequence of this; The Regular Travelers that pass through New York’s Grand Central Station have accumulated a measurable risk of Cancer because of this.

Quirkiness is The Same Thing.
You should Expect a Certain Amount of Quirkiness in your Life, A Certain number of highly improbable Coincidences to occur every week or month, and just shrug them off.

But how many are too many?

There’s a Mathematical Tool called The Sigma Index of Certainty that Scientists use to determine if The Results of a Given Experiment or Observation, are Significant.

Zero Sigma is The Lowest Potential for Certainty, which is equal to The Flip of One Coin, Either Heads or Tails, A 50/50 Chance of (x happening.

What is Surprising, Is that This Index allows that Three Sigma indicates a Reasonable Certainty of An Underlying Phenomena;
This Equals only Eight Heads in a Row.
This is only a 1 in 256 Chance of Occurring.

You have to get up to Five Sigma,
Which is 20 Heads in a Row,
Before you have a probability of 1 in 1,048,576.

But even so; If you’re flipping coins, you’d expect 40 heads to come up eventually, And if you take into consideration that people have been flipping coins for a very long time, that string of 40 heads are going to pop up, just when you’d least expect it to happen.

So how can you really ‘Know’ if you’re sitting waist deep in a puddle of pure strangeness?

The Next Best ’Tier’ of Measurement would be experiencing things that you’re pretty sure are just flat out impossible.

But people are often very mistaken about his as well.
Thomas Jefferson once insisted that it was far more likely that American Scientists were big fat liars, rather than believe that rocks could fall from The Skies.

i just recently came across a very nice book:
The Rough Guide to Unexplained Phenomena ( 2nd Edition )
Compiled by Bob Rickard & John Michell

i have read many, many books like this; that are chock full of very odd phenomena collected from around The World, throughout History.
Many are simply odd Meteorological Effects or Animal Behaviour,
And much of it consists of ‘Obviously’ Misreporting of Something Else; Psychological Delusions, Illusions or Psychosis.

But i think The ‘Funnest’; are Classes of Reports that occur over & over throughout history, all over The World and defy simple explanations.
Why does nearly every culture throughout The World have a ‘Little People’, Large Man-Ape, Ghosts or Children with Super-Powers in their Folk Lore?
Why is The Behaviour of these Little People so Consistent, but Their Appearance isn’t.
Its like Quixotic Phenomena is not quite as ‘Solid’ as our more familiar reality, and requires that it be ‘filtered’ through our preconceptions or cultural expectations !

Just What Is The True Reality like?
And There is so much Oddness within each category of Oddness !

How Odd is Odd?

Just how much Certainty would you attach to a bed side visitation of Jebus Q. Khrist, Moroni, Gabrielle or Your Dead Mother?
Given that their appearance is entirely substantial & you’re certain that you’re not sleeping, It would be very interesting, But many people have reasonably suggested that daemons might easily take on disguises to trick you into some crazy end game;
Or it may simply be that A Perfectly Normal CIA Brain Implant is making you see whatever they’d like, in order to get you to assassinate someone from your local ACLU Office.

i’ve had many ‘coincidences’ occur to me, One of The most curious and improbable was after watching an episode of ‘Boston Legal’ in which a young girl wanted to be given a drug to make her forget a traumatic event. This seemed very interesting to me, as i have never heard of any such drug, and then a few days later, less than a week, by complete accident i came across a reference on The interweb to just such a drug !
U0126 Drug that causes the controlled Amnesia of Specific Memories / For P-TSD /
i have often thought that such occurrences happen because The Reality Generator ( The Troll Queen ) is very lazy and frequently recycles ‘biddles’ that The Residents find interesting ( ? )

One thing that i am loath to concede to is The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanical Experimental Observations that suggests that Bishop George Berkeley, in The 1700’s, was right in his assertion that Things don’t exist, unless we ( or gawd ) is observing them. Bell’s Inequality also insists that Every Particle in The Universe is somehow tied to at least one other particle in The Universe and any change, or observation, to one, changes The its Twin Other.
This would seem to suggest though that if it were possible ( ? ) to ‘Entangle’ any given particle with another Particle, This Process could Reoccur to either of these particles; Such that After (a is entangled to (b, (b could later become entangled to (c — And if this occurs naturally, As it certainly should, then every particle in The Universe should be entangled to every other particle. ( ? )

i believe in a Materialistic Universe; With Sprinkles of Oddness, or Layers of Incomprehensibilities that produce very quirky phenomena, but does this mean that Reality is Consciousness ( ? )
For some reason; i am reluctant to go along with that.
It would certainly explain a lot, And while i am also sympathetic to The Idea of Solipsism, i draw back a little when there is suddenly an overwhelming reason to actually believe it’s true.

One of my many most egregious peeves concerning both Quantum Mechanics & Institutionalized Quixotic Phenomena; Such The Transcendental Meditationist’s claim that they can Levitate;
Is that if Bell’s InEquality or Meditative Levitation were to be carefully explained, &/or Demonstrated,
That would blow The Head Off Conventional Thinking, All Religious Beliefs, Social Order, Standards of Morality & Scientific Credibility.

But they are not.

If these things are real, Is The Mystery of them more important than their reality?

Television has shown us that people love stories.
Love to Hear & Create their Own Stories.
The Damp Masses Really Love to See The Everyday Drudgery, Imaginary or Real, of Other Peoples lives.

So when it comes to The Vast Majority of Quixotic Tales;
Just how many of them are Really Real?

We have our personal experiences; Mostly benign, but cryptic in their own ways,
That Strange things can happen.
Few of us have had experiences of a first hand narrative that involve fully documented accounts of teleportation, levitation, a clearly recalled alien abduction or the sudden inexplicable appearance of something very, very odd.
Our Benign experiences allow us to be ‘prepared’ to accept The Stranger Literary Accounts,
But how real are they really?
If there really was a good, fully documented case of high strangeness, why is it invariably kept a secret.
Only The Fringe Journalists tell us about them.

It’s not simply; “I want to Believe.”
It’s more along The Lines of; “What do I want to Believe?”
“What is Believable?”

It might well be that your extracted brain is in a glass jar and everything you’re experiencing is a trick produced by cleverly arranged static charges administered through push pins slipped between all those intestinal lumps & folds that are supposed to make us smarter than The smooth brained lizards.

Or that you’re nothing more than a well worn stretch of magnetic tape spinning round & round on a bobbin in The 14th Dimension.

Quirky things may be very amusing; But what do they mean?
Is that a big question,
Or one of The inconsequential little questions?

“Why is it important to believe that there are important things?”

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Additional Reading:
Formerly Bill Beaty’s Weird Stuff /
Linda Moulton Howe / Weird News
Walt Brown In The Beginning : Compelling Evidence for The Creation & The Flood
William Corliss Sourcebook Project / Fortean Disciple

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Side Step :
One of my crazy theories that relates to Layers of Incomprehensibilities; Is that there are numerous ‘Attributes’ ( sometimes referred to as ‘Dimensions*’ or ‘Forces’ by Physicists ) that Effect Everything, And are still Unidentified. One of these is ‘AntiGravity’; that is The Polar Inversion of Regular Gravity, But is Manifest in A completely Different Form. That is; Gravity Pulls, AntiGravity doesn’t Push, It does something Completely Different, But it is still deeply related to Gravity, And this also suggests that when we think that Gravity is Pulling, it’s doing something that relates more clearly to AntiGravities ( Not Pushing ), Such that when we have a better understanding of this; We will no longer think of Gravity as Pulling anymore ( ! )

- -
* i just hate The Idea of ‘Dimensions’ that String Theory says are ‘Shrunk down’ in Planck Scales. It seems much more reasonable to me, to Think of Up/Down, Front/Back, Left/Right as ‘Attributes’ that Everything possesses, And that many of These ‘Attributes’ are as yet undiscovered. This way; Thinking of These formerly labeled ‘Dimensions’ in The way we think of Up/Down, Front/Back, Left/Right; We’re no longer confined to force fit The Other Dimensions into a 3 Dimensional Model.
Under The ‘Attribute’ Model, Time is easily thought of an An Attribute that Everything Shares, And you can easily add more Attributes without having to ‘Explain away’ their seeming invisibility in a 3 Dimensional Reality.
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