Monday, October 17, 2011

Vocabulary Study Guide

Personal Glossary

Tragically: This Glossary is not in Alphabetical Order...
But it's not terribly expansive either, So they cancel each other out.

If the term, lexeme, phrase, locution, idiom, meme or expression
That you've found within the delimiters of The Translucent Amoebae
or The Riders of The Golden Hamster, is not here--
Please leave a Comment,
Which will be Automatically Eeped to me,
Where it will receive the fullest imaginable attention toward remedying this omission.

The Damp Masses The Ordinary Humanimals; Pedestrians or The Tediously Normal People that contribute to the unbearable White Noise that define & highlight The Rest of Us from this beige background.

Squishies All Biological Sentient Beings from Fish; Up. ( Including Paramecium, Mollusks & Insects; While Curiously Excluding Most Amphibians & Reptiles )

Humanimal Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens

Hanimal Case Example of The Damp Masses

S/he S’he Androgynous Personal Pronoun

Humster The Furry Walking Fish; Humanimals

Featherless Parakeets The Lowest Tier of The Damp Masses ( Traffic Cones )

Bloated Hamsters Humanimal / Traffic Cone / Damp Handkerchief / Straightened Paperclip / Laminated Snowflake / Greasy Doorknob / Buttered Toast / Toenail Clipping / et. al.

Dust Puppet A Puppet that looks like a Hum/Animal; Controlled by Angels

Femanimal Child Bearing Humanimal

Animeal Animal that is Suitable for Being Eaten ( This seems more Universal than Personal...???

Robotimal Instinct Driven Insect or such.

Androgenimal Indeterminate Sexual, Sentient Being

The Xi Point Six Controllers The Gawds, Angels or The Will of Gravity. This might also refer to The Dao, or The first layer of Dust over The Kitchen Floor that is aware of it's own existence.

Arranged by Angels Any Event or Circumstance that is So Very Improbable that it must have been Orchestrated by The Ξ.6 Controllers. Most often applied to Ill-Fortune; Such as when Children are killed in Freak ‘Accidents’.

Mind Masters The ‘People’ or Ξ.6 Controllers ( Specifically ) that are Controlling The Minds of The Damp Masses to keep them developing technological advances & engaging in social activity that would seem obvious & inevitable according to pervasive circumstances & well understood motivations of human behaviour. ( Forces which i am curiously & mysteriously free of, ( or am i ? ) )

The Troll Queen The Reality Generator / The Active part of The Dao / The Holy Ghost

The Great Cabbage Our Gawd; or The Dao, or The Will of Gravity. / The Great Cabbage has constructed the world in such & such a way so as to Reveal Everything, If only it's occupants would look in the right places.

The Kitchen Floor The Bottom of The Universe. The Passive Part of The Dao. There may be local kitchen floors, but this principally refers to the very bottom of the universe, or the first tier in the infinite continuum of realities. This floor is tiled with the instructions that give order to all subsequent realities. Our local kitchen floor, as such; tells each electron how to behave.

Pixelverse A Timeless instant separated from the rest of The Universe. A snapshot of The Entire Universe. / This may also be An Instant of Consciousness, The Pattern of ElectroChemical Activity that represents a Single Timeless Thought, Schematically lifted from The Brain & Drawn Out on a Sheet of Paper.

The Floating ElectroPlastic Brains These will be The Next Evolutionary Layer of Sentience for this world, after, or stemming directly from; The Cogitators.

The Cogitators The Thinking Machines that will embody everything that The AntiChrist is presupposed to be defined as. ( e.g., The Beast ( A Thinking Being that is Not Human ), providing us with 7 years of utopian bliss, before turning on us and eating our brains for brunch.

Gullible Skeptics People that claim to be Scientifically Skeptical of ExtraOrdinary Claims, but are in fact simply Debunkers that Blindly Grumble and Bellyache around any claimed phenomena that they wish to disavow for any of numerous reasons. They typically fall into the common man's fallacy of refuting observed phenomena that is simply disagreeable.

The Epistemologists While The Gullible Skeptics are Chiefly Concerned with Providing Authoritative Answers, The Epistemologists are Motivated to Forming Provocative Questions.

Fractoids Splinter of Knowledge with An Unknown Truth Value

Picoan Pictorial Koan

The Giant Mechanical Ants The Work Force for The Floating ElectroPlastic Brains

The Walking Fish People The Aliens that Created us, & Own Us. They are Harvesting our Souls to be used in their children's toys.

Sproogles A Valediction that embodies a tacit wishful gestation of benevolence, health & charity without the legal entanglements necessitated by any such parting expression that may be found in a dictionary.

MonoSexual Compulsive Masturbator

MonoSexual Monogamist Compulsive Masturbator that uses only one picture or series of pictures of A Single Person to Masturbate to.

The Carrot Club The Real ( Really Unknown ) Group known Colloquially as The Illuminatii / Probably founded around the time of The Neanderthals.

Wanda’s Cascade A Particular Kind of Speech Stammer in which The Principle Speaker makes a Statement which The Principle Immediately Recognizes as Wrong, and Corrects It— But The Second Statement is Also Wrong, Which again is Immediately Recognized as Wrong, and Corrects It… The Cascade may continue for at a minimum of 3 cycles, And eventually results in The Correct Statement.

Perfect Egotism This is different from normal egotism, in that normal egotists are concerned with their own well-being, to the exclusion of the well-being of others. The Perfect Egotist is concerned with their own well-being, to the exclusion of absolutely everything else. The PE should never consider, even for a moment, the consequences of others, or how their actions will effect the universe in the future. The PE is also concerned with, not only their well-being for the next 5 minutes, 5 months or 5 Zillion years-- But for all eternity...! So that they must be concerned with how their selfishness in perpetuity plays out... This may sound confusing, since it now appears that The PE is concerned with their effect on others... in so much as they would be harming themselves by taking actions to produce enemies or pollute the air that they may breath in the future...! To the untrained eye, it may indeed appear that The PE is not acting like an egotist at all, But rather; A Perfect Altruist! It would be a very foolish thing to imagine this though, since the PE doesn't care one wit for the welfare of others...Despite all their actions & deeds.

Infinite Greed It has been suggested that the trouble with the world is that there is too much greed...But the fact is; There is not enough Greed! If only men were More Greedy, indeed-- Embraced an ideology of Infinite Greed; The world would be much better place for it... Nothing would ever be carelessly wasted again, No homeless person would have their talents & labor squandered, The limited resources of the lands & oceans would be used with caution, so as to preserve their interest for future generations... It is only the foolishness of petty greed that makes so many of the damp masses believe that greed is a sin...! Nothing could be farther from the truth... Greed is a Great Virtue... As Great as Heedless Lust & Inconsiderate Cruelty.

Spiritually Harmonic Violence Vehement Destruction is an Tautological Axiom of Being. Without the continuance of havoc upon The World, New & Better things would not have the raw materials with which to make themselves! It has been offered however: That one should never break anything that you can't fix; Unless you're going to eat it. -- The desired net effect is that; You should try to make the world a more complex & chaotic ( complexity approaching randomality ) place, and by destroying the old to make better the new, then Natural Harmonic Violence is served. In 'Nature' of course, this is not followed by any well considered cogitative process, but by the actions that fall in to place by the construction of a world which tends towards this end without reflection...! It then becomes a point of wonderment, Is it even possible to deviate from this path of Breaking the Old to Build the New, For this Irrefutable End Purpose-- put into play by the Universe itself...??? Is every act of 'seemingly' senseless violence, A necessary step towards this inevitable ambition...?

Heedless Lust Heedless Lust is The Behaviouralist’s Understanding of Love. As most intelligent beings are well aware; Ordinary, Profane Love is alternately a Chemical Response to Various Pheromones extruded by Some Other’s sweat glands, Or as frequently; An infatuation brought about by a Sociopathic or Autistic preoccupation with some obscure or inconsequential detail that a Thing such as an Electronic Appliance or Waitress may manifest. Heedless Lust is the archetypical &/or perennial source-code for mutual exploitation; Which is the axiomatic guidance canon for all cooperative activities. It is the complete acquiescence of Personal Identity in order to form a Uncontested Union with Other Humanimals, Robots or Furniture, So as to Promote & Shellac One’s Most Urgent Agenda.

Inconsiderate Cruelty Impious Cruelty is simply The Thoughtless gestures that are commonly manifest in our daily lives; Just as a Stone may fall from space and smash out your favorite station wagon’s windshield. Inconsiderate Cruelty is The Sum Total of All Actions perpetrated by The Dao or Xi.6 Controllers in the course of their most benign & tedious afternoon chores. It is; What needs to be done. / For Most Humanimals; The inconsolable stumbling block to acting with Inconsiderate Cruelty; As The Angels do, Is that they can never know ‘what it is that needs to be done’, So that they can never direct their Actions to satisfy those directives... Curiously; All persons, Inadvertently— Perform countless acts of Inconsiderate Cruelty everyday, as they are directed to by The Angels that are constantly meddling in their daily lives.

Unnecessary Cruelty All Observed Phenomena caused by Featherless Parakeets.

Boolean Dyslexia A form of Programming in which The Overview is easily achieved, but the programmer confuses the use of simple mathematical functions, such as * & ÷ or + & -. The Boolean Dyslexic may also be confused by While Repeats & Do Until's. Debugging is often reduced to randomly changing various functions...!

Hammer A Computer ( program ) or Machine that is so simple that it does only one thing, or a very small number of tasks with few, or no, Boolean Logical Decisions, So that There’s Almost No Chance of Failure. There’s just nothing that can go wrong.


Wm Jas said...

I'm sure some of these terms have very interesting histories. I mean, "Carrot Club"?

Something I've never been quite clear on: Is Tiny Wanda an actual person, or an aspect of yourself?

A Translucent Amoebae said...

Orange hair ( Gingers ) is thought to have come from either Neanderthals or Mary Magdalene ( and Christ ) and in either case; Indicates Superior Breeding, which would suggest that the first 'Illuminatii' had Orange Hair. ( !!! )

Tiny Wanda is The Twin Sister of Babynous ( Deceased ) and They are both actual sentient beings, which may, or may not, share or lease space inside my head.