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2011 Z-mass Card ( UnDeveloped on .pdf

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My Z-Mass Zyne for 2011 as A List of Raw Ideas

This Year's Idea of 'Pure Happiness'

What is Happiness?

Z-Mass Theme for 2011

Might there be a way of Achieving Real, Genuine, Biological Happiness
in A Pill ?

Happiness is an Emotional State.
A Rock or Cloud can not be Happy.
Biological Machines can be Happy.
Can an Amoeba be Happy?
Can a Dolphin, Fish, Cat, or Porcupine be Happy?
Can a Humanimal be Happy?
Any Humanimal?
What if there was a Human Machine that could not experience Happiness?
What would their behaviour be like?
Would they ‘Pretend’ to be Happy?
Would they put themselves in ‘Happy Provoking Situations’ and then label whatever they were experiencing as ‘Happiness’ ?
Are there Specific Universal Things that make everyone capable of Experiencing True Happiness, Experience True Happiness?
What do The People that are missing that Biological Component that Allows them to Experience True Happiness, Experience when they are Exposed to These Things that Make Everyone else Happy?
Do they then believe, Genuinely believe that they are Happy, When they are not?

You may be thinking that Happiness is Not a Protein.
Happiness is as Intangible as Consciousness or The Primal Physiological State of Fear.
But there are People that are UnConscious, And those that really do Not seem to Fear Anything. Fully Conscious, Fully Cognoscenti, Otherwise Rational & Otherwise ‘Emotionally Connected’ as anyone else, Except that do not Express any of The Common & Well Understood Behaviours that Reveal The State of Fear.
Do they ‘Choose’ to be Unafraid, Or are they simply ‘Fearless’ ?

There are clearly people that are ‘Immune’ to The Experiences of Happiness,
We say that such people are ‘Depressed’.
But i would submit that these people are experiencing a separate & distinct Emotional, Biological State that is Not merely The Absence of Happiness.
Depressed Traffic Cones are Experiencing An Equally Biological State of Sadness.
They possess all The Attributes that are The Opposite of Happiness.
There is a Middle State of Emotional Detachment that is Neither Happy nor Sad.
Like a Rock or Cloud.
Like a Paramecium perhaps?

So let us assume; Rightly or Wrongly, that there is A Biological State of Happiness, that anyone, even a Metallic Machine, could ‘Experience’, Given that this Entity were Genuinely ‘Conscious’ ( Capable of Experiencing Things ), and That Whatever Effect This Molecule(s Effects are on The Conscious Experiencing Entity; Then this Entity would be ‘Happy’.

What is that?

What is Happiness?

Is it A Combination of Other, Well Understood Principles,
Or is it Completely Independent of Other Experiences & Conscious States?

Might it be possible to design a Hand Held Calculator that would experience some completely naked sense of minimal Consciousness, And add this one Tiny Thing that would compel this Calculator to be ‘Happy’ ?

Or would it Necessarily have to be able to experience many other ‘Emotions’ as well?

Might it be that to Experience Any Emotions, you have have ‘All of Them’ ?

It has been suggested that Some Animals, Not Humanimals, But other Animals, Like Bats or Fish, Newts or Penguins, Bacteria or Elephants; Experience ‘Emotions’ that Humans Don’t.

This School of Thought presupposes that there are Emotional States that Humans are missing out on. That we can never experience The Unique Spin on Knowledge & Elation that Bats Experience when they are Zeroing in on Moth with their Sonar. That this experience for them is not simply The Same kind of Experience that we have when eating a Pie, but something distinctly different.

Is is difficult to imagine something this different.

Impossible, actually.

But it may be reasonable to imagine that there is a different color, that Bees Experience when they are seeing in The Ultraviolet.
How might their Color Wheels appear? Does this sort of color wheel form a circle?
Do they have a color between Ultraviolet & Infrared ?

It is like that.

Might it be That Dolphins experience something like our ‘Happiness’, but somehow decidedly different?

So there are Two Schools of Thought here:
1) Happiness is An Experience Independent of Other Experiences.
2) Happiness is A Composite of Other Emotional States.
Happiness Consists of Security, Certainty, Familiarity and What Else ?

If it were a Composite Experience;
Then it would Not be a Fundamental Emotional State.

Richard Feynman; And Others, have long thought that All Desire is Fundamentally Defined as Seeking Happiness.
That is; You don’t really want an Jaguar XKE; What you really want is Happiness.
You don’t really want that Beautiful Trophy Bride; What you really want is Happiness.
You don’t really want a House & Children; What you really want is Happiness.
And so on.

The Satisfaction of Hunger is Happiness.
The Elation of Survival is Happiness.
The Sexual Orgasm results in Happiness.

So The Question or Objective is:
Might is be Possible to Create a Pill that Activates this Happiness Molecule?

These Are =Not= The Happiness Pill.
Soma ( from 1984 )
Position or Caste
Freedom of Want / Sloth
Material Wealth
Sexual Conquest
Mastery Over (x
Adherence to The Virtues ( Sacrifice is definitely Not The Source of Happiness, Smugness maybe, but not Happiness. )
- - -
Self Actualization ( The Ultimate Objective of Life; Is This Happiness? )

The Exclusionary Principle for The Happiness Pill would be that it would leave all your other Faculties completely untouched, And work irregardless of your circumstances.

After taking The Happiness Pill; You’ll just be Happy.
Really Happy.

It seems reasonable that there are ‘Degrees’ of Happiness,
Or a Continuum of Happiness,
But i’m also thinking that after taking The Happiness Pill,
There would Not be an Excessive, Ostentatious, Pretentious or Vulgar Expression of Happiness.
Happiness does not require A Gaudy Flamboyance of Affirmation.
Happiness is a Quiet Inner Experience.

This is The Dream of Z-Mass.
To hand out these Happiness Pills to everyone in The Family gathered around a bare living-room on Z-Mass Morning. All The Children would sit and Stare at blank walls, Adults would lay out on mats, and everyone would be Happy.
Really Happy.

And The Next Day;
Everyone would return to their normal Angst,
As The Happiness Pills would be too expensive to take everyday.

If Certain ‘UnStable’ People become addicted to ‘Happiness’;
What would be The Consequences of this?
Would ‘Happy’ people still understand The Importance of their Jobs?
Would they abandon their Families?
Could they Experience This Molecular Happiness while causing misery to others?

Is Happiness Bad?
Is it More Important, More Desirable;
To believe that there is this Thing called ‘Happiness’ that is obtainable,
When it actually doesn’t exist at all.

All The Times that you thought that you were Happy,
You were really experiencing something that was occurring during circumstances that you thought should have made you Happy.
And you Believed; This is what ‘Happiness’ is like.

What would a world without ‘Happiness’ be like?
That is; This UnHappy World would be just like this one,
Except that NoOne would be Concerned with being Happy.
Everyone would know that Happiness is merely The Absence of Horrific Suffering.

And consequently; Nearly everyone would be Happy all The Time.

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