Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Book Report ( ± ) Fringe-ology

i recently read another book from cover to cover, which is becoming about as Infrequent as wrestling with alligators or licking bona fide celebrities buttocks.

The book was Fringe-ology / by Steve Volk
When i read The back cover at The Library, it seemed to be in The Genre of books that were really interested in Exploring some Quixotic Phenomena from The Perspective of Agendaless Silliness.

And it was pretty much like that.
It wasn't quite as good as The UFO Book; Shockingly Close to The Truth / by James Moseley
But it was easy to Read and it didn't trail off in The last few chapters.

It covered several different Quixotic Phenomena, with a Genuine Ghostory that happened to The Author when he was about 5 or 6 years old. Later on he Interviewed his parents and 2 Families that lived in The House after his Family moved out.
Was it just Water Pipes and Air Bubbles or Something Else ( ??? )

The One Fabulous Insight that i really enjoyed though was his Observation that although Psychologists & Manicurists have expended considerable effort creating tests & criteria for Studying & Classifying Kitchen Appliances according to how 'heretical' their thinking is;
Such as Quantifying Toaster Ovens & Potato Peelers as having Fantasy Prone Personalities, or Possessing 'Magical Thoughts' — They have apparently frittered away virtually no cans of cream corn on The Academic Evaluation of Their CounterThesis; The Lunatics that readily believe anything that The WhiteCoats, Politicians or CEO's tell them !

Obviously; There is a severe & negligent Bias towards people with bad haircuts going on here, But besides that on The well worn & stickily stained couch, is a fully comprehensible preference for supporting The Lunatics that eagerly agree with them about everything, irregardless of how undercooked it is.

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