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Caste Analysis ( ?

Caste Analysis ( ?

The Real Functionality of Assigning People with A Caste Title; Is to easily & painlessly Identify People that are Genuinely Respectable/Useful on one end of The Spectrum,
And Disdainful/Expendable Baggage at The Other.

We would like to believe that there are Genuinely Good People & that Bad People / Criminals are All Bad, So as to Not confuse our Naivé Sensibilities.

But few people are like this; And once you’ve given someone a Title of High Reverence,
Are they going to maintain it?

Very Seldomly.

And this is Why Castes Fail.

People are just too complicated.

Too mixed with Attributes of Good & Evil, Competence & Clumsiness,

Kind Heartedness & Petty Insouciancy.

The Opposite of Caste is A Theoretically Homogenous Society in Which All Citizens are 100% Equal, With All Resources available to The People, Equally Divided.

This has been tried, And it always fails.

Simply Because of Padro’s Principle. 80% of The Work is done by 20% of The People.

Those People that do most of The Work, Deserve Greater Compensation, Privilege & Respect.

i suspect that many of those that are Busy Bees, Are more productive by their Natures, Just as Actual Bees are. But There is another subset that has The Potential for being very productive, but will only do so if they believe that they are being appreciated. And The Easiest way to show, or demonstrate that Appreciation is through rewards.

The Following Casté System is Based on Pragmatism, Functionality & Application of Talents.

The reason that Capitalism Fails; ( or is Deeply Flawed ), Is because The Hardest Workers are not Routinely provided with The Greatest Rewards, And there are a sufficient number of The Wealthy that don’t seem to be working hard at all.

Many of The Lower Classes, Who should Knowingly & Willing Accept their Impoverished Condition as a Consequence of their Real or Implied Indolence; Don’t fully Understand or Appreciate The Theoretical System which is Not Being Righteously Implemented.

They see plenty of people that Seem to be just as Indolent as they are, Receiving Unearned Rewards.

It might be interesting to somehow determine which Occupations require The Greatest Effort. And by; ‘Effort’ i would suggest that this apply to many different Attributes, many different kinds of Intelligence, physical effort, concentration, attentiveness, hours spent in this effort & so on.

Occupations which would require consistently applied physical exertion & bear some genuine risk of serious injury, But consist of little actual attentiveness or training; Might be allowed to Share a Stratum with Office Workers that perform routine mental tasks which required years of classical pavlovian conditioning to master, While they must also endure constant social jostling which is emotionally stressful.

Exclusionary Attributes would be Education; Based on The Principle that once you’ve mastered your Avocation, You’re ability to perform it easily makes your occupation less stressful and requires less effort in that respect. Keeping up with New Developments would be considered in The Overall Equation that determines this Definition of ‘Effort’.

Then; The Occupations that Required The Greatest Effort would be Rewarded Proportionately.

This is in Direct Conflict with Classic Capitalism, So that if anyone brings this up;

Yes; It is in Direct Conflict with Classical Capitalism;

It is Not Based on ‘What The Market will Bear.’

This also brings up The Correlative Idea of ‘The Worth of Things’.

This analysis would require tremendous scholarship, but suffice to say; i believe that The ‘Art Market’ is no more real than The Tulip Hysteria that took place in Holland, And it’s only a matter of time before everyone ( including The Obscenely Wealthy ) will realize that A Printed Image has all The ‘Important’ Attributes of An ‘Original’ Painting. And when 3D Printers can Fully reproduce Sculptures & Objects with Moving Parts*, The same idea will apply to Everything. ( Everything ).

That is; It will soon be possible to Produce Anything such that The Manufacturing Process will Cost The Same for Everything, Of Equal Mass. It will Cost exactly The Same to ‘Make’ a Royals Royce as a Volkswagen Beetle, Refrigerator or Jungle Gym.

Of course; The Template of Each Item, That was designed by Engineers & Engineering Computers; Pulling on The Vast Libraries of Engineering Knowledge from The Beginning of Time; Would be given a Unique Value for Each thing.

But - - Because of This Engineering Computer’s Contribution to Any Given Project, Such as One Initiated by An Untrained 12 year old that could create an highly sophisticated Device with only The Barest Idea of how to proceed—

How much ‘Value’ would this Child have Contributed to The Item?

- -

* Now in Development.

If Castes are Righteously Earned, Assigned & Enforced; Then they must provide The Society with An Easy ( An Acceptable ) Manner by which Some People are Treated better than Others.

Of course; Everyone, should be provided with a ‘Baseline’ of Living Services, From which one works harder to Improve from. Allowing Anyone in The Society or Community to Fall below this Baseline foments violent dissent, or at least creates a Dichotomy of Environmental Segregation which The Wealthy must Endure.

i’m thinking here of The Extreme Poverty that is Present in various parts of The World that exists beside The Wealthiest Homesteads. The Wealthy must endure this poverty that surrounds them, and live in unnecessary fear of its citizens.

Here in ‘America’; We have eliminated this ‘mostly’ and thus; The Gated Communities or Neighborhoods of The Wealthy are surrounded by reasonably clean Bourgeoisie & Proletarian Homes, in Which Their Inhabitants enjoy The Gentle Brain Massaging of Television, MP3s & Food Additives that quash their natural instincts to bludgeon large animals into submission.

What Determines a Caste ?

Who is The Worthy Citizen?

Who should be given Greater access to Services, Privileges, Perks, Exculpations, Indulgences & Shopping Discounts ... ( et. al.

Who is A Diminished Security Risk ( for Air Travel

Who is Better Looking / Lighter Skin Color / Delicate Facial Features / Hairless Arms or Legs

Who Looks Normal / Exclusionary Principle: Dwarfs, Giants, Morbidly Obese, Ugly

What Privileges do The Rich Now Have?

The Ability to Buy Top Quality Items at Cost / While The Poor must pay several times this for The Same Item.

Access to Better Medical Care

Access to Better Schools

Access to Better Recreational Facilities

Access to Zoos with More Exotic Animals

Access to Exotic Foods

Permission to Engage in Ludicrous Sexual Acts

Permission to Marry more Wives or Husbands

Permission to Spawn more Children

Permission to Commit Venial Sins & Violate Malum Prohibitum Taboos

It should be noted that The Rich & Privileged would also Endure Greater Responsibilities.

They would Necessarily have to Dress Better

Keep their Yards Clean

Adhere to a Superiour Moral Standard of Social Cooperation*

- -

* While Enjoying More Freedoms in Private

What is The Functionality of Castes ?

To Easily Give Respect & Privilege to Some Chosen Few

While Withholding Respect & Privilege from Others

In A Moneyless Society; Those that Hold to Higher Castes, May be allowed to cut in front of those with Less Respect when a line is present. Otherwise; If The Resources are Available to all comers then no such division is necessary or desired.

By Resources; This system means ‘Luxuries’.

Food, Healthcare, Shelter, Media Access & Other Necessities are Distributed Equally to Everyone, According to their ‘Needs’, Not Desires.

Obesity & Opulence are not a Hallmark of The Wealthy in this System.

- -

Another very important advantage of Caste Recognition is to Allow A Person of One Caste, in Special Circumstances to ‘Out-Rank’ someone of Greater Seniority, Pay-Grade or Authority. A Problem Solver that has a comparatively Low Rank, may be called upon to Solve a Unique & Troubling Problem that The Journeymyn of Higher-Rank may be Stifled with. The Journeymyn would readily acquiesce to The Special Abilities of The Problem Solver.

In A Police Confrontation; The Genuine ‘Sharp-Shooter’ ( Journeymyn ) would have The authority to fire his weapon, while The Other Officers ( Common Laborers ) would merely provide ‘Cover-Fire’ with Blanks or Rubber Bullets.

Assigning Castes

Every Infant & Child to The Age of 9 is Assigned a Privileged Caste which Entitles them to The Best Free Education and Trade Familiarization, Access to The Arts…

And then At That time; ( Reaching The Age of 9 ( or thereabouts ) ) The Child would be Tested to Determine if they were ‘Ready’ to be Assigned a Caste.

This Caste would Not be Tattooed onto their Forehead, but it would follow them around for many different Venues. There would also be Mechanisms to Change ones Caste at any future time. Their Caste could be Incremented or Decremented based on their own desires, or The desires of The Community or Regional Government.

Since The Castes under this System isn’t about Privilege though, There would be little need or Desire to Change Castes.

If They are Determined to be Ready to be Caste Assigned; They would be more thoroughly tested and Given a Caste.

If They are Not Ready; Their Privileged Caste Status would continue for several more years, Terminating No Later than their 21st Birthday. If they are determined to still not be ready, Their assigned Caste would reflect this Chronic & Habitual Indolence.

This would not necessarily be a ‘Bad’ Thing however.

Just as many societies & communities readily ‘Accept’ or Tacitly Accept Homosexuals or Transsexuals, Village Idiots, Hobos or White Trash; This Indolent Caste would be Striped of Nearly All of The Rights & Responsibilities of Full Citizenship, But Enjoy A Nearly Animal Like Freedom, which would allow them to avoid labor and run around naked if they so chose. They might well find a niche as a Family Pet or merely roam around, begging for scraps & sleeping on sidewalks.

This niche would Not consist of The Mentally Ill or Disabled however, The Indolent Caste would have to Demonstrate Competent Intelligence to be A Member of The Shiftless, Sloth Caste. This group wouldn’t even allow Drug Addicts or Petty Criminals to be Included in it.

The Sloth Caste would be a Very Specific, Well Quantified Class of UnTouchables.

Some Societies form Castés around ‘Civilized’ Avocations that Benefit The Community, While Other Occupations, While being Equally Functional, are thought to be Barbaric; Such as Butchers, Executioners, Leather Workers, Janitors, Pollution Handlers & Such.

i don’t think that Castés should make distinctions like that.

If an occupation is Socially Functional, it should merit An Equitable ‘Baseline’ Respect when compared to any other ‘Respectable’ Vocation.

The Castes

The Solvers / Problem Solvers / Encyclopedic Knowledge + Ability to Solve Unique Problems

The Artisans & Craftsmyn / Makers of Things / Creative Artists / Creative Engineers

The Journeymyn / True Professionals / Experts / Highly Skilled, NonCreative Craftsmyn

The Intelligensia / Historical & Encyclopedic Knowledge of Things

The Supervisors / The Most Adroit & Proficient Administrators & Bureaucrats

The Media Whores / Unskilled or Marginally Skilled* NonCreative Craftsmyn

The Common Laborers / Unskilled or Marginally Skilled Workers

The Sloth Caste / House Pets ( Not a Derogatory Class

The Pariahs / Utterly & Completely Useless ( Not a Derogatory Class

The Criminals / OutWorlders ( The Only Derogatory Class

- - -

* Marginally Skilled is any Occupational Métier that can be Picked Up in less than 2 weeks of On The Job Training by A Reasonably Intelligent 5th Grader. They may well refine this skill over a period of many months or years before reaching their personal mastery.

Each Caste is Divided into 3 Categories of Competency

Adroit / Most Masterful

Dexterous / Fully Qualified

Squire / Pupil / Assistant / Space Heater

Each Competency Class would also come in 5 Flavors

Fiduciarii/ Fully Trusted, Genuine Heartfelt Ideological Loyalist

Trusted / Understands & Embraces The Values of Morality & Ethics

Reliable / Not Imaginative Enough to Get into Trouble

Heretic / Questions Everything Too Much / Trouble Maker

OutWorlder / Enemy of The People


Appendices :

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Appendix A : Plato’s Divisions

1. the soul which has seen most of truth shall come to the birth as a philosopher, or artist, or some musical and loving nature;

2. that which has seen truth in the second degree shall be some righteous king or warrior chief;

3. the soul which is of the third class shall be a politician, or economist, or trader;

4. the fourth shall be a lover of gymnastic toils, or a physician;

5. the fifth shall lead the life of a prophet or hierophant;

6. to the sixth the character of poet or some other imitative artist will be assigned;

7. to the seventh the life of an artisan or husbandman;

8. to the eighth that of a sophist or demagogue;

9. to the ninth that of a tyrant

The Problem(s with Plato’s List seem to be that it was created as a consequence of personal experiences & sorrowful ordeals with bureaucrats & departmental supervisors, And then idealized by adhering to The Lessons taught to Small Children.

It’s certainly curious that Plato equates Righteous King with Warrior Chief,

Physicians with Circus Performers & Skilled Craftsmyn with Hog Farmers.

He also allows that Futurists, Which Plato calls Hierophants, and We now call Economists, are suitably reliable to be ranked above Product Designers & Film Directors.

Tyrant is an Interesting Description; In that many genuinely Great Leaders of Social Movements & Industry have been characterized as Tyrannical. Tyranny can be good or bad, depending upon The Vision of The Martinet. There is A School of Thought that allows for The Idea that Exploitation & Slavery of The Damp Masses may be A Good Thing if The Minions are treated fairly & Their Purpose is for Some Grandiose Venture which will Benefit The Community for Many Years to Come. Everyone within a Capitalist Economy is Exploited by Their Employers & Society Imposes Sufficient Restraints & Taboos upon Each ‘Free Citizen’ to Say that they are Properly EnSlaved. Isn’t it curious that The Regimes of Free Societies have to Constantly Remind their Vassals that they are Free ( ?

When We Consider The Exploitation & Slavery of The Damp Masses; The AntiThesis to this is That The Hairpins & Popsicle Sticks that The Gawds Created in Their Own Image; Should, In Some Theoretical Sense; Be allowed to Roam Naked over Lush, Tropical, Fruitful Savannas or Along Sanitary Beaches.

Is it Bad to Force The Featherless Parakeets into Self Actualizing? It may be Wrong to EnSlave These Traffic Cones into Positions of Labor which are Insufficient for Their Potential Talents; But if A Tyrannical Autarch Forced everyone in their Kingdom to Excel in Their Natural Proficiencies; Is this Bad? Do The Litters of Homeless Meerkats really have The Elemental Human Right to Squander their lives? Do The Insane Hobos have a Fundimental Privilege to Sleep in BoxCars? Is it entirely reasonable to assume that they have The Ability to Make Foolish Choices concerning their lives, Or is it more Plausible that given that These Kitchen Spoons have a record of making imprudent or chowderheaded decisions about their lives; Are they really ‘Making’ those Decisions?

Does The Tyrant have a Paternal Responsibility of Compulsively Obliging their Clammy Handkerchiefs into becoming All That their Innate Potentials may provide for them?

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - < : : : o

Appendix B : Kinds of ‘Smartness’

Idiot Genius’ or MonoSavants are not considered as a Kind of Smartness; As a Typical MonoSavant possesses a Particular Kind of Smartness; Such as Arithmatic Fluency or Encyclopedic Knowledge.

Encyclopedic Knowledge / Memorization

Application of Knowledge

Creative Application of Knowledge

Problem Solving / Access to Unconscious Insights


Arithmatic Fluency

Vocabulary Fluency

Symbolic Fluency / Specialty Knowledge / Electronics Fluency / Programming/Boolean Fluency

Attentive Observation

Understanding Subtle Cues

Ability to Focus Against Distractions

Ability & Willingness to Become ‘Good’ At Several Disciplines

Recognizing The Brilliance of Others or Ideas other than your Own.

Recognizing a Good or Brilliant Idea

Ability to Recognize ‘Beauty’

Ability to Recognize ‘Popular’ or ‘Popularity’ Which is a Combination of Utility, Novelty & Beauty.

Ability to Access & Tame The Inner Sociopath ( or Psychopath )

Ability to Become a Focal Node to The Combined Efforts of Several Minds

Ability to ‘Find’ Answers ( Either Encyclopedic References or ExogenicInsights )

Ability to Discover Things

Ability to Recognize & Acknowledge An Heretical Idea

Ability to Recognize ‘A Job Well Done.’

Ability to See The Consequences of (x.

Ability to See The Logical Conclusion.

Ability to Pursue An Idea / To Ask Questions / To See Beneath The Sea

Ability to Recognize An Incompleteness of Knowledge

Ability to Structure A Mystery into Solvable Parts

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Appendix C : Intelligence Pertaining to Sensory Awareness & Discrimination

Is this really ’Smartness’ or ‘Intelligence’ ?

Many Occupations such as Pharmacists, Chefs, Musicians, Illustrators, Dancers & Such have special abilities that are Directly Related to Their Senses, Which are Interpreted in The Subject’s Brain, Not on The Base of The Tongue, Finger Tips or Joints. All Mental Activities should be given The Same Status of ‘Ability’, Which is ‘Intelligence’.

  1. Chemoreception / Smell
  2. Photoreception / Sight / Rods, Cones ( Red, Green, Blue ) / Tetrachromancers can see an additional color, but it's still within the visible light spectrum, so that it only enables such viewers to accurately discern a greater range of distinct hues.
  3. MetaSight / ElectroMagnetic Spectrum / Heat / Microwaves / Polarization of Light
  4. Mechanoreception / Balance / Kinesthetic ( Body Position / Joint Motion ) / Body Image / Vestibular Sense /
  5. Spatial Placement / What is Around Me? / Comparative Direction / Acceleration
  6. Touch / Somatic Sensation / Thermoception / Pressure / Sharp / Stretch /
  7. Sound / Audition / Perfect Pitch
  8. Echolocation /
  9. Electroreception / Magnetic Compass &/or Fields / Direction
  10. Vasodilation / Viscral / Internal Organ Senses / Intestinal / Internal Pressure
  11. Taste / Gustation / Sommeliers ( Wine Tasters ) / Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour & Umami ( deliciousness Tastes Fat & ? )
  12. Humor / Sense of Reason / Intuitive Logical Perception /
  13. Empathetic Projection / What are other people Feeling?
  14. Time / Measuring or Knowing What Time it is / Seeing into The Future by Means of Analytic Projection
  15. Precognition
  16. Telepathy
  17. Fantasy Prone / Quixotic Awareness / The Special Ability to See Fairies, Bigfoot or Flying Saucers

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Appendix D : Further Speculations Regarding Intelligence

It’s been recently suggested that Steve Job’s wasn’t particularly ‘Smart’

The same as been said about Richard Feynman, Henri Poincaré, David Hilbert & i’ve been saying this for years about Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Steve Allen, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Ray Johnson & Carl Sagan— All of whom are Severely Overrated.

Part of this problem ( which has many different Facets ) is that There are many kinds of ‘Smart’ & English ( ? ) just doesn’t have a suitable Vocabulary to distinguish between The many kinds of Smart.

i have also been very skeptical of Straight A students for quite a while.

Even in Grade School, i readily observed that The ‘Smartest’ students were The Goofiest ones, and i interpreted that to mean that they understood The Functionality of Playfulness, while The C Students believed that Being Solemn & Sultry, Smoking Cigarettes & Drinking Beer were somehow ‘Adult’ Attributes.

One needn’t be Solemn or Self Abusing to be Serious or Zoologically Mature.

But later; i became more suspect of Straight A students, that didn’t seem very ‘Bright’. They certainly weren’t witty or creative or deeply knowledgable.

What were The Qualities that they possessed that allowed them to get Straight A’s?

Obviously; It may be that These Students are not being rewarded for Intelligence, but Acquiescence to Their Social Indoctrination Program, Or it may be that These Students have found that they have A Natural Ability to Shape & Control The Thoughts of Others. ( ?

As a function of this; i have now come to believe that The B Students are really The Smartest ones.

C students are generally just dull.

D & F students are an enigma. Some D & F students are clearly very bright, so there may be some application here that The Untrainable Elephants are The Smartest Ones.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - < : : : o

Appendix E : Foundations for National Caste Systems

Under The Hindu System; Castes are Delineated by Occupations; Which are Elitist, based on many centuries of fine tuning that ostensibly tried to rid The Social Divisions of Nepotism, Usually related to Royalty. Regretfully; The Castes are still applied through Decent, Which Skewers The Entire Point of An Unbiased Caste System.

Brahmana: The priests and the teachers

Kshatriya (or Rajanya): Administrators and Military men

Vaishya (or Arya): Traders, merchants, businessmen, farmers and herdsmen

Shudra: Servants

Below these groups are The Untouchables...!!! ( Pariah's )





The Curious thing about Societies that may have an Unformalized System of Specific Classes; They invariably have names for The Highest & Lowest Stations, While Excluding The Hoi Polloi, or Damp Masses.

In PreWesternized Japanese

The Samurai; Which didn’t always weld Swords, Policed & Administered Communities.

While The Peasants enjoyed invisibility; The Burakumin ( Outworlders ) are routinely & harshly discriminated against.

The Cottar (in Scotland and Ireland) are farm laborers or tenants occupying a cottage in return for labor.

Ethiopia’s poorest Class are The Bantu

Nigerian & Cameroon’s have The Osus.; ‘Who are Owned by The Gawds; In The Same Sense as Butterflies & Stray Dogs’ which are a Peon Class & Outcasts.

The Baekjeong are Korean Untouchables / Common Rabble

The Chaein are associated with Basket Weaving; A Necessary Occupation, suitable for children & trained monkeys; Not Self Respecting Adults.

The Hwachae are Korean Executioners ( or Butchers ) Which are amoung The Untouchables.

Is it indeed curious that Civilized Kitchen Appliances have so distanced themselves from The Necessary Slaughter of Their Food Resources; While simultaneously glorifying Warfare, Cinemagraphic Police Violence & Athletic Related Aggression.

Real Violence is Abhorrent, While Stylized Violence has been Elevated to Art.

Is this Related to The Awareness that many Broken Crayons have about Love?

Real Love exists only The Stylized & Romantic Fictions of Art, While The Love Experienced by Carpet Sweepers & Bicycle Spokes, Is Sultry, Vulgar & Squalid.

Reality is A Huge Disappointment.

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Appendix F : Full Spectrum Social Classes

  1. Gawds Supreme Authorities
  2. Angels Quixotic Beings with Unknown Agendas / Xi.Six Controllers
  3. Mighty Men / Giants
  4. Royalty Intermediate Strata / Ruling Families
  5. Knight / Philosopher Warrior / Truly Righteous Hero
  6. Nobility / Authority Granted Over Mortals by Royalty
  7. Old Wealthy
  8. Aristocracy / Noble Classes / Blue Bloods
  9. Celebrity / Movie Star / Media Whores
  10. Hoity Toity / New Money / Exuberant Buffoons
  11. Bourgeoisie Gentlemyn /
  12. White Collar / Executive Bureaucrats
  13. Bourgeoisie / 16th Century Middle Class / Capitalists
  14. Proletariat / Prole / Working Class
  15. Blue Collar / Working Class
  16. Plebeians / Commoners / Peasants
  17. Hoi Polloi / The Common Rabble / Churl
  18. Crackers / Schizophrenics / Autistics / Heretics & Creative Artists
  19. UnTouchables / Filthy & Annoying Social Degenerates
  20. Disagreeable Criminals

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - < : : : o

Appendix G : Caste Subsets Which are Neither Occupations, Nor Class Positions

  • Ruling Families
  • Bureaucrats
  • Literati / Educated Class
  • Graduate Student
  • Adult Student / Self Educated / Literate Adult
  • Foreigners
  • Geographical Divisions
  • Mixed Blood Citizen
  • Indentured Servants
  • Women & Children
  • Minority Races
  • Ethnic Minorities
  • Religious Minorities
  • Sectarian Divisions
  • Tribal or Clan Affiliations
  • Exuberant Buffoons
  • Chattel
  • Town Bully
  • Convicted Criminals
  • Personality Disorders
  • Drug Addict / Alcoholic /
  • Slaves
  • Hobo / Street Person
  • Panhandler
  • The Clinically Insane
  • Taboo Breaking Criminals
  • Untouchables Filthy & Annoying Social Degenerates

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