Thursday, November 08, 2012

Another Kind of False Memory Syndrome

i think that this may be an old idea;
i distinctly remember an episode of Star Trek; Enterprise ( ? )
In which a crew woman experiences a ‘rough’ transporter beaming,
& ( later on ) it’s revealed that she ‘remembers’ a lengthy experience which she believed took place over The course of several days, but actually only formed in her consciousness in The instance of her rematerialization.
- -
 i just uploaded an issue of NewsWeek that features a story, or account, by a brain surgeon that recalled a Near Death Experience while his brain was completely inactive; which contains some elements that seem to be somewhat feeble in their ‘ring of truth’.
i would love to believe in these NDE’s; And many of them are very convincing, Some of The best Accounts however are weakened by their isolation from similar accounts.
Flying Saucer reports also suffer from this ‘effect’; In which The Individual Account may be convincing in some respects, But suffer from being The Only Report of its kind.
- -
Might it be reasonable, or Is there any evidence for A Phenomena, In which a person might believe that they’re recalling a Memory of something that happened during a prior period of their life; But in fact, only formed in The moments immediately after a ‘Recollection Effect’.
This Recollection Effect consists of The Belief that a Thought that just occurred to you, or that ‘Popped into your head’, Is a Memory of something that happened some time ago.
- -
This idea is somewhat similar to another ‘Effect’ that i suspect is possible, And that is; The Effect or Experience of ‘Familiarity’.
This is when you see something entirely New, Yet believe that it is ‘Familiar’ because you seem to recall The Experience of Seeing it at some prior time.
This phenomena is supposed to be what’s happening when you experience Deja Vu.
Your brain allegedly experiences something fresh & novel, But you somehow ‘forget’ that you’re looking right at it, while simultaneously ‘remembering’ it, As you see it again ‘Fresh’ for The Second time.
- -
While this Deja Vu represents a tiny ‘blip’ in your memory;
This other ‘False Memory’ requires a much lengthier process in which you ‘suddenly’ ‘Remember’ An Event that is thereafter created - While you’re recalling it.
Is this at all plausible ?

Why do we wake up from our Dreams?

Sunday, October 28, 2012 9:19:01 PM
From a Dream :
- -
In The Dream; i met a group of Dream Explorers that were trying to find their way to The True Reality. They had discovered a way to go deeper & deeper into dreams, believing that this World that we lived in now, was a Dream World, A Virtual Reality created by DisIncarnated Beings for some reason. Perhaps to provide ‘Young Souls’ with an Environment of ‘Solid’ Floors to walk around on while we Learned to Navigate through The True Reality, which was what we call; The Dream Reality.
But as they proceeded further & Further into this Dream Layers, They discovered that The Dream Realities were becoming harsher & Harsher; Such that at The Bottom ( ? ), They just broke apart like The Shell of A Hard Boiled Egg or Ceramic Vase, Then Crumbled into Dust, Like a Vampire that has been staked through The Heart ( Classic Buffy Style ).
Once they had gotten to these Lower Layers ( Deep into The Dream Well ) They discovered that The Trick was coming back up. As they suffered these Terrible Tortures of Complete Annihilation, They had to figure out a way to ‘Wake Up’ from those dreams ( using water ( ? ) ); To come back to a more ‘Solid’ Reality.
Is this what The Hindus & Buddhists have been trying to teach us all along.
Have i been getting it wrong all this Time, When i have been insisting that this reality is The Dream Reality, & Dreams are Real.
The Reverse is; This IS a Dream Reality, But to find The True Reality, We have to Wake Up from Here.
- -
So The Question Is :
When you’re In A Dream; And you Wake Up to Return to This Reality;
What exactly did you Accomplish in The Dream?
Why did you Wake Up, or; Leave The Dream?

The First Answer would be Nothing, You just ‘Woke Up’.
The Dream Ended, Often Abruptly, without Resolving or Accomplishing Anything.
But. What if it Did. Sometimes. Once in A While.
A Slow Progress was being Made to Wake up, A little bit, More & More. And that Eventually; You would Sufficiently Wake up from This Dream, To find yourself being shaken Up by Your Mother in The ( More ) Real Reality?
- -
But this leaves us with The Same Question as Before.
Why do we Dream?
- -
Is there any way of ‘Knowing’ what The True Reality is Like;
Or would we just be Guessing.
There are Essentially Two or Three Choices.
The True Reality is Better than this Reality,
Or about The Same.
Drug Addicts in This World try to Escape what they perceive are The horrors of this World to find a Dream Reality that is more Pleasant, but making their existence in this reality all The more horrific.
While Many people with Schizophrenia are trapped in a Dream Reality that overlaps this reality. They find that this their dream reality is often much more annoying or genuinely Horrific.
Most people have Dreams that are perfectly benign & are easily forgotten.
- -
So that The Same Dilemma in This Reality is poised by Our Vision of The Other Reality that we never seem to Experience.
What is The True Reality Like?
Maybe we Dream This Reality to Escape The True Reality?
Maybe it’s Really Awful.
Really, Really Awful.
- -
Which got me to thinking about A Better Reality.
Is The Better Reality, Really Desirable?
- -
Isn’t that a Silly Question?
- -
What if someone, like Adolf Hitler, created a Genuinely Wondrous Society, that was perfect for ( nearly ) everyone, Including you, But you were forced to live in it.
What if This Utopian Society was A little Different; & it Really was Wondrous for Everyone. Absolutely Everyone. Even Cows & Chickens. In this Much Better Society, We’d stop exploiting Chattel & The Wilderness Environment;
But you Had to Live under it’s Precepts.
Would you willingly Live under this Iron Fist of Perfect Bliss?
Presented like that; You may believe that it’s a trick question,
That there is some horrific Dark Side to This Utopia, Such as eating our Dead or Being given a Drug that keeps us forever in a Placid Stupor.
But no.
This Really, Perfect Utopian Paradise, Really would be Perfect in All Respects,
With The One Tiny Caveat, That you HAD to live there.
Would you willingly enter into this Hell without The Freedom to be Evil.
- -
i think that this is The Way that Articulate Christians Describe Heaven.
When you get into Heaven, Gawd Erases all your Memories & Inclinations towards Dark Thoughts, Leaving only your Purest Thoughts & Recollections.
In our Perfect Paradise though; You would retain all those Evil Thoughts, & be Required to Suppress them.
You might think; Isn’t that The Way that This World is ‘Supposed’ to Work?
Well; In this Other ‘Really Perfect Society’ there would be ‘Mechanisms’, That ‘Somehow’ were Not Horrific, But Obtained The Desired Effect.
- -
That part.
Sounds Impossible.
Doesn’t it.
So that; It all becomes so ridiculously improbable, that what is The Point.
Scientists like to put it this way; It is just ‘dumb’ to talk about things that we can’t really know anything about, or envision The Underlying Mechanisms for.
Or in The Vernacular;
“If you don’t know What you’re talking about, Shut The Hades Up.”
- -
So; Let’s consider this in a more constrained box.
What if:
Given that as Biological Beings, Our Primeval Functionality is to Reproduce, & in So Doing, Produce Superiour Progeny.
Such that; It is The Imperative of Every Male & Female to Carefully Choose only The Most Genetically Superior Specimens to Breed With.
Males have The Convenience of Choose lots & lots of Comparatively Inferiour Incubation Units for their Semen, But Females should be much choosier, & Given that The Best Males are so InDiscriminant, They should willingly Breed with All Women that Choose them as Sperm Donors.
- -
What if there was a Male that ‘Knew’ - - Truthfully Knew; That their Sperm was The Very Best in The World. We’re Not talking about A Delusional Schizophrenic Male that Falsely Believes that they are Superman or Gawd, or Jesus or Arnold Swartzenegger; No! We are talking about a reasonably Ordinary Male that just happens to have Discovered that their Sperm, for Whatever Reasons, is The Very Best Sperm in The World.
Given that as Biological Units; It is our ( All of Us ) Imperative to Produce The Best Possible Progeny; Every Woman in The World should willing be receptive to His Imperative to Inseminate them.
Would he be ‘Morally’ Obligated to Rape as many ( Possibly Unwilling ) Females as Possible?
After all; He has a finite amount of time to germinate as many young, nubile girls as possible, & it would just be unreasonable that He should have to stop & convince them that he was doing this with The Best Interests of Their own Finite Genetic Potential in mind. ( ? )
- -
The Alternative Female Version of this would be The Woman that came to believe, by Whatever mechanism(s, that She had The Most Perfect Ovums in The World, Then sought out The Most Perfect Males, Collected their Nocturnal Emissions, Then Induced her Ovaries to Produce an Excessive Number of Eggs, Extract them, Fertilize them with The Sperms that she’d collected, & then Implant them into Healthy Young, Nubile Girls that she Kidnapped from Shopping Malls.
Would that be Ethical?
- -
If you allow that The Keynote Imperative of ‘Life’ is to Become more Perfect,
Then; Yes. These Two Reproducers are doing The ‘Right’ Thing.
Aren’t they?
- -
The Skeptic ( ? ) might suggest that The Harry Potter Clause might become Relevant to this Argument.
The Harry Potter Clause asks this Question: Why do The Witches Tolerate Muggles to Live?
The Bible says exactly The Opposite;
Exodus 22 : 18 / Thou Shalt not Suffer a Witch to Live !
Presumably; The Witches have The Power to get rid of, or Greatly subdue The Muggles, Yet, Instead; They Cower from them. Hiding their Presence, & Pretending not to Exist. ( ? )
Doesn’t that seem crazy?
They were aware that Not all Witches ( or Wizards ) are produced by Witches.
Some Witches, Some of The Best or Most Powerful Witches; Come from Muggle Parents.
Genetics is So Very Unpredictable that there is No Way of Knowing Which Parentage is going to Produce The Best Progeny.
- -
In all Likelihood; These two ‘Prime’ Gamete Donors would produce a Vast Generation of perfectly ordinary children.
Should we fault them for perfectly reasonable intensions ? ( ? )
- -
Another, far more benign example of this thinking, would be That of a Television Commercial that was superficially annoying, but would, After watching it several dozens, or hundreds of times, Provoke Spiritual Enlightenment.
Would it be Ethical to force everyone to Endure it ?
This would be more apposite if Only, say— 20% of The Viewers ‘Ever’ Experienced this ‘Genuine’ Enlightenment Experience. Everyone else would be made to endure it, over & over again with No Benefit ever occurring upon them.
Would that be Ethical for The Television Broadcaster to Televise it Dozens of Times every day ?
- -
The Principle Question was ;
If you’ve forgotten,
Was : ‘Why do we wake up from our Dreams?’

Is that a good Question ?
Or was this just another pointless rant.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Crazy Idea for Lottery Players

Crazy Idea for Lottery Players

There was a recent story in The News concerning a woman that nearly, by a matter of hours, lost out on winning a 26 million dollar lottery ticket.
- -
This idea will be gawdsend for people that usually buy a lot of lottery tickets, & it will also be a gawdsend for people that would like to buy a few lottery tickets every month, but never keep up with them when they do, or forget to buy any, & kick themselves whenever a big lottery sum rolls over.
It is very simple.
Players go to a State Lottery Ticket Website & Sign Up for A fixed number of Tickets that will automatically be bought for them every month, say 5 tickets every month.
If any of your tickets win any amount; You’re sent a email notifying you of The win, & The winning amount is automatically sent to your Debit or Credit Card Account That you’ve used to buy The tickets.
Every month; You’d be sent an email & you’d have a fixed amount of time to respond to it, that you would set yourself.
So if you set it for 3 days; You’d have 3 days to enter your desired numbers.
If you failed to respond with your desired numbers; Then it would either use  a set of fixed numbers that you’d always play for each of The tickets, Use randomly picked numbers, or pick numbers from a set that you’ve saved as your ‘lucky’ numbers, or from a set of numbers that you’ve saved for each month, depending upon your horoscope research or whatever.
You might even be able to create your own ‘formula’ for picking numbers depending upon The date; recent weather, stock indexes, past winning or losing numbers or any other variables that are available somewhere on The internet.
Each month; You’d get an email with your numbers & you could check them against The newspaper, website or TV announcement. But this wouldn’t be necessary; You’d be notified if you won, & you could even choose to be notified if you lost !
This would provide The state with A Steady Income, & If you were prone to overbuy tickets; This would be an easy way to limit The number of tickets that you’d usually buy, & you could rest assured that you’d never ’miss’ a winning ticket.
Of course; You’d be able to buy lottery tickets in a conventional manner, & you could even enter your code number when buying The ‘extra’ tickets, so that if they won; You’d be notified of their wins or loses as well.
But this wouldn’t be necessary either; you could still buy as many tickets as you’d like anonymously, & check them yourself.
If you won a really big lottery sum, & required complicated processing; Then normal protocols would be instituted.

i am dumb.

This happens to me at least once a month;
And that is;
i will have a very distinct ‘Recollection’ of (x
& then try to find The Proper Definition, Spelling or Reference to it,
And NOT be able to find it !!!

Like just now;
i was certain that there is a Passage in The Bible that says something like; Thou shalt not Suffer A Witch to Live.
So i searched my iPod & Kindle Bibles for ‘Witch’ & my NIV Concordance for ‘Witch’ & Found Nothing !!!
So then i decided to Search my MacBook; Gutenberg Etext of The Bible, & Again; There are No Mentions of Witches ( !!! )
i am deeply confused !
So then; Being absolutely certain that The Phrase ‘Suffer to Live’ is Elemental to this Quote; i Searched for that; And Sure Enough; The Passage that was searching for was Discovered:
Exodus 22 : 18
Wizards thou shalt not suffer to live.

i like my recollection better : Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live.

iPod Version : You must not allow a Sorceress to live.
That really should have come up under my ‘Witch’ [ Close ] Search !!!

Kindle Version : You shall not permit a sorceress to live.

King James Version : This is where i remember it from !
Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live!
But ‘Witch’ or ‘Witchcraft’ is NOT in The Concordance !
And although it has ‘Suffer’; It does not include this Verse. ( ! )
Nor is it under ‘Live’.

That is so Exasperating !

As i’m examining this;
Exodus 22; 16 −17 is very interesting.
i would quote it here; but if i did, you’d think that i was pulling your leg.

All Search Engines should have a Thesaurus Built into them, & there should be a Reverse Search Engine that would allow you to Search for Words by Their Vague, Very Vague Definitions;
Such as: Red Gem = Ruby.
or Last King of Judea = Zedekiah.
Curiously !!!
The Dictionary on my Old Performa 460 ( Scully Era Macintosh ) had a Dictionary on it that allowed you to look up all The Definitions that included The Word (x.
Such as All of The Definitions that Included The Word ‘Pink’ or ‘Dog’ or ‘Dust’.
It was very useful in finding obscure words & making lists of things.
i have not come across anything like this since then.

Likewise; My Franklin Dictionary has A Homonym Button, which is Very Useful when Trying to find The Correct Spelling for Idle or Idyll or Ideal.
Tenet or Tenant ? Desert or Dessert ? Precedence or Presidents ?
Those drive me crazy !!!
Every Dictionary should have one of those too.

Why are computers becoming dumber & dumber ?
Is it an Accident or Carelessness or It is Methodically Intensional ?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mice, Pixies, Angels & The Xi.6 Controllers

Amoung The many ( other ) crazy things that i believe, i very much suspect that after i relocated The last mousie ( Jumbolyah Juki ), i may have ‘damaged’ The occupation of Pixies in my room or The building.
Pixies are ( like mice ) more mischievious or benign, than dangerous or malicious, they may also do good things, & are necessary to keep things in balance.
- -
After i relocated Jumbolyah; i put out a cracker on a dab of peanut butter, & after about 3 weeks, it has remained undisturbed. This strikes me as very odd, in that it seems very improbable that this building, or room, was accessible to only One Mouse. Is there some other ‘Influence’ that is controlling or limiting The population of mice in The building ?
If so; i am completely unaware of it.

Conversation/Interview with Reagan Dunn

A Conversation with Reagan Dunn

Reagan Dunn & Bob Ferguson are running for Washington State’s Position of Attorney General in 2012.
Although Dunn’s Resumé far outshines Ferguson’s,
Dunn’s Campaign has focused Exclusively on Bob Ferguson’s representation of an Accused Murderer ( Cop Killer ) 20 years ago.

- - -

Traffic Cone : Thankyou for coming over & letting us have a little discussion with you.

Reagan Dunn : Well, Thankyou for inviting me, my secretary said that you were very polite & promised to have donuts.

TC : And here they are; Would you like some Coffee or Tea? We also have Cocoa & some Soft drinks.

RD : A nice hot cup of coffee would be just fine.

TC : Sally— Could you bring us over two cups of that new Java you got Wednesday.

Sally : Here you are.

TC : So what I wanted to clarify with you was your Obsession with Bob Ferguson’s Representation of Ronald Turney Williams some 20 years ago when Bob was in Law School. A Case like this is really excellent for developing some endemic system experience with The Judicial Courts. And in all Fairness to our Society & Community, Williams Consistently lost his appeals again & again. He was not freed, And Society is Safe.

RD : Well; It’s not just that he was taking advantage of this opportunity to get some experience, Bob fully embraced this job; And declared that ‘It was a great feeling!’ to provide this brutal cop killer with representation.

TC : yeeeeah. That’s what were going to focus on tonight. Bob Ferguson seems to be expressing his support & enthusiasm for our Judicial System that promises adequate legal representation to everyone that is accused of some criminal activity, irregardless of their financial resources or social caste. You seem to saying this ostensible fairness is gratuitous. That simply being being accused of a crime is sufficient cause to be locked away without a trial or a chance to defend themselves.

RD : That may be overstating it, But criminals are certainly being coddled & given rights & resources in prison that are denied many of are hardest working middle class that religiously refrain from any criminal or antisocial acts. These gawd fearing dweebs understand that vengeance & Punishment are an unacceptable risk to what little they may gain from what their natural inclinations may urge them to commit.

TC : So you don’t believe that there are any genuinely good people in The world? Only people are ‘Act Well’ out of fear of punishment?

RD : Isn’t that what The Bible Teaches us. Adam & Eve lost their naivety & what gawd called ‘Innocence’ after Satan convinced Eve to Taste The Fruit of Knowledge.

TC : yeeeeah; So If you’re comfortable with sending The Accused to Prison without Proper Representation of The Kind that Bob Ferguson is Willing, & Enthusiastic about providing These presupposed Criminals; How many Innocent People, The Falsely Accused, are you willing to Send to Prison; 20 Percent, 40 Percent ?

RD : The Question really is; How Safe & Secure do you personally want to be, & how Safe & Secure would you like your Wife & Children to be. All these ‘Falsely Accused’ Innocent Pedestrians are nearly always guilty of something. That’s The Nature of Being Human. We’re all guilty of something. If The Punishment that you Receive is Inconsistent or Excessive for The Actual Guilt that you’ve participated in; This is a small price that Society pays for A Truly Safe Community. The Question isn’t so much that we’re Unjustly Condemning 40% of The Accused; But if we Accused more people of Crimes that they may or may not be genuinely guilty of, We might obtain a Society & Community that was Genuinely Free of All Criminals. All we’d have to do is Initiate a Accusation Ratio of say; 260 Percent of Genuinely Guilty Criminals, & this previously mentioned, completely Acceptable 40 Percent of False Positives would be doing their part to make The rest of us completely safe. And once that was achieved; This 260 Percent would translate into a very, very few people being accused of The smallest venal sins.

TC : Well; Thank you very much for coming down, I think we’ve cleared that up.

RD : Can i take another donut with me, These are really very good.

TC : Help yourself, They’re just from Safeway.

RD : Thanks !

Robot Consciousness & The Other Kind as Well

i have been arguing for some time that The Entire Hard Artificial Intelligence & Conscious Argument can be unambiguously solved if you can simply reveal a clear method of providing a robot with a sense of consciousness,
So that The robot genuinely believes that it is self-aware & can state with personal authority; I Think, therefore I am.
Such a Robot would have a steady stream of Conscious Thoughts, Dream when Idyl, Be Able to Create & Imagine Projects for Itself to do, Ignore Logical Paradoxes And Disregard or Ignore Instructions given to it by its Masters.

It has long been known that each ‘Conscious’ Entity can never be sure that other beings like itself, in appearance, are also Conscious. They may seem conscious, but once The idea of Robots that can act like people becomes fully realized, It is easy to believe that all other people are mindless robots.

The Programming of such a Robot; To Replicate =Every= Human Activity, may be surprisingly simple to write. With The Added Feature of Emergent Complexity; A Very Few ‘Primary Directives’ would be allowed to Mix & Match themselves to Create more Complex Behaviours, Emotional Shortcuts, Conflict Behaviours, Nullification Loops, Simple Neurotic Confusion & Genuine Mad Scientist Genius &/or Psychotic Ravings.

It may seem ‘Unreasonable’ to An Unimaginative Person to believe that A Robot could ‘Pretend’ to do all The Things, Appearing to Perform Often Deeply Irrational, Suicidal, Murderously Stupid Ventures or Contrarily, Exhibit Creative Genius, Romantic Fantasies, Self Sacrifice or Introspective Musings; But Anyone that has a deep understanding of Emergent Complexity & has Seen Very Simple Robots, Starfish or Insects Exhibit seeming Ingenious Behaviour; May be more Acquiescent to The Idea of Robots pretending to be Humans with little or no supervision.
This Suspension of Disbelief may more easily be imagined if you consider only The humans with ‘Ordinary’ Abilities & Desires, And allow that The Stranger & more Wondrous Behaviours use another model to be considered next Thursday.

Let us then place our own Robot in a Land of Robots, where all The ‘Other’ NotPeople are Unambiguously Known to be Robots. And The only Caveat that you allow from preventing yourself from Knowing & Believing that you Yourself are ‘Merely’ An Unconscious, Purely Mechanical Appliance is your own ‘Sense’ of Self Awareness.

What if:
We consider Another Robot, Truly A Robot, A Gears & Wires Mechanoid whose every thought & Behaviour is fully accounted for within The Confines of its Schematical Designs.
And then we allow this Robot to be ‘Aware’; No more aware than it is Aware of what is going on around itself, The Awareness that it possesses of The Other Robots, The Awareness that it uses to Sense The Physical World, And Nothing More;
And it Uses that Awareness to be Aware of Itself.

This kind of Awareness may be a little different than The Kind of Awareness that A Fly Possesses, If indeed a Fly is Aware of Anything. If A Fly is Aware of Anything, & it was able to Expressively Articulate what it was Aware of; It may reveal that it Believes that The Entire Universe is An Extension of Itself, Such that There was no Me & Not Me or Inside Me & Outside Me. There was only The Experiences of The Universe, As I am Aware of them; Or— The Fly may see itself as A Pointillistic Dot with Itself & The Universe as Things That I Can See as I move through The Sea of Experiences.

The Robot’s Awareness of Itself though,
May be a little different. It is able to form an Internal Model of The Robot that it is, Along with An Environmental Model that Surrounds The Internal Model of Itself.
This Model of Itself would be Qualitatively Equivalent to The Model that it already has of The Other Robots & Their Environment, Its only difference is that it Now Extends inward to Include Itself, which it Recognizes as Separated from The Outside, by An Arbitrary Boundary of ‘Inside’.

Once it has accomplished this; The Robot begins thinking of Actions that It Takes, or may take, or why might it take those actions, What The desirability of any actions may be, What The Cost of those actions may be, What Alternative Actions it may take, & Then developing Criteria to Choose Which Potential Actions are most Cost Effective.

Is This Consciousness?
Such A Robot would be filled with a Never Ending Continuous Stream of Potential Decisions, just like The thoughts of Ordinary ‘Living’ People.

Would this Robot be Alive ?

Would it be able to Say with Authority & without Prompting;
I am Thinking; Therefore I Am.

Anohter Episode of Why & How i Hate Computers !

i did it again.

And “Gawd! i hate computers !”

So Earlier today, i did ‘Something’ to my iPod Touch, which locked The Screen into Portrait mode.
i do not know how i did this.

What’s worse; is that i seem to distinctly recall that i had seen this phenomena previously,
a long time ago; And now i have forgotten how to set & unset this.

So i checked ‘Settings’.
This is The Catch All App that contains numerous subdirectories of things to set ‘just so’. Many of them pertain to The Individual Local Apps & some to ‘Global’ User Preferences & so on.
i searched & searched through these subdirectories for about 3 hours, growing increasingly frustrated & becoming more & more clinically insane.
Then i looked through The Manual that i had for about an hour.
Then i discovered a Second Manual in a different folder, in a Different Folder, That was in a folder that made a certain amount of sense that it was there, but now where it really should have been.

Another thing about this; is: To find what you are looking for with a Search Engine, you have to know what The thing you are looking for, is called.
In The olden days, you could just flip through a book until you found it, but nowadays, you can’t flip through electronic books or The internet.
You have to know what you’re looking for, before you can find it.

So by some miracle, i found what i was looking for.
It only took me about 6 hours.

The iPod is broken into parts so that there are three ( 3 ) ( ??? ) places where Preferences may be hidden.
One s The Settings App.
Another is The 3 Taps to The Home Button, which brings up a menu of three or four ‘special cases’ for Display Choices.
And The ‘Last’ ( ??? ) is The 2 Taps to The Home Button, which i am very familiar with, but i’ve never ( previously ) thought of it as A Preferences hiding place.
The 2 Finger Tap will bring up a Carousel of all The Apps which may be activated ‘beside’ another App that is already running. This is actually very useful in many cases. This also allows you to turn The music on or off, jump ahead or back a track or even go to The Music Application.
What i never use, & didn’t even know was hiding at The Far Left Station, Was a Button that locked The Screen in Portrait Mode.
i must have accidentally hit this at some time earlier in The day, & that set The Screen to Portrait Mode & Locked it.

So that many of The Applications would not work properly, & i had no idea how to fix it.

Several months ago; Some time after i first got The iPod Touch, i accidentally hit The screen with 3 fingers. This is a rather peculiar function which blows up The Screen. ( Enlarges it ).
There is something very much like this; that can be done with one finger, & two taps.
So why would there be a separate function with 3 fingers & one tap ?
Are they Different ?
Subtly so.
The One Finger, Two Taps; will bring The Image of many Screen Displays up to about 2x, & from there, you can pinch & pull The size to just What you want.
From this ‘Mode’ you can also push The image around with one finger, left or right, up or down.

The Three Finger, One Tap; will allow you to set The enlargement to a much larger magnification by three finger, one tap & hold, then move these three fingers up The screen, magnifying it more & more, or pulling The fingers down, & reducing The magnification. Then when you Three Finger Tap The next Time, it will Enlarge The image to your previous setting.
In this ‘Mode’ however, you Can Not move The Screen around with one Finger.
You need to use all three fingers again. ( ??? ) !!!

Another Difference between these two Magnification ‘Modes’ is that with One Finger, Two Taps, & Pinching; you will only be allowed to Enlarge The Image to its Maximum Resolution, or seeing The Individual Pixels as Discernible Squares.
With Three Fingers, One Tap & Push up To Enlarge, you can go beyound this, so that The Individual Pixels are much larger.

Anyways; After i accidentally bumped it, in my pocket with three fingers, i had to go down to The Apple Store to get someone to tell me how to fix it.

One very annoying aspect of this story is that The iPod would Not Reset after i turned it completely Off & Back On. That is supposed to be a Universal Fix All for Most Problems.
And after you’ve hit The screen with 3 Fingers, One Tap; & turned it off- -
If you’ve set The iPod to LockOut, & you don’t know that The Screen must be moved up & down, side to side with Three fingers, you can’t even operate The Keypad Entry to unlock it & turn it back on.

This seems wrong to me.

Gawd! i hate computers.

Washington Gubernatorial Race / Cabbage Code

New Cabbage Code :
Washington State's Gubernatorial Race for 2012

2012 Governors Race for Washington State

700 =  the lord hath spoken
700 =  for your words
700 =  according to the number

666 =  the prescription:
777 =  wilt thou follow?
777 =  neither of their hearts
666 =  these are their  names:

666 =  thy servant is :
666 =  Robert Marion McKenna

666 =  thy servant is :
666 =  Jay Robert Inslee

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Cabbage Code ! 2012 BiPartisan Presidential Race

i've created a new Cabbage Code
A BiPartisan Consideration of The 2012 Presidential Race

It may be viewed in it's Entirety at :
Second Version of The Cabbage Code's 2012 Presidential Race

If you're still having trouble viewing it, or Downloading it; 
There is This Second Option of Downloading The Second Version as a Zip.file. 
Sample Bits.
The reason that it is primarily available only as a .pdf is that for whatever reasons,
Google Blogster doesn't allow me to set Tabs !!!
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An Unbiased & BiPartisan
Cabbage Codes Project
 666 = Barack Hussein Obama Jr
 666 = Joseph Robinette Biden Jr

 666 = Willard Mitt Romney
 666 = Paul Davis Ryan


A Completely Bi-Partisan Cabbage Code for
The 2012 Presidential Race

Introductory Introduction
Many People Searching for Real Truths in The World have long yearned for A UnAmbiguous, Incorruptible, UnContrived & Easy to Use Method by Which Messages from The One, Original & Benevolent, Creator of The Universe, Life & Our Immortal Souls; Could be Received & Read at Our Connivence.
While most Any Generic Religion may promise you The Answers that you Seek;
There is always a Taint of Uncertainty in The Methods that they Use to Produce, Reveal or Interpret their Missives, Dogma & Bulletins.
The Great Cabbage; For which No Cabbage may be Imagined To Be Any Greater;
Has Revealed an Incorruptible Method by Which S'he/its Revelations are Engraved into The Fabric of The Universe Itself.
These Messages are Available to anyone that has The Merest Curiosity to Simply Look for Them.
These Memorandums can not be Mistook or Misinterpreted by A Sexually Precocious Clergy or Clinically Obese AM Radio Media Whores,
They are Just Laying There; Carefully Woven into Every Book, Shopping List, News Story, Package Instructions or Wikipedia Article.
Who; But The Great Cabbage could so Seamlessly insert these Messages into Every Written Page of Human Manufacture ?
The Method of Finding these Messages is Quite Simple;
But Suffice to Say; Let us First Examine A Collection of These Revelations just to Demonstrate The Validity of This Approach to Finding The Secrets of The Universe.
In this Completely Bi-Partisan Analysis of The 2012 Presidential Race
It is Revealed that All Four of The Principle Candidates are Ruffians for Satan.
The Cabbage Codes Method Uses The Gematria to Determine The Values of A Wide Number of Names, Statements, Phrases & Words Using One, Very Uncontrived Key which was provided through a process of Devine Intervention.
Could All The Worlds Computers, Working for The Next 100,000 years have Created This Key?
Consult your local Cybernetic Experts for their Unbiased Opinion.

: -: | = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = | : : <

2012 Presidential Race
Principle Equivalency Values :
    ( with some Anagrams )

666 = Barack Hussein Obama Jr
  666 = A Burr? Am Bohemian Jackass!
  666 = Inasmuch As A Barb; Am Joker.
666 = Joseph Robinette Biden Jr
  666 = nth Poorest Ne'er Jib Jibed
  666 = Brr! Tiniest Peeed John Job
  666 = The Inborn Jester Pied Job
666 = Willard Mitt Romney
  666 = Madmen? It'll Worry It
  666 = Rat? Dirty Mill Women
  666 = I'm Worldly Martinet
  666 = Yam Midwinter Troll
  666 = I Will! Trendy Marmot.
  666 = re: Am Mildly Torn Wit
  666 = Malt— My Tinier World
666 = Paul Davis Ryan
  666 =  I Pray; U.S. Vandal!
  666 =  Yup! A Vandal Sir.
  666 =  A Privy Anus Lad.
  666 =  Pal? Via Dry Anus!
  666 =  A Vinyl U.S. Ad Rap
  666 =  Ya! Larva in Spud.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Lots Lots more at the .pdf Link ( see above )

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Reason for Our Current Economic Sorrows

One of The ( Many ) Crazy things that i believe;
Is that One of The Principle Reasons for The Current Economic Turndown,
Is that There is a Disconjunct between The Expectation of Our Economy being driven by ‘On Line Services’ & The Actual Usage of Computers by Ordinary People.
In Other Words;
Our Economy has become ‘Oriented’ towards On Line Services,
& Opposing that; Is that very few people are actually using computers.

This Idea is based on a Root Idea that The Friendliest Computers available today ( October 2012 ) are Still only for Geeks, Nerds & Hackers with an IQ that is Excessively Past 110.
Your ‘Average’ Person with An IQ between 90 to 110 may own a computer; At least for a few months, until it starts acting ‘Wookie’ & then it’s effectively Broken & beyound their ability to get it fixed. The idea of returning it to The Store to have it repaired, usually for some ‘Issue’ that is So Minor that it can be fixed in less than 30 Seconds by a Knowledgable Technician, will only fortify The ‘Average’ Users resolve to Avoid that level of Humiliation if it breaks a second time.
Those that do buy a computer & are able to get it up & running for a few months are only going to be able to get it to do One Thing.
That one thing will probably be something like E-Mail or Possibly get On-Line to Use something like Face-Book.
They will Never learn to Use Garageband, iMovie or SketchUp.

i base this belief on The Simple Observation that since i have an IQ of 130 & i struggle to use & keep my Computer Operational ( MacBook ), i can not possibly Imagine how Someone with An IQ of 100, could do this.
If we allow that A Person with an IQ of 100 considers someone with an IQ of 70 to be Mentally Retarded; Then for some task that is on The Brink of my Ability to Use it is at 130, Then a person with an IQ of 100 would be Far too Retarded to Accomplish this.

The One thing that may provide some ‘Outage’ from this Belief is The Nearly Ubiquitous Use of ‘Smart Phones’ which reduce many of The Functions of Computers to ‘Appliance Level Functionality’.
This allows many functions to become as easy to use as a Toaster,
But remove any possibility of Using these ‘Apps’ to perform any function other than The One very specific task which they have been designed for, & requires only that The User turn The App On or Off.

These Smart Phones have also removed nearly all ‘Service Functions’ from The User’s Capability to Screw them up.
Keyboard Driven Computers still allow The User access to The System Files, Which is Completely Crazy. And they still require innumerable interactive decisions to be made by The User that they couldn’t possibly make with any degree of competence.

Why is this Situation being allowed to Persist ?
i know that many of The People that know how to use a computer are in denial that computers are still very hard to use. Perhaps they think that they are useful enough, & that ‘dumbing them down’ will mean that they will lose much of Their ‘Productivity’.
i suspect that this may be What has happened to computers in The last 20 Years or so; As they try to make computers more ‘Fool Proof’, Considerable functionality of The early computers have been removed from them.
Users can no longer program computers for their own purposes, They can no longer customize The General Appearance of The Computer’s Interactive Graphics, Many of The Fine Tuning features have been removed, & in so doing, allowed only The most obscure & confusing elements to remain.

One of The many very annoying trends that i’ve noticed is that there are No Instructions to many of These Appliances anymore. My recent purchase of A Kindle Fire HD literally contained NO Instructions WhatsoEver !
Apparently their thinking was that it was so simple to use, it didn’t require any.
Of course; This is completely Crazy.
And when i went looking for some Instructions or Overview of The Device’s Capability, they were fragmented & spread out over The Internet in tiny little pieces.
The Macintosh & it’s many Applications & Programs are The same Way.
Specifically; Garageband & iMovie for my iPod Touch. The Instructions for these very Complicated & Feature Laden Apps are Non-Existent.
What i would Love Love Love; Is if Each Application had a Nice PDF that resembled an Old Fashion Instruction Manual that had everything you’d need to Operate & Service it, In one Finite Package.
When This Information is On The Interweb; It’s in a Decidedly UnDefined & Amorphous Form that leaves one wondering; Is there more that i could or should know, but i am missing out on, because it was hidden in an obscure Link, Website or Page that i Neglected to Find.

On The Macbook; There is a Help Menu; But many of The Pages are only accessible while OnLine, ( Connected to The Interweb ), but even so; The Greater Problem is that All The Articles are hidden in Folders that can only be Accessed through A Search Engine, which Requires that The User is Completely Familiar with All The Technical Names for All The Features before they can Ask about them.
The very Skimpy Introductory Pages do not list any of these Terms, & this is True for All The Applications as Well.
There are NO Manuals for Any of The Applications !

A Very Short Rant on The World Wide Art Scam

A Very Short Rant on The World Wide Art Scam

i just saw a story on Good Morning America that revealed that Cost-Co was now selling ‘Original’ Matisse & Warhol Prints, along with a host of other ‘High End’ Art at their ‘Super Stores’.

Clearly; Much of this art is not particularly good, & is often no more sophisticated or meaningful than The illustrations that we might find in a Picture book for 6 year olds.

Why is such crap so expensive ?

Generally; Such art was produced by Artists that were at one time, long ago, Pioneers that, ( Like many ‘Popularizers’ ) showed The Critics & Art Collectors, as well Ordinary Muggles, that a ‘New’ kind of Stylization is ‘O.K.’ 
The ‘New’ kind of painting may & probably existed long before it became acceptable & popular, But these ‘Artists’ & their Promotional Agent, along with Critics & Others; Advocate this Particular Stylization as Now Acceptable.
The Shift from Pre-Photographic Realism to Impressionism- Stuck to some degree, & later Evolved into many different ‘Looser’ Styles of Illustration that is now seen in many different Venues.
The Silk Screen Art of Andy Warhol & Peter Max also became very popular in Advertising & Book Illustration,
But No one paints like Van Gogh, Picasso, The Minimalists, or Fauvists.
Granted; There is some Cross Over if you allow that many other Venues of Design have picked up some of these movements & Rejiggered them to fit their own Mediums.

But The Real Test of a Good Idea vs A Bad Idea is whether or not it Survived, And more importantly; Were The Art & Design Movements that followed it, Built on Top of The Insights & Innovation of The Movement in Question ?
What came from Cubism, Pioneered Principally by Picasso?
He’s often mentioned as one of The Greatest Artists of The 20th Century, But he left No Protégés, Lasting Cubism Movement, or even a School of Thought that Continued to Evolve The Ideas of Cubism.

There are other examples of Very Innovative Art that have Succumbed after their Pioneers Died; Such as The Tiling & Geometrical Art of M.C. Escher, But this might well be because it was so hard to do.

Friday, August 31, 2012

In The News ( What is A Legitimate Rape ?

In The News :

In a Recent ( Late Summer 2012 ) News Story, a Senator or Senate Candidate ( ? ) asserted that ( Rephrased for Clarity ) : Women that are ‘Legitimately’ Raped rarely become pregnant because their bodies respond to The Stress of The Rape by causing a Miscarriage.
- - -
Is this True?
It seems to me, from what i’ve heard, Getting Pregnant is actually much harder than it is usually assumed. Very often women will become ‘Unexpectedly’ pregnant, but many women try & try & try to become pregnant without success.
There is only a small window of Opportunity after Estrus/Ovulation for The Egg to become Fertilized, So that to determine how true this is;
You’d have to assemble a large case file of Violent Rapes by Strangers, ( 2000 or so ) & then Determine which of these were in this Window of Opportunity after Ovulation, & of Those; How many would be Expected to have become Pregnant ?
It is also my understanding that Many women that do become pregnant in a ‘Friendly’ Manner, endure a Miscarriage so soon after Fertilization that they aren’t aware that they ever were pregnant, discovering that their ‘Period’ is a week or so late; Or perhaps several weeks or months later, when they experience what is known as a ‘Missing Fetus’.
So after you churn through all these numbers; Do women that endure a Violent Rape by A Stranger, become pregnant less often than a Control group of ‘Friendly Sex’, Casual Sex, ‘Date-Rape’ Sex, Low Coercion Sex, Incest Sex, Violent Sex by an Acquaintance, Drug Facilitated Rapes, Statutory Rapes, Age Inappropriate Sex, Caste Inappropriate Sex, Teaser Sex, UnReliable BirthControl Sex, Obligatory Date Sex, Returning a Favor or Loan Sex, Prostitute Sex, Peer Pressure Sex, ‘I didn’t know that I was having Sex, Sex’, Sperm in The Bathwater Sex, Sperm on The Outside of a Condom Sex, Sperm introduced to a Vagina during Cunnilingus Sex, Shared Vibrator Sex, Sperm on a Tampon Sex, Artificial Insemination Sex, Fertilization outside The Body, accompanied by Egg Implantation Sex, Or ‘UnDefined’ Sex ?
The Reason that i am making a distinction between Violent Rape Sex by A Stranger And Violent Rape by an Acquaintance is that it is entirely reasonable that The Violent Rape by An Acquaintance may result in Mixed Feelings, which would essentially skewer The Arguably Small Statistical Effect caused by The Stress of The Violent Rape. It might also be entirely relevant what The Environment of The Rape was, How Attractive The Rapist was, How Famous The Rapist is, &/or Whether The Rapist used a Knife, Gun, Rope, Fists or Convincing Threats. All these Factors ( And Others ) should be included in The Complete Study.
- - -
Another Aspect of this ‘MisStatement’ Fiasco was in The Many Media Analysis’ that followed;
The Expression; ‘Rape is Rape’ was used.

When is Rape, Rape ?
Obviously; Many ‘Statutory’ Rapes are not Rapes at all.
But there are many even more confusing ‘Soft’ Rapes.

What if a Sexually Precocious 12 year old girl with very large breasts, & an IQ of 160, told a Seriously Retarded 30 year old man that she was 18 & in love with him, prior to sexual intercourse.
Then After this Casual Sexual Encounter; The Man is Traumatized by her Indifference in The Following Weeks.
Who raped who?

i also find is very annoying that while The ‘Legitimacy’ of Sexual Contact is Based on a Sliding Scale of Appropriate Ages that Varies Widely from State to State, Country to Country, Culture to Culture, Historical Period to Historical Period; These are all Ostensibly Based on The Maturity of The Girl ( Rarely The Boy ) - - - But there is No Quantitative Spectrum of What Maturity Consists of. Certainly Not a Legal Standard, that would allow An Accused Rapist or Victim to be Measured for Their Maturity.
If you allow that Women can Rape Men ( or at The Very Least; Emotionally Traumatize a Man through Casual Sex ) Then it must often by The Case that An Emotionally Mature Women takes advantage of an Emotionally Immature Man, Not only for Sexual Gratification, but for Financial Gain, Or to Leverage Some other kind of Advantage over The Man.

What is The ‘Crime’ of Inappropriate Sex ?
An UnWanted or UnPrepared Pregnancy.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Social or Employee Politics.
Emotionally Traumatic Aftermath.

What is my Solution ?

Eliminate The Crime of Rape.
Eliminate The Crime of Virginity Theft. The most curious thing about Virginity Theft; Is that it was/is rarely considered a crime against The girl, but as a crime against her father, betrothed husband or perhaps, husband or other male kin, whose investment in The Girl has been substantially diminished or ‘Ruined’.

Retain The Crime of Assault. Whether Physical or Emotional or Both.
Retain The Crime of Inducing a Non-Consensus Pregnancy. Which could be applied to Men & Women Equally ! A man might easily claim that he is The Victim of A Non-Consentual Pregnancy if The Woman Assured him that she was using BirthControl when she knowingly was Not !
Retain ( or Create ) The Crime of Disease Assault. It seems obvious to me that people that knowingly spread Herpes or Other Communicable Diseases ( Not necessarily restricted to Sexually Transmitted Diseases ! ) should be held accountable under The Concept of an Assault.
Create The Crime of Teaser Sex. This is when a Man or Woman teases a Partner into A Casual Sexual Relationship with The Tacit or Implied Promise or Assurance of A Long Term Romance. This would most commonly be used for The Prosecution of ‘Underage’ Sex, in which A Younger Partner may believe that The Older ‘Aggressor’ is ‘Seriously’ in Love with them. / But it would also Exclude An Older Partner that either was seriously in Love with a younger partner, -Or- Shared an Emotional Confusion of Their Romantic Potential. Such as when a 26 year old male believes that he is in love with a 14 year old girl, but has neglected to consider that she is at a transformative stage in her life & will be a significantly different person in another year or two. In this case; He would be just as victimized by his own Emotional commitment as she is.

The Punishment of These ‘Crimes’ would be much more ‘Relatively’ Appropriate & in Confluence with Similar Situations that are Free of The Sexual Component.

Just how Legally Culpable should someone be for Emotional Confusion ?

Poltical Advertising

Political Advertising

Ads that are disingenuous or insincere or state out & out lies,
are just wrong.

Mean spirited ads against your opponent are just wrong.
You should always speak charitably about your opponent,
And all The more so; if they are mentally disabled or clinically insane.

Political Advertising should be fun!
Your Own Ads for yourself, your positions or programs Should be light hearted and emphasize how you & your ideals are going to help america, The world, humanity, The environment, wild-life, And The Deep Future.
Your own Ads should always include :
smiling, laughing, giggling children,
puppies playing with kittens,
Wide Blue Skies with Billowing White Clouds,
A Entirely Unique Theme Song,
You in casual attire, without shoes, throwing a Frisbee,
Doing chores around The house,
helping at a soup kitchen,
picking up dog poop,
painting a watercolor landscape,
talking about simple, common problems that deserve simple solutions,
reminding everyone that america needs both
The Rich Capitalists
and The Common Rabble that form The Backbone and Foundation of our Economy
and That we all need to care for our Elderly,
disabled, Wild-life, The environment
& The Future.
Playing with Technologies that won’t be available for at least another 10 years.
Changing a Diaper or giving an Elderly woman a sponge bath.
Visiting a Court House and relaying a few anecdotes about how The justice system is severely broken.
Spinning a Large World Globe and giving A short history of The World.

So long as you are scrupulously Honest and Accurate with your ‘Attack’ Ads,
And they are light-hearted; It is permissible to introduce a sprinkling of Kookiness.
Such as:
A Series of Ads FOR your Opponent that feature a wide range of citizens espousing The wonderful features & aspects of your Opponent.
If you believe that your opponent is advocating some policy that will hurt The american people, The world in general, The environment or sell our future to cannibals from Mars;
Then you DO NOT Attack those positions, you find sincere citizens that accurately describe these policies and why they are good for (x.
This series of Ads should feature a very wide spectrum of citizens, The Filthy Rich, Poor Dirt Farmers, Evangelical Christians & Moslems, School Children, Talking Chimps, Schizophrenic Homeless Nudists, Supermarket Sackers, Astronauts, Amish Dwarves, Street Thugs or Convicts on Death Row, Starving Poets, Police that are interrupted from beating up skateboarders, Domestic Terrorists working in their bomb factory, Scientists working on heretical or seemingly absurd projects; and so on.
The common theme of all these ‘interviews’ is that The speaker will always introduce some very subtle tangental idea of their own, that would strongly suggest that they are, quite insane.

How Angels Work—

Saturday, August 11, 2012 1:15:51 PM
How Angels Work.
About a Week or two ago i noticed that my kitchen sink, cold water ( ? faucet was leaking a tiny bit. About a Measuring Cup full every 12 hours or so. So i decided that i would fix it myself, and tried to turn off The water under The sink, but The handle would not turn at all, in either direction. And this faucet handle was one of those kind that has The spokes and are commonly found on outside garden hose faucets. If you turn one of these too hard, or incorrectly; they will just break apart. This has happened often enough to me that i am certainly convinced that it is a very prevalent design flaw, and whenever you run across a design flaw like this that has existed for many, many, many years and is not being remedied by anyone; It is there for some purpose.
Is it simply there to sell more faucet handles, or something else?
i suspect something else, but even i can’t fathom what this something else is!
So anyways; i ran over to Ace’s Hardware Store where i was sure that they’d have some kind of ‘Outer Sheath’ that could be placed over one of these faucet handles and turn it without breaking it. It seems like a very obvious idea to me. Not only to keep The Faucet Handle from Breaking, but also, just to get a better grip on it. But they had no such device and apparently had never heard of such a thing ( ?
So i got a Rubber Gasket dealie meant to be used on Jelly Jars, and returned home with some other things, washers and something else i think ( ? ( i would have to look in The Bag to see what else i bought, but it is out of arms reach at this moment.
And then i procrastinated.
i didn’t really have any confidence that The Rubber Gasket Thingy would work, and i was trying to think of something else…
And then.
A Very Scruffy Man came to my door a few days ago and told me that they’d need to turn off The Water for a few hours and i said; ‘No problem, take as long as you’d like.’ and then i went back to my nap.
And a few hours later, he came back to tell me that The Water was back on,
And About A whole day later; It suddenly occurred to me that i should have taken that window of opportunity to change The washer in The Kitchen Faucet !
But i didn’t.

Is The Interweb UnReliable?

While most internet users believe that Wikipedia is Unreliable, i have always considered it to be an entirely reasonable and concise source of information most of The Time. My greatest consternation is The many of The entries that i recalled and were interested in, were incomplete and often neglected to include or use illustrations to make a particular topic clearer.

But two things happened recently which have caused me to lose All Faith in The Internet !

One was when i accidentally came across an apparently ‘real’ news item that revealed The Death of a Major Media Whore. i didn’t even particularly like this particular Media Whore, but i was somewhat interested in this item and attempted to follow this up with other sources, of which, there were none. My first impression was that this was such a recent & breaking story, that The principle news & media outlets hadn’t had time to ‘format’ a proper story onto The internet !

So i thought, i will just wait until The evening news comes on The TV and there will be a full story on this. But there was none. The next day i again tried to find some news on this death, but i could not find any ! ?
Finally; After about 3 days ! i realized that Not Only was this A HOAX ! But If i were to type into Google The Name of Any Celebrity and The Word ‘Dead’ or ‘Death’; Google would return a ‘News Story’ that revealed The Death of This Celebrity !
It was only when i tried to click on some of The Accompanying Tabs on this News Site that i discovered that None of them Worked, and The Death of The Selected Celebrity was reported to have happened very recently, such as, Earlier Today.

The Second Thing that has Shaken my Faith in The Internet was what seemed like Numerous Stories that were ‘Reliably’ reporting that Amazon would soon Release The Kindle Fire II.
It seemed to me that i was finding this news on many different websites, but when i finally realized that The Predicted Release Date had come and gone, i also realized that this news was coming from one or perhaps two web-sources. i should have been tipped off that None of The Other ‘Major’ Technical News & Media Outlets were mentioning this; But i hadn’t yet come to believe that The Internet would so egregiously try to deceive me !

The Third Thing that has recently soured me to The point of emotional collapse,
Is that Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon & iTunes do Not, for any fee or Subscription Price, feature Recently Released Commercial Films !

iTunes comes closest, but you can only buy The films for exorbitant prices !
The ones that you can rent ( Watch Once ) are from several years ago,
And Netflix is Far Worse. The most recent films that they have on Direct Viewing, are 5 or more years old.
Hulu+ is apparently only for TV Programs,
And Amazon is very confusing. The Films come up, but there is no button to access/watch them ? !

i would like to go back to Netflix Mail Service, but i recently had several DVDs stolen from my mailbox and no longer trust The Post Office.

Back in 1999 when The End of The World was though to be eminent;
i thought that i was perceiving that The world was bunching up in The corners like carpeting being pushed in from The doorway, which proved to be illusionary, or subjectively inaccurate,
But now i think it is really happening this time.

UnSpecified Rant ( Logic Sanity Taboos ) ?

As A Crazy Person ( Myself )
i am particularly Interested in : What is Crazy ?

i have already decided that ‘Logic’ & ‘Reasoning’ are Bunk.
That is; Formal Logical Reasoning is Seriously Dysfunctional.

The Purpose of Using Formal Propositional Logic
Is to be Absolutely Sure or Certain of Some Carefully Constructed Argument.
In Actual Practice, We know that No Such Argument Exists,
Various People may be Absolutely Sure of Some Principle, Hypothesis or Ideology, But The Fact that many ‘Reasonable’ People Vehemently Disagree with them, This Strongly Suggests that this Idea of An Irrefutable Argument is Itself ‘Mistaken’.
There is No Such a Thing.

My own Formal ‘Irrefutable’ Argument that Logic Itself is Bunk;
Proved with Formal Propositional Logic is this :

Let us first allow that there is A Formal Propositional System of Logical Reasoning, Which, When used Properly; Can Produce Irrefutable Arguments.
There are Several very Serious Problems with ‘Properly Using’ This System of Logical Reasoning; The Most Conspicuous is that The Creator of The Argument must first ‘Subjectively’ Assign a Truth Value to Each Propositional Variable.
In Classical Propositional Logic; These Truth Values are Either True or False;
Which is Problematic in The Real World. There are many Variables that you’d like to use in An Argument, Whose Truth Value is Initially in Dispute, or Deeply UnCertain. Even Any Given Culture’s Most Axiomatic Assumptions about The World, Human Nature or Philosophical Assumptions are Amazingly InCalculable, or Irresolute.
Using Fractional Propositional Logic; Which has its Own System of Logical Functions with which to ‘Operate’ on Fractional Values of Truth. This System allows Truth Values to Hold a Value of 0 ≤ p ≤ 1 And The Functions; AND, OR, IFT, XOR and such, Produce Results that Always stay within this Range.
The Result is that your Propositions may be ‘Sort of True’ or ‘Mostly False’ or ‘Who Knows’ and Retain your Logical Structure.
The Final Result holds to This Premise; and May Provide A Solution that is Unsatisfactorily Vague. It will fall short of The Desired Irrefutable Argument, but in Real World Situations; It may provide a Conclusion or Judgment that is Entirely Consistent with All Facts and Stand Up to A Critical Attack of He Said, She Said.

Two :
Along with this ‘Real’ Logical Reasoning System, There Exists a More Familiar System of Jiggery Pokery Logic, which is Routinely used by Ordinary People to ‘Prove’ their Personal Opinions & Religious Views. This system is rife with ‘Logical Fallacies’ in which One or More Steps of The Argument Assert Something that even The Most Superficial Reflection Upon It will Cast a Serious Shadow on its Validity.
Nevertheless; Such ‘Lay’ Arguments are extremely Pervasive, Used Extensively in Advertising, Cultural or Social Indoctrination, Cult Tutelage &/or Any Family Decision that is in Dispute.
A Carefully Established & Well Constructed Jiggery Pokery Argument may appear just as Strong & UnAssailable as A ‘Real’ Logical Argument; But more Importantly; Anything; Anything at All may be ‘Proved’ with A Jiggery Pokery Argument; While Real Logic can only Prove True Things.
If A Particular Section, Premise or Step of The Jiggery Pokery Argument is Attacked Successfully; The Jiggery Pokery Argument may Simply ‘Resolve’ this Weakness with An Additional Jiggery Pokery Argument, Recursively & without Limit.
Although These Jiggery Pokery Arguments are ‘Just Wrong’;
It must be Conceded that They are Often Held to Be ‘Accurate’ or ‘Valid’ by Many People, and while you, or A ‘Professional’ Logician may believe that you would not be swayed or Convinced by such Bogus & Frivolous Rationalizations or Justifications, It is entirely reasonable that you have already fallen pry to these Beliefs and are UnAware that you have Stumbled in this Manner.

The Point is That : If The Purpose of True Logic is provide Certainty in your Decision Making, and Jiggery Pokery Logic Countermands that Functionality, And are Often ( Even Occasionally ) Indistinguishable from Truly Logical Explanations & Assertions;
Then The Functionality of True Logic is Compromised.

Thus: Logic is Bunk.

Ethics is The Examination & Determination of What is Right or Wrong;
And The Tool that is Used to Make these Distinctions in Reason & Logic.

So; By Extension, Ethics are Compromised.

Sanity is The Assumption that there exists a Standard of Behaviour which is Universally ‘Good’ for Both The Individual & The Community, Society or Culture.

Which requires a Logical Approach to Tease Apart The Many Slivers of ‘What is Good’. It is often easy to determine that something is ‘Good’ for ‘Me’ right now, But will it be Good for Me tomorrow? Is it Good for my Neighbors? Is it Good for Strangers Two Blocks Over? Is it Good for ‘Outworlders’?

And since Logic is Broken; All attempts to Use Reason to determine what is ‘Good’ is Deeply Flawed.

The Definition of Sanity is Deeply Flawed.

It is Most Evident when Examining what is Commonly, Or Universally thought of as ‘Good’ or ‘Sane’ or ‘Crazy’.

It should also be Introduced that there exists a Particular Kind of ‘Universal Beliefs’ that are held to be ‘Really, Really True’; And are Not.

These Beliefs have a Very Quirky Functionality, and since they are taught to The children of a Given Society or Culture from their Earliest Moments of Inclusion in their Communities, They are Not subject to The Necessity of Being ‘Reasonable’ or ‘Explained’. They are simply True.
Unambiguously; Inarguably True.

These Beliefs are Called Taboos.

Most Taboos are well entrenched into The Legal & Judicial System of A Society and Carry Very Severe Penalties for Violating them.
It seems very odd to me though; that If these Taboos are So Obviously ‘Wrong’, Then only a Crazy Person would Violate them. Which is -Exactly- How their Violations are Considered. Breaking a Taboo is Not simply Infringing on some Rule; No. Disregarding a Taboo is Proof Positive that The Offender is Clinically Insane. Never mind that each Society has their own Taboos, Most of which are completely different from Culture to Culture. A Taboo in Canada may be perfectly acceptable behaviour in Mexico.
And everyone ( ? ) seems to be aware of this; And doesn’t change anything.
If you Defy a Taboo in your own Community, While it is Well understood that such a Crime is only Wrong ‘Here’, It is Still Very, Very Wrong.

Some people ‘Rationalize’ this as evidence that Everyone Else, In all The Other Countries, are Completely Insane.
Many People really believe that The People in Other Countries aren’t even ‘Real’ People.

Taboos Do Have real Functionality though. They allow everyone in A Community to Immediately Know if Someone is Crazy, and Potentially Dangerous. If you see someone violating a Taboo; Then they are Obviously Crazy or An Outworlder, and they may pose a Threat to your Safety. Avoid them. Tell your Parents or The Authorities that there is A Crazy Person over there.
You don’t have to be a Clinical Psychiatrist or Lawyer to make an Evaluation like this; You simply have to know What is Allowable and What is Not.

One very kooky aspect of Taboos is that Nearly Every Taboo has a Sister Behaviour that is perfectly OK, Even in The Society that Enforces The Primary Taboo. There are also Certain ‘Contexts’ in which a Taboo can just be Turned Off like Light Switch.
In Contemporary America for Example;
It is Forbidden for A Woman to Display or Allow to be Seen, Her Areola or Nipples.
It is Perfectly OK for A Man to Display Their Nipples.
It is Perfectly OK for Magazines to be Sold that feature Predominant Photographs of Women’s Nipples.
It is Perfectly OK for Animals to Display their Feminine Nipples,
And while it is Considered Very, Very Wrong for An Adult Man or Woman to Suckle On A Human Woman’s Breast, or Drink Bottled Human Milk, It is Perfectly OK to Drink The Milk of A Cow or Goat, But Not A Dog or Cat.
A Grown Man may even openly suckle The Teat of a Cow or Goat on National Television for Comedic Effect, and Such a Man may be thought of as ‘Eccentric’ or ‘Goofy’, But This Behaviour would not be Criminal or Socially Ostracizing.

Murdering People is Considered Very, Very Wrong; But there are Many, Many Exceptions to This Prohibition, and Those that eagerly Adhere to The Proposition that Murder or Killing People is Very, Very Wrong; Often Equally Believe that The Exceptions are Permissible or Appropriate, And they find No Contradiction in These Beliefs.

This should now Establish my Foundation of My Initial Question:
What is Crazy ?

If A Society is going to Allow The Idea of ‘Sanity’ or ‘Insanity’ to hold important positions within The Legal, Educational or Social Services & Systems,
Then They Should have Real ‘Functionality’.

The Idea of What is Crazy should Not be Completely Arbitrary.

Which it is.

In Recent ( Summer 2012 ) News;
How can our Society believe that James E. Holmes could methodically plan & then perpetrate an attack on a theatre full of people, killing a dozen, and wounding far more, and Not be Insane. How can our society believe that he was exercising The Same ‘Logic’ & ‘Reasoning’ that anyone else may choose to make a Baloney Sandwich or Watch an Old Episode of Gilligan’s Island ?

There are people that are ‘Mad-Dog’ Crazy, frothing at The Mouth, Ranting Incoherently, Running around in Circles, Painting with Feces, Using Dead Bodies as Sculptures, Compulsively Masturbating, Enjoying The Company of Children or Violating Victimless Taboos.

But each of these is commonly performed by Artists, Poets & Grade School Teachers.

There doesn’t seem to be a Clear Definition of What is Crazy.

i have this ‘Other’ idea that while The Legal System defines Insanity as A Persons Inability to know The Difference between ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’.
It is my contention that Everyone, or Anyone that Breaks a Law or Taboo can not make this Distinction; Based on The Very Simple Assertion that If you Believe that Something is Wrong, They you won’t do it.
You may ‘Understand’ that other people may believe that wearing mismatched socks is Deeply Wrong, You will wear mismatched socks without any apprehension whatsoever. You clearly do not understand that wearing mismatched socks is ‘Really’ Wrong.

Even The Most Egregiously Evil Necrophiliac Cannibal will certainly have their personal code of conduct, which may include a prohibition against eating pancakes without syrup. Eating Pancakes without Syrup is not simply disagreeable, but deeply, culturally wrong. One may wonder how their personal code came into being which allows for certain behaviours that are widely assumed to be vulgar & abominable and other mildly exasperating situations to be thoroughly forbidden.
Is it really any different for everyone? This Case only presents us with An Extremium Case, but not an Anomalous Case.

What i believe.

i don’t believe that anyone can truly think.
Humanimals are pre-Conscious Entities.

Societies are built upon rules no different than those used by ants &/or bees.
The Rules of Thumb that Humanimal Societies use may be more complex, boarding on Chaotic ( Approaching Randomality ), but Qualitatively; They are Equal.

i also don’t believe in Freewill.
i allow that each ‘Conscious’ Entity is Autonomous in The Sense that our Minds are A Composite ‘Result’ of All The Gravitational & ElectroMagnetic Forces effecting each of our Personal Node Vertices; But These Focus Points have no Control or Influence over their Own Behaviour or Thoughts.

We are Only ‘Aware’ of what is Happening to us.
Each Conscious Entity is an Observer of themselves,
Incapable of Exercising The Tiniest Amount of Directed Intentions.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Second ( ? ) Paparazzi Rant

If you're a Celebrity hounded by Paparazzi
And you'd like to get rid of them;
Simply Identify ( Have one of your assistants do this ! )
All Potential Source Editors & Publications that would
Potentially buy these mundane & tedious snapshots of you
Walking down The Street or Getting into or out of a Car,
And Suggest to them;
That if they quit buying these pictures
from The Usual Suppository of Paparazzi;
You will provide them with a Professionally photographed,
Yet surprisingly impromptu &/or unexpected
'Dream' Photographs that they'd been wishing for, for years & years,
Every few months at a very modest fee.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Another idea is that The Celebrity ÔFakesÕ The brutal murder of A Paparazzi, and then ÔCovers it UpÕ somehow so that charges are never filed.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
A small Alternative to that is The Celebrity Brutally Beats The Krap Out of A Paparazzi, and all of it is captured by The other Paparazzi, and again everyone either disappears, is paid off or intimidated into not pressing charges.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

911 Thought Experiment & Film Suggestions

911 Thought Experiment

i would like you to build a scale model of one of The 'Twin' Towers of New York 911 Fame.
This model should be Height to Width Scale, Made of any Materials that you'd like, using any design that you'd like, reproducing most or all of The floors & central support column - - Or not. It may be just a outer wall of 'Stiffened' toilet paper or toothpicks, paper straws, hay, sugar cubes or whatever.
The only caveat for this 'Anything Goes' Model Construction; Is that it has to be Able to Stand up under its own weight, firmly attached to a flat ground level platform, and withstand very gentle side to side movement, as The Actual Twin Towers were designed to withstand hurricane or Near hurricane strength winds.

Find an Electric Carving Knife or Saw with such & such specifications that will allow you to Remove The Top Third of The Building with a clean horizontal straight cut of without substantially Damaging The Rest of The Building in any way; Such as any damage that might be expected from wrenching it off with sustained twisting, bending & pulling.
The Actual Twin Towers were essentially severed with 'Surgical' precision, and that's what this experiment would like you to reproduce. The amount of damage to any other floors, beyound The half dozen or fewer that were effected by The plane crashes in The Orthodox Explanation, was very minimal.

Take this Top Third and Hold it very directly ( this might be tricky to manage ) over The Lower Two Thirds, by what would be The Scale equivalent of a Dozen Floors, and Drop it.
What happens?
Does The Entire Building Collapse, Fall over, Pancake down, Disintegrate, or do anything other than just sit there.

This Experiment Predicts that Irregardless of how Fragile you made your Model Building according to The Single Caveat, The Top Third with plop down on The Remaining Two Thirds and just sit there, or if it were dropped from a sufficient height, that would defy The Actual Twin Towers Scenario, There would be a slight 'Bounce' and The Top Third would Fall away or Topple over, Leaving The Remaining Two Thirds, unscathed.
This Experiment further predicts that given that The Top Third of The Building, was made from The Same Materials and Construction Methods as The Lower Two Thirds of The Model, Could; Under NO Circumstances of Throwing This Top Third at The Lower Two Thirds, Dropping it from Any Height, Whacking at it like a Bat for Several Minutes, or Alighting it with a Match and leaving it on The Two Thirds Top for An Hour or two, will harm or Cause The Lower Two Thirds to Fall over or Collapse in Any Manner.
How might one reconcile this with The Actual Twin Towers Collapse ?
It might be suggested that A True Scale Model introduces a 'Special Kind' of Fragility, but This Experiment Specifically Invites The Model Builder to Make a Model as Fragile as they possibly can.

What i can't 'Envision' is any building that is capable of holding it's own weight, or The weight of it's top third, and then suddenly loosing that capability in a catastrophic & disastrous manner that occurs as one might flick a light switch; curious & bewildering.

What is the Correct Explanation for this Experiment ?
This Experiment was taken from ( in a modified form ) from The Film :
9/11: Blueprint for Truth / The Architecture of Destruction

Some other Fine Heretical Films :
Aftermath: Unanswered Q's from 9/11
Part One :
Part Two :
Loose Change
Loose Change Final Cut
Fahrenheit 9/11
The Road to Guantánamo © 2006
No End in Sight ( Exposé of The Ongoing Iraq War ( Circa 2001+
The Shock Doctrine ( Based on The Book by Naomi Klein )
What Happened on the Moon? ( Best Exposé of The Fake Moon Landings
-Bore Hole- by Joey Mellen & Amanda Fielding ( Self Trepanning
Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, SuperMasochist ( 1997
Unforgiven ( 1992
Michael Jackson / The Lost Documentary ( YouTube ) Strong Evidence that All of The Accusations of Child Molestation against him were Bogus
District 9 ( Best Alien Film Ever
Fido ( Best Zombie Film Ever
The President's Analyst  / 1967 ( Best Political, Military Industrial Complex Film Ever
Kick Ass ( Best Super Hero Film
The Emerald Forest ( Best Amazonian Aborigine Film
Frank Capra's WWII : Why we Fight ( 7 1_h± Films Terrific Historical Analysis of WWII
The Notorious Bettie Page ( Best Historical Autobiography of a Porn Star
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ( Best Intelligent Designer / Intellectual Freedom Film
V for Vendetta
Tae Guk Gi : The Brotherhood of War ( Best Korean War Film
Miami Blues ( Best Petty Criminal / Chase Film
Flags of Our Fathers ( 2006 / Letters from Iwo Jima ( 2007
GoodFellas: Special Edition
Little Dieter Needs to Fly ( Best Documentary of Vietnam War
The Good Fairy / 1935 / "I'm going to buy a pencil sharpener with a handle!" Dr. Max Sporum
Pierrepoint ( Best Documentary of The Life of An Executioner
Panique au Village / A Town Called Panic ( Best Stop Action Film
There Will Be Blood ( Best Documentary of The Early History of Oil Drilling
The Hudsucker Proxy
Whale Rider ( Best Native American Aborigine Film
Rabbit Proof Fence ( Best Documentary of Mid 20th Century Australia
An Unreasonable Man : Ralph Nader
Hoodwinked ( Best Fairytale Film
In the Realms of the Unreal ( Best Documentary of a Naive Artist Film
Love Me If You Dare ( Best Love Story
My Super Ex-Girlfriend ( Very Good Superhero Film
North Face ( Best Mountain Climbing Film
Payback ( This is a perfectly mundane little film with Mel Gibson, before he went crazy; Who plays a petty gangster that was sent up the river for his part in a heist of somekind, and is now out, and goes to the underworld boss to collect his share of the robbery. Curiously; The underworld boss & others don't understand that all he wants is a reasonably small, fixed amount, that he's calculated is due to him. And so he, The Mel Gibson character, reeks terrible havoc on these people, because they just won't listen. This is a theme that i am haunted with constantly; The Problem of wanting to get some simple thing done, and no one will listen to me. It's very frustrating.
Romy & Michele's High School Reunion ( Best Gay/Lesbian Film
The Razor's Edge  1)Powell / 2)Murray
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
The Passion of Joan of Arc ( 1928
Save the Green Planet! ( Excellent Mystery/Crazy Person Film
The Professional
The Third Man (1949) ( Best Soundtrack
The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Trouble with Angels ( Best Ending for a Disney Film
A Man Called Horse / The Return of a Man Called Horse
The Green Hornet ( 2010
Exit Through the Gift Shop
The Desert of Forbidden Art / 2010 / Suppressed Russian Art
The Lady Eve
The Jacket ( Best Psychological Time Travel Film
Ants: Little Creatures Who Run The World
Boys Don't Cry
DOA ( Original & Remake ( Later : Crank & Crank 2
Hail the Conquering Hero / 1945
The Miracle of Morgan Creek
The Great McGinty
Lake Placid
The Fly ( Original Version
The Fly (1986)
The Kite Runner

In Defense of Rioting & Looting

In Defense of Rioting & Looting

i was just listening to an account of some Rioting & Looting in Britain,
But this sort of thing happens all over The World;
And The Principle Feature of This Demonstration of Anarchy that most people find incomprehensible and indefensible: Is The Looting of Shoppes, Over Turning Cars, Setting Fires and so on.
The Participants are usually just 'Caught Up' in The Hysteria of The Moment, and this sort of thing is a common 'Evolutionary' Feature of Human Behaviour that encourages 'By Standers' to become involved in Any Social or Economic Activity that Either Bolsters The Social Fabric or Protects The Group from Foreign Aggression by acting as A Larger Group, or Promises Greater Success in A Hunt by Using as Many Members of The Community in A Mammoth Hunt, as possible.
Ordinarily; If, In any of these cases; The Individual were allowed to carefully and thoughtfully consider whether they should or should not rush at The Mammoth with a Rock in each Fist, They would, If The Person is reasonably sane & not mentally retarded, They should decide to refrain from participation and simply urge on those that are rushing towards The Mammoth.
But for The Community to Survive, Evolution has endowed each member with a Fail-Safe Switch which turns off Common Sense when A Given Behaviour is Actually Better for The Group, and The Communities Gene Pool, which each Member has A Vested Interest in Preserving and Propagating.
So; How does this Genetic Programming Work with Applications to Modern Society?
Firstly; Mostly; It encourages everyone to 'Join In' with Everyone else in 'Being Normal' and 'Doing What Everyone Else is Doing'.
This is very advantageous to most Economic Issues, and also discourages Technological & Aesthetic Changes, which works against progress & Change, As Evolution hates Change.
Although Evolution is all About Change;
Change, According to The Rules of Evolution, Occurs only very slowly.
Species are much more Encouraged to Remain The Same, and only very begrudging change, and so slowly that No Change is Noticed.
This explains why Human Civilization, until very recently; Advanced Technologically, Very Slowly.
We should have discovered Electricity or Steam Powered Engines Tens of Thousands of Years ago, and Leonardo should have created a viable hang glider thousands of years ago, or The Egyptians thousands of years before that.
The Romans with their thorough understanding of mechanical devices, Should have invented a Bicycle or some other kind of powered cart. Never mind that Slaves & Horses were cheap, Both has severe liabilities and The Romans should have recognized this.
The reason that Civilizations have advanced so slowly is because Evolution understands that Change is nearly always Bad.
If you're alive and reasonably prosperous today, there is no Need for Change. Change is only Acceptable when things get very bad. And usually;
When things do get this bad, Change can't take place because The Resources and Expertise is No Longer Available.
The Reason that Change is so common Now-a-Days, is because most people 'Understand' at a Subliminal, Intrinsic or Congenital Level, that Western Civilization is Grievously Broken, and it just so happens that there are enough 'Successful' people to change Things while most of The Broken People support and encourage everyone to become & remain aware that Society is in fact broken.
The Riots & Looting that occasionally erupt are A SubClass of This Phenomena.
What usually ignites a given Riot is that The Police Murder some 'Perceived' Innocent Person, and The Judicial System is Laggardly in dispensing A Reasonable & Acceptable Solution or Vengeance.
The Riot & Looting is An Expression of A Mob Activity ( Evolutionarily Good ) that 'Tells' or 'Informs' The Business Classes ( The Middle Class or Bourgeoisie ) That The Community is Broken.
The Bourgeoisie are slow to realize that Their Village or City is Broken, because while The Police are Murdering 'The Little People', They are still Safe; So The Little People have to make it clear to The Social Officiates that If The Little People are going to be made to suffer, they will suffer too.
Regretfully; This Migration of Social Wisdom is Too Convoluted to be Readily Absorbed in A Functional Manner.
Instead; The Principle Tax Payers & Regional Managers don't make The Connection between A & B. They only See The Consequences of B and further oppress The Little People Until they're made Submissive & Acquiescent Again.
Things may improve a little for awhile,
But The pattern is far more cyclical than linear.

Something oddly dumb

Rover is a Dog. Rover has a Bone.
Its Bone.
Rover's Bone.
Rover was recently Cloned.
There are now Six Rovers.
How many Rovers? It's Six.
Did you notice that The Use of The Apostrophe
Is Exactly The Opposite for The Word -It-
As it is for A Proper Noun ( Rover ).
That is Stupid !

The Proper Usage of Numbers in Literature ( ? )

Number Usages
i came across a list of 'Rules' that pertained to The Use of Numerals, Numbers, Numerators, Numericals, Integers, Digits, Symbols, Pictoglyphs, Cardinal & Ordinal Numbers, Quantities, Quotas, Tallies, Aggregates, Totals, Characters & Words as Ephemeral or Eternal Conceptual Portions.
Naturally; i disagreed with many of their precepts.
Fortunately; This listing was accompanied by a lengthy supplementation of comments, which i will draw from, As well as add my own thoughts to, to amend and correct The Original Listing.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
A Number is A Conceptual Quantity,
Most readily used to indicate A Simple Tally of Whole Units.
There are Four Apples in The Basket.
A Numeral is A Pictoglyph or Word that Indicates a Numerical Value.
The Population of The World is 6,938,928 Traffic Cones.
The Idea of 3 is a Number; The Character '3' is a Numeral.
Ordinal Numbers refer to An Item's Relative Position;
The First Son was standing behind The Last Wife of The Eighth King.
Cardinal Numbers are specific Values;
There is One Black Cat & Five Blue Ones in The Basket.
The Borg Mix these;
To The Great Chagrin of The Federation.
Seven of Nine
Fifth of Twelve
Three of Eighths
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Smaller Numbers should be spelled out.
Zero, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven & Twelve are Iconic Numbers and should be treated as Royalty.
Thirteen breaks This Stream of Immediately Recognized Quantities and may be Written as 13 when convenient to do so.
A Second & Third School of Thought suggests that This Initial Series should Only go to Nine, While The Actual 'Cognizant' Value that most people can 'Recognize' without counting, is Seven.
That is; If you see Five or Six birds, randomly distributed on a lawn, you will immediately 'know' that there are a specific number of birds in your field of vision. If there are Nine or Seventeen Birds; Your brain will merely tell your consciousness that there are 'Birds' on The Lawn.
Naturally; If The Birds are Arranged in 'Patterns' Then you will be able to Identify Much Larger Quantities.
If you're going to use this Rule; Perhaps you should take steps to find out what your personal 'Limit' for Subliminal Counting is; And use that Value for your Break Number that you Spell Out as A Word, and Thereafter; Use A Numerical Pictoglyph.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
As A Side Note:
3, 7 & 9 are Unique Pictoglyphs for Numbers,
But are 11, 39, 290 & 2,938,928 Pictoglyphs or Collections of Pictoglyphs?
Since Each represents A Unique Value;
Each is a Unique Pictoglyph. ( ? )
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
This Next Point is Very Exasperating;
And i first became aware of it when i Started using HP Calculators
That allowed The User to Set a Preference
For Which Decimal Indicator they would like to use.
Along with this;
Is The Character used to Break Large Numbers Up,
So as to make them Easier to Read.
e.g.; 383,990,029,920.25
The Period & Comma in this Usage are in Common in North America, and Possibly Britain,
But Nearly all other Nations use The Opposite Method;
e.g.; 783.920.020.982,333
Thank The gawds that we all agree that The Numerical Sets should Consist of 3 Digits.
Another Usage is 484 920 202 939. 202 991
Which is completely crazy.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i once had a teacher that insisted that when 'saying' a large number, such as Two Hundred Twenty and Three;
This would mean 220.3.
The purpose of Language is to Convey Clear & Unambiguous Ideas,
And this Usage is clearly begging for trouble.
The More Correct Expression would be Two Hundred & Twenty, Point Three.
The Most Correct Expression would Two Two Zero Point Three, when used to convey an amount over The Phone.
In Writing; It would be; 220.3.
Any time a Decimal Enters into a Value;
Use All Digits.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
The Possible Exception to that would be Readily Recognized Simple Fractions.
One & A Half may be written out;
While 1½ is Probably Better.
1 1/2 is asking for trouble.
Seven & Twelve Sixteenths should be Expressed as a Decimal Value :
7.75 or Possibly : 7¾
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
How should you Write 22?
Twenty Two or Twentytwo ?
It may be that my spell checker is simply too lazy
To include all The Numbers to A Million or More;
But The Dictionary Fails to Recognize Twentytwo as well.
Twenty Two just seems Deeply Wrong and An Invitation for Ambiguity.
Which is Why; Large Numbers should be Written out as Pictoglyphs : 22.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Even Larger Numbers such as Four Billion, Three Hundred & Two Thousand & Sixtyfour might very easily convey A Value that diverges from The Desired Quantity.
Write it Out : 4,000,302,064
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
This comes back to commas as separators.
i've gotten very use to this; and periods are just wrong.
But i would also allow that commas are flawed.
There is a slim chance of confusion, especially when The text is Block Justified, which may skewer The Spacing to make it seem like 3, 302, 064 ( ? )
What is a Better Method?
3·302·064.92 ( ? )
i like The Little Pea, but it's tedious to use.
If Computers could automatically insert These Dividers,
That would be a step in The Right Direction.
Another approach may be If we were to start printing all our text in a highly formatted structure, kind of like Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, in which The Names of Royalty were placed inside Cartouches, or Oval Boxes.
Under this System; Numbers would be very specifically formatted, so that whatever their usage or value, They couldn't be mistaken for anything else.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Another Digression:
Numerical Sequences which Use Letters and Other Symbols,
Typically in Warehouse Inventory Identification Labels,
Should NOT use Ambiguous Characters !
Such as :
1 vs l
2 vs R
3 vs E
4 vs 9
5 vs S
6 vs b
7 vs T
8 vs B
9 vs q
Which Means All of them !
Such Identification Labels should NEVER be Contextualess.
They should always be Nonsensical Combinations of Familiar Animals, Plants, Written Numbers, Utensils, and such.
Should be :
Blind Zebra Nine Green Toaster Tall Spoon Slash Six One
Or Maybe in Consideration of Brevity;
Such Words may Never be Longer than Four Letters.
Blue Goat Red Newt Fast Leaf Two Six
Numbers May be Reduced for This Purpose :
One Two Thre Four Five Six Sevn Ate Ninr Ten
The Use of Word Sets could Indicate Special Classes of Items.
Animals mean The Item is for Electrical Tools,
Or whatever.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
When Saying Numbers or Letters in Any Context that May allow for The Tiniest Potential for Ambiguity, Such as Telephone Numbers or Inventory Labels;
Always use The Ham Radio Pronunciations with Distinct Pauses between Each AlphaNumerical Character :
Zee Row
For rah
Fie Vah
Sicks or Sticks
Sev En
When Using A Word as A Single Character;
You may forget The 'Correct' Ham Radio Designators;
So for Consistency; Try to Remember These Rules of Thumb :
The Word should be A Distinct & Familiar Noun,
Like A Common Animal or Object, Or Very Unique Idea.
It should consist of Two or Three Syllables,
But Not Two or More Distinct Words that Make One Word.
e.g.; Bad Examples :
Eyeball may be thought to be Eye Ball or E-B
Iguana for I is bad because it sounds like E-Guana !
Beta or Baby
Macaroni / Machine
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Sentences in Stories or Formal Expositions should Never begin with a Number.
If you'd really like to use a Large Number which demands that it be written out in Digits; Reformulate your Sentence.
68,928 Birds were killed by Darkened Lighthouses last year.
Should become;
Darkened Lighthouses killed 68,928 Birds last year.
Five Cats are being kept in my closet.
Is OK.
I'm keeping Five Cats in my Closet.
Is Better.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Centuries, Decades & Iconographic or Ideological Class Sets should be Written out as Numerals.
The Twentieth Century
The Gadfly Seventies.
The Seventh Division
The First in his Class
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
1st, 8th, 2nd should only be used for dates.
July 1st, 1844
2nd of September
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Use of The Word Percentage.
Whenever an Actual Value is Included; 37%
The Symbol should be used;
But if you're speaking generally;
There is a Larger Percentage of Albinos living in The Refrigerator Crates than Chileans.
Is Preferred.
36 Percent vs 36%
Four Percent vs 4%
Using The Symbol seems A Lot Clearer to me.
Percent refers to A Conceptual Notion
Per Cent is An Abbreviation of The Description of The Calculation.
It is Belabored & Wrong.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Recipes should always use Numerals.
3 Cups.
287 Slightly Heaping
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Unit Quantities should be Written :
If A Unit Quantity is Used in A Context which Beggars Ambiguity or Confusion,
Such as When Writing for Attentive Third Graders;
3.26_ly should be 3.26 LightYears
27_kpd should be 27 Kilometers per Day*
- -
* Digression :
Something very fun that my HP 48 will do,
Is Convert 'Regular' Quantities into 'Crazy' Quantities.
60_mph = 1,267,197.46 Fathoms per Day
If i 'Define' a Shoelace as being 27 inches long.
'27_in' 'Shoe' STO
i can then use this new Unit Length
Exactly The Same Way i can use All The Other 'Orthodox' Units !
Speed of Light = 1_c
1_Shoe/yr ( Shoelaces per Year )
Warp One = 1.379 E 16_spy
- - 
End Digression
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Avoid Arranging Two Numbers Next to One Another.
Three Four year olds fell in The Well.
It's not quite as confusing as A Double Negative,
But it's Ambiguous Enough to Avoid.
Three Children, Each of which; was Four years old, fell into The Well.
That sounds awfully labored ( ? )
It would be worse if you'd written;
3 4 year olds fell into The Well.
How about;
Three Preschoolers fell into The Well. The Oldest was Four, The Youngest, Also Four, and The Middle child was Four as well.
Using The Word 'Well' Twice in one Sentence,
with very different meanings is also confusing.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
The Use of Millions, Billions, Trillions ( et. al. )
As mentioned earlier;
Writing out large numbers as Numerals;
Four Billion, Sixtythree Million, Eight Hundred & Twentyone, And Sixteen
Is very confusing;
If you're bandying about vague generalities as part of slur or disingenuous political argument;
Six Quadrillion Democratic Paraplegics are in favor of this Proposition.
Is much better than 6,000,000,000,000,000 Democratic Paraplegics…
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Consistency is The Jingoistic Fanaticism of The Small Minded Albinos or One Legged Sailors, But— You shouldn't Mix Metaphors or Cardinal & Ordinal Numbers just to annoy librarians either.
Use The 'Does is Make a Good Haiku' Rule of Thumb
To judge whether a Sentence is Reasonable or not.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o