Thursday, February 02, 2012

Contingent Fulcrum

i’ve been searching for a new ‘Catch Phrase’ for an Old Idea,
And i’ve decided to Tentatively Call this New/Old Idea:
A Contingent Fulcrum.

A Contingent Fulcrum is a Lynchpin or Pivot Point, KeyStone, Crux, Weakest Link or Problematic Missing Pie-Pan that Demonstrates that Some Grand Postulate is Wrong, Based on The Assumption that If (x is True, (y would also be True,
And The Contingent Fulcrum “(y” is Most Definitely Not True, Missing or Neglected.

i have for a very long time, perhaps forever, been drawn between my love for quixotic phenomena and my unease that so little of it has been unambiguously demonstrated.

If it were really possible to Levitate, or even if Saints occasionally levitate spontaneously; Why hasn’t this effect been thoroughly documented by now, Especially given that The TM’ers claim that they can do this at will, and teach this skill to anyone with a few spare thousands of dollars?

Another one of My Projects that i’m slowly developing; Is a Self Administrating Hypnoses App that will allow anyone to Hypnotize themselves for some Effect.

The question that i asked in The Development of this App, Is;
What are The Potential Effects?

How far can Hypnosis take You?
i have read many accounts of Fantastic Claims that should make a reasonable person wonder; Can Hypnosis really do that?
Can you really cause Warts to Appear or Disappear from Specific Regions on your body?
Can you really Induce The Religious Miracle of Stigmata, or Bleeding from your hands & feet?

It has been fairly well documented in Eliminating Pain or Drug Addictions, Eliminating Compulsive Habits, Controlling Phobias, Alleviating Hysterical or Emotionally Caused Ailments, Recalling False Memories of Alleged Abuse, Previous Incarnations or Alien Abductions, As well as Inducing such a full & incorrect spectrum of false memories to create a Robotitron ‘Manchurian’ Assassin that acts ‘Freely’ given The Alternate Reality that they are Programmed with.

But might it also be possible to Use Hypnosis to Induce An Imaginary Friend that is Fully Actualized, Enlarge your Breasts, Penis or Lip Thickness?
The Military performed many experiments with Remote Viewing, finding that it is a real phenomena, but useless at gathering actionable information. Might Hypnosis allow lay persons to us Remote Viewing for personal Recreation or confirm The activities of A Spouse?
Could Hypnosis be used to Learn a Foreign Language, Keep a Cleaner, Tidier Home, Stop Beating your Wife, Husband, Children, Pets or Strangers, Develop X-Ray Vision, Talk to The Dead, Find Lost Items, Or Develop The Skills that Many People seem to have, that allows them to have Sex with any Stranger?
Could Hypnosis be used to Improve your Piano Recitals, Baseketball Shooting, Paint Portraits or Enter other People’s Dreams?

As i mentioned earlier; Although i Want to Believe in many Quixotic Behaviours & Phenomena, i am also deeply Suspicious or Genuinely Skeptical of many such Claims. i would like to believe that some people have somekind of Natural Magnetism that works on non-ferrous Items, But all such claims seem to be made by people far away in foreign countries.

Then this idea of The Contingent Fulcrum Occurred to me.

If Hypnosis or Some Other Natural Mental or Psychic State were able to cure Cancers, Correct Club Feet, Mend Spinal Deformities, Expel Daemons, Remove Cataracts &/or Repair A Deviated Septum;
Then why haven’t this Technique ever been used to Replace a Tooth?

Replacing a Tooth seems like it would be The Easiest Thing to do with A Mental State that Can Cause Subtle Physiological Changes in Ones Body. All you’d need to do is turn on Those molecules in your gum line to make A New Tooth, just like they used to do when you were a child.

But no one has.
This is The Contiguous Fulcrum.
Something that Should be True, But it is Decidedly Not True.

It is perhaps easy to find excuses for all sorts of other Quixotic Phenomena which occur so infrequently or only spontaneously; But Replacing Teeth is Never Reported. One of The Most Useful & Functional Attributes of An Enlightened State of Mind or Miracle Cure, is Completely Non-Existent.

When The Simplest Case fails, This does not bode well for The Class Phenomena.

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